Pentagon Officials Furious After Clinton Announces US Response Time for Nuclear Launch During Debate

Following Wednesday’s presidential debate Pentagon officials found themselves completely dumbfounded as to why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would feel it appropriate to announce U.S. Special Access Program intel on national television.

According to sources within the Department of Defense speaking under anonymity, Clinton likely violated at least two Dept. of Defense SAP protocols during the debate by announcing on live television the United States Government’s response time for a nuclear launch.

In case you missed it:

Hillary Divulges Nuclear Intelligence from True Pundit on Vimeo.

“But here’s the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” –Hillary Clinton

To the dismay of intelligence officials, the fact that this top secret information is now publicly known not only proves that Clinton is “unfit to be commander-in-chief,” but it also poses a direct threat to national security.

One high ranking intelligence official explained that any time frame calculated pertaining to a US nuclear launch “would have merely been an educated hypothesis, absent leaked documents and there have been no such breaches” prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday.

Via TruePundit

“Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief,” a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said. “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did.”

According to Pentagon sources, the information Clinton disseminated publicly is Top Secret intelligence governed under the U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence. The specific details of the country’s nuclear response time discussed by Clinton, sources said, are only known by a handful of individuals outside top military brass…

“Targeting options by ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles), air or sea, launch order, launch procedures and response are some of the most secretly guarded tenets of national security and nuclear war policy,” a Pentagon source said. “It’s truly incredible that (nuclear) response time as part of an ERO (Emergency Response Option) is now out there in the public domain to our adversaries.”

U.S. Defense sources said according to developed U.S. counterintelligence, military officials in China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, Iran and even actors like ISIS had no previous definitive intelligence to determine the U.S. nuclear response time, especially during an ERO, prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday night. Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.

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  • fjwalker1959

    “According to sources within the Department of Defense speaking under anonymity,” is how someone covers the tracks of their lies. Nice try, I’m sure your drones take it as gospel though.

    • Lloyd Braffet

      The source being treated as “Confidential” does not negate the video evidence of her statement of information MY SECURITY CLEARNCE would not have allowed me to access!

      • mahajohn

        First, it’s common knowledge to anyone with any interest in the subject. Second, she didn’t give a specific time, just “about four minutes,” which is effectively the same as a general saying “a few minutes,” and I’ve seen that spoken by non-anonymous military leaders many times. This desperate effort by the Right to malign her is totally baseless.

    • VladTepesDracul

      YOU are the Drone. Did you get your check yet from Hillary? Make sure she pays you before she cuts out for Qutar after she loses in November.

    • disqus_pnXxBPirjv

      Speaking of drones, look out for the one coming into your rear hanger. Its payback for your paid arsonists etc.

    • Thad Scott

      You are really a simple twit. Obvious violation of security and you try to make it out to be lie.

  • Ralph

    What a waste of time they will do nothing to her she can say and do anything she likes and they do nothing If it was anyone else they would be brought at on charges for saying what she said

    • Arsan Lupin

      It’s been common knowledge for decades. Do some research before proving to the world what an idiot you are.

      • Rob L

        snopes ??? really ??? dip shit !!! its a little different when its coming from a bullshit internet site than the former secretary of state !!!! shut up idiot and take your research and stick it up your dumb ass !!!!

        • Chad Dudenhefer

          that person is an idiot and there is no sense it talking to it, it will never see the other side, only what it believes

        • Arsan Lupin

          Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true. If you were to look, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something. If you can …

      • Chad Dudenhefer

        No it hasn’t you retard, you obviously have never held a S.C…….and it’s laughable that you post a link to snopes as your source LOLOLOL WOW America is in trouble….no matter how many times you post the same stupid comment it doesn’t make it any better, you are just showing your ignorance!

        • Arsan Lupin

          Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true. If you were to look, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

          Assuming you are capable of learning anything at all …

      • Burner

        So was Valerie Flame, but Scooter went to prison, anyway.

  • Jamie

    LOL. You don’t have sources in the Pentagon haha.

  • Daren Wunderlich

    The launch time information she stated must have had a (C) header on it and she thought that meant Common Knowledge.

    • disqus_pnXxBPirjv

      C stands for something else for that cunning stunt.

      • Norm Weaver

        HA! I see what you did there.

      • WonderBoy2

        The “C” word – very fitting for this thing of a woman. god help us all!

    • Tracey Sparks

      This is a direct threat to our safety. They need to do what they said needed to be done and detain her and question her to find out why she’s so gung ho on not keeping this country safe.

      • Tracey Sparks

        Then lock her up.

        • Guy Daley

          Who’s going to do it? The FBI?

          • Sam Morrison

            I think one of the branches of the military should arrest her..since it’s to do with our security

          • Guy Daley

            Yeah and guess who has her ass covered there? That’s right our Commander in Chief. What I want to know is who is going to protect Americans from her, once she’s president?

          • Ray Gibb

            George Soros!

          • Steve Amolsch

            Haha…good one.

        • Jonas

          Hillary Clinton needs to be chained to a wall in a deep, barely lit dungeon, and forgotten about. Leave her to the rats and creepy crawlies.

          • Mark Weis

            Rats and creepy crawlers? You must be talking about Trump

          • Pete Louisiana

            No he is talking about creepy people like you!! Who want this haphazard, dishonest butch for a president!! Please don’t confuse all Trump supporters with Killarys traitors that she wants in our house!!

          • konc2

            Talking about your family, but you knew that.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            No, Hillary and the demon crats-

          • JF

            No Jonas isn’t talking about Trump. He’s talking about Hillary. UGH!!!!

          • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            More paid trolls. Can’t wait until President TRUMP gets in – there will be a safespace shortage.

          • Kelly Woodford

            You’re in for a loooong wait.

          • Angelgirl54

            No, actually were are talking about Hillary and all who support her.

          • James

            This is not actual news. It’s a lie. Libertynews is a phony news site.

          • Terri Leedy

            Thanks for the update

          • Mike

            Then the actual video of her statement is something my imagination put on the computer screen and the voice of Hillary is not her voice but…….WHAT?!?!? James, don’t defend this anti American, liberal Democrat unless you know for sure what you are stating!

          • Kat51

            She is NO liberal. She is the same Goldwater Republican she always was.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            Goldwater was totally FOR the United States. One of the most effective advertisements against him was that last-minute (B & W of course) ad with the little girl picking daisies on a hillside and a nuclear blast mushroom cloud rising from just beyond that hill. Of course that was a lie, Goldwater was a Teddy Roosevelt style guy who understood that enemies don’t attack your strong points, but the weak ones. That is why he advocated a strong military. By show of strength, you AVERT, AVOID war.
            But the libs think it’s SMART to lie if it accomplishes your purpose. That was a major building block of Soviet Communism and the notorious Saul Alinsky method of subversion.

            Hillary is for becoming weak that even a little tin-horn Republilc could beat us! She is a total 180° opposite from Goldwater. You are probably too young to remember the Goldwater years in the Senate and then as Presidential candidate, but I was already in politics and had a family then. Goldwater was totally opposite to what Hillary is today — or ever has been.

          • ReluctorDominatus

            Kat51 knows full well and is simply engaging in a rather stale “progressive” tactic; obvious absurdity attracts any number of frustrated responses that will never pierce the ideology that yielded the comment i.e. you are wasting your time.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Typical progressive deflection, this time Cloward-Piven; just keep talking sxxx and don’t give the sucker the mike.

          • Rick Deacon

            Very well said

          • Deborah G

            The Philipeans is a prime example.

          • phroZac

            You could at least spell the name of the country right. Philippines.

          • Deborah G

            LOL I sure could have! Thanks for pointing that out. Spell check should be my friend. BTW? Einstein was an awful speller. I’ll use as my excuse (-:

          • Flame

            Goldwater was the first person for whom I ever cast a presidential vote!

            Well stated, Sam.

          • BillAz

            Amen, I knew Senator Goldwater and he was totally opposite of Secretary Clinton.

          • John Seitz

            Goldwater believed that organized religions were the biggest threat to American government. That is also the exact opposite of today’s republican party.

          • Temeculan

            Hmm…where are all the laws promulgated by the Republican run Congress stating that we need these ‘organized religions’ in our daily life? Where are the government decreed churches? What religion has become our official State Religion? Some of the Republicans in office may hold to the tenets of Christianity and feel that they are a solid foundation for a civil society, but they don’t go around forcing them down our throats. Once again, nice try.

          • texasken

            Oh. Really? Are you running around with Obama’s weed gang these days?

          • King o Nowhere

            You should try it. Might make you less angry. Square.

          • Temeculan

            Yeah, cuz weed makes ya smert and cool…go light up a blunt and eat some Doritos…let the adults take care of things, ok?

          • phroZac

            Weed is no worse than alcohol. Alcohol is the cause of much violence and death. Educate yourself and look up some facts. Don’t be a sheep.

          • Temeculan

            Hmm, the story didn’t refer to alcohol in any fashion…so my question to you is why do you think it’s relevant to remark on it at all? Oh, it’s not? Right, so go away.

          • ReluctorDominatus

            Absurd in the extreme; to equate Hillary with Goldwater is to say by extension there is no difference between Reagan and Obama. I am very interested in your logic and hope you will illuminate.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            He will only illuminate when torched.

          • Charlie Benghazi Blake


          • LiliGh

            ever occured to you that the response time is NOT a big secret or a big deal?

          • Humanman

            Except, let’s not kid ourselves, it is.

          • Will M.

            Except its been published for the whole world to see for years.

          • Jeff

            difference in suspecting and someone admitting it

          • Will M.

            Admitting it? Its been in print publication for decades. Every year another publication about nuclear weapons or war publishes it. The Union of Concerned Scientists published it most recently in January of this year.

          • Pamela Forristall

            But, let’s be extremely CLEAR, Will – IF the statement had been made by TRUMP….you would be requesting his execution at dawn. Sort of the same thing with HILLARY saying it was HORRIBLE that Trump might not concede the election if he loses. HUMMMM it was HILLARY’s husband who told Al Gore NOT TO CONCEDE….and the decision ultimately went to the Supreme Court. Those damn hanging chads – what a PAIN they were. And how SOON Hillary forgets.

