SHOCK POLLS: Drudge Report AND Time Run Post Debate Polls – Results Should Have Establishment Facepalming

Watching some of the post debate shows last night would have you believing Donald Trump is finished. The pundits and “experts” are certain that when new national polls are released over the next few days Trump will see his numbers tank. That may very well be the case, but when it comes to two of the biggest online polls that went up immediately following the debate, Trump somehow saw his support increase.

That’s right. Trump won both the Drudge and the Time poll with a whopping 47% in both polls. In the Drudge poll only Ted Cruz was able to get above 10% and in the Time poll both Rubio and Carson cracked 10%.

Turns out the Fox crew’s attempt to use oppo-research to trap Trump might not have worked the way they planned. In fact it may be that it had the opposite outcome.

Of course, phone surveys will let us know if the numbers hold. We should see some of the polls come out any day now. But right now it looks like the debate didn’t hurt Trump at all.


  • Tj Harris

    Is it not clear that the majority of voters were democrats trying to throw off the race? I thought that was apparent.

    • West Chester Oh

      Is this the official talking point? Which campaign do you work for…Bush?

      Do you realize the level of coordination that would be required to get Dem’s to blow up two polls on two different websites…one with over half a million votes and the other under 50k and get the results of exactly the same 47%?

    • dumbfreddy


      • Josephus

        Brilliant response. Thank you so much for your contribution, as I think we are all better off on account of it.

    • Hugh Hawes

      Lets be realistic. Every time Trump has said something “shocking” the mainstream media says they can’t believe he said that and that his poll numbers are going to go down but they ALWAYS go up. Why would they be correct this time? They clearly don’t know the republican base.

  • CordovaBelle

    I would have LOVED ❤️ to have heard this so I could offer my thoughts. But you see, yFox Nees Channel BLOCKED their live streaming of this event from every American citizen who cannot afford cable/satellite. It would be different if Fox News Channel NEVER, ever opened up their live stream for the public who don’t have cable. They do it all the time for various press conferences and other events like a plane crash. But for the most crucial debate in recent US history, they made the conscious choice to exclude us. This is not fair and balanced. This is so wrong I can hardly express it.???

  • Genesis Williamson

    I think it’s clear that people are sick and tired of the way politics has been run over the last couple decades. Their attempts to trap him and no others were so obvious that people are disregarding anything he might have said. A candidate that is NOT a career politician is highly tempting. I would love for it to be Ben Carson, but the country at large will ignore him because he doesn’t come across as tough.

    • Al Haus

      It’s not a perceived lack of toughness in Carson that causes him to be ignored, it’s his lack of executive experience. He needs to go be a congressman or a governor first. Then he will be a serious contender.

      But i like Carson very much as well.

    • Ann Hale

      Cruz and Carson were all but ignored, and they should not have been.

      • Kathie Stroder

        Cruz and Carson would be THE ticket to save our beloved America! That is why they were all but ignored. You do know that fox news is owned by Muslims, right?

        • Chris Davis

          Proof or you’re full of shit

          • AKA_brotherfox

            Full of it. Rupert Murdoch and his family trust own just under 80% of the voting stock of both Fox companies, News Corp. and 21st Century Fox. A Saudi prince owns 7% of 21st Century Fox, which makes him the second-largest holder of Class B voting stock. But 7% – who cares? And Prince Alwaleed also is the third-largest holder of News Corp., with a 6.6% stake.

            And Cruz wasn’t ignored any more than the rest of the people on the stage. Carson did seem to get short shrift initially, but, in any case, there was no concerted effort to attack Cruz as occurred with Trump, so Ms. Stroder’s paranoid and factually inaccurate post makes no discernible point.

