LUNACY IN ACTION: Video Shows Gay & Black Students Aggressively Losing Minds Over White Students Who Oppose ‘Safe Spaces’

To kick this post off and set the stage for you we’re going to post the exact quote that sent several students into a fit of uncontrollable rage. All of which was caught on camera.

“We believe in freedom of thought, we believe you should be able to voice your opinion without being shut down by the other side, like we’ve seen on campus.”

Seems logical. Seems like something each and every American should embrace without question, right?

Unfortunately we no longer live in a world where logic and common sense prevails. Because that quote was given by a white male student at the University of Kansas and soon after it all hell broke loose.

In the video (H/T Campus Reform) we see several black and gay students insulting, berating and belittling white students who oppose safe spaces. One black student is seen accusing the white students of being supporters of slavery, suggesting the white students owe black students the ability to have safe spaces because of slavery.

The black students also accuse all the white students in the room of being blinded by their own white privilege.

This is the lunacy now spreading across our education system. And some wonder why colleges are spewing out students who can’t figure out what’s up or down, right or wrong in the world?

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.

Language warning.

  • stoney

    These students are out of their fucking minds. They are so immature and refuse to have a discussion. They just want to talk at everyone else. All the problems they have are someone else’s fault. I would walk out if that type of discussion began around me.

  • CountryBoy

    Clearly, the young black woman making most of the noise is part of the problem. She feels she is owed everything because of her perception that her family was somehow enslaved. Yet, she is obviously not suffering from hunger, and she has likely been given more financial aid (if she is truly in poverty) than others in the room.

    The young man/woman (whatever it claims to now be) is angry because he/she is different, and few respect that difference. That’s something that was quite clear from the start – there was no promise made that life would be easy, fair or protected when he decided to make the change from one gender to another.

    No, the real problem here, and in many of our colleges today is that these kids have been given so much that they now expect everything to continue this way. Real life should be granting them privileges – in their mind – while others must work for them.

    As usual, the ones who seem the most mixed-up, angry and deprived are those who wish to do nothing more than wallow in their own situation, never doing anything to improve their lot in life.

    That is the essence of the “Snowflake” crowd, and they are unable to make life work for them the way they want it to, because of “everyone else”. They will continue to be this way until the epiphany – which will come when they’ve dropped the hate, dropped the blaming of others and reached down to grab their own bootstraps and pull them up.

    You want to see equality? Get RID of all affirmative action – after hundreds of years and decades/generations of AA’s presence, they’ve done nothing but become dependent on it – and gripe about how unfair things are. Get rid of it, and they can then see how equality with everyone else – including recent immigrants – works.