          • Will M.

            That statement requires yoi to make an assumption that I am voting for Hillary or at the very least support her. You would be 100% wrong on BOTH accounts. I support NEITHER Trump nor Clinton. Facts are facts no matter who states them. If Trump had said them I would say the same thing. Public information is public information no matter who speaks of it. I have already cast my ballot for President and it did not include These two dispicable people. In fact I have not voted Democrate nor Republican in the last 6 elections and at the rate both parties are going that streak will continue for the foreseeable future.

          • julie s

            so you wasted your vote in the last 6 elections voting for someone that had a snowballs chance in purgatory, but it’s your vote to squander as you wish

          • John Seitz

            Julie that is what you will be doing, when you vote for Trump, who also does not have a snowballs chance in purgatory.

            When you wake up and see how “bigly” Donald Trump lost, you will recognize that my statement is true.

          • julie s

            “BIGLY”??????? uneducated moron, or trying to be funny/cute well you failed on both counts you are neither funny nor cute. FYI no one was talking to you, didn’t your mother teach you it is rude to speak when not spoken too?

          • William Carr

            Did your Mother teach you how the Internet works? You don’t get to exclude people who don’t agree with you.

          • Pamela Forristall

            So – why is there a ‘block’ button?????

          • Roller Rider

            “BIGLY” is Trump’s word. Now who’s the uneducated moron?
            (Hint: Look in your mirror)

          • Pamela Forristall

            He is saying ‘big league’….not bigly.

          • Liz Brown Burns

            have to jump in here ladies, it’s “big league” he says, NOT “bigly”

          • Pamela Forristall

            The way it is looking right now….IF Trump loses…it will be because of ‘BIG LEAGUE’ LEVELS OF DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD. The Dems and the Media are trying very hard to set the stage for yet another STOLEN ELECTION.

          • Will M.

            A vote is only wasted when its not cast.

          • Don

            Disagree – it is wasted if the person for whom you voted has absolutely no chance of winning. It has exactly the same effect as not voting. But, keep living in your fantasy world if that makes you feel good about yourself.

          • psmith

            to don ( to will m.) amen to that don!!! when you have to decide between the lesser of two evils it is an excruciating decision to make and this pres. election is the epitome of examples to that. to waste a vote is absolutely critical here.
            however, it is every citizens civic duty and responsibility to vote. i firmly believe that. i am over powering my own brain with all the information/research i can encounter to make my decision here. but, i will, even though it will definitely be the lesser of the two evils.


          • mommyforever

            Julie, a vote for a 3rd party isn’t a squandered vote. At the very least, it’s a statement that you refuse to be a sheep. Abraham Lincoln won at a 3rd party candidate as that election was the first year the Republican party was introduced. His success was possible because of the divisions inside the Democrat and Whig parties over the issue of slavery. I think we have some equally tense topics now that are dividing the 2 main parties from within again.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Don’t bother. This country is lousy with idiots who have redefined initiative and independence as the ability to decide for one’s self how and why to do precisely as told and in four years if/when these people are back whining about how their candidate let them down, used them and meant nothing she said in her campaign you’ll be making the same observations to them and they’ll whistle right by their heads the exact same way. The hardline from headquarters can’t download to their limited brains without exclusive access.

          • West_Coast_Patriot

            The Republican Party was not truly a third party as we know it. In the beginning, Jefferson and Adams formed the Democratic-Republican Party, which split, Jefferson naming his the Democratic Party, Adams became the National Republican’s. Adams party changed the name to the Whigs and before Lincoln, changed back, dropping National to call themselves Republican’s. So, they were not actually a third party, but had been around since the beginning, just under different names.

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            Shut the f up. People SHOULD VOTE ON POLICIES.

          • wpm131

            what is Aleppo? Hahahahahaha And you are bragging about it, hahahahahaha, I’m stupid sometimes too but I don’t brag about it. Hahahahahaha

          • Freedom

            If Trump loses this election, you won’t have to worry about who you will vote for. There will only be democrats in the white house for the next 50 years until generations who never knew real freedom decide to fight to regain the nations’ freedom from socialism and the NWO. .

          • William Carr

            In a sense, you’re right.

            When FDR rebuilt the Country after the Republican Crash of 1929, Republicans didn’t hold the White House again for 20 years.

            And then they had to run a really nice, moderate guy named Eisenhower, who was pro-union, pro-Social Security, pro-extending the Minimum Wage, and pro-equal pay for women.

            The Republican Party has once again screwed the pooch with the 2008 Bush Crash.

            Obama rebuilt the Country in about half the time FDR needed, and when people see the prosperity and STABILITY that comes from Democratic policies, the odds of there ever being another Republican President drop pretty low.

            You just don’t have it in you to go back to Eisenhower and start again.

            The Whig Party self-destructed in the 1850’s. Today it’s the Republican Party falling apart.

          • Bobby

            Umm what country are you living in? Kenya? Obama has certainly done Nothing to rebuild America. He has raised the national Debt from 9 to 18 Trillion, totally destroyed a healthcare system that people from all over the world came to in order to get decent health care from countries with socialized medicine, Brought unemployment up well over 25%, and changed how they report it so it looks like 5%, Destroyed our Military, made us the laughingstock of every country in the world, and that was just his first day need I go on?

          • joe.garwood

            Bill Clinton and Frank Raines caused the housing bubble in 1994, by relaxing the lending standards at fanni and freddi and by repealing the Glass Steagel act in his presidency during! Bush tried to stop it as reported by ABC, CBS and the N Y Times! .once again the liberal media has betrayed you!

          • Sue Long

            If Clinton wins this election we may never have to worry about who to vote for. She’ll run the country right into the ground and America may not even continue to exist.

          • phroZac

            Lol. And when in 4-8 years from now when everything is perfectly normal, what stories will you spin then?

          • Pamela Forristall

            Guess that depends on what one considers to be ‘normal’. Loss of our gun rights???? Open borders with unlimited immigration of virtually ‘anybody’ hoping to hop onto our social programs???? Unprecedented wholesale slaughter of even more full-term babies…literally ripped up in the uterus and sucked out in pieces??? I have read that HILLARY actually secretly wants Obamacare to fail – so that she can institute Universal healthcare – what she wanted YEARS ago. No thanks.

          • LDM

            Keep on lol phrozac
            YOU MUST WANT
            NO BORDERS
            FACTS DON’T LIE-
            *PEOPLE DO!
            Enjoy what YOU ASK FOR!

          • phroZac

            Who wants no borders? We have plenty border security now. A wall isn’t going to do anything but cost a lot of money.
            Massive influx of illegals? Haha. It’ll be the same as before. I’ve lived in TX, OK, NV, and soCal. Places with tons of perfectly nice Mexicans. You know, actual reality vs the one Trump is feeding you are vastly different. You are exactly the fearful sheep Trump wants.
            Economic collapse of epic proportions? Who actually wants that? Come back in 4 years and we’ll see. 😉
            The fact that we currently have a country after centuries of border security at or below our current levels proves you wrong. Always the sky is falling with you sheeple.

          • Rick Badgley

            Hey Ding-Dong we’re not worried about Mexicans as much as the 550,000 Syrian Refugees she’s proposing to bring in! these are not Women,children, elderly and people of persecuted religions either, 92% are men of military age,leaving their family behind! they’re shameless cowards that should be fighting to save their countries! Keep in mind, even if only 1% of them are Radicalized, that’s still 5500 terrorists operating in the U.S. Not to mention the burden 550,000 immigrants would be in the job market and on our dismal Education and Welfare Systems. Chew on that for a while!!!!

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Like they are now you mean? Eight years after hope and change?

          • Geoff Mallette

            You are right.

          • John Lagore

            Which actually means YOUR vote don’t mean SHIT, Wilburn…

          • Bobby

            A fool and their vote are soon parted.

          • ThatOldCop

            I see that you think you are smarter and better than everyone else in this country, both Republican and Democrat.
            There are those who would say that it is impossible for both candidates to be unelectable in the last 24 years. It must be hard being so much better than the rest of us.
            There is one thing possible in this election which has not been possible in the past 24 years. It is possible to elect someone for President who has zero experience in politics AND who plans to end the political status quo. Can that be said of whatever loser you voted for this year or for the 5 prior losers you voted for?
            How smug you must have been for lo so many years in your superiority to the rest of us poor Hobbits.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            The candidate you’re referring to has done more to ensure status quo than any candidate in history. And he was uniquely qualified to perform that device for headquarters. That’s why they got their media arm to prop him up in an appeal to the vapid who are experienced with confusing the Angelyne-like stylishly useless with actual value.

            No Americans ridicule the candidates who are really anti establishment and concerned above all with honesty and the welfare of citizens and the world. Character has no place in American politics. Tourettes though is a veritable gold card.

          • Rose1981

            Unfortunately you are wasting your vote. I’m not an avid fan of her opponent but there is NO WAY I’d waste a vote AGAINST “crooked hillary!”

          • Geoff Mallette

            Then why vote at all if you’re going to waste it?

          • James Garbe

            Will M. So in effect you have just announced to the world that you too are a complete idiot. To vote for anyone other than these two is just wasting your time. One will be in our Oval Office and if it is Clinton you will soon know the error of your ignorance!

          • Don

            Since you didn’t vote for either Clinton or Trump, but, instead for someone guaranteed to lose, you, for all practical matters, voted for whichever of the two wins. Congratulations!

          • Tim Dailey

            hillary forgets EVERYTHING. Remember?

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            I forgot.

          • Linda Wren

            Lol, ??

          • smdog

            Yeah, a liar needs an excellent memory.

          • Michael Anderson

            No. A GOOD Liar needs an excellent memory.

          • John Seitz

            The election was not certified until the Supreme Court made their ruling. Once it was certified, Gore accepted the results of the election, and conceded.

            He was on his way to concede originally, when Florida’s republican secretary of state, Katherine Harris called him and told him not to concede, because the closeness of the election in Florida, triggered an automatic recount.

            Al Gore never refused to concede certified election results. As soon as the Supreme Court ruled the recounts were finished, he conceded within an hour.

