Video Report – A Third Temple University Student Has Come Forward Saying She Too Was Attacked by the Same Youth Gang Who Dislocated Another Female Student’s Teeth by Hitting Her with a Brick

Over the last several days, Liberty News has been following the story of a Temple University couple who was attacked by a youth gang who dislocated the female student’s teeth with a brick.

After the Philadelphia Police released a surveillance video showing at least four of the assailants leaving the crime scene, another student stepped forward to say she too was attacked by the same gang 15 minutes before the other couple.

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The anonymous Temple University co-ed shared her story with a local NBC News affiliate yesterday, saying she was assaulted right across the street from a police station; then, when she went to the police to make a report, she was met with rudeness and disbelief. 

Her video testimony concerning the attack and her school’s seeming apathy toward the violence that’s been taking place so close to university property is embedded below.

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