Former DHS Advisor Tweets #AllahuAkbar in Celebration of S.C. Confederate Flag Coming Down

Mohamed Elibiary, the former Department of Homeland Security Advisor who was relieved of duty last year after his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood became publicly known is now praising Allah and the Obama Administration in response to South Carolina’s decision to remove the Confederate Flag.

Taking to twitter, Elibiary applauded Obama’s efforts to shame the South into giving up history for political correctness while praising federalism.

No joke…






Shortly after Elibiary tweeted his rhetoric, the media outlet WeaselZippers was quick to point out that his posts were far less about an offensive flag and more about promoting the Obama Administration’s radical agenda.

Let no one mistake what is being said here, and what this controversy is about, as the former advisor spells out the point very simply. It’s not about the flag, but about federal control.

Unfortunately, Mr. Elibiary (not to mention President Obama) seems to have skipped a lesson on the Constitution which accords to the federal government only those rights or powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

Indeed, that is one of the main points in the 10th Amendment, that all other powers remain with the states or the people. It is a specific and purposeful limitation of the powers of the federal government, that limitation being one of the main points of the Constitution.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


  • Mark

    Somebody hasn’t put this POS out of action yet? This is nothing short of throwing the constitution out the door. But Islam doesn’t have any power in this country, do they. Riiiiggghhhttt!!!

  • Godot Has Left the Building

    Mohamhead is the poster child for the ignorance that pervades America. And if you can’t see the ignorance in his 3 tweets then you might be part of the problem!

  • Ev1L

    bring it…….

  • Miller

    allah still and will always have slave markets. This pos is a pos. If taking down a ‘racist’ flag brings healing, what would happen if we also got rid of a slave owning girl mutilating suicide bombing maniac thug named allah?

  • Cyberats

    Enjoy Homeland of Amerika while you can.

  • Cyberats

    I will post a confederate flag on my vehicle soon as I can find one. The only flag to be flown in America, beneath the state flag.