            You don’t seem to really know a lot about elections. Perhaps you should read up on this, before publicly advertising your ignorance.

            An election isn’t final, until the results have been certified. It was republican Katherine Harris who refused to certify the Florida election results until the recount was finished. Al Gore didn’t have a damn thing to do with those results not being certified.

            Since an election isn’t over until it has been certified, the question about whether or not Trump would accept the “final results” of an election, means after the election is certified, and considered “final.”

            Nobody asked Trump if he would refuse to concede prior to legally required recounts are completed.

          • del

            And did the Clinton administrative people also turn over their gov’t offices in an orderly process — “It (an Office of Administration report) listed
            missing building fixtures, such as doorknobs and a presidential seal;
            computer keyboards with missing “W” keys; damaged and overturned
            furniture; telephone lines pulled from the wall; telephones with missing
            telephone number labels; fax machines moved to the wrong areas and a
            secure telephone left open with the key in it; offices left in a state of
            “general trashing,” including the contents of desk drawers dumped on the
            floor, a glass desk top smashed and on the floor, and refrigerators
            unplugged with spoiled food; writing on the walls; and voice mail greetings
            that had obscene messages. The list also indicated that six to eight 14-foot
            trucks were needed to recover usable supplies that had been thrown away.”


            There’s a really dangerous element in the Democratic rank and file that their leadership either pays, eggs on, or can’t control. For a present day example, google Scott Foval who hire thugs to incite violence at Trumps rallies. Then Clinton’s campaign ‘deplored’ the violence.

            Remember that woman who claimed she was hit, who was going to sue for assault?
            — she was ‘birddogger’ hired by Foval.

          • Billie Weathers Taylor

            The recount of votes in 2000 between Bush and Gore in Florida was illegally stopped by the Supreme Court before the recount was completed. I do not say that Gore would have received the number of votes to turn the Electors to his side, just that SCOTUS acted prematurely to stop the recount. The Florida Supreme Court ordered the recount and the Federal Supreme Court had no right to overrule the decision. The same thing may happen in the 2016 election.

          • Whitfield McRory Palmer

            He probably would have won considering the uncounted votes were in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. I voted for the very first time in this election and it was in Palm Beach county. Now the DNC used very evil measures to keep Bernie from securing the nomination and I feel we will all face very severe danger when she takes her turn as President. I find her so sinister.

          • jbusm

            And they are already finding pockets of voter fraud. People and the media are stupid. Every person who have run for president has that power to concede or not to concede. What the hellos the big deal? Duh!

          • The 2000 Florida recount of votes in selected, heavily-Democratic counties was illegally extended by the Democrat-controlled Florida Supreme Court, in a blatant attempt to help Gore steal the election.

          • Beenhereawhile

            John, Semantics will get you everywhere. Just as I don’t ACCEPT the idiot who’s in the White House as anything but a ’empty shirt’ and titular head being driven by a huge political machine that has been out of control for too long, he is ‘certified’ as the POTUS. I don’t like his policies, his decisions, his programs or most any other things about him – just as you may not have liked Bush, or Slick Willy (with the slick willy), or Bush, etc.
            Forced ‘acceptance’ is not the same as willing acceptance; concession is a form of acceptance.
            Partisan Politics has polarized the political process to the point of paralysis.

          • Pamela Forristall

            ‘Nobody asked Trump if he would refuse to concede prior to legally required recounts are completed.’

            Exactly…so why is everyone making such a big DEAL about his reply – which was absolutely 100% on target. Anyone with an ounce of brains would have said the very same thing. Seems like Trump is usually RIGHT. Go Trump!

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            How could Katherine Harris have told Gore anything with the mouthful of Jeb she had to talk around? Amazing woman that one. A natural linguist. I don’t think I could do that.

          • Wesley Planthaber

            Pamela Not true though if it would have been commented by Trump it would have been a guess, because there would be no way for him to know yet.

          • Pamela Forristall

            I’m SURPRISED that Hillary remembered that fact and was ABLE to spill the beans. Generally…she does not ‘recall’ anything. Brain dead, I guess.

          • Shadow_58
          • Jeff Waters

            Yep, This is Hillary for you she does not recall !!

          • SJvet

            And let’s not forget Al Franken, who lost, but won anyway.

          • William Carr

            Except the Recount proved he won. Norm Coleman then sued, and sued, and sued…

            But the voters chose Franken, and finally the Courts shut Coleman down.

          • Roller Rider

            Even Republican elections superlawyer Ben Ginsberg allows that Franken won and he was one of the attorneys working for Coleman.

          • Keith Drown

            It was proved that at least 1300 felons voted and the courts allowed them

          • Pamela Forristall

            And the recounts proved that BUSH won. There were at least two independent non-partisan recounts undertaken after the election – and both showed Bush was the legitimate winner. So there you go….the voters chose FRANKEN. The voters chose BUSH.

          • Dee

            Let’s be clear that you can’t even do simple simple googling. *major eyeroll*

          • Pamela Forristall

            Actually, the Military response to her comment was not at all favorable: “And if you know information to be classified, and you’re a government official, even if it’s in the open source, even if it’s on the internet, you are not supposed to disclose it.”

            Regardless, Hillary – with her use of a private server, has shown a wanton disregard towards the protection of Classified information. She ‘claims’ that she did not know what the ‘C’ stood for. That is a blatant lie. She spent 8 years as First Lady, she was a Senator…and she was Secretary of State. And she can look us in the eye and state that she did not KNOW….I call BULLSHIT. Truth – she is LYING. Truth – she did not CARE. She was using a Private Server to conduct her unsavory Pay for Play misdeeds, and she did not think that she would get caught. Hillary, for some reason, thinks that she does not have to follow any rules – or even the LAWS of our Country – she is above it all. When she gets HACKED – she blames the HACKERS. Ludicrous.

            The pure fact is – Hillary cannot be trusted with ANY information, but especially CLASSIFIED or TOP SECRET information. She is working against our country. She is working only to enrich one family – the CLINTON family. She has been very successful as SOS in garnering huge contributions to the Clinton Foundation – in truth, a money laundering operation. What did she TRADE for those contributions? We know….our Uranium for one. We know….she bilked Haiti out of billions. What else has she done? She certainly did not accomplish one thing as SOS – but she sure did line her own pockets with untold millions – perhaps billions. IN FACT – today the Clinton Foundation transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar. I’m waiting with bated breath to hear what the ‘excuse’ is. Or is she just preparing…in case she has to make a ‘run for it’???

            Hillary is a crook and a criminal….and may just be a little bit like the MAFIA. She was fired from her job investigating NIXON for dishonesty. She was bilking people clear back in her Whitewater days. She conducted a shady Commodities deal. She hid the Rose Law Firm billing records. She stood and LIED to the American people about the Monica affair. Travelgate, Chinagate, Benghazi, with all her lies to cover her own rumpus…and that of Obama. And, then there are the suspicious deaths….lots of them!!! The woman does not have even one good quality to vote for. She has BILKED the people of the USA. She even stole art, furniture, rugs from OUR White House….and has done it AGAIN – stealing from the State Department! The list is so long, and she is guilty as sin on ALL COUNTS and we all know it. She won’t allow Bill to recognize his black son. How can that be??? Isn’t that racist? After all, Bill was called the First ‘BLACK’ President??? WOW. Won’t recognize his ‘black’ son or illegitimate daughter? And, she has the GALL to call the American people ‘racist’. This couple is absolutely the WORST, and I would never want either of them back in our White House. I certainly do not want a RAPIST and a PERVERT as our next ‘First Lady’. ‘major eyeroll’

          • Nancy Green

            Pamela Forristall – my thoughts exactly! … but you said it much better!!!

          • William Carr

            “HUMMMM it was HILLARY’s husband who told Al Gore NOT TO CONCEDE”

            Based on what ? Rumors?

            The hanging chads weren’t the problem.

            Purging 80,000 Democrats from the voting rolls within 90 days of the Election was the problem.

            See, the Florida Secretary of State got a list of convicted felons from Texas, and used it as an excuse to purge people in Florida with “similar” names.

            “Black” sounding names, to be more specific.

            These weren’t people who moved from Texas to Florida, but Kathleen Harris didn’t give a damn; she only needed the EXCUSE.

          • Roller Rider

            The butterfly ballot that confused thousands of voters in Palm Beach County who wanted to vote for Gore but instead voted for Buchanan also would have given Florida to Gore. Estimates are 3000-5000 Gore votes were cast for Buchanan.
            Meanwhile, to this day, I still am not confident that my ballot in Dade County was properly counted.

          • del

            How do you like this electronic voting machine in VA? No confusion on the part of the voter. It was ‘mis-calibrated’ to change the vote for a Rep candidate to a Dem.


          • Pamela Forristall

            NONE of us can EVER be sure that our votes are properly counted, because our system allows for too much voter fraud….and the CHEATERS make sure to take full advantage of it. WIKILEAKS are exposing the CHEATERS as we speak…and they are Democrats.

          • del

            And the Gov of VA, a Democrat, just tried to stuff the voter roles earlier this year by ‘restoring the voting rights of 206,000 felons’! (Initially it was reported as ONLY! 13,000). The courts said what he did wasn’t legal. Who knows how many of these people who should not legally be allowed to vote, registered between the time McAuliffe, a close friend of Hillary, declared they could and the courts said they could not. Who’s gone through the voter roles to remove these people?


          • Pamela Forristall

            Not to mention JERRY BROWN giving voter rights to illegals in CA. Every vote by an unqualified voter wipes out a citizen’s vote…but DEMS are too damn stupid to realize that, I guess.

          • Pamela Forristall

            Based on MY MEMORY of the events. Nearly ALL of the Dems were advising GORE ‘not to concede, but to demand recounts’. AND, if the ‘HANGING CHADS’ were not a problem…well, they certainly devoted a whole lot of time recounting them and the MSM sure plastered it up on the NEWS for a seemingly INTERMINABLE about of time. I guess they just aired all that day after day…night after night for the fun of it – they probably didn’t have anything else to talk about. I actually WISH my Secretary of State would take the time to purge the DEAD PEOPLE….just saying…..

