WOW! Trucker Pulls Over Illinois Cop For Speeding And Talking On Phone, Captures It All On Video! (VIDEO CLIP INCLUDED)

It’s not every day you see something like this. A truck driver heading through Illinois was passed by a cop who was speeding and talking on his cell phone with wet conditions outside. The truck driver began honking his horn at the cop and as a result of it they both ended up pulled over to the side of the road.

In the video we see the officer lie to the driver and say it is lawful for cops to use cell phones (without a hands free device) while driving in Illinois. We also see the officer say he wasn’t speeding.

But the officer later returns after running the trucker’s information and being notified that it was all being recorded, and has a very different tone. The officer actually bends over backwards to give the driver a very good inspection review and admits he was wrong for talking on the phone and speeding. He thanks the driver for looking out for his safety and wishes the driver a good day.

Like I said, not something you see every day. Especially in a state like Illinois.