After Bowing to Islam, HarperCollins Reverses, Pulls ‘Map’ Made for Schools That Omits Israel

Publisher and map-maker HarperCollins originally bowed to Muslims when it made a map of the Middle East that omitted the nation of Israel but included all the other mid east nations. Worse, these maps were intended for schools! But now, after being mercilessly criticized, the map-maker has reversed itself and announced that it would pull the faulty atlas from sales.

HarperCollins claimed it was all just an “accident” and pulled the false map saying it apologized for “any offense it caused.”

The map was made for sale in English-speaking schools in the mid east, so in an attempt to get sales to Muslim schools, HarperCollins thought it would be a great idea to pander the the Muslim need to illegitimize the nation of Israel and to murder all Jews.

As for why HarperCollins decided to publish the atlas in the first place, a representative of a subsidiary for the publisher explained that including Israel would’ve been “unacceptable” for its intended Middle Eastern customers. As the Washington Post points out, though Israel is left off, the West Bank is included on the map.

Declan Lang, a British bishop chairing the conference that first exposed the offensive map, told the Tablet that the publication is more proof of the “hostility” toward the country from “parts of the Arab world” and that it works against building a “spirit of trust leading to peaceful co-existence.”

It’s always great when a company supposedly focused on “education” bows to the fantasy-based desire for genocide of the world’s most intolerant peoples, eh?

I guess HarperCollins doesn’t care about facts, truth and reality. What’s next? Bowing to Russia’s desire to claim Ukraine doesn’t exist? Or how about making maps that claim some of the areas China would love to steal now belongs to that communist nation? Or maybe HarperCollins can add that 51st through 57th state that Obama claimed he visited so that Obama can look good? What other lies will HarperCollins pass off as “education” just to sell a few maps?

Folks, make no bones about it, but this is the kind of lie-based political agenda that Common Core is based upon, as well. This is the stuff our miseducation establishment wants to pass off as “facts.”