FACTS: Cops Kill Whites at Almost Double The Rate That Cops Kill Blacks

Here are some statistics that are being roundly ignored by a media eager to push the lies that ooze out of Al Sharpton’s mouth on a daily basis: The real statistics show that cops kill whites at almost double the rate that they kill blacks.

Talks show host and columnist Larry Elder did some actual research (something the old media establishment avoids) and found that the claim that blacks are killed by cops more often than whites are killed is simply untrue. In fact, he found that the death by cop for blacks is down 75 percent since 1999.

So, not only is the “Hands Up” saying based on a lie, the entire, racbaiting movement against the police is based on a lie.

In 2012, according to the CDC, 140 blacks were killed by police. That same year 386 whites were killed by police. Over the 13-year period from 1999 to 2011, the CDC reports that 2,151 whites were killed by cops — and 1,130 blacks were killed by cops.

Police shootings, nationwide, are down dramatically from what they were 20 or 30 years ago. The CDC reported that in 1968, shootings by law enforcement — called “legal intervention” by the CDC — was the cause of death for 8.6 out of every million blacks. For whites the rate was was .9 deaths per million

By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites. While the death-by-cop rate for whites has held pretty steady over these last 45 years, hovering just above or below the one-in-a-million level, the rate for blacks has fallen. In 1981, black deaths by cop stood at four in a million, but since 2000 has remained just above or below two in a million.

So what’s driving this notion that there is now an “epidemic” of white cops shooting blacks when in the last several decades the numbers of blacks killed by cops are down nearly 75 percent?

What’s driving this notion? The Old Media desperate to give Al Sharpton a platform so that they can jointly help destroy America is the reason, Mr. Elder.

  • EZ

    Yeah, it’s those darned ig’nint black people “or whatever they want to be called these days,” am I right? Such a big and loving heart you have. Such wisdom about how the world works.

    Because people do whatever music tells them! Yeah, that’s how people work. Yeah. Just like Judas Priest killed that kid, right? I listened to that “Friday” song, and next thing I knew I was in a car with my friends and I had no idea why I was doing any of it!

    I’m confused how you blame the music only and also the people. Do people have free will to listen to music, but they have no choice when it comes to how they act?! Wow, so what kind of music do you listen to?

    Because, centuries of abuse has nothing to do with it. How much do you respect the person who punches you in the mouth, promises to help you, and then spits in your face?

    Let’s be clear: you seem to be saying that if you lived in a country like, say, China, that forced you to work for pennies to the yuan, and treated your parents like dogshit, and treated your grandparents like slaves, said you were dumb, lazy, and stupid like all Americans, you’d just take all that without a word, and be happy to shut up and toe the line? Because unless you are a hypocrite, that must be true. And if that’s true, how sad it is you have no self respect. No wonder you come to comment sections to dump on black people.

    Angry, sad people without any self respect often find themselves attacking people with less power, anywhere they can, anyway that makes them feel better about themselves.

    It’s much easier than actually living up to your own standards. Go grow up for once in your life.

  • EZ

    “It’s reasonable to assume opportunity is related to criminal activity.
    (I’m going out on a limb to assume cops aren’t hunting people in malls
    to kill.)”

    If these are the two options, then no wonder you are struggling to understand this issue. One can respond to criminal activity,

    “Blacks are incarcerated 5 times more than whites.”

    Your math is off. Whites outnumber blacks by 5:1. So, 5x incarceration for blacks would make it 5:5 (or better 1:1). If you checked incarceration rates, you’d see that this bears out, with 33% whites and 39% blacks in prison. We’re back to 1:1.

    The problem, particularly with being branded racist, is that you’re using math and statistics to make everything appear equal – if not unfair to whites as the author did – and ignoring all the facts that prove things are not equal. Predominately white cops policing black neighborhoods. Stop and frisk dominating the lives of black people (so much that comedian Chris Rock takes a selfie whenever he gets pulled over). You have 5 TIMES the incarceration of blacks over whites, and instead of that ringing alarm bells in your head, that becomes an excuse to support continued ignorance of the plight of non-whites in America.

    Don’t be afraid of being branded a racist, because if you’re white you already are. Our nation was built on the backs of racism. We have been taught to accept things as they are, to ignore people who protest. Ignore people’s pain, just keep on working hard. And all of that works if you’re white; it worked for me until I realized that “liking” or “being okay with” black people was not enough. It worked for me until I educated myself to perspectives other than my own.

    Racism is not an action. It’s something that exists, and you either support it by doing nothing or helping it, or you work to diminish it. If you have no power to diminish it, then the work you do is self education. Educate yourself about black history, about the black experience, about the experience of all non-whites and non-mainstream peoples. That’s all you have to do, really. If you want to do more, if you can do more, then you’ll do it.

    The truest American thing is checks and balances. We put checks on power, it’s the foundation of our government and has kept it stable in spit of corruption. Police are power. Government is power. Corporations are power. Stop listening to the truths told by people with power. Start listening for the truths from people without power, because THAT is where our better future is hiding.

    Educate yourself about these issues. Give yourself power to see who is telling the truth and who is not. You will be shocked. You will feel the pain, and you will become stronger for it.

  • EZ

    “What’s driving this notion?”

    200 years of slavery. 100 years of segregation and legal disenfranchisement while “free.” 50 years, and counting, of white people telling anyone who complains about the past that they can “just get over it.”

    My great grandfather came here he had nothing. He was treated like dirt for being a “black European” which is what some people called Italians in those days. His culture was weird (what IS that awful music?!) and his way of speaking was considered stupid. He built bridges in Europe. He sold fish in America.

    Lucky for me, his children had American accents and they looked white. They weren’t “black Europeans” and unless someone found out they were Catholic, or heard their last name, no one even thought to treat them differently, even though their American fathers had treated their Italian father like dirt. Even though, if you asked them, they would have said Italians were dirt. They smiled, tipped their hats, and made room in the diners.

    The thing driving “this notion” that blacks aren’t treated fairly, is almost 360 years of treating black people unfairly, a phenomena that’s only being seen by white people thanks to the power of the internet. People of color are finally able to circumvent the white power structures that had hidden this treatment from us because it was upsetting to the white people that wanted to believe racism was fixed already. The people like you who want us all to “just get over it” without having to lift a finger, or re-evaluate the way you view the world. Anything like that is too much like hard work, I guess.

    I promise you, it is hard work. It’s the hardest work you’ll ever do in your life, and it will reward you more than anything you can dream of. And I know you can dream of quite a lot. It’s even better than that.

  • Adam Joseph Griffin

    All the finger pointing in the world will not solve any issue. There are bad White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American as well as any other race or ethnicity in this world. The more finger pointing and race blaming we do the less resolution there will be. I’m white and I served in the Unites States Marines. I served with many people from various backgrounds, religions, races, and sexual orientation. There was never any racial divide or racial blaming in the units I served and I realize this might always be the case, (so don’t tell my experience was wrong or that it doesn’t reflect yours or whatever because I know not every experience is the same) but I believe we all got along and were better suited to survive as a group and individuals because the majority (by far) had the same mindset. That mindset was we loved our country, were willing to die to defend it and each other, and that we wanted to work hard for each other. I know we as people are inherently flawed and that there will always be conflict involved but statistics and numbers don’t reflect what is truly wrong. Certain individuals’ mindsets are wrong because of how they were raised, negative experiences with a certain race, religion, sexual orientation so they generalize. Police need better training and people that get into bad situations with police need to realize that 9/10 times the law will probably side with the individual with the damn badge so don’t try to escalate the situation. Some police are just wannabe crusaders who believe the badge justifies their unlawful intrusion and they themselves escalate a situation( these people should made a example of and not be fired from their jobs but serve jail time for over stepping their boundaries). I believe most police officers want to “serve and protect”, and became an officer of the law for the right reasons. Sorry the rambling comment but I just get tired of this race crap and wish it wasn’t an issue as I get along and enjoy the relationships I have with people from many different races. Just think about things people. Why is it an issue? Why continue to persist to make it an even bigger issue? You can’t control other people just do what you think is right and treat other people the way you want to be treated. Peace to you all and again sorry for the long rant.

  • Leende

    Statistics also show blacks commit more crimes.

  • Leende

    Blacks commit more crimes.

    • Steve Violette

      They are only charged with committing more crimes.

      • ^This guy

        Meaning they have more interaction with police, yet they are a minority in the big scheme. More opportunities with police = more opportunity to get shot. Stop baiting.

        • kumbaya

          So I guess our judicial system is worthless. Per Wikipedia, black commit (are convicted of) 8 times more murders than whites. Before you play the race card, it also mentions that 93% of those murdered by black were also black. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States

          • brian williams

            we all know wikepedia is not always truthful and can be written by the average person,who knows…you could have written that. give me real facts and not made up ones to differientate the two..its always “blacks commit more crimes” and “there’s more whites getting killed than black”. its always someone trying to justify why innocent black people are being killed..and yea maybe more white are being killed but guess what? theres MORE white people than blacks in america. And its always people like you to try and take the race card out when in fact all of this is because of race. We wouldnt be in this problem today with whites and blacks if it wasnt race..so yea people should pull the race card if they feel what is going is just another act of racism in america.. We were built on racism and there is still racism,and sadly looks like that wont be changing anytime soon if we keep pointing fingers at each other

          • cwwj

            Certainly nothing will change if we keep pointing fingers at the wrong people. Racism has nothing to do with black crime, which is a pathology deeply rooted in the black inner city communities. Until black culture changes, nothing else will change. Blaming police for tension between the races is a game played by the race baiters who profit from keeping the “racism” legend alive. The question no one asks is if whites are killed by police twice as often as blacks, why aren’t other whites out there rioting and burning down their own cities? Has a white criminal ever been killed by a black officer? You can count on it, yet no one suggests the shooting was racially motivated.

          • Hortance

            Numbers on the wiki page are from US Bureau of Justice Statistics. The fact that individuals write wiki doesn’t make those stats–cited and linked–suspect.

          • flyr

            Wiki writers are generally liberal to very liberal and cherry pick the statistics.

            Take chicago for example where the racial composition is
            1/3 black white hispanic/asian

            you would expect blacks to commit 33 percent of murders but they commit 70 percent while whites commit 3 percent thus they are over represented among the murderers . it is not at all surprising therefore that they are incarcerated at a much higher rate.

            There are only two crimes that are accurately reported in the nation murder and bank robbery and the racial composition for bank robbers is also about the same .

            Blacks are vastly over represented among cop killers too, why because they are over represented among violent criminals .

            Blacks are under represented among those killed by police. A white felon has a greater chance of dying at the hands of the police than a black felon.

          • Bdawg

            Cherry pickin’ liberal Wiki writers..?! How’d you come up w/ that? On a segment from Faux Newz? Talk about a stat/statement that needs verified and cited…there are plenty of publications w/ various mistakes, shall we discredit editors from companies like McGraw-Hill or Pierson? Or do you mean that liberals gather and post info to social encyclopedias quicker and more often than others? Is every liberal the same on that side of the political spectrum? Constantly skewing facts to the left? Pahleaze!;-P I’m quite impressed w/ Wiki and think it is important for a democracy to cultivate mass online info from denizens across this ball of blue. Or we can privatize it b/c we all know the elite ‘conservative’ business class minions can manage things so well…hah!

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            “We were built on racism”, wow! Yeah with people like you around racism will always have a place in this country!

          • Randy Edens

            When was an “innocent” black person killed by police? Not in Ferguson, the courts proved that. Not in Baltimore, he was legally arrested. Let’s not talk about the numbers, let’s talk about the “innocent” ones. THEN let’s talk about the number of innocent ones.

          • STRANGVISITOR72

            You’re an idiot!!! So someone can be killed in police custody as long as they are arrested “legally”??? BTW, courts also proved OJ was not guilty as well. FOH

          • Rod O’Neil

            Does your research tell you how many of those black would never have been prosecuted, or ever convicted if they were white. Wiki that and get back to us. The “race card” label is a smoke screen used by racist to cloak their own racist writings, speech, or acts. You sound like you might be in that group.

          • kumbaya

            Interesting comment. Considering I am black, I guess you may be “shooting” in the wrong direction. Black lives matter as much as white, yellow pink and brown lives. I am just disgusted that blacks in particular are acting like victims… and worse yet as criminal – destroying and looting. You now have my permission to get off of your high horse.

          • Rod O’Neil

            Your claim of blackness doesn’t make you more insightful or susceptible to the truth. Blacks aren’t “acting like victims.” They are victims of a skewed justice system.

            There have always beenough black folks who thought it advanced their social status to identify and agree with that system, as if it didn’t apply to them.

            You’ll be black all your life. There’s still time for you and your family and friends to experience “The Black Man’s Justice System.” And when you do, only then will you start to see the folly of your statements.

            Remember, just because the hawks don’t eat every rabbit in the forest doesn’t mean hawks don’t eat rabbits.

            You may simply be one lucky assed rabbit.

          • kumbaya

            You must be an expert, or at last you like to pretend to be one. Ever been assaulted by a police officer? Ever had your ribs broken during an attempted car-jacking by four other black men? ….didn’t think so. Your assertion that I am some naïve black man who has been sheltered from the world’s reality is not surprising. It’s how those without facts try to justify their premise. I’m not going to try and change your mind.. believe what you like. But until you have walked in the shoes of a black man, stop acting like you know how it feels. Your prejudice about “black folks” is much of the problem.

          • Rod O’Neil

            Interesting comment since I am a black man. I am also a 14 year law enforcement veteran, a 16 year criminal lawyer, and a 52 year veteran of walking in the shoes of a black person.

            Your brush with crime may have skewed your perspective, but it doesn’t make you special or smart. The facts are clear and the evidence ample to prove, police officers unfairly target for stop, search, seizure, assault, and injure, blacks at a disproportionate rate compared to our representation in the population.

