Judge Napolitano Says Clock Hoax Now Potentially a Fraud Case

Ahmed, the boy now being praised a hero within the Muslim world, opened up a huge debate across the nation when he brought a clock to school that had the appearance of a bomb. A clock, mind you, that he didn’t invent or create.

It’s now widely believed that the entire scenario was likely some sort of hoax that the White House and many completely fell for. And if it actually turns out to be a hoax it could lead to fraud charges.

Judge Andrew Napolitano chimed in on a Fox News segment saying the following.

“if this was part of a purposeful stunt and if the parents were involved in this, and everybody from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama fell for this, this is not good. This is people overreacting because of his last name, or his skin color, or the atmosphere of fear. We saw a clock, we assume it’s dangerous. The kid who made the clock, or brought it in, has a Muslim ancestry.  I wish race could be out of this but all of that goes aside if this was some sort of a purposeful stunt.”

The following video shows the segment in which Napolitano discusses the possibility of fraud charges.

  • Harry

    It obviously is just taking a pre manufactured clock out of it’s case and putting the guts into another case. I was wondering how it beeped in his next class unless he was sitting next to an AC outlet??? As I recall the 9V battery just keeps memory during a power failure, not run the clock.
    Kudos for them discovering the year, make and model of the clock.

  • Matthew Nelson

    This story still kills me, does anyone realize just how stupidly easy it is to turn a disassembled electric alarm clock into an IED?! Only a single piece is missing from this kids “clock” an electrically detonated explosive charge. I think the school did exactly the right thing under the circumstances.

  • You retards have your tin foil hats on about 5 sizes too tight. Do you scum like attacking teenage kids? Right wing sickos!

    • watcher

      You’re the retard…