Obamacare has Caused Healthcare Costs to Soar!

Remember when Obama said that if we passed his law to allow government to take over our national healthcare system that costs would go down? It appears that this was a lie. You know. Just like “if you like your doctor you can keep him.”

With our first full year of Obamacare under our belts, it appears that costs haven’t just gone up a little. They have soared.

Costs have gone up by double and more as Robert Moffit reports:

On November 15, open enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges begins again. Before the second act of our national healthcare drama commences, let’s review what we’ve learned in Act I.

For starters, everyone now knows that federal officials are challenged when it comes to setting up a website. But they’ve demonstrated the ability to dole out a huge amount of taxpayers’ money for millions of people signing up for Medicaid, a welfare program. And they’ve proved they can send hundreds of millions of federal taxpayers’ dollars to their bureaucratic counterparts in states, like Maryland and Oregon, that can’t manage their own exchanges. But there are many other lessons to be gleaned from Year One of Obamacare. Here are three of the most important ones.

1. Health costs jumped—big time. Huge increases in deductibles in policies sold through the exchanges were a big story in Florida, Illinois and elsewhere. While the average annual deductible for employer-based coverage was a little over $1,000, the exchange deductibles nationwide normally topped $2,000.

That was just the first area where costs jumped big time. Go read Moffit’s piece and see more.

But then we already know that Barack OBama is the single biggest liar the White House has ever known, don’t we? Remember this…