WATCH Paul ‘The Hammer’ Ryan Nail IRS Boss as a Liar, Repeatedly, for Unbelievable Claims Re ‘Lost’ Emails

To his face, several times, Rep. Paul Ryan called the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service a liar, saying that he didn’t believe what the man was telling a congressional committee investigating the “lost” emails scandalapalooza.

In the top job at the IRS for only a few months, John Koskinen faced deep skepticism, incredibly tough and pointed questioning, as well as harsh accusations from Republican lawmakers on the investigative panel.

Showing a rather nonchalant and smug attitude about the whole affair, Koskinen offered no sign of contrition for the agency’s apparent ineptitude (or quite possibly criminal coverup). Instead, he defiantly said there is no need for the IRS to apologize for anything in the targeting scandal involving Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Among IRS officials and employees whose critical email communications have mysteriously disappeared because of reported “computer crashes”, Lois Lerner is the most notable. Lerner, by most accounts, was at the center of the effort to target/intimidate/harass conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

True to form — circling the wagons around the Obama administration and especially around the White House — Democrats on the House committee actually apologized to the IRS boss for the beating he was taking.

That’s what really ticked off Rep. Ryan, as you can see in this smokin’ hot video segment from the hearing: