Another Gay Pride Flag Flap as POW-MIA Banner Is Replaced & Vets Angered in Massachusetts

In the Massachusetts town of Danvers — originally known as Salem Village (yes, THAT Salem) — officials thought it a great and wonderful idea to fly the rainbow-colored gay pride flag outside city hall.

So, guess what they did? They removed the POW-MIA banner from the spot it had long occupied beneath Old Glory, and replaced it with the flag celebrating the LGBT community. Uh-oh.

LibertyNEWS has previously covered the controversies arising from the U.S. State Department deciding to fly the gay pride flag at our embassies overseas. It’s a practice that seems rather provocative in a part of the world where large portions of the population are Muslim, and Islamic Sharia law is not too kind toward homosexuality.

Now stateside, in Massachusetts, a flag-flying compromise has reportedly been worked out to ease tensions in Danvers. We get details from Boston TV station WBZ: