And the Other Shoe is About to Drop… European Doctors Warn of Refugees Spreading Disease

Medical workers in the EU have issued a dire warning about the potential spread of disease within refugee camps that may cause a rampant infection.

Citing the inability of refugee camps to address widespread infection, health care workers have pointed out that the camps are completely under-equipped to provide care for the ill. With thousands of refugees pouring in daily without any forms of basic medical screenings being conducted, it would appear this situation is nothing more than a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off.

Thought EU members such as Britain, Austria and Germany have brought dozens of truck loads of supplies, the lack of proper sanitation among refugees is raising alarms. Doctors Without Borders site team leader Teresa Sancristobal stated that “When you have no running water, no way to clean and people are arriving with contagious diseases, you have a problem.”

Currently, all medical staff on hand in the camps are focusing their efforts on providing care to pregnant women with little to no resources for anyone else. Sarah Schober, a 28 year old medical student from Vienna volunteering at the camps stated “We have a lot of pregnant women who are just exhausted and can’t take it anymore.” 

Schobar added the following: “People are shitting and peeing between tents because there is nowhere to go. With the warmer weather, we are one step away from an epidemic.”


An over-stretched UN refugee agency has organised[sic] for more toilets and clean-up operations, but faces big challenges as government buses are slow to move refugees on to registration centres,[sic] leaving thousands to sleep in the fields every night.

Volunteers have struggled to find storage for all the clothes donated, many of which have ended up strewn around the squalid site.

“We had a 22-tonne truck show up unannounced yesterday,” said British volunteer Mark Wade. “That’s great but we don’t know what to do with it.”

And looming over everything is the fear of what happens on Tuesday, when the Hungarian government says it will completely shut the border and arrest anyone who tries to break through.

“We are doing all this planning, but it could all be for nothing come Tuesday,” said one charity worker.

The frightening reality is that this situation is quickly reaching critical mass and epidemic is now knocking at Europe’s door. If these health care workers are stating they will be unable to keep disease from spreading within the camps, how on earth can we expect they will be successful stopping disease from spreading to the general public outside of the camps?


  • reasoning with facts

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