      • Thunderboy1

        Cruz is too far right. Being extreme right OR left is almost as bad as being extreme islam. America is not extreme one way or another. Maybe YOU believe abortion should be outlawed, but there are 317 million OTHER people in this country who might not believe the same. And the same could be said for gay marriage, immigration, or any number of issues. The notion that all Americans should think like you simply because of the God you worship is counter productive. America is a melting pot. All people from all walks of life and every race , color , and creed live here. Any politician who thinks their way is the only way is not going to fare well in this arena.

        • Pat McCaughan

          The truth is, “brother fox” anyone who thinks it’s okay to rip a fully formed baby out, crush its limbs and harvest body parts for research, needs to have lived in Nazi Germany, not the U.S. Science has proved long ago those babies feel excruciating pain. Shame on you for upholding a practice like that, and yet express such sympathy for victims of waterboarding.
          You don’t have to be a conservative to be a compassionate human being.

          • Thunderboy1

            What?? Are you high or just a really poor reader?? Where did I express sympathy for the victims of waterboarding?? Did you just pull that out of the thin air in between your ears??
            I also never condoned abortion or the selling of aborted fetus parts.
            And what is the “brother fox” reference? I don’t get that part. It’s probably something you saw on tv and are just parroting. Maybe I should try watching some of that meaningless, mindless tv you people seem to love. Then I’d understand you better. As it stands, I likely have too many good working brain cells to get down to your level.
            I have a great idea. Why don’t you shut down your computer and go back to macramé or something??

        • postal worker bruce

          Looks like you drank the kool-aid that obama and shrillary gave you. They keep beating that same old tired “diversity” and racism horse and its getting tired. Thats why Trump , Cruz and the others have struck a cord with America. The border, the economy, the deficit, defense, and freedom from hypocrites like the left are what people want to address. Very few people are really affected by the gay message and abortion is settled law. At this point, many are lost to the brainwashing from our liberal education and leftist media, but….. as more people see what a clusterphuck obama and the rest of the democrat party are…the are starting to listen to what matters to them. Security, jobs, a government that stops stealing from our children, and freedom.

          • Thunderboy1

            I drank nothing, short bus. I see things in reality’s light. I don’t believe ANY candidate, whether extreme right OR extreme left, has much of a chance of being elected president by the people of the United States. America on average is pretty moderate. While there ARE some right and left extremists, America is by and large a middle of the road kind of place who doesn’t want the government telling them what they can and can’t do every five minutes.

        • su101789

          The number of 317 mil supporting abortion is just plain BS. There are no more than 170 mil adults in the USA and at least 70% of them DO NOT support abortion, you just do not hear from them. It is the out and loud Progressives who make false claims like Thunderboy, including infants and children in their numbers to make it look good.

          • Thunderboy1

            su101789 -please re-read what I said. I never said there were 317 million people supporting abortion. I said there are 317 million OTHER people who MIGHT NOT believe the same way. Some may, some may not. But either way, one size does not fit all of them. And that’s my point. And for the record, I’m not a progressive, and you have no base to claim that I am. That’s just insulting and ignorant.

  • Claudia Burris

    No we need a Ron Paul to go third party, and scare the hell out of all of them,

    • ‘Rick Tonetti

      with 3% ? … lol … yeah that’ll be a shocker alright …

    • dumbfreddy

      OMGOD are you INSANE ??? RP had his chance and then QUIT on all his loyal followers
      IF YOU HAVE ANY MEMORY AT ALL and with out Any explanation
      NO one was scared of RP he CAVED with the HEAT was turned up UNLIKE DT !!!!!

      • provocateur

        Please check your caps lock key. It’s randomly getting stuck in the “on” position.

    • dumbfreddy

      You do mean RON PAUL yes not RAND ????

