Remember Shane Osborn, the Navy Pilot Who Was Shot Down & Held Captive by the Chinese Back in 2001? Today, He Wants to Be the Next U.S. Senator from Nebraska!

After Shane Osborn’s EP-3 spy plane was shot down by a Chinese fighter in 2001, the crew of 24 sailors was held captive in Communist China for 12 days before President Bush helped secure their release.

Now, 13 years later, Mr. Obsborn says he wants to be the next Republican U.S. Senator from Nebraska to fulfill vows he made to God while on mission – promises to make his country better, reports The Blaze.

When reporters asked the retired sailor why he wants to be part of Congress he said:

“I want to give back. This country is worth it.”

Mr. Osborn wants to do his part to make sure America’s veterans and active duty military are cared for and respected more than they have been under the Senate’s Democrat leadership during both terms of President Obama’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief.

He further explained:

“The least we could do is have people in Washington who will put our country first like our men and women in uniform do every single day.”

He went on to briefly discuss his thoughts on the attack in Benghazi that left four Americans, including a career Ambassador, dead, calling the incident and the Liberal post-action handling of the incident, “disgusting.”

He elaborated further stating:

 “This is much bigger than four lives, and that’s horrible enough…When you are sitting in that chair, when you’re fighting in that firefight to the very end, it’s that thought that there’s no way … America’s going to leave you hanging … When you do something like this, it doesn’t only hurt the military, but sends a very weak signal to the rest of the world.  To let an ambassador go down and those other men that fought to the very end – it’s disgusting.”