Mozilla’s Pro-Traditional Marriage CEO, Brendan Eich, is Forced into Resignation After “Tolerant” Pro Same-Sex Marriage Liberals Protested His Appointment

After less than a month on the job, Mozilla’s CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned amid Liberal objections to Eich’s $1,000.00 donation to a pro-traditional marriage group in California back in 2008.

In short, a man who helped establish an enormously popular web browser was rewarded for his success by being appointed the head of his company.  He was then forced out of his new job by “tolerant” Liberals who didn’t like his political or theological beliefs.

According to The Heritage Foundation, Mr. Eich’s 2008 donation was brought to light last month after he became CEO.  Shortly thereafter, half of Mozilla’s board of directors resigned in protest!

Hans von Spakovsky, Manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative, had this to say about the baffling irony of the rationale Mozilla executives used as “justification” for forcing Mr. Eich to resign:

“Before Eich resigned, he pointed out that he had kept his personal beliefs out of Mozilla and that they were not relevant to his job as CEO…

In a startling display of irony that was obviously lost on…Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker, who approved of Eich’s resignation, [she] said it was necessary because ‘preserving Mozilla’s integrity was paramount.’  She seems not to recognize that forcing a founder of the company to resign because of his personal beliefs that have nothing to do with his qualifications as a corporate officer is the exact opposite of “integrity.”