      • Claudia Burris

        The Dad I love him, Paul & Paul 2016

  • Danny Holland

    Call me crazy But follow my thinking for a moment : Fox new benefits from Mr. Trump running as a 3rd party canadet That is why why they set him up. Here is why Fox News has made a lot of money while the obuma administration has been in charge as the only ( so called conservative news channel ) I think everyone on Fox has a book out bashing the current administration in some form or another and rightfully so . If trump Or some other republican candidate wins where is there fire ? they would benefit more IF Mr. trump ran as 3rd party and gave it to the Dems then they could continue doing what they are doing and make big money doing it. there that’s the way I’m seeing it . I could be wrong but I’m not. they are not stupid But they think you are

    • Al Haus

      I too was surprised at the FOX moderators shilling for the GOP establishment. But considering the treatment the eventual Rep nominee will get at the presidential debates from the completely biased liberal moderators, like always, it’s good practice.

      FOX is number one and growing. They are rolling in the money. They dont need to fiddle with presidential campaigns to make money. FOX did just fine when Bush was president, they don’t need a Dem in office to be successful. That’s like when the Dems say Limbaugh needs a Dem in office to be successful. That’s never been true. And it’s not true for FOX either. Just because a Dem isn’t in the white house, doesn’t mean there isn’t enough liberal lunacy out there to make news.

      I think it has more to do with FOX trying to show it was “fair” to the facebook crowd. Now THAT’S STUPID!

      • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

        There were many people unsurprised at FOX doing the GOProgressive leadership’s dirty work.

        I dislike breaking sad news, but someone should speak up: FOX has been meandering leftwards for quite a while now… since approximately 2007.

        At first I thought I was mis-perceiving the incidents that evidenced FOX’s leftward crawl, but as I mentioned my perceptions in asides while I commented on articles at American Thinker, The Other McCain, and elsewhere, a lot of others not only agreed but contributed incidents they’d witnessed that I had missed.

        During the course of the last year, looking at the totality of incidents past and acceleration of new occurances of left-leaning incidents, we concluded FOX is no longer “center”, nor “center-right”– nor even solidly “center-left”– but is barely at the “left-side” of center-left and picking up speed.

        The only reason it isn’t more commonly noticed is because the majority of viewers don’t keep close objective track of the tenor of reporting, going more by “comparison feel”… each network in relation to the other networks.

        Because the other networks are rapidly rocketing leftward, while FOX maintains the same distance of ideological separation
        from the other networks that it had in 2007,
        FOX is as conservative as the GOProgressive leadership.

        Which is to say: it isn’t.
        Currently FOX, like the GOProgressive leadership, is a slightly less onerous flavor of Progressivism.

        • oneprivateer

          Ditto… I watched Fox from early 2001 till late 2009-early 2010… Bill O’Liar let ObaNAZI off the hook and gradually started pandering to the left with his attitudes… Bill O’ attempted to embarrass Glenn Beck every time he appeared on O’s the Factor. O’Liar didn’t let Michelle Malkin host the Factor anymore cause she was too hard on Progressives. Notice that Hannity NEVER appears on the Factor. The only one who made an honest attempt at vetting ObaNazi was Hannity and he was ridiculed for the attempt. The debate absolutely proved too me that Fox is in the tank for Progressivism which I suspected 7 years ago during the ObaNazi campaign and they proved it Thursday night by showing how much they hate the Republican candidates except for John Kasich. I’m suspicious they had a decent idea of how he would respond to his questions. I am surprised that Kelly went after planned parenthood as hard as she did but deep down she is still a Progressive. However, I suspect if the media reported honestly on PPH, even the “useful idiots” would turn on PPH but it has been reported that only 30% of our country even knows about PPHs baby organ sales. The left has praised Fox and the moderators for such a wonderful job on the debate,,, that’s just more proof of heavy concealed liberalism has risen to the top like cream in fresh raw milk.

          The ONLY way to obtain honest information is online, but the ObaNAZI regime is working diligently to censor the Internet through the FTC: when the FTC/Progressives gain TOTAL control of the Internet… we maybe toast! Then they will move forward with Agenda 21 at light speed!

  • these aren’t real, randomized polls. they’re just self selected people who went on the drudge and times websites and decided to vote. they’re basically meaningless. i want to see what actual polling says, which probably won’t be released till monday.

    • dumbfreddy

      What a total RETARD Drudge Report Is one of the most honest and upfront way to get leading edge news that MSM follows FOX and most all MSM were doing best to TAKE TRUMP down it was a set up THE PEOPLE had a chance to Let their CHOICE be known TRUMP TRUMPED

      • What does any of that babble have to do with these being non-randomized, self-selected voter polls which don’t represent actual voter opinion accurately?

        By the way, you might want to practice your grammar and punctuation and minimize ALL THE CAPS. Makes you sound like a bit of a dullard.

        • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

          Very cogent assessment, sir!

  • smith0288

    If America wants a non politician then go with Carly Fiorina or Ben Carson. Trump is a charlatan who has no business being at GOP debates with his sketchy liberal past.

  • ptsargent

    How about people fed up with narcissistic, two-faced politicians and media celebrities. Like him or not, Trump is authentic and cannot be bought, intimidated or had by anyone or group. That’s why he’s hanging in there. Doesn’t mean he’d make a good president but at least you’d know where he stands.

    • Inthemiddle

      Bragging on your accomplishments, like Mr. Trump, is a classic trait of narcissism. I don’t know if you are, but I’m tired of hearing from Mr. Trump how rich he his. Other than illegal emigration and trade deals with China, he’s offered no other political substance in his interviews or the debate. He referred to many as stupid. Many politicians are misguided; stupid, they are not. And, by the way, is he for a universal health care system like Canada or a free market solution? During the debate, he talked more about the “positves” of the former than the latter. Where does he stand?

      Crass— that’s the first word I think of to describe Mr. Tump. That behavior has led to a current 13% favorable rating among Latinos. If you believe alienating voters that don’t think 100% like you is a path to the White House, you’re sadly wrong.

      • ptsargent

        I agree with your characterization of Trump, and BTW he’d be a scary loose canon were he to occupy the WH. I do not agree with you that many politicians are not stupid. Have a look at our economy. It got in this shape through the combined efforts of Democrats and Republicans over many decades. I happen to be a Conservative Republican and I have been holding by nose voting only for Rs since Eisenhower with the one exception of Reagan. And even Reagan allowed the deficits to pile up. There’s plenty of stupid to go around in the entire political class in both parties. A lot of us are truly fed up and applaud someone who at least acknowledges that we have been poorly served by both parties. No, Trump is not the right leader, but he does give us the opportunity to vent that frustration and maybe, just maybe, send a message to the politicians who put our children 19 Trillion dollars in debt (it’s more like at least 60 trillion considering unfunded liabilities) and planted 12 million illegals among us. You may be okay with our status quo but I’m not.

        • David Conforte

          Trump did not become as wealthy as he is by being a “loose cannon”.

        • su101789

          And Obama is not a loose cannon? A pretend black man, a muslim born in Kenya to a juvenile who did not qualify as a US citizen. A sock puppet doing his master’s bidding. What could be worse? Is a man who speaks his truth and stands up for what he believes so rare that he scares everyone? My choice is Cruz, but I respect The Donald for his unwavering honesty which he has consistently demonstrated. He does not apologize for his life, he knows who he is and what he has done and is not ashamed. More people in this country should be so strong. Cruz is just as strong, no one is pushing him around either.

      • seanmom

        Trump thinks he would be the owner of the country and could do whatever he wants–like Obama. If you want a business person, Fiorina is a better choice because she understands servant leadership and accountability.

        • Barry Parrish

          She got fired from HP… google it. She is NOT a business person.

          • seanmom

            You know what happens when people get “fired” at that level? They get millions of dollars and a better job somewhere else. That’s what business people DO.

        • su101789

          Trump would treat the country like he owns it, true. but ownership confers responsibility. Ronald Reagan took ownership of this country when he became President and turned us around for the first time in 70+ years. Our corrupt politicians, left and right have frittered away all of the advances Reagan made and are driving the country down the tube. without a strong leader who can’t be pushed around by anyone we are simply doomed to lose this republic to a dictatorship.

          • seanmom

            Ronald Reagan did NOT “take ownership” of this country. He understood the Constitution and was a servant leader. A strong leader is not the same as an owner. Trump is a donor and an owner, not a president or a servant of the people. I don’t want a president who doesn’t know the difference.

      • David Conforte


        • su101789

          Another useful idiot.

      • d storm

        Obama is the biggest narcissist to ever be president

        • Inthemiddle

          In my lifetime, I agree. But what does that have to do with the behavior of Donald Trump? Personally, I don’t want ANY narcissist as President. How about you?

      • su101789

        Please explain how Obama got elected most people do not think like him, but he got in anyway. You should hear my friends who voted for him whine now.

    • su101789

      It would be tough to be a worse President than Obama, Clinton, and the peanut farmer, Carter. Everyone thought the “actor” Ronald Reagan would be a wreck too, and he turned out to be the best President in 100 years.

  • Seven Trips

    What we saw last night was News Media doing business as usual. We saw slick politicians doing business as usual. They’re all very likable but they are polished to say what polls the highest. We saw Ben Carson being Ben Carson. We saw Donald Trump be Donald Trump. The News Media doesn’t know how to cover a candidate like Donald Trump because this is a new twist on what our country is looking for. Someone who we can look at and listen to and know this is really how this person is. He’s not going to hold back to spare feelings. He’s going to treat everyone like adults and not pander to the Washington Politics. He’s someone that will go into the White House and put the right people in the right postilions that can handle the job at hand. Not hire his buddies or have to answer to lobbyist. We saw all the same faces who’ve been in D.C. a long time and nothing has been done. Republicans have the house and the senate and still can’t get anything done. This next year the cream will rise to the top and it’s either going to be Trump, Carson or Fiorina.

    • Buck Sunset

      I like your choices. And another of the three will be VP if they want it!

    • billsweb

      Spoken like a true neocon.

      • su101789

        Spoken like a useful idiot.

    • David Conforte

      Your most important point which is Trump will put qualified people and not political hacks in the most critical administrative positions is well taken. He became very rich by surrounding himself with the right people.

    • jmd

      I dont understand how there are so many ignorant people backing him do you people realize the damage he could do?He doesnt want to help America he wants the power and you dont think he will help his friends?His plan to get rid of isis is to bomb iraq oil fields and then send in American oil companies to take over them and rebuild guarded by American troops!!You dont think he will gain any wealth from that?He thinks he can push people around and get his way because that is what he is used to but if he tries that with world leaders he will put is in a war within a couple months!!!You think we wont gain more enemies by him thinking he can bully countries who dont do what they say?He talks about obama spending money he will put us in a war which will cost us billions of dollars and many lives..

  • dumbfreddy

    Trump somehow saw his support increase. ???? NO SHIT SHERLOCK !!! MSM trying to manipulate and SPIN the masses into beveling whatever they say F U msM

    • Ann Hale

      The public is over it…

  • PlainOldTruth

    The GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment (which has more millionaire in it than the GOP) want unemployment to continue to get worse. They do not mind seeing incarceration of African Americans continue to rise as illegals replace them as job candidates. The government schools have dumbed-down a whole generation or two or three.

    Cruz doesn’t want continued decline. Rand Paul doesn’t.

    And Donald Trump sure as hell doesn’t intend to stand by while Washington insiders finish off this nation in during 2016-2020. There’s no time for bureaucracy as usual. I can name 19 trillion reasons.

  • AncientPhart

    Trump Is abrasive. I don’t like him. At the same time, the Fox “hatchet job” on Trump during the debate is reprehensible.

  • Thunderboy1

    If the worst thing they could dredge up on Trump is that he called a fat chick a fat chick and said he wouldn’t mind seeing a hot chick on her knees, then they’re grasping at straws. It still doesn’t change the fact that Rand Paul’s charity gladly accepted money from Trump, Lindsey Graham claimed Trump was the greatest thing since sliced bread when he wanted trump’s money last campaign, Cruz is too far right, Rubio is too pro-immigration to think about anything else, and Fiorina has little to no chance of ever gaining the respect of our fiercest enemies. Bottom line is that Americans are fed up with politicians. And Rand Paul asserts that a man willing to buy off politicians shouldn’t be fit for POTUS, yet he’s been bought off himself, tells us that Trump has them all running so scared that they’ve forgotten what snakes in the grass they all are!!
    TRUMP 2016, let’s shake this bi#@h UP, y’all!!

    • su101789

      Silly Rand Paul. ALL of the current administration and congress has been bought off. if not they would be changing things.

    • seanmom

      Why exactly is it bad to elect politicians that are “in the pocket” of donors who can get anything they want–but somehow good to elect the donor himself–who can then get anything he wants?

      • Thunderboy1

        Because he’s not the donor’s bitch.

        • seanmom

          So he’s the donor–the person whose interests we DON’T want served. Trump has no idea how to serve. He’s an owner. The president is an employee. Trump could never keep himself within the confines of the Constitution. And he’s not a conservative.

          • Thunderboy1

            Obama has spent the last six years SERVING his OWN interests and the interests of our ENEMIES. Are you okay with THAT kind of service?? TRUMP 2016, y’all!!!

          • seanmom

            Replacing one gargantuan narcissist with another is not much of an improvement. There are a half dozen candidates who would be better servant leaders than Trump–who has never taken a conservative ACTION in his life.

  • Mark Steele

    The only people who “tanked” was Megan Kelley and Chris -what’s his name-!

    • billsweb

      Krispy Chris Christie is who you speak of.

  • retired21

    Official polls out next week will probably show Trump about 18 percent, Bush 12 percent, Rubio 10 percent, Cruz and Walker 8 percent each, and Kasich, Fiorina, Christie, and Huckabee about 5 to 6% each. In a couple months, I think Rubio will surpass both Trump and Bush, but I think all of them will be bunched up in close battle.

  • bob

    If it wasn’t for Trump no one would be watching. LOL

  • Deborah

    Tough can come off as abrasive and mean. Carson would make the tough choices if need be. Just because he is soft spoken doesn’t make him a daisy! Trump is too mouthy and if he gets too mouthy with Iran and Mexico, we are in for more trouble than we can handle. I’m against Trump because he is a bully.

    • su101789

      A bully is a person who takes advantage of weaker people. Trump NEVER does that, he does challenge his equals and people who challenge him. Carson is a nice guy who could not stand up to a bully leader from another country. Trump is not stupid, he is not a wimp, he has proven that through his business success, and he did not get there by bullying anyone, he got there through smart negotiation. When challenged by other bully leaders like Iran Obama has shown exactly what we will get by being nice, soft, and weak, absolutely NOTHING except increased danger to all!

      • Deborah

        You don’t know that about Ben Carson. I don’t think that you give him enough credit. And by the by, Trump IS a bully!

  • Mein Kampf

    If every American murdered by an illegal is nationally reported from now until voting day… DJT would win easily. The only man that has sacrificed money and business partners… while others only gain from running.

