VIDEO: ‘Ebolee’? Obama Mispronounces Name of Deadly Virus, Imagine if a Republican Had Said it That Way!

Barack Obama has a long history of pronouncing things in strange and unique (and wrong) ways. He’s said “corPs-man” instead of properly pronouncing it with a silent “p.” He’s said “Pah-kee-stahn” instead of how everyone else says it, Pak-i-stan. He insists on calling the terror group ISIL when nearly everyone else calls them ISiS with no “L”. And now he’s apparently calling the Ebola virus the “Ebolee” virus.

He made the verbal gaffe on October 2 during a speech in Illinois.

“It’s America. Our doctors, our scientists, our know-how that leads the fight to contain and combat the Ebolee epidemic in West Africa,” the president said during his speech.

Now, before you lefties reading this get your panties in a bunch, yes it was just a verbal flub. No one is saying that Obama is unaware of how to pronounce the word Ebola.

But here is the thing. Imagine if Sarah Palin or George W. Bush had said “Ebolee” right in the middle of the biggest outbreak of the virus in human history and just as the word is on the tongues of every reporter, government official, and citizen.

Imagine how the left would be destroying Palin of Bush, or any other Republican if they had said “Ebolee.” Why, the left and their lapdogs in the media would take such a gaffe and would say it is “proof” of just how stupid every Republican is if one had said “Ebolee.” This video would be run every five minutes on MSNBC if a Republican had said it.

Instead, we hear crickets.

(H/T Weasel Zippers)