            If you primarily focus your attention on a particular segment of the population, you are more likely to find what you are looking for in that population.

            Now, step down from your high horse… because again, you aren’t special because you align yourself on the side of the oppressor, and against thosee who scream out from oppression.

            People like you have existed throughout history, known by many names. Choose one.

          • kumbaya

            Thank you for pointing out that I am not special. I share your opinion. You have a strong opinion, which I respect. You have not shared any facts, however, that support it. Black statistically commit more crime, that’s why they arrested more. As far as my “high horse” as you put it, I just want to be treated as fairly as anyone else. It is those who unjustly think they are special who I have a problem with. From everything I have read and experienced, blacks are no more oppressed than any other racial group. Now if you want to talk about socio-economics, I might be more apt to agree that poor people (white, black, yellow and brown) are more of the focus of the law. Being a criminal lawyer and law enforcement officer doesn’t make you special either, just for the record. And your immature name calling insinuation has no place on this board. I would have expected more from an educated black man.

          • Rod O’Neil

            It is not name calling to insist that your positions on social issues are naive. Your position on thisbsocial issue IS based on a lack of experience.

            I suggest you read some more, broaden your sources, and above all else, live a few more years in your black skin.

            If you are lucky enough to make it through life without ever experiencing the sting of the unfair criminal justice system, I guarantee you that it will be because people, like me, stood up, spoke out, and took action, to make the road ahead just a bit smoother for the next black man.

            Have empathy for those who are crying out for justice. Often times they tell a truth that the cameras can’t show you and statistics can’t explain to you. Good luck.

            And with that, you are welcome.

          • kumbaya

            Really? Is that the best that you an do? Here’s where we part our separate ways….I’ll take the high road and you can take the low one since that seems to be your preference. Have a nice life. Oh, and do watch out for law enforcement; I heard a rumor that they prey on people of your ethnic background.

          • flyr

            Tell me how the criminal justice system is unfair

            When adjusted for prior convictions , blacks are not sentenced any more strictly that whites

            A black killer is more likely to escape prosecution than a white

            The issue is not that blacks are punished more severely for crimes but rather that blacks commit more crimes .

            I worked in the gang and drug infested neighborhoods and with the corrupt big city governments and schools. If black families got together and too responsibility for their lives and neighborhoods their lives would improve substantially . There are far more whites willing to try to help and to go more than halfway but there’s precious little return. To be sure there are many wonderful people in the community but not enough willing to do what is necessary to change the culture.

          • flyr

            If you experience is what you say it is your grasp on reality has suffered. It makes sense that you are a criminal attorney that your interests are in keeping more felons on the streets in black neighborhoods preying on law abiding blacks.

          • flyr


            ” target for stop, search, seizure, assault, and injure, blacks at a disproportionate rate compared to our representation in the population.”

            That may be correct but it is irrelevant

            Blacks are not stopped , searched, assaulted, injured or killed at a rate which is disproportionate to their involvement in violent crimes and the killing of police officers.

            it is just that simple but I understand how desperately the poverty pimps are to protect the lie .

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Cops go after the people they know are going to have illegal things on them They go after blacks because time and time again they catch them with drugs and guns on them. If whites were driving high on crack with a big bag of crack and a gun on them all the time then it would be them getting stopped and searched. If whites were murdering people and running drug/gang enterprises in their hoods they too would be getting stopped, incarcerated and killed! Get real dude. At some point people need to take some responsibility for their part in this mess. Stop the killing and terrorizing and selling hard drugs in the neighborhood and I bet the numbers on the incarcerated and killed will go way down!

          • STRANGVISITOR72

            The likelihood a stop of an African American New Yorker yielded a weapon was half that of white New Yorkers stopped.
            The NYPD uncovered a weapon in one out every 49 stops of white New
            Yorkers. By contrast, it took the Department 71 stops of Latinos and 93
            stops of African Americans to find a weapon.

            • The likelihood a stop of an African American New Yorker
            yielded contraband was one-third less than that of white New Yorkers
            stopped. The NYPD uncovered contraband in one out every 43
            stops of white New Yorkers. By contrast, it took the Department 57 stops
            of Latinos and 61 stops of African Americans to find contraband.

            It’s unlikely that the appropriate lesson to take from these findings
            is that stops of white people should increase because they are more
            likely to carry weapons and drugs. Rather, they suggest that police are
            excessively targeting minorities. Officers may be netting more
            successful stops of white New Yorkers because they are only likely to
            stop a white person when they actually suspect that person of committing
            a crime. Considering one officer’s testimony that superiors explicitly
            directed him to target young black men, minorities are judged by a much more flexible definition of “reasonable suspicion.”

            And this loose approach to the Constitution’s ban on unlawful
            searches and seizures is part of a larger pattern of African-Americans
            being targeted by police. In one incident an officer cuffed and detained
            a 13-year-old African American boy, the son of a former cop, for six
            hours because he allegedly reached into his pants’ waistband. Other cops
            punched and pepper-sprayed
            a 38-year-old veteran who was discussing Memorial Day plans with
            friends on a street corner. Yet another black man reported being stopped
            and arrested 4 times in one year on criminal trespass charges later dismissed by a judge.

            In general, stop-and-frisk has proven to be remarkably ineffective;
            nearly 89 percent of all stops result in no charges. The city has also
            had to settle a surging number of civil rights lawsuits against police
            to the tune of $22 million in one year.

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Where did you get these numbers? I would like to see where it came from and check it’s validity. Are all these whites with guns carrying illegally or do they have permits to carry which would nullify these numbers? Honestly I don’t believe that this is fact. Also, while I don’t agree with stop and frisk because it’s illegal under the Constitution it was highly effective in cleaning up New York at a time when crime in New York was getting totally out of hand. That’s pretty much common knowledge.

          • STRANGVISITOR72

            The fact that it wasn’t effective is common knowledge. You have but to Google the studies. The Washington Post just came out with a study that proves cops kill blacks at a 3x’s greater rate than whites.

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            You are so wrong bro! New York city has had a dramatic 80% reduction in violent crime since the mid 90’s when stop and frisk was started and that’s from the New York times. Actually more whites are killed by police than blacks nation wide. Per capita more blacks are killed by police than whites but blacks commit waaaaay more murder and other violent crimes. In Chicago 73% of murders are committed by blacks, 3% white. You think that the insane murder and violent crime rate of blacks may just have something to do with why they get shot by police? C’mon man get real!

          • flyr

            Your stats miss the foundational point that the white with a gun is probably a store owner just trying to survive .

          • Rod O’Neil

            … and I do, without hesitation or quaification, think you are, “some naive black man…” and I base that on your words as stated herein.

            Now, go forth and keep your naive opinions, of race and law enforcement, trapped inside your head. Leave the thinking to those with a bit more information than a claim to being affected by the actions of street criminals

          • kumbaya

            bring me facts dude, not more hot air. Guess I must have hit a nerve. Sad when the best you can do is call me names. Grow up

          • flyr

            Yo stuck on stupid the stats show that blacks are not in fact victims of the criminal justice system with one exception. The criminal justice system is so inefficient when it comes to getting violent blacks off the streets that law abiding blacks face a vastly higher risk of death at the hands of fellow blacks.

          • Rod O’Neil

            @flyr : Your silly little catch phrase and ability to type statistics can’t hide the fact that you don’t have a clue about the social issues you comment on.

            Nor can your out of context use of crime data hide the obvious fact that you are racist to your core.

          • flyr

            Encouraging blacks to use drugs, worship violence , eschew education, treat black women as sperm dumpsters and the responsibilities of fatherhood as a joke , as lauded by “black leaders” has certainly lead American Blacks to a true paradise.

            “Out of Context Crime Data ” that’s when an attorney is cornered by the facts and like a rat attacks .

            What is out of context about the fact that while blacks are 1/3 of Chicago’s population but commit 70% of murders while whites who are 1/3 of Chicago’s population commit 3%. Even an attorney should be able to do the numbers. If black lives matter it is not whitey that’s killing blacks, extolling them to use drugs, teaching them that anti-social is cool.

            One of our most precious rights in America is the right to vote. Yet, during his first days in office Holder erased the felony convictions of a number of Black Panthers who took their baseball bats to the polling place. Obama and Holder decreed that any school who disciplined black children more frequently than other races would be deemed to be racist, even if the policies ere totally colorblind. The result of course is that students who need discipline the most get the least.

            The stats show that blacks are more likely than whites to kill police officers – 13% of the population kill 40+ % of the officers.

            Liberal attorneys are forever trying to create more obstacles for the police departments. The dogs have to be muzzled when searching for fleeing felons. Just what every neighborhood needs, more felons on the streets.

            The liberals have had their way for 50 years and the results are in – blacks are in far worse shape financially, employment, educational achievement, family integrity , homelessness.

          • Carolyn Bryant Schaub

            Well gee, I bet Fargo North Dakota has similar but opposite statistics…Get it through your head…crime is an every man’s game. There is no race predisposed to less crime than others. Anyone seriously believing that is a racist pig.

          • flyr

            Let’s not get stuck on stupid ……..

            You are missing the fact that across the nation blacks are vastly over represented in violent crimes both as perps and victims. It is a disease which the poverty pimps refuse to address. Not surprisingly, while the rates of black vs white crimes were always different , the rise of widespread drug use, rap music and black poverty pimps exploded the gap.

            There are only two crimes which are accurately reported in the nation…. murder and bank robbery. Blacks are vastly overrepresented in both murderers and murder victims , they are also vastly overprinted in bank robbers who are virtually 100% captured on video so race is not a guess or confused witness.

            The greatest impediment to the improvement of the lives of blacks in the central cities is not whites ( other than the white poverty pimps) but rather their fellow blacks.

            For a few decades blacks were seen as the revolutionary fodder of the far left . But then Tom Hayden ( aka mr jane fonda) postulated that blacks were happy to take the handouts but unreliable revolutionary soldiers as they did not turn out to vote. On the other hand the illegals often arrived as leftists and revolutionary fodder and were much easier to manage . Thus the left’s interest shifted to their interests, especially in getting them qualified to vote through legalization and then citizenship. It’s pretty certain that Loretta Sanchez was elected on a flood of not yet legal hispanic voters rounded up by the democratic machine

            It’s not surprising that there are 25 million foreign workers in the US at a time when black unemployment is at record highs .

            So long as blacks refuse to look at the facts that :

            a) they sacrifice the lives of their children through their acceptance of violence in their communities

            b) much of what passes for black entertainment is simply a 24/7 infomercial for the thug lifestyle

            c) your “friends ” like eric holder are your worst enemies

            d) the poverty pimps would lose billions if blacks lead more successful lives , white businesses and taxpayers would be relieved of the vast burden of crime and under achievement if blacks were able to change their culture and increase the appetite for an education and decrease the appetite for drugs and violence. It is by no means a conscious choice , I doubt any mother raises a child hoping he will be a gangbanger . But too many accept that influence in their community and an unending barrage into their homes through tv and entertainment.

            e) blacks need to understand that there are a lot more conservative folks who want them to succeed than their liberal leaders and poverty pimps who would be out of a job if they were successful .

          • flyr

            You’re part of the problem in your refusal to recognize the facts.

            Gun control freaks love to talk about the high murder rate in the US vs European nations with gun control. However Harvard did a large study and the conclusion was that if you adjusted violent crime rates for race, the US was less violent than the gun control bastions.

            Please explain to me the “there is no difference ” in light of the national data 13% of the population commits 50% of the murders and 87% commit 50% of the murders. Of course the 13% are black.

            Until stupid, bigoted liberals like you recognize reality and work on strategies to implement change you are dooming another generation of young blacks to lives saturated with violence and failure. It’s ironic that in a world where the slightest hint of political incorrectness brings outrage from the lamestream media we casually accept the 24/7 flow of music, video , film, tv , glorifying violence, the thug lifestyle , drugs , and the treatment of women as sperm dumpsters.

            The problem is further complicated by the liberal revisionist history pumped out endlessly. The truth is that the KKK was almost exclusively a southern democratic party affiliate. As Bill Clinton noted, well to be elected as a democrat in the south you had to be a member of the klan. The landmark civil rights legislation was passed over the best efforts of democrats in congress, that it was a Republican President ( Ike ) who sent federal troops into the south to confront an axe wielding democrat governor….. The first time since the civil war that federal troops had acted against a state government.

            There was a moment of sanity when Tipper Gore tried to connect the dots between entertainment and violent, anti-social behavior. However, as soon as Al Gore was nominated as Clinton’s partner. Clinton’s folks moved to silence her as the democrats receive hundreds of millions from the purveyors of entertainment celebrating drugs, violence, gangsta lifestyle and even killing police.

          • Jack Horner

            In light of your ignorant, irrational stance on GMOs and blind love for the multibillion-dollar organic food industry, your ignorance on other matters doesn’t surprise me.

          • Hank Richter

            Really? So tell me, what is the racial makeup of the neighborhood you live in?

          • flyr

            Schnaubbie – It is tragic but the simple truth is that blacks commit a vastly higher number of murders than their % of the population. Most of the time they are killing other blacks so the press is not interested. No amount of lies from the left change the facts.

            The left does not have the courage to ask what is driving blacks to commit crime at such a high rate. Poverty does not cause crime but crime does cause poverty .

          • flyr

            Your fantasy reveals your stupidity.

            The simple facts are that blacks commit crimes of violence at a vastly higher rate than to whites. The solution is identifying the cultural foundation

          • Amanda Cring

            men make up half of the population and commit 90.5 percent of all homicide. With the exception of drug use, they make the majority demographic in ever crime classification. Is it male culture that propels their aggressive behavior?
            You cannot think that blacks are more inclined to be criminals without thinking the same of men.
            I do not think that way. I know that cops view women as less of a danger and are less likely to receive charges. I know that men receive unfairly harsh sentences compared to women, as blacks receive the death penalty more (in ratio) than whites.

