Video Report – Have You Seen the New Touching “Work is Beautiful” Wal-Mart Ad That Celebrates Giving Americans the Chance to Work Even If They Have Mental Disabilities?

While some citizens protest against Wal-Mart for opposing a $15.00/hr minimum wage, other Americans are just grateful to have a job.

Patrick Gallagher is a Wal-mart sub-contractor who works for one of the manufacturers that supplies the retail giant and he’s so grateful for his job that he stars in a brand new ad talking about the joy of working hard for a full day’s pay.

Patrick works for Little Tykes, one of the American manufacturers Wal-Mart Corporate has pledged $250 Billion to support.

Even though Patrick has Down Syndrome, he’s defied all the odds set against him and he’s happy that Wal-Mart gave him a chance to be independent and have a full-time job.

In the short embedded viral video below, you’ll hear Patrick talk about the joy of having the freedom to be treated like every other independent American worker who works hard and gets paid.

The ad is particularly poignant because most Americans with Down Syndrome don’t drive themselves to work, don’t hold down full time jobs, and don’t star in major publicity campaigns for an international retail giant.  Patrick does all those things and more.