Harry Reid, A Chinese Green Energy Company, The BLM and The Cliven Bundy Ranch – The Story You Aren’t Being Told

UPDATE: There is a lot of focus here on ENN, the Chinese firm that got the initial deal through the help of Rory Reid. The purpose of this was to show how deep the connections are with Harry Reid’s son, the BLM and Harry Reid’s interest in public land deals. The Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone is where the special BLM interest is being directed. It’s much bigger than the old ENN deal.

Media silence surrounding the BLM vs. Bundy ranch story is stunning. We all know media, as a whole, generally ignores stories that eventually prove massive wrongdoing within the rank and file of federal government. That said, the blackout of the Nevada land showdown takes it to a completely different level.

Why is this? What is being covered up and/or ignored here? Evidence is beginning to surface that shows America’s most powerful Senator may very well be right at the center of the Nevada land controversy. Do you honestly believe CNN, MSNBC and the rest of their ilk in media are going to report facts surrounding the land battle if those facts would begin to implicate significant scandal on the hands of Harry Reid himself?

This isn’t a right vs. left issue. This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue. This isn’t a tea party vs. occupy wall street issue. No, this is a government vs. the people it is supposed to protect issue. And the government’s part in this fight appears to be fueled by corruption and profit.

If you follow the Bundy ranch battle online, you probably come across a plethora of stories floating around the web. Some suggest the fight is all about turtles. Some claim it’s a preemptive fight over water rights. The largest of the narratives out there is that it’s all a simple matter of an unpaid land use fee. Hopefully the following evidence will help lead you to questions you should be asking yourself, your media and your government.

The most likely scenario involves Harry Reid’s family, a Chinese green energy company, the federal government and profit from “public land.” Yes, it’s true leftist propaganda sites like Snopes are working overtime to try and kneecap the evidence here, but the evidence I’m about to show you is very difficult to dispute. And sites like Snopes try to base their arguments on older media clips instead of using what the past twelve months tell us about what is happening on the Nevada public land.

But first, let’s look at the history of the Chinese energy firm involved.


Reuters reported the following.

The Langfang, China-based ENN Energy Group hopes to build what would be the largest solar energy complex in America. The site chosen with Rory Reid’s guidance is in tiny Laughlin, Nevada, a gambling town of 7,300 along the Colorado River, 90 miles south of Las Vegas.

County officials have said that they were so thrilled to recruit a company to the area, with the prospect of thousands of new local jobs, that they were eager to negotiate.

ENN is headed by Chinese energy tycoon Wang Yusuo, who made a fortune estimated by Forbes at $2.2 billion distributing natural gas in China. Wang escorted Reid [Senator] and a delegation of nine other U.S. senators on a tour of the company’s clean energy operations in Langfang, and Reid featured Wang as a speaker at his 4th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas last year.

Now let’s look at how deep Rory Reid is in the Chinese company’s Nevada land use.

To advance the Nevada project, ENN retained the state’s largest and most prestigious law firm – Lionel Sawyer & Collins, where Rory Reid works. It is headed by Richard Bryan, a former Nevada attorney general, governor and member of the U.S. Senate.

Rory Reid faced a one-year cooling off period from lobbying the Clark County commission after leaving his post in January 2011, and Bryan took the lead on ENN’s negotiations with the county.

Since the one-year ban expired, Rory Reid has been ENN’s primary representative before the county, according to Steve Sisolak, the board’s vice chairman.

Rory Reid acknowledged representing ENN at both the county and state levels since January. He declined to discuss the project otherwise.

Two months after Harry Reid’s China trip, Lionel Sawyer registered ENN Mohave Energy LLC as an American subsidiary of the Chinese company. The firm negotiated with the county to buy the land rather than lease it, as the county’s staff had recommended.

And now for the stunning numbers negotiated by Rory Reid and his powerful law firm in Nevada.

In December, Clark County commissioners voted unanimously to sell up to 9,000 acres of public land to the subsidiary at pennies on the dollar.

The deal spurred local controversy. Separate appraisals valued the land at $29.6 million and $38.6 million. The commission agreed to sell it to ENN for $4.5 million.

You read that right. Reid was able to help broker a deal with the Chinese firm that no ordinary buyer would ever be able to achieve. Additionally, this shows that green energy investment simply will not work by private investment alone. It absolutely must come with major financial favors from government that only global companies can broker, and only with the help of massive law firms with deep political ties.

Now, let’s look at the BLM connection.


On April 8th of 2014, yes… just days ago, the Senate confirmed their pick to head the BLM. Are you ready for this one?

Jaw, meet desk.

The Senate confirmed Neil Kornze to run the Bureau of Land Management, where he currently works as its principal deputy director. Previously, the native Nevadan worked on public lands issues in Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) office.

Kornze, 35, will be in charge of the federal agency that oversees 264 million acres of public lands, primarily in western states. Republicans cited his age in questioning whether he had the necessary experience to run a government department. The Senate approved him 71-28.

Kornze worked for Harry Reid’s Senate office up until early 2013. Now get this, the federal government was relatively quiet about Bundy’s cattle situation from 2009 when they first posted signs about grazing until summer of 2013. In August of 2013, just months after Harry Reid’s own Neil Kornze took over as Principal Deputy Director for the BLM, the federal agency obtains (through a federal court) a court order giving Bundy just 45 days to remove his cattle from public land.

As of a week ago, thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s pushing through of the confirmation, Neil Kornze is in charge of the entire BLM federal agency.


The following paragraph is the most damnable evidence of everything in this story. Read it carefully, then go back and read it again.

“Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle”

Translation: The Chinese solar company complained the presence of the cattle in nearby land prohibited  “off site” activity/needs in order for the facility to fully function the way it wanted to.

The way it reads, it appears the company is speaking of public land that it doesn’t even own (through the shady deal obtained with the help of Harry Reid’s son). Which makes this even more sickening.

Where is proof the BLM said what is mentioned above? The following is a screenshot taken from web cache of the BLM’s now missing page explaining the call for the removal of the cattle.

BLM Bundy

Here’s a link to the screenshot of the web cache showing the BLM page.

Need a direct link to the web cache of the page? Here you go.

SCG News reports a Google cache existed until a few days ago, but has since been removed by the search engine.

Of course, the BLM packed the document with other nonsense excuses. For example, they mention that a cow was hit by a car as a reason for Bundy to be forced to remove his cattle from public land.


If you go back and read the document (screenshot above) you’ll notice the BLM had a plethora of reasons listed for the forced removal of cattle from public land. None of them are about land use fees. Yet, today the fed propaganda would have us all to believe this is happening because Bundy hasn’t paid his fair share for use of public lands.

Why would the fed now rather the narrative be about paying a fair share vs a cow being hit by a car or a Chinese solar company needing more room? Because that kind of argument works better than telling the truth.

Just ask Barack Obama’s campaign consultants.

Food for thought.

(NOTE: You may be inclined to look at all of this and suggest it’s all some sort of freaky scenario of coincidence… but the rest of us look at this and ask “where is the media and why aren’t they getting to the bottom of this?”)

UPDATE: The Bundy family say they aren’t afraid of Harry Reid.

Credits: SCG News for cache and screenshot.