          • Roller Rider

            No. Sorry. Not this time. In fact, if Trump had said that there’s only a 4 minute response time, it would have shown me that maybe he doesn’t deserve the F or 20% grade I give him on the commander in chief test. It would have proved that he at least had a clue after he revealed he had no idea what the nuclear triad was in the first place.

          • Pamela Forristall

            The Generals did not seem to be too happy with Hillary’s disclosure.

          • phroZac

            What disclosure? You mean the previously publicly available knowledge of America’s nuclear launch response times being 4-12 mins? What “Generals” do you refer to? You just another conservative stirring up more paranoia and fear?

          • Pamela Forristall

            I feel like it is my JOB to stir up fear when all this obvious bulls*** is going on. Unfortunately, it is an UNPAID position. We The People, especially Christians, have been silent for way too long, and corruption and outright EVIL have definitely spiraled out of control within our Government. The corruption is rampant and it appears that POLITICIANS are not even TRYING to keep it a secret anymore. Hillary sure had a grand time screwing over Americans when she was SOS!!! That sucking sound we hear is our Nation’s lifeblood being siphoned dry by the Vampires.

            To be sure, I have read several responses from Military personnel, one being General Flynn. Here are others:

            “Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief,” a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said. “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did.”

            According to Pentagon sources, the information Clinton disseminated publicly is Top Secret intelligence governed under the U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence. The specific details of the country’s nuclear response time discussed by Clinton, sources said, are only known by a handful of individuals outside top military brass…

            “Targeting options by ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles), air or sea, launch order, launch procedures and response are some of the most secretly guarded tenets of national security and nuclear war policy,” a Pentagon source said. “It’s truly incredible that (nuclear) response time as part of an ERO (Emergency Response Option) is now out there in the public domain to our adversaries.”

            In any case, it was reported that EVEN IF the information was on the internet, it should NOT be talked about openly by those ‘in the know’ because it IS classified information. So, HILLARY SCREWED UP. Just like she SCREWED up by disobeying the rules and laws covering her communications. She took it upon herself to do as she PLEASED with her emails, and in doing, she jeopardized the security of the USA. Julian Assange is doing the public a big favor….and as a JOURNALIST, he is actually DOING his job. He is investigating corruption within the Government and EXPOSING it. Somewhat like the journalists who exposed NIXON’S WATERGATE. Hummm – they were applauded by the Democrats, and held up as AWESOME. Now, instead, journalists conspire to COVER-UP the corruption and even participate in it. HARDLY admirable and NOT journalism. I will not support any of it.

          • pauldeholczer

            Al Gore DID concede when the Supreme Court ruled.

          • Pamela Forristall

            But – the question asked only if Trump would accept the vote of the people. It did not go into any details about….’after recounts, hanging chad recounts, or investigations into voter fraud are completed. He said he would keep us in ‘suspense’. Nothing wrong with that in my mind – as already there are indications of a ‘rigged’ election. We know that Hillary and the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie. That is fact, and Debby Wasserman Schultz stepped down because of that. There are already videos showing DEMS stuffing the ballot boxes across the country. There are already reports of voting machines that may be rigged in Hillary’s favor. We have proof of election tampering paid for by the DNC and HILLARY which send people to purposely perpetrate violent acts at Trump events in order to make the Republican voters look bad. The debates were obviously rigged, with Hillary receiving preferential treatment by the moderators AND receiving the questions ahead of time so she could perform better. WHY SHOULD Trump just roll over and CONCEDE the night of the election??? Think back to ROMNEY. We now know that there was extensive voter fraud in that election, but Romney did choose to concede – which was the WRONG decision. The instances of voter fraud began to roll out almost immediately. Obama did NOT win in 2012….he stole the election via voter fraud, and it is easily provable. Gore did not immediately concede. He was told by Bill Clinton NOT to concede. The conclusion played out over a period of time – and when he LOST all of the court challenges…he finally conceded. Trump has the same privileges to contest the election if things look like they have been rigged or there has been extensive voter fraud….and he should NOT just roll over and play dead for Hillary. GO TRUMP!

          • phroZac

            “Obama did NOT win in 2012….he stole the election via voter fraud, and it is easily provable.”

            Ok, since you have your tin foil hat on, please enlighten us. Or is it just sour apples that whenever your guy loses, it’s because of some conspiracy?

          • Pamela Forristall

            The various forms of voter fraud in 2012 is well known…and was widely reported. I will list a few. Somoli’s were bussed in to vote…illegally. In Nevada, massive numbers of illegals voted. In Colorado at least 10 counties were found to have from 108 to 133% of eligible registered voters placing a vote…in other words – up to one third more people voted than were REGISTERED to vote. In Ohio, rigged voting machines changed Romney votes to Obama votes – and some district showed that 100% of the vote went to Obama (come on – that would NEVER happen). Obama went out of his way to disqualify the military vote, of which the majority usually goes to the GOP candidate. He even filed a lawsuit against one group. A Military plane full of votes just happened to crash….oops….and another landed just one hour after the polls closed and the votes were disallowed. That is just what I can remember off the top of my head. It was later reported that approximately 6 million fraudulent votes were found. Speaking of sour grapes, I will remind you that the DEMS demanded recounts over ‘hanging chads’ – and still they would not accept the results and many, like HILLARY, still do not. SO – why are Republicans required to roll over and play dead????? IMO, if there is evidence of V/F in this election – and, basically, there already IS – it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and MARCH on Washington. The process needs to be cleaned up once and for all. The USA is being turned into a Third World Banana Republic by the CHEATERS.

          • Richard Schubert

            How true

          • phroZac

            Nope. Dems would have simply checked the facts and moved on. You guys pile onto a lie and proclaim it as proof of the devil. Pretty sad really.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid to attribute personal habits or traits to ideological boxes that aren’t even applicable options until the formative years of life are largely over. Wow. Your so called party defined and validated you before you could even join it? How laughable is that? Oh and I don’t belong to either of your witless political cliques so save the Conservative crap. Only thing worse than this would have been attributing your personal value and traits to your iPhone. SMFH

          • phroZac

            Yeah, I don’t belong to either “witless political clique” myself. Just basing that comment off of my experience with God-fearing conservatives. You shouldn’t be upset about my poor appraisal of conservatives, since you yourself aren’t one. Why so mad? You got your Muslim ban and you get to pollute the Earth even more to boot. You should be ecstatic!

          • keylover
          • Will M.

            I voted for Johnson/Weld.

          • Roller Rider

            Looks like that ticket should have been Weld/Johnson. Bill Weld is the far more informed and steady candidate. Johnson’s a nice guy and I wish him well. He’s just not CinC material. Neither are Trump, Stein, Sanders, or the entire gaggle of Republicans who didn’t win the nomination.
            The only other person who passes the CinC test was Democrat Jim Webb who has serious national security chops. But Webb never gained any traction.

          • Bobby

            No one said the mentally ill are not allowed to vote.

          • Will M.

            Don’t you feel like the fucking asshole. I voted for Johnson

          • Keet Hensley

            The other Psycho, Johnson, just don’t use the title Illegal around him.

          • Robin

            Link please.

          • angriestdogintheworld

            Forget it, Jake, it’s Contardtown.

          • John Lagore

            Where did YOU see it in print ?????

          • Dee
          • Jaybird

            It has always been an estimate, not actually factual. But it sure isn’t an estimate anymore.

          • Shadow_58

            Post your proof??????

          • Steve

            Will, the UCS pub for 2016 on Reducing the Risk of Nuclear War uses the words “couple” “Few”

          • John Seitz

            There is nothing “suspecting” about it. Anyone with something other than manuer where their brains are supposed to be, already know this.

            The department of defense has four minutes to contact the designated security advisor, who then has four minutes to decide whether or not to contact the President, who then has four minutes left in the twelve minutes it takes for a nuclear missile to be launched from a Russian submarine, until it hits the target, desinigrating the President, and any option ability to launch a counter strike.

            Perhaps you should read a book every once in a while Jeff.

          • Bobby

            If that was the truth, any country that wanted to could park a sub off the east coast and level half the country before we got an ok to shoot back. Try Again.

          • Robin

            where? Provide just one source, please. Just one.

          • Will M.

            Gee maybe you should learn to read. I’ve only posted it on this discussion like a dozen timws. But that’s ok, since you are too lazy to do any research I’ll post it again to enlighten your ignorance. “Hair Trigger” a report by The Union of Concerned Scientists. Here is a scrwen shot of the EXACT PAGE AND QUOTE.

          • Temeculan

            Umm, if you notice it states that they can ‘reportedly’ be launched….not definitively. Not ‘the DoD has categorically stated the time is 4 minutes’ instead of the ‘within 5 minutes’ stated in this article. I could say that, reportedly, they have 20 minutes, but it’s not proven to be a fact. Nice try, though.

          • Dee
          • Temeculan


          • phroZac

            Education? Oh, right, you prefer to eat up the rights’ propaganda than actual facts.

          • Temeculan

            Umm…he stated that he posted the exact quote he is referring to. So why would I need to read the whole article? You can waste your time any way you want to. Now go roll a hoop with a stick since that seems to be about what your intellectual heft can handle.

          • Bobby

            Do you actually READ this crap you are posting? “Can reportedly be launched” Reported by WHO? ohh just a reporters wild guess.

          • phroZac

            Wow. Seriously, Trump supporters need to learn how to read and think for themselves. The sources have been posted dozens of times in this thread alone. Use your noggin, Robin.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            If I post the definition of non sequitur will your Dem spidey sense start alerting you in time to avoid embarrassing yourself by making it clear how badly your arguments fare without that handy Trump crutch? Not that this is surprising given the state of your candidate’s viability without Trump to make a boogeyman of.

          • stellar1

            It has Never been published you freaking Moron

          • Will M.
          • Dee
          • Roller Rider

            Concede. You’ve already lost this one.

          • phroZac

            You are an idiot. Do you even read?

          • Jaybird

            No it has not been published for years. That is why it is rated SAP.

          • Dee
          • Shadow_58

            Post your proof????????

          • Will M.
          • Will M.

            Last section on the page.

          • Shadow_58

            Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.

