Video Report – CA Highway Patrolman Engages in Outrageous Turf War by Handcuffing a Firefighter While He’s Treating an Accident Victim Because He Refused to Move His Fire Engine at the Officer’s Request

From time to time, municipal police and fire departments engage in good-natured disputes similar to U.S. military branch rivalries which often flare up during inter-service sporting events.

However, yesterday, an incident that took place between a CA highway patrolman and a Chula Vista fireman stretched the concept of a turf war or inter municipal service rivalry to new ridiculous level!

According to The Blaze, an unidentified officer handcuffed and detained Firefighter Jacob Gregoir, a 12-year fire-service veteran, for 30 minutes while the firefighter was trying to treat victims of a roll-over crash on the interstate!

What was his crime?  Refusing to leave injured civilians who needed immediate emergency medical attention in order to move his fire engine at the officer’s request!

Even though parking the truck behind an ambulance to keep the emergency responders from being exposed to oncoming traffic is “a standard safety procedure,” the officer hated the maneuver so much that he humiliated the fireman for refusing to alter the truck’s position.

Here’s how local media covered the incident: