Friends Pushing Romney to Run Again in 2016

As if his other two attempts to run for President weren’t enough failure, news is that Mitt Romney is under increasing pressure to throw his hat in the ring for the GOP nomination for President once again.

It should be remembered that Romney has rarely ever won an election. In fact, he’s won only one election out of the four he’s run. He lost for Senate when he ran against Ted Kennedy and he lost two runs for president. The only time he ever won was when he ran for Massachusetts Governor. And after that term he quit because he knew he wouldn’t win a second term.

And now these guys want Mitt Romney run for presidentagain?

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Officially, Mitt Romney returned to Iowa, the quadrennial presidential proving ground, to give a boost to Joni Ernst. But at a closed-door breakfast fundraiser here Monday, the first question from a donor had nothing to do with Ernst’s Senate campaign.

“When you get elected to the Senate, your job should be to convince Mitt Romney to run for president again,” a donor told Ernst, according to several attendees. The Republican candidate said she would, while Romney laughed.

When Romney and Ernst gathered in a West Des Moines boardroom with about 40 agriculture executives Sunday night, one businessman after another pleaded with Romney to give the White House another shot.

The creator of the precursor to Obamacare? For President? What do you guys think? Is this a good idea?