          • That says a range of 5 – 15 – NOT 4

          • Roller Rider

            “Within 5 minutes”. And if you watch Crimson Tide, you’ll see why the response time for a missile sub is longer than land based missiles. There are multiple fail safe steps and procedures that must be followed exactly and each step takes time because all of the needed pieces are not all in one place on the sub. They’re scattered.

          • mamaw


          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Where’s the link. Don’t tell us what someone told you, or what you want to hear yourself say. If it’s published and in the public domain, and you’re declaring that, then you’ve seen it. Where?

          • eddieupchurch

            Where? Where has it been published?

          • joe.garwood

            No it has not been published! …and you can not find a single publication stating that the nuclear response times have been confirmed by state officials, which are about 4 minutes! …even Snopes got caught lying for Hillary!

          • mzjamiedawn

            Except, it’s not. It’s known fact, and has been for a while.

          • Jerry Johnson

            No – it’s known best estimate. There’s a world of difference! Publications have surmised it is in that ballpark but until it was announced by an absolute moron in front of the entire world it was still a best estimate. When all you have is a best estimate there is an element of caution that has to be in play. Clinton just removed that handicap from other nuclear powers who may wish us harm. She needs to be in Leavenworth, in isolation, for life.

          • Will M.

            Perhaps you should go back to the 80s and watch the broadcast Ronald Reagan made from the OVAL OFFIC E telling Gorbachev the US Nuclear Arsenal could be launched within 4 minutes of his order.

          • Dee

            You mean you have the best plan. The best that even yourself or the generals doesn’t know it? lol.

          • mzjamiedawn

            I wouldn’t disagree she needs to be in prison. Not for this, but for other things.

          • Temeculan

            Oh, I’m sure everyone knew the time…right. Well, don’t worry your hero has made sure they know it now. And she’s supposedly smart? Wow…

          • mzjamiedawn

            Only problem with your assumption, is that you’re wrong. She is not my hero. I can’t stand her. Didn’t vote for her, never would. I am just a lover of truth, no matter who the truth is “for”. This is why people shouldn’t assume things.

          • John Seitz

            No it’s not you dunderhead. Perhaps you should do some research Humanman, before publicly displaying your ignorance.

          • tttt9erfan

            John, why is it the only “reason” liberals can up with, when somebody dare disagree with them, is that they are ignorant, stupid, uneducated, have never cracked a book, etc.? Because I’m pretty sure it’s none of those things..I’m thinking it’s called “a difference of opinion”. i know liberals have a hard time wrapping their arms around that fact, but it’s true…the left doesn’t have a corner on the truth, and there are opinions equally legit as yours. (Some maybe even better!) You understand that don’t you?

          • Jane Elizabeth Nicolson

            Because? Those in power didn’t know? or because the average guy on the street is now aware?

          • William Carr

            It’s not a secret. It’s been well-known since 1979.

          • Roller Rider

            I knew this in 1969 when I was 14.

          • Roller Rider

            If you think it is, you only prove how little you actually know.
            Think. The Russians and the US developed the concept of M(utual)A(ssured)D(estruction) in the late ’50s. It’s a matter of simple physics and math to know how much time there is from when there is a launch detection and the order to launch a counter strike before the Russian warheads rain down on our cities and our missile fields. For a land based ICBM in Russia, that’s 25 minutes flight time. For a sub launched SLBM a few hundred to 1000 miles off our coasts, we’re looking at around 10 minutes flight time.

            And I have neither been in the military, an aerospace contractor, or anything other than a private citizen who has studied this stuff since I was a 6 year old watching John Glenn go into space. Not a single word is classified.

          • mahajohn

            Except no it’s not and no it’s not.

          • Janis Spinks

            No… it’s not. In the 50s and 60s we all knew what it was. It was no big secret

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Interesting considering the President of the country didn’t even know there was an atomic bomb for six years after it started development. A mere ten years later nuke details were water cooler talk, huh?

          • phroZac

            Then why has it been publicly known for years? What is the color of the sky over there in Crazytown?

          • Dave J.

            Unless Trump did it… then the libtards would agree that it’s a big deal.

          • John Seitz

            Ah, the strawman argument. The typical lost cause strategy, of the deplorable, who like Trump, can never admit they are wrong about anything.

            My sympathies to all who know you, if you ever get the idea in your head that a red light means go.

          • Sara Keysaw

            I’VE NEVER experienced Trump not owning something he did. He has not killed people
            I was serving during the Climyon administration

            NEVER AGAIN!

          • Temeculan

            It’s ok, your bumbling, forgetful, cavalier with national security candidate will come in and continue her screwing up as President. But you go right ahead and be happy with that.

          • westnlas

            I have not heard Trump making denials. He admitted his hot Mike comments. However, Hillary called Congress, the FBI, the Media and Americans all liars when she was shown on tape lying to Congress.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            The irony of the straw man concept coming up again near Trump’s name.

          • Sara Keysaw


          • Ann Keenan

            No. They apparently aren’t all that bright.

          • Kevin Stockman

            your fucking retarded

          • Shane Peters


          • phroZac

            Wrong, as Trump would say. You’re retarded, Kevin. Super retarded.


          • Kevin Stockman

            but I ain’t no pussy like you.GO TRUMP

          • Freedom

            Ever think that it is? If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been classified.

          • Dee

            Nobody said it’s classified. My unnamed source from the DOD said that.
            See? I cited the same as the article from unnamed source from Pentagon.

          • Jerry Johnson

            Ever occur to you that it IS?!!

          • joe.garwood

            Apparently, the pentagon thinks it is! …who are you kidding?

          • Dee

            Apparently the “anonymous source” who nobody can verify. It’s the same as Breitbart. Almost everything there is unnamed or anonymous sources.
            No. If the pentagon thinks it is then its spokesperson will come out and clear the air. Not some Unnamed source.

          • joe.garwood

            You may want to reevaluate your inaccurate statement after reading Lt. general Flynns and retired Lt. general Kellogs statements pertaining to Hillary’s stupid blunder? …Snopes, doesn’t even understand or have a working definition as to what nuclear response times are! …try again!

          • Sara Keysaw

            Huge deal

          • Robin

            and you know this because????????????

          • Valo

            No because military response times for thermal nuclear weapons is a BIG deal.

          • phroZac

            Yup. And that is why it was publicly known.


          • LiliGh

            because if there is a nuclear response, people have a chance to live, right?

          • Valo

            According to United States Marine Corps (USMC) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warfare training undertaken annually from 1998-2011, yes. If you disagree but have no professional military training to support your argument I doubt if I’ll respond to you LiliGh.

          • Jaybird

            It is a big deal. There are approximately only 6 people who knew this info, and most foreign countries didn’t have this info. Now the whole world knows it.

          • phroZac

            Lol. 6 people? Hahaha. You don’t know how to read do you?

          • Dee

            No my dear. Foreign policy magazine and yearly nuclear publication knew it. These are public publication. Not secret at all.
            It’s time to for you to take a look at it.

          • Suzanne Graziano

            I worked for the gov’t over 22 years and I never knew this timing of nuclear release until now and I worked among them. If that’s not confidential information or a big deal as you so graciously call it, then I certainly don’t know what is. I love it when people like yourself talk a big game and don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Best to keep your uneducated guess to yourself.

          • phroZac

            Then you weren’t very observant were you? Just because you were ignorant of a thing, doesn’t make a thing not true.

          • Dee

            That’s because you’re either not in that dept or you just simply not interested in it.
            Published just last year.

          • LiliGh

            Just because you did not know something, does not mean that it was a secret. Might just mean that its not true. Thanks for the characterisations, must have a bad day huh? Or just no class in general?

          • That GUY

            NOt a secret? Not a big deal? lemme ask you a question… Do you have a SAP clearance?

          • phroZac

            Don’t need to. Now be quiet and lick your wounds.


          • Dee

            Yes. Go see the nuclear publication. It’s yearly. With the timing.

          • Rick Badgley

            Did you not read and understand the article? Or are you just another Liberal twit swilling Obamas Kool-aide

          • LiliGh

            lol there are people outside your country who do not fit into the limited two parties you box yourself into, have you ever considered this?

          • westnlas

            Well, it sure isn’t now anyway

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Show us the paperwork. If rigid protocol Durant exist you should be able to prove that fairly early shouldn’t you?

          • joe.garwood

            Has it ever occurred to you, that the nuclear response times have only been guessed at (5 to 6 mins.) by publishers and never really confirmed! Even Snopes, doesn’t understand what nuclear response times are! You might try publishing a link in your defense!

          • JoannOwens

            No, but it’s not a secret. She did nothing wrong. She will be president.

          • Chris Lara

            EXACTLY, look at all these uneducated people harping over something meaningless.

          • gerbilcrusader

            You are the uneducated idiot. You obviously never served in the military or national security you dumb moron libtard. You are a national threat too like democrats who support Obama & Hillary.

          • Kessa Jo MialCara

            So, you are saying that you are really stupid, because you couldn’t have figured this out on your own? i would have guessed less than 5 minutes. But you are so stupid, you wouldn’t have been able to figure it out in less than a second?

          • Will M.
          • keylover

            Is this one of Hillary’s emails?

          • mzjamiedawn
          • truthshallsetufree

            wow 3 liberals in a row !!! Watch out…if you don’t agree with one ..they get NASSSSTY

          • Wayne

            I served for 10 years… Late 60’s/early 70’s.. Had TS clearance for communications and comm equipment access. .. There’s nothing secret about nuclear response times. It’s widely known and often cited. Just as the contents of the nuclear football.. the one of 5 milaides that carries it and the procedures involved in a nuclear launch.. all common knowledge. People accusing Clinton of divulging secret info when saying 4 minutes might want to check it out. and 4 minutes is a low estimate.

          • Geoff Mallette


          • King o Nowhere

            Funny isn’t it? Angry, gullible and too lazy to look anything up. The only thing NOT funny is how many there are. SMH.

          • PDickey

            I know what you mean, Chris I sure hope we can get hillary in there so she can finish the destruction of our country. I’m looking forward to the continuation of open borders, and I’m going to be able to increase my chances of dying from Islamic terrorism. Can’t wait.