            There is NO justice in the justice system. No search for truth, just a bunch of people aiming to confirm what they already believe about the poor.

            Rich men don’t receive the same time that poor men do for the same crimes.
            There is no argument for equality in the justice system.

          • flyr


            Would you be surprised to learn that of the police officers murdered in the line of duty that blacks are a higher percentage of the killers than
            the percentage of blacks killed by police as a % of all killed by police. Blacks are a greater threat of the police than the police are to blacks.

            Obama does not want you to know the numbers but
            a) about 95% of blacks who are murdered are killed by other blacks, gang members or during the commission of a felony

            b) when prior convictions are considered , blacks are NOT subject to longer prison sentences

            c) a greater percentage of white murders result in criminal prosecution

            d) Chicago has equal populations of black and white, however whites commit less than 4% of all murders about 1/20 the number committed by blacks.

            e) Treyvon Martin was a thug who bragged about beating people, a burglar who had been found with his trusty backpack full of jewelry taken from an occupied home but because the school police are trying to cut black crime by not reporting it he was let go and the local police not advised (confirmed at trial as the police chief tried to fire the officers who told the truth) . Treyvon also has liver damage associated with drug use .

            The real tragedy is that billionaire entertainment moguls continue to fill the airwaves with rap music extolling the gangsta lifestyle , and the treatment of women as sperm dumpsters. But Obama does not have the balls to challenge them as they are his major donors.

            About 75% of Americans understand the Obama/Holder propaganda mill and its intent to intellectually and politically isolate Blacks from mainstream America.

          • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow

            Um, isn’t it kind of OBVIOUS that men commit more murders (abortion aside) than women do? Is there some sort of PC axiom that’s supposed to prevent us from stating that fact? If so, I don’t care about it. Men simply commit more murder than women do, abortion aside. It has nothing to do with “male culture”; it has to do with strength and testosterone (and maybe with the fact that men are expected to withstand being physically bullied by women for as long as the women want to bully them, and some explode at some point since they couldn’t stop it any other way. It’s the same phenomenon that’s showed up in Sweden when they outlawed spanking kids: child abuse went way, way up because the parents couldn’t stop a behavior, and then exploded over it in exasperation. See http://www.fisheaters.com/spanking.html ).

            Anyway, if you “do not think that way,” that men commit more murders (abortion aside), then it’s clear that you put ideology and wishes in front of reality. That’s a recipe for failure. It’s also a decent definition of insanity.

            BTW, cops are *less* likely to shoot blacks than they are whites in police — even in spite of their feeling just as endangered: http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/19855-racial-bias-police-more-willing-to-shoot-whites-study-shows

          • flyr

            Social issues

            It is nobody but blacks impregnating black teenage girls

            It is nobody but blacks encouraging blacks to use drugs, act like thugs , disrupt schools

            It is your black elected and appointed leaders who are encouraging blacks to do stupid things that get them killed gangs, drugs, thuggery,

            If there are whites to blame is is well meaning whites who have allowed politicians to create an environment where anti-social behavior is extolled , stupidity is a virtue . White media moguls make billions pumping a steady stream of anti social messages into the black community in the form of music, video, movies and tv.

            Martin Luther King died for a cause which created great opportunities for blacks in America and made America a better nation. But two generations of dirtbags have thrown away all of that progress and destroyed black families , black neighborhoods and black women.

            Most Americans would love to have black neighbors but not if it comes with a 10 fold increase in violent crimes. Businesses are not going to favor locating in neighborhoods were shoplifting, armed robbery, physical assaults , arson, .looting and thuggery are accepted behavior.

            A typical supermarket operates on a tiny profit margin, about 5% of sales. The added cost of operating in minority neighborhoods simply makes the stores unprofitable in too many cases . It’s certainly not every member of the community or even anything like a majority , but just enough to kill both shopping and job opportunities.

            While blacks applaud Obama he’s brought in perhaps another 10 million illegals to compete for scarce entry level jobs.

          • flyr


            Please explain to us how Hispanics, Asian, Africans, Europeans, Indians, Pakastaini , blacks from the Caribbean all come to the US with very little in assets, often no knowledge of English . They live on less but manage to succeed.

            Blacks from the Caribbean who come to the US do better than native white US citizens.

            My guess is that I have spent far more time in the ghettos than you have but have also looked carefully at the issues. I have worked with one of the largest school districts in the nation, I have also laid in the street with a gun to my head, held by one of two recently paroled dirtbags who had just killed a police officer.

            There was an article earlier this week about the company where the President decided to make the minimum salary $70,000 the company is facing bankruptcy because they lost their best people . You have the same situation with welfare, if you can take home $50,000 from welfare then getting a job does not seem to be a high priority.

            A very legitimate question blacks might ask is whose jobs are all these illegals taking (the left insisted on calling them undocumented workers) . It is the very same , entry level jobs which are so important, especially to a fatherless young man. Today you will have a hard time getting a job in a restaurant , store, or small service company if you do not speak Spanish.

            There was a time when McDonalds was the largest provider of first time jobs in the nation.

          • flyr

            The most likely black man’s justice system you’ll experience is a fleeting look at a drugged out black thug parolee with a large gun (in a gun free zone) just before he pulls the trigger because in his drug haze he thought you were not respecting him.

          • cwwj

            Are you really suggesting that blacks do not actually have a violent crime rate that is eight times higher than the white crime rate, which also includes Hispanics? These statistics come from the FBI uniform crime rate report which is issued annually. These numbers for black crime have been consistent for many years. Violent crimes like murder, armed robbery and rape are not crimes that whites would not be prosecuted for or convicted of.

          • Carolyn Bryant Schaub

            Just because they are “convicted” at a higher rate does not mean that whites are somehow less crime ridden. We just happen to get away with crime at a higher rate.

          • Crom Bann

            That doesn’t show up in victim surveys, you are engaged in wishful thinking.

          • flyr

            Are you insane? or just terminally stupid and resistant to facts ?

            Ask one of your professors to review the FBI data or the Chicago Murder Report with you

            I do not disagree that some immense crimes are committed by whites, especially the Wall Street Banksters who are protected by Obama.

          • flyr

            One more time for the intellectually challenged

            Google los angeles times murder report

            take a look at where murders occur

            take a look at the race of the victims and perps. The LA times is a very liberal paper and would do ANYTHING to blame whites or the police

          • pennawhytmn

            Do you actually believe this stuff? Please don’t take that as being a jerk. Do you really believe that when you objectively? Put aside your lust for your Black partner and think.

          • asylum4

            Yes. The crime victim reports (or whatever it is called) supports this. Or do you think robbery victims are racist and report the wrong race of the attacker to police? Google “The color of crime”

            MSM lie to you, you need to seek the truth

          • Lala348

            Black people get arrested for just walking the streets minding their own business. Thats why there are more black prisoners. Duh!!!

          • flyr

            No blacks are incarcerated at a rate which very closely tracks their commission of felonies, especially violent felonies.

            Blacks 13% of population

            50% of murders are blacks and a higher % are committed by blacks
            50% of bank robbers are black

            ( murder and bank robbery are the only two crimes which are fully reported)

            When Jessie J says there are too many blacks in prison he should be saying there are too many blacks in the morgue , put there by other blacks.

          • Lala348

            And why do you think that is? Know your history. The reason for all of the black on black crime is because of your good ol’ ancestor Willie Lynch, Yes, the very man which the word “lynching” was named after. He had a diabolical
            plan on how to keep black people down and how to have them hate each other and
            respect the white man, by using horrible forms of torture, fire, and murder so
            that it will be embedded in black people’s minds through generations to come.
            Read the book. White people know most of this history, but they deny it and say
            that the Willie Lynch letter is a hoax because they do not want to look like
            the horrible species that they are. But the truth is plain and real. The Willie
            Lynch Letter did in fact exist, and the original document was found and preserved
            in a historical plantation museum in Savannah, Georgia. After a few months, it
            disappeared and then it was claimed to have never been found. Either people
            were made to shut up about its existence with money or by force. The only
            people that know the true history of the document are the few people who have
            grown up around Savannah, who have family members directly tied to the incident
            itself or to the tales told time and again from the people who the stories
            passed on to. No matter what you believe, the word lynching HAD to have come
            from somewhere, so even if you do not believe in the document, you still can’t
            deny the “coincidence” that Willie’s last name is “lynch”.

          • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow

            That’s a load, Lala. Most of us here, white or black, are descended from slaves, serfs, indentured servants, etc. And, FYI, most white people didn’t participate in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The percentage was about 2%. Millions of whites, though, died fighting against slavery — which ended 150 years ago. That is one-hundred and fifty years ago. Since then, there’s been a HUGE and relentless transfer of wealth via welfare and other social programs. And we’re still left with high rates of black crime.

            BTW, Italians were lynched like crazy, with the biggest act of lynching carried out toward Italian Americans in New Orleans in 1891.

            If you want to help African Americans, then change the marriage and welfare laws to eradicate no-fault divorce and stop government from acting as fathers so that black men can have power in their own homes again.

          • Teofilo Cruz

            And ajust the welfare laws so the American taxpayer isn’t saddled with the cost of supporting millions of anti social, drug addled
            societally useless bas+ard children.

          • Steven Strimling

            I know you mean well, but you number of those who died fighting slavery is WAY off. The casualties of the Civil War was 600,000, making it the worst of any war the US has been in. That is not “millions”. But that was for both sides, and the Confederacy was fighting to keep slavery.

          • flyr

            One of the reasons a lot more whites are throwing up their hands and saying I’m f’ing through trying to help these stupid people who want to blame others for their acts and failures.

            Spend your days rotting your brain listening to rap music. Enjoy that you are treated as a sperm dumpster or perhaps elevated to one of his baby mamas .

            As an alternative you might listen to one of the many black leaders who know and speak the truth ., True heroes like Ben Carson, many preachers . There was even a time when Jessie Jackson challenged blacks to give up their addiction to failure .

          • Renee Curry-Harper

            Until he realized there was money to be made conducting himself like Sharpton.

          • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow

            No one gets arrested for walking down the street minding their own business. People might get arrested for walking down the middle of the street while carrying stolen cigarillos, after assaulting a shopkeeper, and then not just resisting arrest on those criminal counts, but charging at the arresting officer. But seriously: cops have better things to do than to arrest people for waking down the street, which isn’t a crime, which’d get a cop fired, which wouldn’t go anywhere in Court, etc. Get real.

          • rlhoneycutt79

            This is just stupid. Seriously? More black prisoners because they get arrested for walking the streets? So you get prison time now for just walking the streets while black??

          • rlhoneycutt79

            Your flat crazy

          • sartec

            Minding their own business? If their business includes selling drugs, pimping, robbery, home invasion, and rape, then ya, they’ll get arrested and perhaps even shot.

          • Amanda Cring

            Males commit 90.5% of all homicide. Does that mean men invite death warrants by police as they are so much more dangerous than women?

          • flyr

            Amanda the Obama White House and DOJ investigated the Ferguson killing of thug Brown….. Their determination – no police misconduct. Of course they want a more touchy feeley police department like that in Baltimore, Chicago or Detroit.

            Obama and Holder precipitated a substantial obstruction of justice in the Treyvon Martin case and yet the jury found Zimmerman not guilty in a matter of hours.

            Even legendary civil rights attorney Alan Dershowitz has spoken out ( NYT editorial) about the Obama obstruction of justice and tampering with justice .

          • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow


          • Experiment625

            Amanda, I am willing to bet that more than 90.5% of the people that cops shoot at, are males.

          • Stephen Paulsen

            And almost 100 percent of men comply with an order from an arresting officer and don’t get shot. What’s your point?

          • flyr

            The stats show that the opposite is true . The number of murder convictions per murder is higher for whites than for blacks . it is the liberal bull crap that causes you to believe otherwise.

          • flyr

            It only gets worse when you take a closer look

            Chicago population 33% black but they commit 70+ percent of all murders
            33% white who commit only 4% of the murders

          • flyr

            Please explain why 94% of blacks who are murdered are murdered by other blacks, or in felonies gone wrong.

            If black lives mattered Obama would be honest in addressing the black addition to violence promoted by the Rap music industry .

          • O’Neil

            You seem to indicate that because a black person kills another black person, it somehow justifies everyone killing black people.

            When a black person kills a black person, it’s almost alway prosecuted as a crime. When a black person is killed by a white person, it’s almost always met with an attempt to justify the killing or to blame the victim, and people like you rush to celebrate the killer as some hero.

            When a police officer kills a black person, the odds of a prosecution are even worse.

            To your point, black lives do matter. It doesn’t matter if President Obama rallies or remains silent. Yes, black people kill other black people, white people also kill other white people, and latinos often kill latinos.

            The point of black lives matter is to say specifically, where black people are being executed in the streets by police, and so-called vigilantes, those killers must be prosecuted the same as they are when they kill white people.

            We expect that there are criminals throughout our society. What we don’t expect, is that our police officers will act criminally towards us.

            When black people are caught, they get prosecuted. Prove black lives matter by prosecuting the killers of black people with the same ferociousNnss that black people face in the nation’s courts.

          • flyr

            You start with the bullshit statement that blacks are being executed by the police. Actually blacks arrested for felonies ( where most of the arrestee deaths occur) have a LOWER chance of dying than do whites arrested for felonies.

            You need look no further than the FBI statistics on arrest vs race and victim vs race.

