BREAKING: U.S. Officials Calling for War With Russia in Syria, WSJ Admits Obama Admin Still Arming Terrorists

Jabhat al-Nusra is a group every American should be aware of. Abu al-Ezz, a commander of the group, blatantly and openly discussed how his group is part of al-Qaeda in a recent interview with the Center for Research on Globalization.

Why is this important? Because Jabhat al-Nusra is the ‘rebel’ group fully armed, funded and backed by the Obama Administration. Not directly, the admin will say, but what they won’t say is that the anti-Assad rebels the U.S. is behind have fully merged with Jabhat al-Nusra. And it’s the terrorist tied group Russian President Putin is at war with in Syria (along with the ‘rebels’ who just merged with them).

The Wall Street Journal published a story today that paints a dark picture of how Russia and the U.S. are on the verge of cutting all agreements to help fight terrorists in Syria. This because Russia continues to bomb terrorists groups that the U.S. is supporting through various backchannels.

In the story WSJ attempts to throw water on the al-Qaeda ties by saying it’s the group with “links to al Qaeda that renamed itself in July and said it had cut ties with the extremist movement.” WSJ is attempting to provide cover for the Obama administration by implying the terrorist links no longer exist. Problem is, the Abu al-Ezz interview in which he claims they are a part of al-Qaeda was published on September 26th, just three days ago.

Additionally, this story gets much worse when we fully embrace what the WSJ story says. In the story the following can be found.

In addition to the CIA and its partners providing weapons, the U.S. is considering giving a green light to its regional allies, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, to provide more-powerful weapons systems to the rebels.

Some U.S. officials believe that it already may be too late to have any impact on the battlefield, and that the administration should consider taking direct U.S. military action against the Assad regime to halt the campaign.

Think about that for a moment. Congress is arguing over finding funds to clean up lead pipes in Michigan and Obama admin is about to bankroll Saudi Arabia and Turkey for war with Russia and Syria. A war in which U.S. officials are suggesting we take part in.

Pay attention readers. A very ugly situation is brewing.

  • NoThanx

    Its inevitable as the plan is already in place to further destabilize the middle east and create a war to further the NWO agenda! This is bad news for Russia and Russia will not sit idle and let their country fall to the US and European Globalist! The Middle East is the doorway in which the NWO get to Russia! Russia needs to take action sooner rather than later as it will be too late for them!

    • craig

      Also, Russia has a very powerful ally now = China…….
      Do not forget the USS Cook incidents [2 of them in the Black Sea over the last 2 years that revealed Russia now has the capability to demobilize all electronic warfare measures against an opponent]…….Do not forget that China now has a supercomputer that is 5 TIMES FASTER than America’s supercomputer (half order of magnitude)……..Trump needs to win AND November 8th can’t come soon enough!

  • louisk

    I do not believe that this will happen. After all , at this time it is only congress that can declare war on Russia. We have a radical muslim supporting president who, god willing will be replaced by one more conservative and constitutionally focused and as well focused on the welfare of the nation. I would hold off on confirming war at all.

    • But here’s the thing, we already are at war with Russia. Obama gets around Congress by saying he’s supporting a rebellion against Assad. Fact is, however, Assad is backed and funded by Russia while the “rebel” (associated with terror groups) groups are backed and funded by the United States. How does this not translate to exactly what it is?

      • louisk

        to a point I agree . but it is kind of a war , well I do not know how to put it, but it is by no means an official war. It is a war of taunting’s and rants. As a vet I assure you there is nothing official about this conflict. The tragedy is we are playing deadly back and forth games with our troops, as limited as their numbers may be.I ave very close friends in high places, all of what is going on is based on the tragic stupidity of our president and his handful of idiotic advisors. there is no real structure of goal here. but I will agree it is a tragedy.

        • drbhelthi

          You might turn your higher thought processes to the “ON” position.
          Fighting Russian troops in Afghanistan with the Muslim Brotherhood was not an “official” war, the attack on Iraq was not an official war, having NATO destroy Libya was not an official war. The only official war is the continued genocide by israeli leaders of Palestinians and their use of the members of congress who have pledged 1st allegiance to Israel instead of the USA to continue the genocide of Arabs and drive them into Europe and the USA.

          Have you ever considered that your “friends in high places” may be the ones that are influencing the alias B.H. Obama to support the Israel army and its proxy, ISIS-ISIL which has now spread to the USA ?

          • Well that escalated to a completely different topic.

          • louisk

            It sure did, we refer to it as radical political diversion. Glad you noticed.

          • drbhelthi

            One element of the larger topic, that was presented years ago with the link you are alleged to have provided:
            Former USAF colonel, L. Fletcher Prouty wrote a book about the subject, “The Secret Team: the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World”, 1st edition, 1973.

          • louisk


          • Cheryle Herman-Perez

            “Official war” is your perception that Israel is cruel to Palestinians? You’re talking to people that are full aware that Muslims are evil, yes including HAMAS, and Israel are God’s people and we KNOW the score with Israel and Palestine, particularly PALLYWOOD.

          • drbhelthi

            Yes, purveyors of Judaism´s Apartheid that divides humans into “Jews” and “Goyim” spread the same myths.

      • StingraySFO

        As a veteran of the cold war that started in 1959 with Russia, we very definitely are engaged in a never ending war. That said, and with our military strength at the lowest ebb in many decades, watch for a strike from an unsuspected and disbelieved source, just as it happened on December 7, 1941. Couple that with the current political atmosphere and state of affairs in America with the refugee issue, and we are in for deep doo doo!!!
        Get ready, get armed, and be alert!

  • Dennis McLain

    They have gone completely mad!! Their brains must have been fried by trying to think. I know it isn’t a brain tumor because you have to have a brain first. Stop these insane morons before they get us into a war! Impeach the president and get rid of the trouble makers!

  • aliswell

    This administration ~ thanks to Obama ~ is dropping all pretense and openly displaying its rabid anti-American criminality. What a cabal of corruption this government has waxed into! Never in my life would I have believed the US could represent the bad guys on the global stage, but here we are.

    Again, never thought I’d say this but God Bless Putin.