          • John Seitz

            PDickey, an inrease in the chances of you dying, isn’t something that would concern most people. I know I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

          • Temeculan

            How come your mom didn’t choose to empower herself regarding her reproductive rights and abort you? What a lost chance for society as a whole.

          • Eddie Evans

            Are you qualified to determine what’s secret and what’s not?

          • King o Nowhere

            Oh my Gawd, Google it! Do a bit of research! It’s information that is already out there.

          • Freedom

            To speculate is one thing. To have the former secretary of defense blurt out the actual numbers is another.

          • phroZac

            Who is speculating??? You sheep need to use your heads and not just eat the propaganda.


          • hiway280z

            It is not a secret now. She told the world

          • Will M.

            It never was a secret

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Since you are too ignorant to differentiate between a fact (or factoid) and a classified item you cannot be trusted with either. Turn in your ballot blank.

          • Eric Mikesell

            You can’t possibly be that ignorant.

          • Temeculan

            With people who think like you around, that’s unfortunately a possibility.

          • Buck Ofama

            Ha! Ha! Ha! Catch the news, idiot?


            Another of your stupid posts that didn’t age well, not well at all.


          • Bnkybby124

            Maybe everyone needs to make sure they know what they are talking about before speaking. The launch time as well as other launch information was published back in Aug. And by my calculations, August is before October so no, Hillary didn’t leak any classified information last night…..

          • capmike1

            “Mind you, it has to happen quickly, because the time on a missile is very fast,” saying it could take as little as five to six minutes for a nuclear warhead to hit Washington, D.C. or New York City.”

            Definitely not the same thing as “it takes us 4 minutes to launch a nuke”

          • Will M.

            Actually it was published even longer ago than that. YEARS earlier.

          • Ann Keenan

            We all heard what she said. The point is that she didn’t give away anything secrets. Stop getting your info from fake news sites and actually read. It will help you stop making a fool of yourself.

          • julie s

            James and LiliGh seem to be devoid of both education and common sense

          • Travis Pendell

            She is far from a “liberal democrat” when it comes to her actions on foreign policy and economic policy. There are plenty of true liberals that despise Hillary. It’s just a stupid move in general for the right to lump her in as “shitty because she is liberal” since she has so much hate from the true progressives. If you want to steal votes from Jill stein (or even killary) you are probably better off not insulting the people you NEED to win.

          • LC

            This is a total fabrication, it is know information that has already been divulged plenty of times. The pentagon is not mad and this isnt classified. I dont endorse her but lets get facts together here,

          • John Seitz

            There is nothing classifed about anything she said concerning nuclear response times. It is public information, and has been for more than 40 years, you brainless cousin screwer.

            It takes 12 minutes for a nuclear missile to be launched from a Russian submarine, until it hits its target.

            The President designates one of his security advisors as the person to decide whether or not to tell the President. So the defense department has four minutes to contact the designated security advisor, who in turn has four minutes to decide whether or not to notify the President, who in turn has four minutes to decide whether or not to launch a counter attack, before being desinigrated by the Russian first strike.

            This has been common knowledge since the early 1970’s to anyone who has actually read a book in their lifetime.

            Mike, you appear to be quite stupid and sheeplike for believing this nonsense.

          • Wesley Planthaber

            John Seitz. You seem rather short on information. Common sense you quote on so many posts, but here is a question. You say “It takes 12 minutes for a nuclear missile to be launched from a Russian submarine, until it hits its target.” Common sense tells me you are wrong because unlike your opinions and talking points a Russian Sub is movable, so thus the response time would vary. Washington DC is basically on the coast and a Russian sub would be in international water 200 miles from DC. Are you trying to say when a launch hits radar it will take 12 minutes to get to DC? Please maybe if it flies at half the speed of smell. Bottom line: If it is OK she won’t hear a thing about it; if it is classified and inappropriate she will be arrested. After all the stink I would find it very unlikely it would not be charged. So I say wait it will work out. No name calling needed. No one is a moron, idiot, or fool. It is a classic case of opinions that mostly line up with a political point of view.

          • phroZac

            Don’t worry, Wes. This info, as previously stated, is public knowledge and not a big deal that she reiterated the fact. Conservative propaganda is counting on their uneducated masses to eat up the tailored reality they serve and get all agitated.


          • Hiram Abiff

            “Brainless cousin screwer” is the best thing I’ve read in a while. Literal laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

            These people make me sick. Anyone who isn’t completely uneducated like them is instantly a “libtard.” Not sure how you get to be so out of touch with reality. Oh well. Guess it’s good for the mobile home/RV industry.

          • Dee

            Because the information all over the internet??? Come on. Don’t be a sheep and take everything for real….. Kinda sad you’re so lazy when you’re already on the internet.

          • Roller Rider

            We all saw and heard her say 4 minutes.
            What you are too ignorant to understand is that the response time has been well known since the early 1960’s when ICBMs were first deployed by both sides. And the fact that so many of you are this blind is proof that science and math are subjects that are no longer taught in our schools to the levels they were taught during the space race.

          • pauldeholczer

            “Hillary blurted out important secrets about nuclear launch codes and times!”

            It was such a huge, classified secret that a news site published it last month — with graphics so even a Trump fan could understand it.


          • phroZac

            You should be sure about what youre stating, Mike. You are wrong. How’s that feel?

          • chris

            I watched her say it in the debate last night on national television. whether or not it is classified info I don’t know

          • sonoitabear
          • Alphonzo Di Greggorio

            Sorry but Snopes has been shown to have liberal leanings. Anything they say about the election is not believable.

          • Kat51

            not liberal leanings, but Clinton leanings. Which means Right leaning liars.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            Kat51, your ignorance of truth and of facts is showing. Why don’t you show wisdom and not make statements most people with common sense know are false?

          • Hockeynut

            Always the excuse, don’t like the facts? The source is “liberal” or “left-leaning”

          • Humanman

            I had faith in snopes until early this week. Then I was witness to a claim being made as it occurred, and then I was witness to snopes subtly altering the statement of the claim to debunk it (the new claim). I was able to look.past politics in the name of truth, but when snopes doesn’t even provide that, I see no reason to go there anymore.

          • Marie Noybn

            i have seen them do that before, making it seem like something is false when they simply changed the wording.

          • Kelly Woodford

            one of the people who posted to Twitter saying it wasn’t in any way classified was nuclear security expert Joe Cirincione. I’ll believe him before anything else.

          • tmfark

            Sorry but deigning the facts that Snopes cites just points out your obvious RW deignal of facts .

          • Marie Noybn

            do you even english? I THINK you mean denying and denial… i think…

          • Hiram Abiff

            “Do you even English?”

            Do YOU? “Deigning” is a word, dipshit.

          • NG4

            Except that the snopes article has links to several articles that show it being posted on the web in articles going back quite a ways.
            This info isn’t new.
            “Of the ICBM force, nearly all (98%) of the 450 missiles are on high alert at any given time, capable of launching within five minutes of the president issuing the launch codes.”



            Here: Published a couple of months back…


          • Humanman

            How can this be proving the information is public? The snopes reference discusses time capabilities, whereas the Clinton claim regards the minimum time (which is less than the capabilities cited, so no, not even the capabilities are disclosed) as well as the notion that once that ball is rolling the chances of stopping it are slim.

          • phroZac

            Oh boy. Enforcing your ignorance. The Snopes post references actual publications containing this info. Snopes isn’t making this stuff up.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            Snopes ia a husband and wife liberal team devoted to trying to come up with ways to use facts, minus related facts, to support what they want to support. It has been at least 4 election cycles I have seen people use
            Snopes, Fact Check and Politico’s “Pants on Fire” sources but if you know where these people are coming from, you should know you get only half-truths positioned to create a lie while havinf=g what seems like docmentary proof. If you check out their root source you find the overall information does not agree with most of the things they claim.

          • Richard Murrison

            I would say yes , but does it matter now.

          • Colon Sanders

            Its highly classified not one president has ever confirmed this and only presidents and there generals should know this obviously her husband clued her in when he was president or the security briefings for soon to be presidents are informed. Otherwise need to know basis when did she need to know this.

          • TAM7077

            hmmmmm then why did I already know it was under 5 minutes. Just a normal person…

          • Kelly Woodford

            Because it’s been public knowledge for decades?

          • Glenn Moore

            Oh God, Next thing you know, she will let it get out that Duck and Cover doesn’t Work.

          • tomcsy44

            Because you are a genius in your own mind.

          • Glenn Moore

            I can neither Confirm, nor deny,….. But If you want to know, Just ask Hillary!

          • Richard Murrison

            she should have never said this.

          • JoannOwens

            Because you probably read it in numerous books on the subject. Not a secret unless you are an most on here.

          • ReluctorDominatus

            You didn’t know but were just estimating as our potential enemies do on a regular basis whenever a new weapons system or comand and control comes online.

          • Kelly Woodford

            It’s not in any way classified. Stop lying.

          • carol

            Good to know it’s not 10 minutes…!! What’s the big deal!!! Faster the better….Maybe we can get it down to 1 minute!! Let them wonder!!! Really!!!!!

          • norinco

            Yeah…everybody ask snopes….a Soros funded rag that has donated millions to Kilinton’s campaign…no conflict of interest here ….and don’t forget they say that there is not a SMIDGEN of proof in ANY liberal scandal

          • Evangelical2

            Yawn, another trump-phaggot can’t refute the facts.

          • Will M.
          • phroZac

            So even when Snopes identifies the actual publications where this info has been previously revealed, you still refuse to accept it? Typical Trump sheep. You probably refuse the science behind global warming and the moon landings. Did you know that the Earth isn’t flat? It’s a spheroid.

          • Charlie Benghazi Blake

            Yeah, we will ask snopes, right…they are sooo reliable..George soros funded

          • phroZac

            Just because it’s funded by someone you see as an enemy, doesn’t negate the facts. Snopes isn’t creating this info from the ether. It’s pointing you to the publications where this info was already revealed in years prior.

          • 2010K

            oh yes, go to snopes…sheesh!

          • Evangelical2

            Refute the facts Snopes presents or shut the fuchk up.

          • 2010K

            right, snopes. sure. eye-roll

          • King o Nowhere

            Or Politifact. Or a library. It’s called “research.”