          • Rod O’Neil

            Are you denying that unarmed black men are being killed in the streets by police. You realize that only the courts can impose the death penalty on a suspect for an alleged crime, right? When a person is shot down by the police for holding a bb gun inside a store that sells that same gun, what would you call it?
            When a child is gunned down for holding an airsoft gun, while playing in the park, what would you call it?
            When a man is shot in the back four times while running away from an officer, because he may have a child support warrant, what would you call it?
            When a man is choked to death on a busy city street for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, what would you call it?
            Only the courts can hand out justice. It is a Constitutional Right to Due Process in a court of law that is missing. To kill a man without justification is is a denial of that due process.

          • Rod O’Neil

            The denial of due process and killing a man or child without the benefit of a trial is an execution at best, and murder at worst.
            Your focus on statistics is baffling. You seem to indicate 1. it is ok for cops to kill black people without justification, because the statistics show other black people do it.
            2. you seem to indicate that it’s ok for cops to kill black people without justification, just as long as they also kill white people for whatever reason.

          • flyr

            Take for example Ron Brown, despite what Obama and CBS would like you to believe Brown was a buffed out thug, larger than the average NFL starting linebacker and had already attacked the officer and tried to get his gun. The officer had also identified Brown and partner as the suspects in a violent strong-arm robbery.

            Brown might not have been carrying a deadly weapon as defined by the law but he was certainly capable of taking the officers gun and killing him. When you attack a police officer with your bare hands you are asking to be removed from the gene pool and giving cause for the officer to kill you in self defense.

            Tragically many of these deaths come directly from policies designed to restrain police. There was a time when police were authorized to shoot fleeing felons, so not many felons fled as they could imagine the feeling of the bullet hitting between their shoulders. Officers are generally not allowed to send unmuzzled dogs after fleeing felons, another detriment to terminal stupidity lost .

            Of course mama brown says the officer should have waved goodbye to her son, so he could get high another day and assault another person .

            Dirtbags have short lives, usually terminated by their fellow dirtbags. Perhaps 1 in 100 die at the hands of officers while doing something which justifies the use of deadly force.

            In the big picture

            37% of individuals killed by officers were black
            43% of officers who were killed on duty were killed by blacks

            If anything officers are too restrained in their use of force against blacks

          • flyr

            You start with the bullshit statement that blacks are being executed by the police. Actually blacks arrested for felonies ( where most of the arrestee deaths occur) have a LOWER chance of dying than do whites arrested for felonies.

            You need look no further than the FBI statistics on arrest vs race and victim vs race.

          • Rod O’Neil

            The question is a troubling one; IF BLACK LIVES MATTERED???
            Sir, if you were truly a black man, that wouldn’t ever be a question.
            However, the fundamental problem I have with people who think as you do, is that you seem to believe that for black lives to matter, white lives must not matter. The opposite of BLACK LIVES MATTER is not WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER.
            If you have a problem with the slogan “Black Lives Matter, ” you implicitly say, “BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER.”
            Are you some kinda asspole all the time, or just when it comes to black people?

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            Are you aware that Black lives Matter was started on a lie and funded by George(the destroyer of nations) Soros? You sir are the one who is naïve. If the group Black lives Matter wants to matter they need to take into account the huge numbers of blacks killed by blacks because it by far out weighs those killed by cop. They need to take responsibility for thug life and all the grug dealing and killing

          • flyr

            Not at all, what I am saying is that it is pure hierocracy for the poverty pimps and the far left democrats to be LYING to the public about why blacks are killed by police and how this relates to black lives.

            A young black man in the US is 8-12 times more likely to be murdered than his white neighbor. Who is doing the killing – other young blacks

            A young black man in the US is probably 4-10 times more likely to die from Aids than his white counterpart , why because he needs to buy more drugs from his black drug dealer to support his habit and to do that he is selling his body

            Young black men have a higher rate of death from accidents

            Blacks are killed by police a a disproportionately high rate when just compared to the overall population. However, if you look at serious felony arrests vs death a black being arrested is less likely to die than a white. Furthermore, while blacks are about 37% of the total killed by the police in any given year; more than 42% of the officers who are killed are killed by blacks.

            If black lives mattered to the poverty pimps and Obama they would be demanding that Rap artists clean up their work and stop being a 24/7 infomercial for the gangsta lifestyle.

          • Rod O’Neil

            When you say, “If black lives mattered…” you show that you don’t believe black lives matter.
            There is crime in America. We expect that there will be crime. You can’t end crime and criminals. People are in deed more likely to be killed by people they know and it is more likely that it will be a person of the same race. That set of facts doesn’t excuse police officers acting like criminals. While we expect criminals to act in a criminal manner, we don’t expect our police to act the same way.
            Your statistic point clearly to your racist bent. What the hell does aids have to do with a discussion of police killing unarmed black people?
            What do Rap artists have to do with cops shooting unarmed black men and children? What’s wrong with you?

          • flyr

            One more time for the intellectually challenged…………………

            I do believe that black lives matter . That’s why I speak out against the politically motivated lies which assert that blacks are victimized by others rather than by their leaders .

            If black lives mattered to the poverty pimps they would challenge blacks with the truth, the facts and the opportunities. You are probingly not aware that in past years black leaders have done just this. Asked why if blacks excel in sports they do not show the same excellence in the classroom and in society.

            If black lives mattered to these people they would note that only a tiny fraction of blacks who die at a young age die at the hands of the police – rather they are killed by other blacks, die during the commission of felonies, are killed by gangs , die from drugs or accidents resulting from dangerous behavior. But the poverty pimps chose to focus on the 1% killed by police offices.

            The press loves the term “unarmed black” as if an unarmed person poses no threat to the police. Use of force experts know that a charging person 20-30 feet away poses a deadly threat to an officer or citizen who is armed. Once a struggle begins the office is just one blow away from losing control of his gun and becoming the all too familiar victim of a criminal winning the struggle for the officers weapon. Many of the individuals involved are large and highly conditioned. Ron Brown was larger than the average starting NFL linebacker. A 40 year old officer is simply no match in a struggle. Treyvon Martin was not the little boy pictured in the NY times but rather a buffed out young man who celebrated beating people and using his marital arts in his social media pages.

            Where are the mothers demonstrating agains the producers and distributors of rap music which extolls the thug lifestyle ? Where are the poverty pimps noting that while rap treats women as sperm dumpsters, teen age pregnancy is a huge factor in the production of young thugs.

            If black lives mattered to the political hacks they would bring a simple message. If you want a successful life it is not complicated

            1 Defer children until you are in a stable marriage

            2. Defer children until you have an education

            3. It takes a father to raise a responsible son. Neighbors can take up some of the slack if a few have no fathers in the home but when only 15% of the homes have a father all suffer

            4 . Go to school , turn off the TV and talk during dinner

            5. Avoid drugs

            All of this runs against the politics of the left who want children to become lifetime dependents on the government

          • flyr

            Apparently in your view facts take second place to the racist dogma of Obama and his followers.

            “You can’t end crime and criminals ” WOW talk about stuck on stupid.

            You have equal populations of blacks and whites in Chicago

            Blacks commit almost 70% of the murders
            Whites commit less than 4%

            A reasonable person would conclude that if we want to save 90% of the people who are murdered by blacks in Chicago we should understand the differences in culture which lead to the vast discrepancies, look at alternative solutions which have worked in other communities, have the courage to try innovative programs and work together to remove those factors which stimulate violent crime in the black communities.

            However , apparently you , Obama and Holder would like black crimes to increase , thereby increasing the divisions between races for their political purposes.

            Several decades ago we as a nation decided that the rapidly increasing crime rates were not acceptable and took actions to reduce crime . The City of NY was particularly successful. The foundation is not a secret …….. provide law abiding citizens with safe streets and neighborhoods. With safe neighborhoods come more jobs. With more jobs comes more income and more successful families.

            We have walked away from this successful strategy in many communities. California drastically weakened it’s three strike law and also released many felons who served only a fraction of their sentences. As a result crime is increasing .

            Idiots like you are trying to turn the worst criminals into victims. They are not victims they are dirtbags…… their victims are the people of all races but especially blacks who see their dreams shattered as their children bleed out on the sidewalk. Not from the police but from the dirtbags , the rap driven violence that is no the rise and the useful idiots of the left who think they are helping blacks by making more space for the criminals who prey primarily on their communities.

            Understand that despite what Obama and the NYT says Ron Brown was a buffed out , NFL linebacker sized, drugged out , thug who had no problems assaulting a store clerk half his size and the arrogance to walk in the middle of the street after committing a felony . Despite all the angst the entire Obama administration was unable to support any claim that the officer acted improperly in shooting Brown. They further established that the hands up was a total fabrication of the poverty pimps and instigators .

            Rod – there are a lot of good people trying to make this a safer world for ALL Americans , sadly you and your ilk are on onboard

          • flyr

            Ask a typical inner city black how many people does he know who were murdered , the answer is usually quite a few . Ask white kids the same question and you have to look to find one who knew someone who was murdered.

          • flyr

            If you remove your head from the President’s lower alimentary canal you might notice that blacks account for about half of the murder victims in the nation AND virtually every black murder victim is murdered by another black.

            If you took the time to turn off the poverty pimps and look at the Chicago Murder Report (a city run by democrats for decades) you would see what these democrats report’

            Equal number of blacks and whites in Chicago
            Blacks commit about 70% of all murders
            Whites commit less than 4% of all murders

            If blacks would simply act like whites Chicago’s murder rate would drop by more than 60% 16 of 17 black murder victims would be spared.

            If black lives matter stop killing each other , stop destroying lives with drugs

            Defer childbearing until marriage
            Defer marriage until completion of education
            Get an education
            Learn to respect the rights of others
            Learn personal responsibility
            Earn respect through positive behavior

          • Erik Baran

            Please, tell us how many whites got to walk in a situation that a black would have gone to prison. Look that up and get back to us, ok? You obviously don’t work in retail. smh White guilt is a terrible thing, and it sounds as if you suffer from it.

          • Rod O’Neil

            You’re right, I DON’T work in retail… (…I left Loss Prevention management after 7 years)

            … and I don’t work in Law Enforcement…
            ( …I could only take 10 years )

            … now I’m just a lawyer …
            (… for the last 15 years. )

            I’m quite sure you have more experience with the law, retail security, and legal system, than do I.


          • Erik Baran

            Then you know, or should know.

          • Rod O’Neil

            I do know.




          • DEATH2PCness

            don’t use wiki, its not reliable, smh. Go to DOJ website for actual numbers, not bs. One fact is 90+% of blk murder victims are killed by other blks, FACT. Until blks start marching about this genocide, instead of the occasional police shooting, no one will ever have any sympathy for them. Clean up the blk on blk crime first. Dozens of blacks are murdered every night across America by other blacks and not a peep from scumbag Al Sharkton, NOTHING, that’s sick.

          • senselocke

            …and 83% of white murder victims are killed by other white people. Most people are killed by people they know and associate with, and our nation is pretty well segregated by class and race. What you’re saying doesn’t mean anything, because in context MOST murder victims are killed by people who are of the same race as they are, REGARDLESS of which race that is. So clearly, race isn’t a factor.

          • Aaron Petterborg

            You’re a white supremacist. Look at what senselocke wrote.

          • DEATH2PCness

            and you’re a liberal, self hating white man. Crawl up in a corner and od on your meds you pos.

        • Lyndon Johnson

          more interaction with the police?? can you cite your source?? i dont want it if it has shit stains after you pull it out of your ass

          • disqus_yKU6j6myL0

            all major cities have multiple police dept .. also senior fbi official stated that they particularly sought out to go in to minority areas to make drug arrests …… this is from his own mouth that the major bosses who knew that there are rich white kids doing tons of drugs and major pushes of that drugs but because there were wealthy and well connected and white they were told not to go after them but you still gotta meet a drug quota so guess who is the target and will continue to be.

          • flyr

            Simply not true . Many suburban schools have very strict drug enforcement including having dogs sniff the lockers

          • Stellio Contos

            That literally makes zero sense….first of all, I have heard of speeding ticket quotas, but never misdemeanor or felony quotas….second, if thier were quotas on higher level crimes, why wouldn’t the “rich” population be the target as they have more money?…pretty much you are stating that there is a quota on sending people to jail, which costs WAY more than leaving it alone…its the law thats being followed, at a cost, not a quota….

          • Punk Rock Patriot

            You are sooooo full of poo poo! The white kids are doing drugs inside their house. The black kids are running murderous drug enterprises in the streets and innocent people are dying everyday from the violence they create. Just a little bit of a difference don’t you think? Your racist apples and oranges comparison is a joke!

          • Janet Daley


          • flyr


            Chicago Murder Report annual report on murder in Chicago. The good stuff is in the back . Available online . Unfortunately Chicago stopped publishing it a few years ago but the numbers are overwhelming Published by the city


        • @bridgetc

          The stop and frisk is city wide yet the majority of the people they stop and frisk are blacks. So that suggest a bias on the part of police which also suggest that whites who commit crimes are more likely to get away with it since the police force is contracted in the minority areas of the city. STOP LYING.

        • flyr

          They are not a minority among murderers

        • flyr

          They are a near majority of violent felons

      • jiminsd

        Black as a racial group (by percent of the population) commit more crime, not seeing this fact is part of the problem.

      • Crom Bann

        Also reported as offenders in porportion to arrests in victim surveys, blacks commmit crime disporportionately to their share of the overall population/

      • flyr

        Let’s not stay stuck on stupid . Read the Chicago Murder Report or the FBI stats

        about 50% of the murders in the US are committed by blacks who are 13% of the population

        about 50% of bank robberies are committed by blacks

        If you are unwilling to recognize the vast difference in crime rates you are part of the problem.

        If blacks (and latinos) could be convinced to murder at the same rate that whites do Chicago’s murder rate would drop by 85%.

        Of course the author was pandering to the low information voters so he did not want to confuse you with facts.

