DOJ Lumps “Right Wing” With Islamic Extremism, Plans to Study Right Wing Social Media

There is no question a few extremist groups who self identify as “right wing” exist. But there is also no question such groups are few and far between. In fact, it could be easily and rightfully argued there are MANY more extremist “left wing” groups who are constantly and actively organizing violence across America. Many of whom are bankrolled by the likes of George Soros and other radical billionaires.

It’s certainly the case that radical far leftism is dangerous, calculated and wants to see chaos rule in America. Yet, the DOJ apparently isn’t concerned with that. According to the DOJ, they’re most concerned with right wingers and radical islam. Both equally, apparently.

Via Free Beacon.

The Department of Justice is concentrating on “far-right” groups in a new study of social media usage aimed at combatting violent extremism.

The Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded Michigan State University $585,719 for the study, which was praised by Eric Holder, the former attorney general, earlier this year.

“There is currently limited knowledge of the role of technology and computer mediated communications (CMCs), such as Facebook and Twitter, in the dissemination of messages that promote extremist agendas and radicalize individuals to violence,” according to the NIJ grant. “The proposed study will address this gap through a series of qualitative and quantitative analyses of posts from various forms of CMC used by members of both the far-right and Islamic extremist movements.”

The study draws more upon right-wing forums than upon the corners of the web inhabited by Islamist extremists.

“We will collect posts made in four active forums used by members of the far-right and three from the Islamic Extremist community, as well as posts made in Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, YouTube, and Pastebin accounts used by members of each movement,” the grant said.

This is a massive propaganda play on the part of the DOJ. The same Obama base that calls Ted Cruz a “far right” candidate is the same base applying the term here to a few true radicals who self-proclaim to be right wing. This enables the left in America to demonize and poison ANYONE to right of liberals.

And worse, it ignores the real domestic dangers in America. The racist, radical special interests of the modern day left that are fueling riots and violence against innocent people each and every day.

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    They are probably doing it so they can target Fox News eventually!

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    “The Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded Michigan State University $585,719 for the study” No, we the taxpayers awarded the money against our will for this bogus study.

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    Exactly what Hitler did to anyone that didnt agree with his agenda. Before you know, sadly, it is too late. Its either join them or go for a train ride

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