          • King o Nowhere

            THIS ^^^^^^!

          • Pat

            How did she get this info now?

          • Edmundo Carlos Verde

            She’s the secretary of state. She’s read into that information.

          • Richard Christiansen

            CORRECTION, she WAS Secretary of State!!

          • JoannOwens

            You can read about it in many publications about nuclear war. It’s not an effing secret. Just wishing trump had won. He didn’t. Have a glass of whine and relax.

          • Humanman

            If it’s so freely distributed, can you please point to a source that says with certainty the duration of the launch orders protocols?

          • Bnkybby124
          • Humanman

            This does indeed say how long it would take an adversary’s missile to reach DC or NYC, but does not state how long it would take us to go from order to launch. My other concern is that Hillary gave the impression this would be hard to stop, which I will concede, this article also seems to show as well. I’ll give her a pass on that one.

          • Humanman

            Oh and lest I forget again…CNN has about as much credibility as this site. After what I’ve read with my own eyes over the last week, I would not be surprised if this story was put out to spevifically Aiden Hillary in making this ‘speech’ that she made in attempts to showcase her insider knowledge.

          • Humanman

            This would not be the first time she was found in possession of SAP details she should not have had.

          • Will M.

            Hair Trigger by The Union of Concerned Scientists.

          • Freedom

            I also watched last night’s debate and I heard/saw her say it. Donald Trump then made a strong comment that our enemies must be very happy to now know what our response time is. He was obviously disgusted with her leak.

          • RocRizzo

            And how does one defend against a nuclear attack?

          • Lenny Purcell

            Patriot Missles

          • RocRizzo

            That is bovine fecal matter and you know it!

          • RocRizzo

            Patriot missles fail! See:
            If they missed SCUD missiles, they surely would miss nukes.

          • Will M.

            M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction. There is no defense just retaliation.

          • gloria

            well said…and true… Shameful for one who is thinking of being a president..

          • phroZac

            Shameful that Trump didn’t know this. Especially as he was briefed about our Nuclear program. Hillary didn’t make any mistake here at all.


          • Richard Murrison

            would you like to know how much time you would have to launch war heads at America, I know I would. 4 minutes is a long time for a responce time . I am sure our enemy’s were glad to hear this.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            The response time is calculated in the event the Soviets/Russians launch SLBMS. They’re well aware of this and have been for decades. Had the Soviets been successful in deploying IRBMS in Cuba we’d have been in deep kimchi. Also had we not banned FOBs we’d also have been between a rock and a hard place.

            Still, as a former Sec. of State, Clinton shouldn’t have revealed this. She still holds a TS SI SCI SAP security clearance, albeit retired, and is under certain restrictions.

          • John Mark Hunter

            Argle bargle Roberto

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            If you can’t understand what I wrote then just admit your lack of comprehension.

          • 2010K

            Some of the Senators, in light of more documents revealed, are again seeking to have her security clearance removed. She is a high risk to the security of this country simply because she believes the rules don’t apply to her. Either she thinks the rules don’t apply or she’s really, really stupid. IDK which it is. I’m inclined to believe it is her vanity.

          • King o Nowhere


          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            I also think they should revoke her security access. Worse than that, I believe she’s a traitor as defined by the Constitution.

          • Will M.

            All you need to do is google it. The info has been out there for years. It isn’t classified information. The US released it so the world would fear Nuclear war until Russia tried to park those nukes in Cuba. Then the world held its breath.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            As I wrote, this has been known for decades. However, there’s a difference between information being generally known and being CONFIRMED by a government official. For instance, you can learn what bases have nuclear weapons on them but it’s not permitted for an official to confirm or deny it.

          • Will M.

            They already k.ew this. Its been published for years.

          • King o Nowhere

            You’re a special kind of ignorant if you don’t think Russia already knows this.

          • JoannOwens

            No leak. No secret. Been published in books. He’s disgusting. Not disgusted.

          • Gabe Valdez

            Typical Liberal………So why not reference the “Books” it’s published in. ??

          • Will M.

            Ok Hair Trigger by the Union of Concerned Scientists for one.

          • phroZac

            Here’s the cliff’s notes for you.


          • Bnkybby124

            It was already public information published back in August and not by Clinton….

          • King o Nowhere

            He’s just jelly that he doesn’t have any idea how the military works.

          • Ann Keenan

            That’s because Trump is a moron & doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          • phroZac

            What leak? I heard her repeat info that’s been around for decades. What did you hear? I heard that Trump again, revealed his ignorance. It’s a dangerous thing to vote Trump, as you’re intentionally putting a fussy moron in office. A toddler with a loaded gun.

          • SHORTSTUFF1

            I do not think this is COMMON KNOWLEDGE…….Some things even idiots know are not to be shared!!!!! I know if someone was breaking into my house and it would take police 2 minutes to get there….I WOULD NOT announce it on NATIONAL TV…..This is stupid!!!!

          • NG4

            This info isn’t new.

            “Of the ICBM force, nearly all (98%) of the 450 missiles are on high alert at any given time, capable of launching within five minutes of the president issuing the launch codes.”




          • Humanman

            Capabilities are not verified procedure and timelines.

          • Marie Noybn

            WITHIN five minutes is very different from “it takes four minutes” one is a maximum which could imply much less, the other is a close approximation which allows the enemy to precisely time attacks and know how long they have before they can be hit back. I dont care if everyone and his dog knew this, she still shouldnt have been talking about it. Loose lips sink ships.

          • King o Nowhere

            You’re dumb. Google it.

          • Last one

            I doubt that general number is classfied. 60 minutes and other shows about nuke codes have reported this long befor the debate. it is not new information.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            You’re right, it’s been reported but not as official fact by a high level civilian administration official. I knew of this in the late 60s onward. But then I sat alert at a SAC base.

            By the way, this is unofficial, but her comment that a presidential order to launch is mandatory isn’t quite correct. It’s complicated, but there’re safeguards to prevent a president gone over the edge from making a tragic mistake. Just consider what Gen. Haig said during the last days Nixon was in office. It cost him his shot at running fro president but it assured our enemies that there were safeguards.

          • NG4

            This info isn’t new.

            “Of the ICBM force, nearly all (98%) of the 450 missiles are on high alert at any given time, capable of launching within five minutes of the president issuing the launch codes.”




          • Humanman

            She’s given us the exact time now, as well as the impression that it’s hard to stop once it’s started.

          • Last one

            How do you know her number is the real exact time? Its within the range thats been public information for years. She could have picked any number in the range for her example. Not to mention all the factors that could change the number. I highly doubt her example is an exact time.

          • NG4

            This info isn’t new.

            “Of the ICBM force, nearly all (98%) of the 450 missiles are on high alert at any given time, capable of launching within five minutes of the president issuing the launch codes.”



            Here: Published a couple of months back…


          • Sue

            It’s not!

          • acaliforniajoe

            Regardless, it is still better than having that inept, totally unfit Buffoon Donald J Trump with his little hand on the nuclear button!

          • Bnkybby124

            It is not. the information along with other nuclear launch information was published way back n August and not by Hillary……

          • Bnkybby124

            It is not. the information was published back in August and not by Clinton either.

          • PainBomb


          • Angelgirl54

            Did you even WATCH the live debate? I DID!

          • Colleen Hunt

            Then you obviously didn’t watch the 3rd debate, and you didn’t even read this article.

          • Michelle McKay

            Okay I live in Canada and obviously not able to vote but have watched what I could of the Debates so obviously YOU James have not.I don’t know about this website but I seeing as I WATCHED it on TV yeah its true and you should pay more attention to you own political debates going on to who will be your 45th President.And though Trump may not be the Best choice period when you put him beside Clinton Trump IS your only choice.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            Hear ye, Hear ye! Our Canadian friend’s words of wisdom.

          • Pat

            I’m here and Canada and know Trump is the only hope!

          • Glenn Moore

            Come Vote, They Let the Mexicans, without an ID, Why Not the Canadians too? But I will tell you this, If Hillary wins, You may want to demand a wall, and Make her pay for it. Just saying.

          • Michael Rocker

            Go back in your Igloo

          • Michelle McKay

            How about you go back to school and learn about manners.

          • brian barton


          • Michael Rocker

            I don’t need to go back to school and learn about manners. when you even admit you live in Canada and can’t vote in MY country who are you to go spouting off at the mouth as to who to vote for. People here in the US could give 2 shits who your PM is considering Canada is still loyal to England. Remember what the R stands for in RCMP, RCAF and the RC Navy. We stopped paying taxes to the Monarchy. It was called The Boston Tea Party

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Not even Eskimos live in igloos except when hunting or during emergencies.

          • brian barton

            AMEN,,,,FROM AN ALASKAN,,,, from the village of KINK!!!!

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Where’s Kink located? I lived near Fairbanks.

          • brian barton

            Across the inlet from Anchorage.. i lived there 15 years,,, i now ” unhappily live in butf#ck butler PA,,, i had a stroke, and listed to my sister, and moved back to PA,,, IT REALLY BLOWS HERE,,its a REAL depressed part of the state…

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            We had hoped to settle in Homer but couldn’t afford it. Retired out of Offutt AFB near Omaha. It’s a nice area but a little flat.

          • Humanman

            “Check your privilege”, I believe, is how the saying goes.

          • PK

            Michelle come over and vote,, all is welcome in this election
            Lol. Just don’t forget to vote Trump-Pence

          • Michelle McKay

            Believe me if we Canadians Could come vote there are a LOT who would vote Trump.We are Dealing with Trudeau and who ever gets voted in there well have an effect on what goes on here to an extent.

          • brian barton


          • RickNau

            I appreciate reading your comment michelle. It is nice to get an outsiders take on it. I mean it no sarcasm.

          • brian barton

            RIGHT ON!!!

          • skelnav88

            So the video is bogus? Or is it just you?

          • Hiram Abiff

            These are the dumbest people in society.

          • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            No – the democrats are the most CORRUPT people on EARTH.

          • RocRizzo

            They learned everything that they know from the RepubliCONs.

          • Kelly Woodford

            And yet, the proven bigger liar is the Republican candidate. Huh, go figure.

