Watch the Video that Proves Beyond a Doubt the U.S. Does Not Screen Refugees to Ensure Dangerous Muslims Aren’t Coming Here

The United States is allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslim ‘refugees’ to enter the country, some of whom likely have intent to cause massive harm to Americans. These individuals come from Muslim countries with no fingerprint or record database. There is no DMV type of database in these countries, for example. There is no way to do a reasonable background check on Muslim refugees.

As if that’s not disconcerting enough, a State Department official is now openly admitting that kind of check is not relevant in their screening process. In fact, the official told the Senate Judiciary Committee the State Department screens for medical issues and looks only at an individual’s ‘vulnerabilities’ when making a decision.

  • No questions on loyalty to Sharia law
  • No questions about their beliefs on honor killings
  • No questions on views of Sharia related treatment of women and gays
  • No questions on desire to adhere to U.S. law
  • No questions on radical leanings
  • And on and on and on

So basically our screening process consists of the following:

  • Are you sick?
  • Are you fleeing the Middle East for a good reason?

That’s our screening process for Muslim refugees.

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