HEARTWARMING VIDEO: Marine Suffering From PTSD Reunited With Dog That Saved His Life In Afghanistan

‘Spike’ the labrador retriever served beside handler U.S. Marine Jared Heine in Afghanistan sniffing out bombs and explosives until three years ago when the pair was separated. After a series of traumatic brain injuries, Heine was sent home to Louisiana and Spike was reassigned.

Since returning home, Heine has been battling with PTSD and seen many dark days. It is because of this Mary Heine Jared’s mother, decided to try and track down Spike. With the help of the military and social media, Mary was able to locate Spike who is now working for the Virginia Capitol Police.

Watch Jared and Spike’s story below:

Though losing Spike is heartbreaking to his new partner Officer Laura Taylor, she believes that reuniting the pair is the right thing to do. Additionally, Capitol Police Chief Steve Pike has stated that the department will be providing Officer Taylor with a new K9 partner and that they are sure “she’ll fall in love with that one too.”