      • flyr

        Dude, they commit vastly more crimes, even Eric Holder’s FBI admits that .

        Blacks are arrested for serious crimes at a rate that is 4-6 times their number in the population. It is not an accident that almost 50% of the murders in the country are blacks, almost always killed by other blacks.

      • The_Bustle_in_Your_Hedgerow

        Victims describe the people who assaulted them, and those people are more often black than white, per capita. Surely you’re not “blaming the victims” for describing their assailants in a way that isn’t politically correct.

      • pennawhytmn

        Hahahahahahahaha………. ahhahahahahahahahahaha……. just becau ahahahahahahahaha hahaha. Just for the sa hahahahahaha……. just hahaha never mind.

      • asylum4

        Blacks commit 8 times the murders of Whites. Cited from the Bureau of Justice statistics of the USA. Also, crime victims disproportionately say they were attacked by Blacks. Google “the color of crime” for a long book to download

        I understand you are influenced by the bad reporting of the MSM. They don’t stress the correct data. Not even this report.

        I believe there are also data that over 60% of attacks on police are perpetrated by Blacks. Also that police hesitates to kill Blacks, for very obvious reasons, because the “inverse” racism of the justice department that only cares about Blacks killed by Whites and nothing else.

        • Wally Wally

          (I’m forced to respond to a comment you made at amren(article about: “The white girl who was attacked by a black male renter who’s name she found on craigslist”) here since your moderator has chosen to protect the delicate sensibilities of you race realists and won’t let me comment at amren)

          You said:

          True, a woman should be suspicious of even a white male.

          Especially a white male. Contrary to the popular drivel you race realists spew about black males being the prime culprit in attacks on white women, the probability of a white woman being attacked by a black male pales in comparison to the probability of her being attacked by a white male.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Your statement is true, but misleading. There are 5x as many white males. The probability of her being attacked by any given male is about 3x greater if that male is black. And the BJS doesn’t break out “hispanic whites” vs. “non-hispanic whites” in their perps– only victims. If they did, that number might climb to over 5x, and even your statement would be false. That is, if by “white” one meant “non-hispanic white.”

      • Erik Baran

        They are also convicted of more crimes.



    • Janet Daley


      • Leende

        Low informed voter you need to listen and read more with out your racist spin on it.

        • kjhg


      • Blake

        everyone knows blacks commit far more crimes, especially violent crimes. this is backs up by facts and statistics which you conveniently ignore

    • Howard Gilbraith

      They are CHARGED for their crimes more often, and punished to a greater degree than whites. This is the most ignorant article I have read in quite a while, so disingenuous, and it just confirms the stereotype of the conservative low-info voter. Better to just listen to the nutjob spin, because thinking for themselves for once would just be too difficult…it might come out that they are wrong.

      • DEATH2PCness

        because most are repeat offenders, that is the reason more are imprisoned. Fred Gray, since 18 yrs old has been arrested on avg 4 times per year, every 2.5 months, then ppl wonder why blks get charged/punished more.


          More are imprisoned due to the wealth gap and the inability to afford proper representation. Other factors include, marginalization of resources, selective policing and selective prosecution as well.

      • Dontbefooled

        Blacks are arrested more often. In fact the ratio of arrest vs convictions is virtually identical for white and blacks. Unless you have a verifiable fact that blacks are more likely to be arrested than white you just ignoring the bigger picture. When looking a simple facts and ignoring the biased opinions and theories used to explain the facts blacks commit more crimes at a HUGE difference.
        FYI The black arrest and conviction rates are the same in predominately black precincts/ courts compared to white precincts/courts though out the nation.

      • Leende

        I think you are the low informed reader. White on black crime 62,593 Black on white 320,082 this is from DOJ and BJS. Blacks are much more violent. How many times have you heard of white on black knock out game? I read about one. Why dont you get over your white guilt.

      • flyr

        This is simply another bullcrap facteless allegation. When studies include prior criminal convictions , blacks are sentenced no more harshly than whites and the stats show that they are actually more favorably sentenced.

        The poverty pimps take half the facts to support their allegations of discrimination .


          BullshIt!!! Blacks are criminalized as early ass pre-school and grade school!!! Where Whites students get away with any and everything, while teachers call cops on Blacks kids. They call the White kid’s parents.

      • flyr

        Howie –

        Read this and tell me the stats lie


        that’s published by the City of Chicago. There has not been a conservative mayor since the earth cooled.

        If you take the numbers and do the math the solution to the tearful mother would be apparent .

        If blacks could be convinced to ast as do whites, Chicago’s black murders would drop by 95% How’s that for saving lives

    • Look_A_Squirrel

      6% of the population (black males) commit 50% of all violent crime in the US. Interpol’s study of 113 countries found black skin color is greater predictor of murder, rape and violent assault than IQ, poverty, education of HIV/Aids.

    • Carolyn Bryant Schaub

      That’s B.S. Blacks are convicted of more crime but they don’t have the corner on crime. It doesn’t matter what color one is, we all commit crimes at the same rate. It just so happens, white people get away with it.

      • Leende

        You’re right, Whites commit crime too. Percentage wise blacks commit more. White don’t get away with crime, that’s what you have been taught from the knee by some lib or racist parent.

    • Justin Bennett

      A black male in America is 3 times more likely to be poor than a white male, silly. So of course blacks account for more crime. Sociological studies have shown for decades that poverty is directly related to crime. If you’re going to be racist, at least offer useful statistics. I bet next you will say it’s their fault they are poor. Is it also their fault that whites enslaved them and kept them from becoming educated? Eek.

      • Linda Schuster

        I didn’t enslave anybody things are way different now leave the past in the past. You have every chance now to be educated get educated

    • Jeremiah Brod

      Not true at all. When you take into factor socio-economic backgrounds and equalize them, you find that black people commit slightly less than whites. But unless you equalize statistics in the correct ways you can make any statistic favor any argument you want. White people in the same socio-economic counterparts commit slightly more crimes than black of the same socio-economic background. And when you look at per capita break down by ethnicity and equalize the numbers, then 1,130 people of 13.2% of the population and 2,151 of 77.7% of a population that statistically results in blacks 309.23% more likely or just over 3 times more likely to be killed by cops. They are not only targeting minorities, they are targeting the poor as well. As can also be seen by the unspoken discrimination and brutal police killings of Native Americans as well. (FYI if you have too low of an IQ to do the simple math for the statistics here it is… [77.7/13.2=5.886…*1130=6651.590…/2151=3.092…*100=309.232…%] I made order of operations left to right and simplified since most can’t do PEDMAS (remedial math) correctly anyway. And gays were brutally attacked and targeted for years too, similar to black, Latino and Native American minorities as well. And the only crimes we were committing were crimes of loving one another. So trying your racist logic elsewhere because when you use your brain matter, the math and the logical break down your argument VERY quickly and your frothing prejudices are exposed!

    • Lala348

      The black people that got killed by cops committed NO crimes. 12 year old Tamir committed a crime? Eric Garner committed a crime? No, these people were killed for NO REASON!! You are just a racist!

    • Amanda Cring

      men commit more crimes than women. Do men deserve death as a punishment. You can’t try to hold one group ‘accountable’ and dismiss another

      • Leende

        Not a good argument because I would have to know what crime the men commited compared to the women but then I didnt dismiss anyone. When was the last time white people rioted over a white being killed by police. Anytime the police kill ANYONE it should be investigated to the nth degree but remember Rosa Parks didnt give up her seat but then again she didnt burn down the town.

        • Amanda Cring

          Some kids that go to college 40 minutes from me rioted because they won a football game. They flipped cars, caused a lot of damage, and the news referred to it as them ‘just having fun’. Men commit 90.5 percent of homicide and only make up half of the population. You can’t say that there is a problem with black culture without making the same claim about male culture.
          but both of those comments seem pretty stupid to me anyways.

          • Leende

            Ok black men commit more crimes then white men and women.

          • Amanda Cring

            ok. and what does that mean to you? that men and black men should be treated more severely than their female counterparts?

    • Barca Mantok

      A better way to look at this is, from which group are police more in danger.
      In other words which group is shooting at the police.
      Of the 46 law enforcement officers that were ‘feloniously’ killed by firearms in the line of duty in 2014, 0% were killed by a white, non-Hispanic.
      Do you not expect the police to shoot back?

    • Bigmouth

      of course they are poorer … because of racial discrimination. 🙂

  • jeanette

    Indians, middle easterns, Hispanics and other races are categorized as whites. When looking at statisitcs/census the number is not accurately representing the white population. Caucasian people are a minority now. My best friend is a sociology major at Emory and they studied all of these statistics. Its came as a surprise to me. I read many statistical articles that confirmed it.

    • Dave

      Hispanic is not a race, nor is Middle Eastern or Indian. One can be Black and Hispanic or Asian and Hispanic. Indian is a nationality and Middle Eastern or people descend from that region of the world. Egypt is in Africa while Syria is in Asia. They are both in the Middle East. Caucasians have always been a minority in the world, but that’s not the case in the United States, where they still make up 63 percent of the population. If your friend from Emory has learned something else, then your friend has wasted a lot of money on education.

  • Dave

    What this means is that we live in a segregated society. That’s what people miss in the “them on them” crime. Many homicides are among people who know each other, family members, people in their own community. It’s not something that is pathological.

    • cwwj

      How did I miss this? I lived in New York years ago and my next door neighbor was black. I live in the south now and my next door neighbors are a black family. Mixed neighborhoods are common in today’s America as are mixed marriages. Old time racism is a myth.

      • Dave

        Well, I guess that proves it. Demographers and social scientist have got it all wrong. They should have just asks you who your neighbors are and could then overpower them with this intellectual answer. You could find black people living next to white people years ago and that didn’t mean society isn’t segregated.

  • Dave

    Brian, even if this were true, that more violent crimes are committed Blacks, this would only matter in the case here, if those police killings involved the same percentage of violent criminals involved in violent crime, which it does not. Selling cigarettes is not the case. Shopping at Walmart is not the case.

    Regardless, them write of this piece doesn’t even know what “rate” means because the truth is the opposite. The number of whites killed by cops may be greater, but the rate of blacks kill by cops is double that. He has that stat in his article and doesn’t even realize it.

  • Patrick J Murphy

    That’s the first thing I thought of too. However the true comparison would come from the ratio’s involving police action in the first place. Total demographic population wouldn’t and shouldn’t play a role in overriding this authors point. Breaking it down further to the number of resisting arrest’s etc would give a clearer picture. My guess is your 20% discrepancy would be erased.

  • John

    Blacks lead the way in murder,robbery,and gambling arrests while whites lead the way in every other category.Considering whites make up approx 72.5% of the U.S. Population while blacks make up approx 12.5%,proportionately blacks do commit more crimes.For someone that claims to know his “facts”,you sure don’t know your………facts?

  • FERG

    15% + 85%=100%. ok guys I guess there are no Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Mexicans, or any other ethnic groups to speak of in America. That’s right: 0%

  • FERG

    I think you mean 15% black and 85% non-black. Those numbers probably aren’t right either. In any event, your statistics are flawed. Maybe not intentionally, but probably intentionally

  • Bob Potts

    It never ceases to amaze me, how many people have never learned to judge a man (or woman) by his actions, rather than ethnicity or culture. Myself, I am of mixed ethnicities. I am a white man who has Native ancestry. It doesn’t make any difference to me or anyone else where my ancestors came from, what matters ( or should) is how I treat others & how my actions affect others. There are so many people in today’s world who spin information, percentages, and census figures to their advantage. People like sharpton, jackson, the obamas and many more who do absolutely nothing to improve our society. They choose to use 200 year old society circumstances to excuse their hatred of everyone who is a productive member of society! If they could ever possibly get past their own racist mindset, they would cease to perpetuate the negative outlook on their own people. I have no clue what they believe they are going to accomplish by promoting racial hatred & segregation. And reading some of the uneducated bigotry in columns like this , shows me that by & large this whole country is in dire need of a purpose, a cause, a reason to live! Far too much attention being paid to news media & their methods of destroying everything that is good about this country! “God Bless America”! Is only going to help us if we grow up & treat blessings with reverence & appreciation…. Otherwise, we are doomed to be destroyed!!

  • Cortez Charles

    Now what they are leaving out Important FACTS is that Whites are killed as they are committing Crimes or better yet shooting at cops while committing Criminal ACTS of Violence and Aggression against the Police awhile Blacks are largely Unarmed men and Women of color have incidental interactions that result in Deaths i.e. traffic Stops, Car accidents, near the scene of Crimes, looks similar to assailants, asking for directions or questions, we are talking Unarmed, walking, Driving, Living and Existing While Black, Lets not get it Diluted. There are hardly and when I say hardly I mean negligible numbers of Black Cops who kill White Men Women Children Grandmothers and Grandfathers as virtually Statistically ZERO. The simple math Equation is White Man + a badge * a Gun = DEATH or Injury for So-called Minorities! It’s a Proven fact Need More examples?

  • Clayton Howell

    Basil, give up. Your brain will explode if you keep trying.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    show me one source that shows whites commit more crimes, please. you are so full of shit its not even funny.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    how you act is tied into what percentage of a certain messag your brain has held onto.. a kid who sees war videos his entire life will me more militant minded… is this a hard concept for you to grasp??

    it doesnt mean he CANT be peaceful, it means he LEANS towards warlike behavior… its all he knows, 9/10 still frames in his head will direct him towards war…

    people who say music has nothing to do with it are fuckin LAZY!~ you are lazy because you expect EVERYONE ELSE TO CHANGE< yet you make NO CHANGES YOURSELF!!!

    you refuse to change a SINGLE THING about your own lives yet you FORCE others around you to change?? thats not equality, and you are now the beast that you claim to fight against.

    i just early retired you, as a lazy hypocritical power freak that just wants to flex on everyone else because your own life is fuckin pathetic and worthless,.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    ^ this is why no one takes your movement seriously, and please drop the lawyer act. you dont know a damn thing about being a lawyer and im callin you out.

