BREAKING: United Nations Warns – Another MILLION “Refugees” Could be On the Way!

The west is being overwhelmed with Muslim refugees at a time when the west cannot afford such an invasion. Not financially, socially, culturally or politically. This as a result of Hillary and Obama’s seemingly endless war in the Middle East and our government’s refusal to put a stop to the overwhelming influx coming our way.

Is the influx about to slow down? Not at all. In fact, according to the United Nations the surge is about to explode to nation crippling numbers.

Indeed, the United Nations is saying another 200,000 refugees should be expected as a result of war in Iraq. And those numbers could go north of a million.

Via FT.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said on Wednesday that up to 1.5m people in Mosul were at risk of being targeted, caught in crossfire, forcibly expelled or used as human shields during the operation.

Mr O’Brien said the UN anticipated “a displacement wave of some 200,000 people over the coming weeks, with up to one million displaced in the course of the operation in a worst-case scenario.”

Meanwhile, if Donald Trump is not elected President the decision on refugees will be left to Hillary Clinton and her ally Paul Ryan in the house. A duo that has in no way proven a desire to put a stop to it.