EXCLUSIVE: Intolerant, Hateful Left Lashes Out, Threatens Mom Of 3 In Response To Her Viral Facebook Photo Supporting Hobby Lobby (PICTURES)

Earlier this week a Texas cheerleader came under extreme fire from the intolerant left over her love for hunting. Today we’re seeing a mother of three and wife of a Army combat-infantry vet get pummeled with hateful intolerance for simply being pro-life supporter of Hobby Lobby.

Before we get to the hate, let’s start with some background on how it all started.

Yesterday I came across a picture on Facebook that, in my view, was certain to cause uproar amongst intolerant circles of the left. The picture showed a young woman wearing a pink ‘Pro-Life’ shirt, holding a cup from Chick-fil-A and standing in front of a Hobby Lobby.

I took the image and made a minor edit (the original image and text was created by James Redskins Anderson), then posted it to my Facebook page. When I woke up this morning I found the image had gone completely viral and was rapidly spreading across Facebook. In fact, as of the time of writing this the image has 75,000 likes, 13,000 shares and just under 2,000 comments. The image shows no signs of slowing down either.

I see images go viral all the time. Our Facebook network is about 2,000,000 fans strong. We have one page with 1.5 million fans and we can typically push an image out into millions of feeds, so having an image go viral isn’t new for us. But this is the first time I caused one to go viral that included a non-public figure and I had no idea who the pictured person was.

Here’s the picture posted.

holly fisher

Naturally I was hoping that whoever she was didn’t mind and was coping with whatever leftist fallout might have come as a result of it. A few minutes later I got a friend request from a man named David Wagner. Upon checking his timeline I noticed he had shared the image and said “Our friend Holly Fisher!” as a note along with the shared status.

A quick search revealed the real Holly, and sure enough she was neck deep in a fight with some of the foulest, most intolerant and hateful people you’ll find on the internet. Here’s Holly’s twitter page. Here is a sample of some of the crazy responses.

WARNING: Strong language and sexual references.

This should be renamed “How to make a sensible person shake their head at a dumb bitch” – Josiah Peterman

This chick probably just takes it in the butt so that she doesn’t get pregnant. Hahaha – Blake Nolen

I’d hit it. Tell her I have a condom on. Then peace out on her and see if she’s wearin that shit in 36 weeks. Meanwhile I changed my number. Deuces! – Thomas Borchert

Or how to make yourself look like a homophobic, religious radical douche… yup you nailed it! – Corey Duncan

All i see is a brainwashed woman, with no original thought in her brain and will continue pushing women to be put back in their place, in the kitchen with no job and popping out babies, blaming women for rape because of way the she dresses..this is what she will teach her daughter, that you are an object to men, not their equal and you shouldn’t protect yourself from getting pregnant and push abstinence, that her daughter won’t follow and will either get birth control for herself if she is smart, or get pregnant.. then an ass hat who can’t put carts in the corral.. again brainwashed female, we are born not believing in anything, it is the parents who force an imaginary man, whose life is written by men in a fictional book. – Michelle Spears

I’m going to wear my “just another slut on birth control shirt” with a rainbow flag tied around my neck and see how many of you keep saying “she’s just expressing what she believes in!” -Sarah Woodcock

I reached out to Holly and she said “one guy told me he would kill me by shoving the cup down my throat.” Holly says the response has been overwhelmingly positive in general.

I asked Holly what motivated her to take the picture and her response shows she’s not backing down.

I have always been extremely conservative and and passionate about my views. The last few years of the growing hate and intolerance among the “tolerant” left has made me want to stand up and speak out. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to show where I stand. I didn’t do it to try to change minds of those who disagree with me, but more so to show like-minded people that they’re not alone and it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s not popular right now. I want younger American’s to know it’s okay to not follow the current liberal path…

Holly’s only regret?

My only regret is that I didn’t brush my hair or wear makeup. Women! I know.

Just like Texas cheerleader Kendall Jones, Holly is standing by her principles and defending her personal beliefs without fear of the intolerant left.

Well done, Holly. Well done.

Be sure to follow Holly on twitter here. You can like, share and comment on the viral photo here.

Bonus thought… can you imagine how the left would respond if Holly’s Hobby Lobby photo included this bad boy slung over her shoulder?