    • occhocobot

      Lol I guess your level of intelligence doesn’t permit you to recognize satire. Obviously I’m not a lawyer. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know how to read and understand the law though. A concept likely lost on half wits. Any intelligent person can see what’s happening in the US with respect to the administration of justice or lack thereof. And if you can’t see it, you’re either not playing with a full deck or your right wing privileged attitude doesn’t allow you to see it. Either way, you’re a lesser human being than the rest of us.

      • Lyndon Johnson

        stop pretending to champion a cause if all you can put out is satire. youre just an instigator. how dare you claim respect for shit you have no part of?

        • occhocobot

          You are so dumb it’s astonishing. First of all I only said one satirical thing. If you read all my posts here you’d see what I’m saying is grounded in fact. Look I’m not going to continue this conversation with you because it’s a waste of time. You are a huge part of the problem in North America. You either don’t want to see the truth so you spew meaningless numbers out there to to back up some misguided, bigoted view of society, or you do see the truth and choose to ignore it. Either way I feel sorry for you as a human being.

  • Bigg Heurt

    If this is true let’s see if they were killed unarmed and got away with it if they weren’t

  • You need to stop being a scum of the earth in assuming all blacks are the same and do the same exact things, thus, I will assume you are just an uneducated guy who hates blacks for no reason? Not all blacks are criminals and not all whites aren’t. When a police guy sees a black man doing something “suspicious”, he would most likely go up to him more than if it was a white guy doing something “suspicious”. No matter who you are, what you’ve learned and what you’ve heard will effect what you perceive. There are many many whites doing the same thing blacks do–it’s just that they don’t get caught.
    I also read one of your other comments saying that rap drives all blacks to commit crimes?
    1) Not all blacks listen to rap
    2) I’ve never heard a rap song (out of the little bi of rap I’ve listened to) actually tell something to go out and do violent things. Their usually about sex, money and often times drugs (which is why me, as a black person, would rather listen to rock and classical music instead).
    You should treat everyone equally because it doesn’t matter what their skin color is, in more ways then one they are different than the other person who’s skin color is the same. A similarity we all have is that we are all human and have a heart.

    • justin

      im mexican and half black but if a cop sees a black person and a white person being suspious the black man is most likly being it more i know i live in the getto black on black crime happens more then white on black crime 80 percent of are young blacks have no dads cause most male blacks are peice of shits teach your child good
      ways to live and cops will leave them alone

  • me

    WHY is “CDC” Center for disease control keeping track of cop kills???? UMMM THEY AREN’T!!! They track disease!!!

  • The country is about 63 percent white and 12 percent black so your racist statement makes perfect sense for cops to shoot more white people than black people because white people greatly outnumber black people in America.

    Dumb ass 😉

  • justin

    im half black half mex but the way were teaching are kids is horrible we teach them selling drugs and being in gangs is cool no wonder why cops target are young its up to each person not to break the law every time a cop shoots a black { even if its wrong( is because hes a criminal stop being a criminal and cops will leave you alone

  • Briana Castillon

    THANK YOU !! The point you made is very true

  • MZT

    “And according to CDC study black fathers spend more quality time with
    their children whether they live with the child or not than their white
    counterparts. Another fact bigoted ideologies ignore”

    I do not believe that for one second and I certainly do not see how any accurate data about something like that could possibly be collected. How would one decide what was actually “quality time” and what was not? Let’s see the study you are quoting to see how it was constructed and who was behind it. I certainly feel your own bigoted anti white racism coming through though…that part of your writing is clear.

  • Yvette Jean Brusseau

    The writer ignores his own numbers. The per million numbers tell the real story.

  • Rod O’Neil

    Your little race baiting article misses the point of the current controversy, many of the black “murdered” by the police, are unarmed or fleeing, thereby posing no threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury to the murderers.

    You’re welcome.

  • Kurt Donley

    If twice as many whites were being killed by cops in a country where there are 9 times more whites. That means Blacks are being killed at 4.5 times higher rate than whites. You sir could not describe a fact to a police officer even if you were ran over by it. #hack

  • Janet Daley

    Good argument real truth.

  • Micqey

    Math and critical thought in the same comment? What are you doing on the internet? And can you bring your friends? Are there more like you?

  • Question Authority

    I think national statistics are not worth much. The ratio in each city where the people were killed would be more accurate.

  • Diane

    occhocobot – I do not see how the argument Serio made is inaccurate. There was no mention of why police confrontations with blacks are higher than those with whites, only that based on incarceration rates they ARE that way and he is correct. By your own words (“…If anything they’re putting themselves in a situation where not only is a violent confrontation possible…”) the police are putting blacks (and themselves) into situations leading to possible violence at a much higher rate than they are doing to whites, yet as the original article stated whites are killed by such confrontations almost twice as often. As Serio stated, if cop-black scenarios occur 5 times more often then cop-white scenarios (regardless of the reason and/or circumstances leading up to the confrontations) then it is reasonable to expect deadly violence rates to occur at a similar ration, but they do not, far from it. I am not saying there is no fault with this study or that the findings are accurate or well stated, but, just like Serio, I do believe it should be looked into more.

    • occhocobot

      His argument is misleading at best. He is saying cops are going out of their way to not kill blacks while, according to the FBI, of those killed by police who were not attacking police, 42% were black and 44% were white. Cops do not kill non attacking white people at a rate twice that of blacks. If anything the opposite is true if you take into account the proportion of the overall population black people make up. 13% vs 63% white. This proves cops kill black people for trivial reasons at a much higher rate than whites. Numbers don’t lie. Regardless of why cops are in confrontations with black people more than whites, they’re killing black people at a much higher rate than whites. The reason for this confrontation needs to be addressed as well as why cops are so much more ready to kill blacks than whites.

      • Diane

        Okay, but now you are adding an additional factor not mentioned in the original argument (attacking/non-attacking). I also do not follow your logic here even with the added factor. Of all the non-attacking people killed by police 42% are black and 44% white is what you gave. But then you have to take into consideration how many overall confrontations there are with each ethnic group. Didn’t we agree that (even if for un-ethical and/or biased reasons) blacks have more confrontations with cops than whites do? So let’s say, based on the incarceration rates given above, that blacks have 5 times more confrontations with police than the whites do. So (for the sake of ease) let’s say there are 7,000 police confrontations—5,000 were with black people and 1,000 were with white people with the remaining 1000 going to other races/ethnicities. From those confrontations there resulted 100 non-attacking deaths – 86 of which are either black or white. (Again, I picked these numbers for sake of ease based solely off of incarceration rates; the 86 comes from the combined of 86% non-attacking death rate you gave.) Of those 86 people killed 42 were black and 44 were white. Now consider that 42 out of 5000 is a rate of 0.84% while 44 out of 1000 is a rate of 4.4%. That means that less than 1% of blacks who have non-attacking police confrontations are killed while over 4% of whites in the same category are killed – how does that make blacks so much more likely to be killed? I agree that we need to change the racial profiling and the targeting of blacks for crimes but as it stands now the percentages just don’t seem to back the claim that blacks are KILLED at a higher rate….harassed, arrested, and incarcerated, yes, but not killed. Like you said, numbers don’t lie. My original opinion that this should be studied more stands.

        • occhocobot

          Well first of all you can’t bring incarceration stats into this because it’s assuming that those who are killed were doing something they should be incarcerated for when they were confronted by police. There are countless cases of people being shot who were completely innocent and not doing anything wrong. Secondly the mere fact that pretty much the same amount of black people were killed by cops as white people (according to the FBI) is a HUGE problem given the fact that black people only make up roughly 13-18% of the overall population. Now we can sit here and argue stats but to me that’s the most important stat to consider. The argument is that blacks are killed at a higher rate PROPORTIONATELY to their population. This is indisputable. You seem like an intelligent person so I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here. That white people are being targeted, oppressed and brutalized by the police more so than blacks? That black people shouldn’t be concerned over the police presence in the community when every week you hear about another officer involved death of a black man? If black people made up 50% of the population and whites were the other 50%, assuming the overall population was 300,000,000, 175 black people would have been killed and 35 white people would have been killed by police according to the FBI stats. Now how you can say black people are not killed at a higher rate than white people is beyond me

  • Jack Johns

    Blacks make up 1 million out of of the 2.3 incarcerated population, yet, according to you only make up 15% of the population. Blacks are incarcerated nearly 6 times the amount that whites are. Your point is invalid.

  • cwwj

    Forgotten in this “analysis” is the most important fact of all, the one that the “old media” neglects almost entirely: the horrendous black crime rate. Blacks are eight times more likely to commit a violent crime than whites, therefore their death at the hands of police will be disproportionately higher. In fact, since 1999 the incidence of police shootings of blacks has declined along with the black crime rate. This is due to better policing, not worse, and a higher incarceration rate that removes criminals from the streets that has seen overall crime rates fall dramatically in recent years. Even more neglected by the media are the stats on white-on-black and black-on-white crime, which are overwhelmingly skewed. Whites (including hispanics) are twice as likely to be killed by a black than blacks are killed by a white. The final irony is that police, black or white, are involved with black suspects in an effort to protect largely black communities, whose citizens are the principal victims of black crime. Then, when a black criminal is killed by police, those same citizens join in the protests against the police. Further missing from your analysis is the fact that nearly all of the shootings of blacks by police were cases in which the deceased was in fact a criminal who was resisting arrest, trying to escape, or failing to obey a lawful order by police.


    BUT BLACKS COMMIT 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF CRIMES AS WHITE. Which means whites are being gunned down by police at an alarming rate compared to blacks.

  • Flux Nova

    Gotta love how there is no mention of the fact that whites make up 63% of the pop while blacks make up 12%… How do these people get jobs writing for anyone when they research articles from one side of the issue? Did any of these dumb motherfuckers ever take a debate class?

  • DEATH2PCness

    things will never get better for blacks as long as they keep putting dems into office, they are your worst enemy. The dems, want you to depend on the govt handout, they always support/initiate the programs, scraps, that way you have to keep voting them in if you want to survive. Get rid of the dem controlled politicians in your cities (Baltimore 50 yrs of democraps, Detroit 50 yrs, Philly 50yrs, etc) and you will start to dig your way out of poverty, FACT! Just look at every major city where dems run it and a large black pop lives, its always a dump, high crime, no jobs, etc. Get rid of them black ppl, they are destroying you all. Remember who started the KKK, it wasn’t the repubs, it was democraps, and who freed your ancestors, republicans. Repubs are the lesser of 2 evils, believe that. BTW, what happened to BHO promise for change, he left you all high and dry, like all dems do. Are you better off today then you were 7, 8 yrs ago? I don’t think so, bet you’re still struggling, BHO didn’t make anything better for blacks.

  • DEATH2PCness

    Another cop dies from blk shooter. When are the police going to start rioting, protesting, and burning things down????

  • occhocobot

    I just noticed something. Look at the grammar and writing skills of those with the position that black people should blame themselves for being targeted and oppressed by police and those with the opposite view. I think you’ll notice a stark difference in articulation. Lol I think it goes to show the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.

    • Dave

      Yes, I have noticed that. You kind of get the feeling that their only achievement in life is the belief that the they are better than Black people because they were born white. Obviously, the below average skill in English grammar and spelling is a pretty indication of the intelligence level behind these remarks. Most don’t have the basic understanding of statistics to understand that the math being argued in the article is flawed.

  • Dontbefooled

    FACTS: less than 5% of the population (black males 18-45) commit almost 50% of all murders.

    • Basil Malik

      and that absolves whites of murder how?

  • Dontbefooled

    Check the rape statists and see how that matches up. Check cross race rape instances while your at it.

  • Dontbefooled

    not as a ratio of the population. In fact its astounding lopsided.

  • Dave

    You need to learn how to spell every other word correctly before commenting on who you think commits more crime. And by the way, you are wrong about Blacks committing more crime.

    • justin

      lol no i cant spell cause im a young black who droped out of schoole and yes in my nabor hood more black hurts blacks then the white poeple do we do it to are self we need to stop being scum criminals a fight for a good future rather then sell drugs anyone can get a job might not be a good one but itll be better then being a criminal and having cops target us

  • Dave

    “Whites commit more crime but we have more population, but as a community, Blacks commit more.”

    That doesn’t even make sense. You need to explain what that means.

    • justin

      it means theres is more black on black crime then white on black crime in this fuked up country

    • justin

      stop worrying about then small percent of whites who hate us and worry more about how are own people do more damnage to us then the whites

  • Leende

    You forgot the knock out game white committ on blacks and the way we burn down cities……….oh my bad

    • Basil Malik

      you ill informed bigot… whites have been playing the knock out game for 400 years and as far as burning down cities, do some research of all the communities destroyed by savage, hateful, jealous white people, all the farmers, land owners and successful blacks murdered by animals for no other reason than they could get away with it. Learn your history before your history. Dummy and then speak to a grown up.

      • Leende

        You’re being sarcastic.

  • Leende

    You want to walk thru a black neighborhood at night or a white one.

  • kjhg

    Fuck you this is America! Yeeyee.

  • bass_voice_of_reason

    The writer is “mathematically challenged”. People who don’t believe in such concepts as statistics, facts, and reality are out of practice when they leave their fantasy worlds.

  • Shane

    So goofy. By the stats he has posted, blacks are shot at twice the rate of whites (2.74/million vs 1.28/million)……. .. .. ..

  • disqus_7wWyVBLcfS

    >>Here are some statistics that are being roundly ignored

    Yeah, if there were the same number of whites and blacks, it would be almost double the rate.

