Detroit Tigers Pitcher Apologizes for Believing All Lives Matter

Either your slogan is #BlackLivesMatter, implying you’re feeling of concern is directed only at a select group of people, or you believe #AllLivesMatter, at which point the PC mafia will label you racist. That’s the scenario we as Americans for some reason now find ourselves in. This thanks to a very divisive society created by Barack Obama and his leftist PC enablers.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is the latest victim of this PC madness. Verlander stepped out of line with the PC bully crowd and was immediately overwhelmed by them on social media.

His sin? Daring to believe all lives matter and that we should unite for such a belief.

Why Verlander didn’t stand by his harmless (and actually encouraging) statement is not known. The PC thugs can be bullies, but ultimately they can be defeated with the block option. That’s not the route Verlander took, unfortunately, and he decided to apologize for stating that all lives matter.

All Lives Matter

Good grief. The world has lost its mind.

H/T: Breitbart News.