  • postal worker bruce

    You liberals keep drinking the kool-aid that obama and shrillary gave you. They keep beating that same old tired “diversity” and racism horse and its getting tired. Thats why Trump , Cruz and the others have struck a cord with America. The border, the economy, the deficit, defense, and freedom from hypocrites like the left are what people want to address. Very few people are really affected by the gay message and abortion is settled law. At this point, many are lost to the brainwashing from our liberal education and leftist media, but….. as more people see what a clusterphuck obama and the rest of the democrat party are…the are starting to listen to what matters to them. Security, jobs, a government that stops stealing from our children, and freedom

  • seanmom

    What “oppo research?” None of those questions came from any secrets. Stop whining. If the GOP candidate can’t deal with FNC questioning (which was tough, like it should be), that person will never survive the MSM buzz saw in the general election. Toughen up NOW, b4 the media feeds Hillary the softballs while asking out candidate about starving children and pushing old people in wheelchairs over cliffs.

    • su101789

      I watched the debate, must have been a different debate than you watched. Not one tough question, lots of pablum fed to the candidates of choice.

  • UrbanCamper

    Fox thinks that they have enough power to choose the R nominee. They promote the establishment choice and demean the rest of them. This is nothing new. This is how we ended up with Romney. NBC is tanking – they should give Trump a platform and watch their ratings climb at FOX’s expense. FOX doesn’t approve of Trump? Some other network surely will. An early primary debate drew three times more viewers than the Daily Show farewell show. Trump will find a new home.

  • LDB101

    If Jeb thinks his Daddy was the smartest person he’s ever known, I wonder if Jeb believes in a “New World Order”?

  • d storm

    Looked like Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were attacking Trump instead of just asking reasonable questions of candidates. Who cares what Megyn and Chris think? We care what The People think.

    • seanmom

      How can anyone think they were attacking Trump? EVERY candidate got an uncomfortable or embarrassing question. In fact, most of the questions were. The difference is that 9 candidates gave ANSWERS and Trump whined and insulted people. He has no PLANS, no POLICIES, and no CONCEPT of the Constitutional limitations of the presidency. Pick. Someone. Else.

  • Deborah

    It’s so early yet to make predictions. I just hope that we choose better than we did last time.

  • 1woodburningteacher1

    Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch and partnered with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talai. Kathie Stroder you were right that Fox News is owned by Muslims. Chris Davis, all you need to do is look it up and see who owns Fox News! I am rooting for Trump to be President and Ted Cruz to be Vice President and Ben Carson to be our Surgeon General and help this nation with the Medical Insurance. Those are the three that I see could turn this nation around. Why is the Media turning on Trump the way it is? Is it because he is not connected to the Special Interest Groups. Ronald Reagan got badgered but I do not think quite as bad as Trump has been. The Republican Rinos do not want Trump to be the Candidate for the Republican President. They are trying their hardest to knock him down. The Media apparently does not want Trump to be the Republican Presidential Candidate also but the American People want him. It is terrible to watch the Republican Presidential Candidates try to tear him down too. I hope that the American People can see what is going on. What other Presidential Candidate have you seen that the Media, the Republican Rinos, the Democrates go after someone to tear them down as much as they have Trump? Something is not right here!!

  • Sandy Reuling

    people are sick and tired of all this nonsense they still think we are stupid and we are now getting informed this is exactly what they don’t want us to do think for ourselves they want to think for us that way it will be their point of view resonating. I hope Trump goes way up and it back fires on them all for plotting to take him down and Carly was in on the fun you could see she was well rehearsed in all of her answers she also knew they were gonna do a gotcha Trump to…Memorizing doesn’t make you a good candidate being able to produce is what is and she left HP half way through just like Iraq we just can’t afford to take that chance right now.

  • Sandy Reuling

    Also Carly seemed to be the one who is the entertainer and she says that’s why Mr Trump shouldn’t be prez this is all a joke and that is what we look like to other nations a joke they are laughing at us their elections are very serious and very very cherished we just make a joke out of everything 🙁

  • Nathan Burks

    I give Cruz and Rubio an A for effort, but the Alpha Male seemed to swat them away like flies

  • Nathan Burks

    I dont see how Trump saying he would work with democrats is a bad thing..You have to move things along..The trick would be for Trump to make GOOD deals, and I think he can