    If there were twice as many whites as blacks, it would be even.

    But white outnumber blacks by 6:1 – so adjusted for numbers in the overall population, blacks are 3 times more likely to be killed than whites.

    Mama told you to work harder on your math classes….

  • This is the strangest article I’ve read about police officers in the united states. Of course, cops kill more white people. They are the majority group in the United States. What’s actually alarming is that 30% are Black people even though they only make up about 12.2% of the population. We can have debates over why that is, but everyone needs to be on the same page about the fact that that is alarming, because having the same argument over and over again whether there is even an issue of police brutality is not getting us anywhere.

  • flyr

    But where your logic fails is that while about 1/3 of police killings involve blacks , 42 percent of cops who died were killed by blacks .

    About 200 blacks are killed by cops in an average year. Most all armed felons .

    Another 6,200 blacks are killed by fellow blacks who also murder hundreds of whites.

    If NO blacks were killed by cops black murders and police killings would drop by about 3%. IF BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACKS HAVE TO STOP KILLING BLACKS AND IF THEY DO THAT THERE WILL BE FAR FEWER VIOLENT ENCOUNTERS WITH THE POLICE

    How bad is the real situation.

    Take chicago blacks 33 percent of the population but commit 70 percent of the murders
    whites 33 percent of the population but commit 3 percent of the murders

    Blacks are killed by the police at a far lesser rate than blacks commit murder on others.

    The poverty pimps and Obama don’t want you to know the truth.

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    3 cops killed by blacks in this past week alone. Black cop kills white unarmed man in Alabama and Utah and not a peep from the “cops are violent killers” crowd.

    If you think blacks are gentle, law abiding, helpful citizens try dressing nicely and walk through any democrat plantation ghetto at midnight.

  • Jessica Hausman

    They also showed numbers per million to put it into perspective for that very reason- right now it’s about 1-2 for both races. And many whites were shot by blacks. I’m not trying to justify anything, it’s all wrong no matter what anyone’s color, but I think the bigger problem is cops killing in general. Of course the media wants us divided over color- gives them more stories and keeps us focused on what they want us focused on..

  • isawsasquatch

    Author doesn’t know the definition of the word “rate”. Hahahahahaa! Typical rightwing moron struggling with facts and math and stuff.

  • John Ho

    Well Einstein, using your math, the USA consists of only whites and blacks.

  • Stellio Contos

    I agree whites are more likely to all the above u stated basil…most of which

    • Stellio Contos

      And that blacks are more likely to commit homicide…facts are facts…

      • Basil Malik

        is killing your wife and children not homicide? The real difference, and this is why calling blacks savages is funny at least and transference at best, is the black homicides you see on your local news is usually one person mad at another over some perceived grievance.. Whites tend to kill and harm the closest people to them and the most vulnerable. Savage and cowardly. You’re right. Facts are facts.

  • Jarhead68

    Your reading comprehension is suspect. Twisting the message by using percentages to change the narrative is a typical left-wing ploy. “Talk show host and columnist Larry Elder did some actual research (something the old media establishment avoids) and found that the claim that blacks are killed by cops more often than whites are killed is simply untrue.” Nothing in the stats belie that fact. The point is that there is not a spike or “epidemic” of blacks being shot by the police. The media is spinning to fool you fools…and it’s working.

  • Whitney Jean

    If we look at how many black people are in the US compared to how many white people are in the US you will see that there are far more white people which means percentage wise blacks are getting killed more than whites (because we are looking at a bigger pool of white people). It is basic math but this article is wrong. Do your research before you put this online

  • Whitney Jean

    Thanks so much for this comment. This article is so bias and incorrect. I hope people don’t quote this stuff.

  • Don Nasca

    White Supremacist Article. Black men make up 6% of the population, the other 94% are not black. It’s simple math to understand the death rate for blacks at the hands of the police is far higher than that of whites and all other races combined. This is further compounded by the fact that only 4% of all police departments actually bother to report on the deaths caused by their police. This alone needs to change so the true numbers are known.

    • LACountyRedneck

      That 6% is responsible for almost 50% of all homicides.

      • Try growing up in a ghetto and get back to me.

        • LACountyRedneck

          I prefer a civilized society.

  • kyle gush

    I keep saying this but i will say it again…..cops do not look at any civilians as human beings…….I am white and a mother with a degree. Cops treat me like im unhuman. And every white person ive ever known too. Its not a race problem. We have black cops killing black people and white ones killing white people. This is a police problem. And we should stick together to fix it. But we never will because its always gotta be a race thing. -jessica

  • flyr

    But let’s not get stuck on stupid

    Blacks commit violent felonies at a far higher rate than whites therefore it is reasonable to expect that more blacks will be killed by police than their presence in the population would indicate. Chicago has equal black and white populations but blacks commit 70% of the murders and whites commit 3% . A reasonable presumption would be that more violent black criminals are encountered by the police .

    If that stresses your brain ………. blacks are involved in a disproportionate share of the murders of police officers.

  • Franklin Reid Jr.

    It has been confirmed….another Fox news lie on Bill O Reilly show. We should have known !

  • pablo

    how many of those whites were actual violent threats? how many of those blacks were innocent ? you cant find a statistic for that but i bet you 0% of those white killed by cops were innocent and maybe 25% of those blacks were caught in the middle of a white trash cops bad day. On another more calm note, find a statistic about how many white cops have murdered someone on the job and how many minority policemen have killed

  • ► It shows what he thinks of his fans.

    He knows they come here to get jaçked off, and he’s always happy to oblige

  • Carolyn Bryant Schaub

    Not to mention… what percentage in bot groups were unarmed and what percentage were women?

  • Arturo Gomez Tagle

    Here’s the math. 60% European American vs 15% African American. 4 times more population but they have 2 times more deaths by Peace Officers. Meaning African Americans are killed 2 times more than their European American counterparts percentage wise.

  • Derril Vallery

    Why don’t you factor in how many groups of whites hang on the street corners of their neighborhoods, or factor in the high amount of black gang bangers in inner city neighborhoods ????? THERE’S YOUR DISCREPANCY MORON. Numbers are representative but they can only show you quantity………. not social reasons for differences……… reasons you purposefully ignore !!!!!

  • Justin Bennett

    We do realize that blacks are called minorities for a reason, right? In 2012, blacks accounted for only 13% of this us population, yet were 37% of officer related deaths. Do I need to break down mathematically why this article is utter bullshit?

  • Mitch Stone

    yes, and why is it we only hear about a black person being killed by police but we don’t hear about all the white people being killed by police? seems you want to beat around the bush and avoid the reality that there is no “police racism” that’s just how the media and the government want you to see it.

  • flyr

    No it shows the stupidity of your analysis.

    Your chances of getting killed by a policeman are directly proportional to your involvement with police.

    But for blacks the risk of getting killed is less than their participation in violent crime would suggest

    According to your numbers about 1/3 of the people killed by police are black BUT 42% of officers who are killed are killed by blacks.

    Blacks commit about 50% of murders The commit about 50% of bank robberies. They are also overrepresented in dozens of other felonies. Therefore it is not surprising that more blacks are killed in violent encounters with the police.

    It’s ok for rappers to glorify killing police but outrageous if policer were to sing about killing blacks.

    Half the murder victims in the US are blacks , 95% of the murders are committed by blacks, gangs or drug deals gone bad. If black lives matter then blacks need to stop killing each other and stop hanging in gangs where they get killed by other gangbangers.

    If ZERO blacks were killed by police the rate of violent black deaths by would only fall by less than 3%

    Y’all need to realize that Obama, Holder, Waters , the new york times and CBS are brainwashing black americans in an attempt to stir racial unrest in the country . The same press overlooked the hundreds of whites killed by black gangs . The press failed to tell the truth about Treyvon Martin, Brown and Gray. Don’t stay stuck on stupid.

    Blacks die because their cultural icons promote a culture which leads to death. The billionaire media moguls live in their gated mansions with armed guards. There’s no outrage when Beverly Hills police kill a black . It’s just good police work . These same folks take hundreds of millions of dollars and recycle tens of millions through their protectors. Obama, Hillary et al.

  • Get in

    Basil Malik, It’s apparent that you are very intelligent.
    And, I have to give you kudos for trying to pound some sense in some of
    these bloggers behind their keyboards.
    I have actually enjoyed reading your posts. You are articulate and astute.
    Thank you and Bless you always.

    • Basil Malik

      THank you. I needed to hear that. I know what I do is for naught. But I believe black people can no longer allow these idiots to propagate bigotry unchecked by those capable of doing it.

  • RobinOfTheWest

    Should I feel better – safer – that cops kill twice as many whites as blacks ?

    African Americans make up 13.2% of the US population, whites 77% (~ 6X more)

    If the percentages were equal, a lot more whites would be shot – then, perhaps, something would be done.

  • Jo Hof

    The 3rd paragraph debunks contradicts the headline: “By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites.”

  • Tracey J

    The discrepancy? We have Latinos, Asians, Indians…on and on and he DOES point out per capita rates. The important message is that the numbers for blacks are going down, another important message is that when a white dude gets shot, we never hear about it on the news. It’s not just BLACK & WHITE you know. Your numbers are skewed because you don’t even consider a population that’s neither black nor white.

  • GTfrank

    Blacks are only 13% of the population vs 77% white Americans. There are 6 times as many white people in america as blacks. All things being equal 6000 whites should be shoot each year. ………That did not come out right…………. I mean 6 times as many whites should be shoot by police than blacks.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Negroes are much more violent so it should be no surprise they are shot more by police.

      • GTfrank

        More violent than the people that almost wiped out the American indian or inslaved millions of africans? Killed each other by the 100,000’s in a Civil war? Fought 2 world wide wars? OK.

        • LACountyRedneck

          I could go back in history and bring up plenty of murder by non-Whites. I’m talking about right now.
          Doesn’t the negro care about all their black on black deaths?

          • GTfrank

            In the state of Florida………. I will let you fill in the blanks.

            Dosen’t the caucasian care about white on white crime? Shouldn’t you do something about that? Sounds kind of insane when you put it that way huh?

          • LACountyRedneck

            White on White homicide rates and other crimes are much lower than negro rates.
            I’m more concerned with black on White crime. I don’t care if all negroes want to kill each other. They should be given their own ethno-state to do whatever the they desire. Pay their own bills, not leach off White tax payers.
            Segregation would be smart for whites, but our traitor leaders won’t let that happen. That’s why they need to be removed by any means.

          • GTfrank

            Sorry I went down this road. ……. 80% of all people are good honest hard working folks that care about their family and friends. 10 % of people go above and beyond to help others. It all works out the same no matter what color your skin is. There is the horrible raciest bigoted, violent, criminal 10%. That make all of us as humans miserable from time to time. I don’t need much of an imagination to figure out what group you are in.

          • GTfrank

            Sorry I went down this road. ……. 80% of all people are good honest hard working folks that care about their family and friends. 10 % of people go above and beyond to help others. It all works out the same no matter what color your skin is. There is the horrible raciest bigoted, violent, criminal 10%. That make all of us as humans miserable from time to time. I don’t need much of an imagination to figure out what group you are in.

          • GTfrank

            Sorry I went down this road. ……. 80% of all people are good honest hard working folks that care about their family and friends. 10 % of people go above and beyond to help others. It all works out the same no matter what color your skin is. There is the horrible raciest bigoted, violent, criminal 10%. That make all of us as humans miserable from time to time. I don’t need much of an imagination to figure out what group you are in.

        • LACountyRedneck

          I’m talking about today. I could bring up millions of deaths by non-Whites if you want to talk history.

          Blacks kill cops at 4.2 times the rate that Whites kill cops. Cops kill blacks at two times the rate they kill Whites.

  • becarefulhifriend

    Mr. Huston did you ever learn basic statistics in school? Or even how to read? The article you quoted clearly says that blacks have higher rates of death by police shootings than whites. If you think the total number of white deaths vs black deaths means anything, it’s because whites are a MAJORITY and blacks are a MINORITY so it obviously isn’t fair comparison. You need to compare the rates of death by each race separately.

  • Ben Brucato

    Do you know what a “rate” is?

  • a middleton

    Why don’t we get to the core of the problem here…the KKK is the biggest culprit. KKK being ‘Kin Killing Kin’. The biggest crime of all is the breakdown of the family unit within the black community. You stop killing each other, the rest will follow.


    Boy, do we have a couple of dim bulbs in Warner Todd Huston and Larry Elder or what? These two clowns do not even know the difference between the total numbers of killings and the rate of killings within each population group. Houston even quoted from Elder: “By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites.” That makes the black death-by-cop rate more than double the death-by-cop rate for whites–THE EXACT OPPOSITE of Houston’s claim “that cops kill whites at almost double the rate that they kill blacks…”

    These people do not even understand the fundamentals of math let alone the fundamentals of the issue. Their opinions are not worth spit.

  • AZWhitey

    Somebody isn’t paying attention to what he is writing, Mr. Huston. Your own words show that blacks are killed by police at a rate twice that of whites.

    “By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites.” And that assumes you’re not fudging the stats.

  • Tom Wichita

    “It makes perfect sense for cops to shoot more white people than black
    people because white people greatly outnumber black people in America.”

    This is an interesting statement when taken with the #blacklivesmatter movement. They want you to think Only Blacks are shot and killed by cops. If you show these stats to a #blacklivesmatter activist they look at you in shock and disbelief. (I have done this and seen the reaction a few times)

  • Owen Bruch

    Wow someone doesn’t understand how math works. Whites are 77.7% of Americans and blacks are 13.2%.

    So that means the white population is 5.886363636364 times bigger than the black population.

    You do know 5-6 is a bigger number than 2 right?
    Thanks for pointing out what by population blacks are shot three times more than whites.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Your 77.7 includes Hispanics. Along with tha,t blacks are 13% of the pop and responsible for over 50% of all homicides.

