Kill it with Fire: Man Takes Out Hornet’s Nest with Flamethrower (VIDEO)

Don’t try this at home… Seriously.

Video of one Indiana man’s epic quest to rid family property of pesky insects has quickly gone viral after surfacing online while leaving many shaking their heads in total disbelief.

While rational thought would generally lead most to call a licensed exterminator to eradicate such pests, the unidentified ‘fire performer‘ in the video decided to take an entirely different approach… Killing hornets with a flamethrower.

Yes, you read that correctly… An actual flamethrower.

During the video, the man can be heard stating “Ok, my family was attacked by a hornet’s nest. Nobody messes with my family. I’m going to take care of the situation…” Reassuring a concerned family member by declaring “We don’t need exterminators, everything is under control.”

Warning: The following video is not EPA approved.

Final Score: Flamethrower 1 – Hornets 0