Biz Exec Who Took on Paul Ryan in GOP Primary Announces Controversial Documentary Exposing Radical Islam’s Use of Refugees to Invade the West (VIDEO)

Business Executive Paul Nehlen, the firebrand candidate who quickly rose to national prominence by forcing Paul Ryan to spend nearly $10,000,000 defending his seat in Wisconsin, is out with a project that is certain to turn more heads. Nehlen announced in email that he’s finishing up filming a feature length documentary called Hijrah, a movie that he says will expose the true story behind the current flood of refugees slamming the west.

Nehlen made many within Ryan’s establishment circles squirm when he openly joined Donald Trump in calling for a halt to all immigration from Muslim countries until it can be confirmed there is a viable way to do proper security checks. He was attacked from both the left and Ryan’s establishment allies, but never once showed a desire to back down.

The new documentary shows he’s still not backing down, but instead stepping up his efforts to help expose what’s really going on. Nehlen responded to a request for comment saying:

The media will lead you to believe questioning the intent of Islam’s migration is Islamophobic in a bad way. Don’t you owe it to yourself to investigate the texts and context upon which this migration is founded? We will shine the light of truth on what’s happening globally and locally in your towns all across America. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. We will give you tools and encourage you to fight for America at all levels of government.

The film has a website up at and you can click here for a page with the trailer.

From the website.

Business Executive Paul Nehlen takes on the media, the political establishment and the PC crowd in this groundbreaking epic documentary. The film exposes the mass Muslim refugee import situation for exactly what it is… cover for radical Islamic Hijrah.

Those entrusted with giving us information about dangers our nation and her citizens face refuse to show us the truth. Even worse, they’re all a part of it. The media hides the truth while our own government funds and provides assistance for a massive, nearly uncontrollable radical Muslim invasion of the west.

The first stage is to understand what the problem is, how big it is and how it will affect our lives. Then we must prepare for the worst while fighting for the best possible outcome.

Hijrah takes viewers on a journey of exploration, history, special interviews, investigative reports and more in a gripping full feature documentary style setting. This is a must have movie for any American concerned about the future of our nation.

The trailer is below.