  • Lala348

    The person who wrote this is just a racist

  • flyr

    “”By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites.”

    “Over the 13-year period from 1999 to 2011, the CDC reports that 2,151 whites were killed by cops — and 1,130 blacks were killed by cops.”

    What the author neglected to mention

    While about 33% of those killed by police are black 42% of cops who are killed are killed by blacks

    Blacks are far more likely to be violent criminals than are whites. In Chicago for example the city is 1/3 black 1/3 white 1/3 latino & asian . White commit less than 4% of murders , blacks 70+% . The racial differences are common across a wide range of violent crimes including rape. A black male is something like 15 times more likely to commit murder than a white male.

    Until we get off stuck on stupid and start attacking the culture of violence young blacks will suffer. The first place to start is the 24/7 message extolling violence, drugs , rejection of education, treatment of women as sperm dumpsters which is promoted in rap music. Rap music is little more than a continuous advertisement designed to stimulate anti-social violent behavior. But they give lots of money to liberals.

  • flyr

    You know when Obama and the liberals are in trouble, they start the racial game . Today Obama is staring at a thunderous defeat on Iran, the rampant expansion of ISIS , expanding IRS probe, expanding probe of Hillary’s private emails ………. Now is the time to circle the wagons and scream racism.

    Reporters like this one take the bait and do their liberal duty while betraying the public trust.

    The undeniable truth is that blacks commit a vastly disproportionate number of violent crimes, mostly against other blacks.

    The essentials – Blacks commit more total murders than whites although the number of whites is about 5 times the number of blacks. In the liberal strongholds it is even worse. In chicago there are equal black and white populations . Blacks commit about 65% of murders and whites less than 4% (Chicago Murder Report)

    What the rate of deaths during encounters with law enforcement needs to be compared with is the rate of felony arrests. When you do that the numbers show that blacks are less likely to die during a felony arrest.

  • flyr

    If you look at felony arrests , or violent felony arrests you’ll see that blacks are less likely to be killed by police.

  • flyr

    Apparently the author failed statistics 101

    He is silently embracing the fallacy that police have serious encounters with blacks and whites at the same rate. However, if you look at the race of perps and the race of arrestees you’ll see that blacks are vastly overrepresented among both

    The tragedy which liberals do not want to address is that blacks kill, rape, assault and beat other blacks at a tragically high rate. While the white population of the US is close to 5 times the black population, there are about an equal number of murderers, more black rapists and similar results among other violent crimes. Until liberals grasp this the problem is only going to get worse.

    Staggeringly high black crime rates are a prime reason for poverty in the inner city and the lack of upward mobility among blacks.


  • JackThomasAZ

    But yet, according to Obama’s own DOJ, blacks commit crime at substantially higher rates than white people, therefore invalidating your population argument.

  • The Clown

    This article is trash. It doesn’t say how many whites were unarmed and how many blacks were unarmed. Thats all that matters.

  • Manuel de Moustache

    i think the point of this is that ratios don’t even matter. just the mere fact that cops kill white people at any rate completely contradicts the “black lives matter” movement. they say justice for michael brown, but according to this data there are two white people shot for every michael brown. even if you take population ratio into account, people are taking these cases on a individual and personal level, as if they are more important that other cases. and people are extrapolating these one or two cases to make sweeping generalizations on the dynamics of an entire system. it’s a really messy situation if you ask me

  • flyr

    There are only two crimes for which the national stats are really accurate – murder and bank robbery. Bank robbery because the feds are involved and murder because there is a body.

    If you refer to murder arrests FBI Table 43 more blacks are arrested for murder than whites despite the fact that blacks make up less than 15 % of the population, Blacks also make up about half the murder victims.

    Most police shootings occur during felony arrests.

  • flyr
  • ReBelle

    Not according to the actual facts!

  • Ryan Kelly

    That isn’t twice the RATE, that’s twice the NUMBER. Take into account the number of blacks to white and the rate flips on its head. Nice try though.

    • LACountyRedneck

      True. But based on the negro homicide/violence rate, those numbers aren’t a surprize.

  • Blu Scarab

    It doesn’t matter on the size of the populations. Crime for crime, white thugs use up more tax payer money than black thugs and commit more number of crimes across the nation. And then, when we look at white collar crimes, white people go ballistic in those statistics.

  • Ann Marie Fisher

    There is more white people per capita than people of color!!

    • LACountyRedneck

      Negroes represent 13% of the pop and commit over 50% of all homicides.

      • Bigmouth

        so what?

        • LACountyRedneck

          You think that is ok?

          • Bigmouth

            it’s not ok, but unless you ask yourself why 50% of all homicide are committed by blacks, this data means nothing.
            Also ask yourself why most of the poor in USA are blacks? by chance? by race? or what?
            If you don’t, you aren’t just a redneck, your also shortsighted

          • LACountyRedneck

            But you are wrong. Most of the poor in the U.S. are White. North Carolina for example is one of the poorest and Whitest states in the country and also one of the safest when it comes to violent crime.
            Why is it based on similar socio-economic status that blacks are so much more violent than Asians or Whites? Asians earn more per household in the U.S. than Whites and are less violent.

            So if being poor causes higher rates of violence and crime why aren’t poor Whites as violent. And if it’s due to racism why do Asians prosper more then others?

            Blacks have the highest born out of wedlock rates, murder rates, drop out rates, Welfare rates, unemployment rates, lowest GPA. They need to stop making excuses and blaming others for their failures. Whining won’t get it done. Being poor causes rape? Look at negro rape rates. Compare. FBI stats/USDOJ.

          • Bigmouth

            typical racist arguments on racial behavioral differences. Such bullshits are being abundantly confuted every 50 years… That all prove that there are still a lot of racist like you. Blacks are right .
            You are not shortsighted, just a racist, a fucking racist.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Typical brainwashed public school educated poor me because I’m black Democrat Plantation Party rider.
            I’m White and you better believe I support and defend my race. If that’s racist I’m the biggest one you’ll ever come across, sucker. I respect people that respect their own race. If you don’t put your race first you are a loser. You think “racist” is a dirty word. Hahaha….

          • Bigmouth

            racist is a dirty word and you explained exactly what is racism, so you are a fucking racist.
            “the mismeasure o f men” by S.J.Gould got rid of all your bunch of rubbish.
            You do not defend your race, you are just a twat.

          • LACountyRedneck

            I don’t sweat the negro. Not worth it. You have your own problems. Segregation is good for Whites though.

  • Jon Hodge

    Its easy to paint the picture that suits your narrative when you leave out the populations of each race. This is a pathetic attempt to shift the justice reform talking points from racism.

    • Dindu Nuffin

      Racism is NOT white vs blacks…its Blacks vs Blacks

      Goggle : “number of blacks killed by black”

      Did you know that in a 10 year period 1,130 black where killed by cops.

      7,999 black where killed in 1 (ONE) year alone….and 93% where killed by another black.

      cops will kill 113 blacks in one year
      Blacks will kill 7,439 blacks in the same time frame.
      It will take about 66 years of cops killing blacks to equal just 1 (ONE) year of blacks killings blacks.

  • CrazyRooster125

    As a child I saw roots and it acted as if every white owned slaves and then blacks acted as if all whites owned slaves and preach how all whites owed them something, we don’t owe you nothing. Evil muslims make slaves of black’s even today , but no out cry from the black community. What color is the vast majority of missionary’s who go to Africa to help? I’m willing to bet their WHITE.. Our founding fathers ( WHITE MEN) authorized freedom for all people not just whites and their demonized for it not happening fast enough, but what other race ever offer freedom for anyone , but for them selves. Have one of you white people ever heard a black person acknowledge that whites were once slaves? I’ve never heard it or if they do they have said we deserve it. By the way what percentages of whites actually ever owned slaves in AMERICA and don’t forget that blacks in AMERICA owned slaves too. Black people address your own racism and stop acting as if its impossible for you to be racist because black racism is more pervasive than white racism in AMERICA today. WHITE people shout down racist whites yet I’ve never once seen a black person shout down black bigots.



  • Greg Hensley

    First off, you can’t just say there are more whites than blacks to shoot at. That is a stupid comment to say, unless cops are just walking up to random people and shooting them. We are talking about cops that are either talking to people in a criminal investigation or chasing them do to a crime that has been committed. And when you realize that, then how do you numbers work for you? Because you are admitting that Blacks commit more crimes than Whites and that there are less Blacks than Whites. So your numbers actually draw a bad picture of the Black community in general. Saying that less whites per capa commit crimes than blacks. (Now that is racist)

  • Larry Dague

    Of course since there are 8 times as many whites as blacks in the country…the “twice as many whites as blacks” bullshit doesn’t wash

    • Bigmouth

      Warner Todd Huston doesn’t even understand what he reads. RATE as he writes is “2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites”, which is exactly blacks killed twice more than white.
      a dumb



        • MarjorieDawes

          mavvaffanculo! gonna banning you



  • Hopeis cruel

    a serious &urgent matter we’ve no right to ignore but used as a weapon of distraction against us all. racism is hurtful but benign. the true problem is the felonizing of the citizenry & the fact that most shootings are lawful. once anything is deemed a crime criminals are unconstitutionally created. we have been setting legal precedence to disarm and enslave us all by not standing up for each other.

  • Erik Baran

    Another thing that needs to be looked at is the percent of each race that participates in criminal activity and the amount of crime committed by each race, hence drawing the attention of the cops. Care to find out those numbers and post them here?

  • Experiment625

    How many whites versus how many blacks shoot at a cop each year?

    • Bigmouth

      RATE is “2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites”, which is exactly blacks killed twice more than white.



      • Barca Mantok

        I see that you are reading comprehension challenged as well as data comprehension challenged, so I will answer the question:
        Of the 46 law enforcement officers that were ‘feloniously’ killed by firearms in the line of duty in 2014, 0% were killed by a white, non-Hispanic.

        • Bigmouth

          so it’s a racial revenge!! you are a genious. you perfectly know that crimes it’s roughly related to lower social class. so at last you should ask yourself why most of the large amount of poors in USA is black. Guess

          • Barca Mantok

            I can only assume that English is not your first language.
            Are you really suggesting that black people shoot at cops because they are poor?

          • MarjorieDawes

            your assumption is right. At the beginning I misunderstood.
            Anyway, I’m stating that it’s well known that the more you have poverty the more you have crimes. therefore because most of black are from low classes, it’s normal to have more crimes among them.

            Moreover It doesn’t matter how many cops were killed and by who. The problem is that cops and criminal are not symmetrical. A criminal is a criminal, he does his job. A cops should not kill at all, a cop is not a judge. He only have to ensure a criminal to justice.
            If a cops shot someone in the back while he’s running away, the cop is a criminal. This fact doesn’t change whether 0% of cops were killed by white or 50% or 100%. It’s absolutely meaningless.

  • Bigmouth

    Is this guy idiot?
    He writes “cops kill whites at almost double the RATE that they kill blacks.”
    and give us RATE which says exactly the opposit, “By 2011, law enforcement shootings caused 2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites.”

    so RATE is double for blacks. It’s unbelievable: he gives datas that cannot understand?!! ah ah ah!!



      • Bigmouth

        fortunately i’m not american and i’m not requested by police to perform such idiot things.
        it’s something regarding your own violent fascist country.


    the USA is not 85% white -STOP YOUR LIES AHOLE





  • stevels_smith

    This is math that is taught in 6th grade.
    Whites are 68% of the population while blacks are 13% so whites outnumber blacks 5.25 to 1. So cops are 2.6 times more likely to kill blacks even though whites carry a bit more drugs and contraband when pulled over and speed more often yet police focus on black and pull them over 7 times more than whites.
    If cops started pulling whites over and searching their vehicles 7 times what happens to blacks then whites would be shot 2.5 times more often and make up 85% of the jail population for their drug possessions.

  • WilliamWallace

    Black people are committing violent crime at a horrifically higher rate than whites, when factoring in total crimes committed by race, blacks are actually killed at rate lower than whites. We are living in a hurricane of lies created by establishment politicians from both parties.



  • KColl

    2.74 deaths for every million blacks, and 1.28 deaths for every million whites. Wow, with just those stats,we ALL should question what is REALLY going on, media does hype no lie there but my next question would be how many UNARMED WHITES get shot!?I’m sure the writer was trying to make apoint but his own number SHOW a more chilling story on where did he get the title DOUBLE THE RATE!?…I SEE Its DOUBLE FOR THE BLACKS

  • Here is just one example of racial disparity in our county regarding crime commission and crime convictions. “White Americans are more likely than black Americans to have used most kinds of illegal
    drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and LSD. Yet blacks are far more likely to go to prison for drug offenses.

    This discrepancy forms the backdrop of a new legislative proposal in California, which aims to reduce the disproportionate incarceration of black people in the state. Supporters of the bill, SB 649, point to some striking national data.

    Nearly 20 percent of whites have used cocaine, compared with 10 percent of blacks and Latinos, according to a 2011 survey from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — the most recent data available.

    Higher percentages of whites have also tried hallucinogens, marijuana, pain relievers like OxyContin, and stimulants like methamphetamine, according to the survey. Crack is more popular among blacks than whites, but not by much.

    Still, blacks are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites, according to a 2009 report from the advocacy group Human Rights Watch.

    Of the 225,242 people who were serving time in state prisons for drug offenses in 2011,
    blacks made up 45 percent and whites comprised just 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. ”

  • Ikwiataic2D

    I guess so….there are double the amount of whites who attack or try to kill cops.


    All you have to do is read the first two paragraphs and you can see where the article is going.Then you read the description of the author and you really know where it’s headed.

  • Faris Mee

    Where are the youtube body & dash-camera videos to support this?