          • disqus_iu4fv1wsC0

            Really? The only one who has been criminally investigated, and determined by the director of that agency to have lied under oath, to the FBI has been Clinton. Go figure how you failed to grasp that.

          • Yeahisaidit.

            No it is not.

          • Steve Dodge

            Are you a moron by birth or did you work at being one. It was on live T.V.. Get a clue partner they sell them at Wal-Mart by the jewelry counter for $10.95 I think.

          • phroZac

            No. He just knows as did I and anyone else who reads and pays attention, that this time estimate has been public for DECADES. Are you Trumpies really so gullible?? Oh, wait. Obviously.

          • Janice Pushinsky

            To the Deplorables it’s their news (lies)

          • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            Obviously you were too drunk or drugged out to watch the debate last night – she said EXACTLY THAT. Now go tell momma to give you your pittance for trolling.

          • phroZac

            Nothing wrong with what she said. It’s been public for ages. What is more alarming is that Trump didn’t know. He’s an imbecile.

          • Ken Tole

            this is news. it was live on the debate. shut up and pay attention.

          • Jolene

            well james I watched the debate twice had to because I was so pissed the first time with all the lies and non anwers from her I kept yelling at the TV so the second time I watched I listened, she said this from her own lips.

          • phroZac

            Did the lies and non answers from Trump not bother you at all?

          • Askushi Zani

            James STFU, she said it moron

          • bob riffle

            Phony? open your eyes !!!!!

          • Sam Pondet

            Thank you for Correcting the Record! Your account has now been deposited 0.05¢

          • Freedom

            Actually, it’s the truth. I heard her say it during last night’s debate. She was on a verbal roll, trying to show how much Trump didn’t know…. and she shoved it out there into the public arena while she was motor-mouthing away trying to show how much she, herself, knew. Trump made a strong comment about thanking her for letting our country’s enemies know what our response time now is. He said he bets our enemies are thrilled she just told them.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            I’ve never been a Trump fan, but Trump showed great superiority last night by his response to Hillary’s “…show-off how smart I am,” gaffe.
            As I said earlier, she should have immediately been handcuffed by security and led away to a secure jail cell. “Aiding and abetting an enemy,” is a firing squad offense and so is Treason. both of which that one brief statement was!
            And C-Span is just about the most accurate source for news on government.

            And HOW MANY witnesses just on this column both SAW and HEARD Hillary give away national Defense secrets? Most courts consider 2 or 3 witnesses all agreeing on the fact to be enough to convict!

          • Douglas K

            I heard her say it last night in the debate and thought that was wrong of her to say then. Probably a good idea if you stay off the comment sections and read up on what is actually happening buddy. Lots of angry rebuttals to you on here now.

          • Samuel M. Smith

            Factually correct rebuttals. I repeat what I said to Kat51, James, your ignorance of truth and of facts is showing. Why don’t you show wisdom and not make statements most people with common sense know are false?

          • Becky Hall Pamplin

            James, it IS actual news. I watched the debate and she DID say it. She can’t lie her way out of this one.

          • Kelly Woodford

            She wouldn’t have to, it’s not classified, it’s been common knowledge since the ’60’s.

          • kb

            you obviously did not watch the debate last night???

          • Samuel M. Smith

            C-Span is about as accurate as any news you can get, PERIOD. Something like that gaffe was to be expected based on Hillary’s track record from the 1980’s to today.

          • Reid

            You mean CNN and CSNBC are phony news sites.

          • right

            I saw her tell the world this top secret information. Wake up.

          • Irma Herrera

            And your point is??? Can you give me one unbiased reliable news source??? NO, you can’t, just because you love a corrupt politician does not make the truth go away

          • Never Hillary

            So we all watched her on live TV not say this? Were you watching the same debate everyone else was?

          • bassetluv

            Hey shit for brains, the whole world saw her say it live and you still want to deny it. Eat a Glock.

          • Leon Pollock

            The idiot announced this on national television world wide ,you have to be one of the democratic sheep if you refuse to believe what has been printed was exactly what she said !!!!!

          • liberals suck

            Ok fucktard..then you didn’t watch the debate..James is a killory troll

          • YesMan

            James where do you come up with your bullshit??

          • SYG

            What’s a lie? Clarify please your comment?

          • disqus_43C62norsE


          • Lenny Purcell

            Watch the debate Einstein!!

          • Charlie Benghazi Blake

            It’s only a phony site to liberals…because you are a Killary lover…I heard her say it as did millions of people I am sure…How can this be denied and you call it phony…libtard

          • Deborah G

            The video was directly from the Debate. I heard it 4 minutes she has no business in the WH

          • phroZac

            Trump has no business in the WH.

          • Deborah G

            I’ll take that bet. He is better than a lying Political Whore

          • Geoff Mallette

            How do you remember to breath without a brain.

          • phroZac

            How do you? Don’t be a sheep.

          • Geoff Mallette

            Sorry pal I’m a proud republican and not a democratic sheep like yourself.

          • truthshallsetufree

            its a lie?? funny I watched it during the debate.and my brother who is in intelligence for the US Army said EVERYONE in the military could not believe she said that!!!

          • phroZac

            Everyone? Not my Dad. Not my coworker. I work in videogame development. What Hillary said is public knowledge since the 60’s.

          • Flame

            I heard it replayed this afternoon on the Larry Elder show.

          • keylover

            Hey James there’s a video did you not watch the debates she said it there too!!! lmao

          • Vincent Lordo

            Hey jackass did you watch the debate? Hate to break it to you but she said that…. and I hope she gets locked up for it!

          • phroZac

            Why would they lock her up for what she said?

          • Freedom

            James, I watched the debate. She said it. Loud and clear. She was trying to convince everyone that Trump didn’t know what to do due to lack of experience dealing with the military. She then proceeded to tell us what the correct procedures are for a president when another country launches it’s nukes at us. She ran her mouth and put her own foot in it. She proved she is UNFIT to be president, right there. In the heat of the moment she loses her ability to keep classified information safe.

          • phroZac

            How does she prove herself unfit when she knew the procedure and that that procedure was already freely available public knowledge? Info that Trump was ignorant of? I think this is a clear case of her showing that Trump is again, not fit to be President.

          • Perry Menagha

            Watch the debate dude- it happened…

          • Sara Keysaw

            This is FACT! Your one of those people..fogged glasses

          • Jon G.

            James, She said exactly those words on live television!!!! Why don’t you look and see for yourself? Even you should no that is classified.

          • Robin

            But the content is 100% in the public domain. She spoke the words on live TV so however much you dislike this site, it is the truth.

          • bill

            But I’m just sure this is the officials at the Pentagon really feel about her. She’s a walking disaster, as far as intel.

          • Sherine

            No it’s Not! click on this link.

          • Sherine

            Liberty News IS a real news site. Click on this link and read about it.

          • Just as much as Huffington post

          • Tina Jewett Raspe

            you obviously didn’t watch the debate.

          • phroZac

            You obviously don’t read.

          • Jim Dahlberg

            What is the lie? Did Hillary say those words or were they dub in? Was what Hillary said common news everybody knew about?

          • Jodie Michael

            so the Debate was a lie and I sat here a heard just those same words come from her own mouth

          • tswiftfan

            there was video

          • Rich Bawol

            r u that stupid? She made the comment on live TV. Pull your head out of your ass. Nobody made this time up. Killary stated it!

          • phroZac

            And it was already public knowledge since the 60’s. r u stupid?

          • Patty Markley

            Well on CNN a representative from the Pentagon said that she should not have done it. It is considered Classifed. CNN=Clinton News Network so I’m quite sure they were hoping that she would say no big deal but she in fact did not. CNN not a phony news site at least in liberal eyes since it is their main source of news.

          • Kayle

            Actually James, this news story happens to be true and you would know that if you had watched the debate.

          • JnBoy8 .

            Tell me, James, what does the progressive kool-aid taste like? It must be good since you keep drinking it.

          • MCB0B
          • MCB0B, I don’t know about libertynews, and I don’t know whether she blurted out a national security secret or not, but scamadviser also says The Onion is legit:

          • MCB0B

            Thanks for the info. How embarrassing for me. I googled libertynews fake or real and found the scamadviser statement. Should have delved further obviously. I don’t know either about whether it’s much ado about nothing or not. Seems like everybody’s playing fast and loose with the truth lately. Sad all around.

          • westnlas

            So, you claim Hillary did not say that? Uh……she really did. It was on live TV and probably 500,000,000 people across the globe saw it.
            I know denial is always the first defense of children and Democrats. But she said what she said.

          • HerrinSchadenfreude

            Which is why I can find the same story on three different websites without scrolling the Facebook page right now. Gotcha. Haven’t you learned from your mistress yet that shooting the messenger and well poisoning just makes you look stupid?

          • Sharon Theobald Hess

            Evidently you didn’t watch the last debate because she definitely said exactly the time frame.

          • Gatnos

            I watched the debate, I saw and heard her make that statement. In doing so, she has committed Treason.

          • John Robberstad

            If you actually watched the Debate she did say what the Nuclear Response Time was. She is not trust worthy to be President. More proof she is a High Risk to National Security.

          • Juan Tellado Elizabeth Collazo

            So you have the in scoop of it all. What fake new site you visited that says Libertynews is a phony news site. Maybe your site is phony too.

          • Judy Hicks

            Jonas, now that is cold, but I agree. LOL.

          • RocRizzo

            Right next to Donald “Duck” tRump!

          • Ann Keenan

            Because you believe nonsense? Lol. Read Bloomberg or Snopes. Explains how she didn’t give away anything.

          • 2010K

            best comment I’ve read today.

          • Ken Krivenko

            What did rats and creepy crawlies ever do to deserve this inhumanity?

          • Sara Keysaw

            With the othrt guy in tow!

          • John Lagore

            it is cruel & unusual, but i think i agree with you….

          • Dottie Keen Hackett

            Jonas, That is so true, I agree 100%.

          • nivek


          • alpcats

            I would find that very unfair to the creepy crawlies…

          • Thill

            She is a creepy crawley and rats wouldn’t touch her.

          • drbsea

            And you need to pull your ignorant head out into the sun light. Idiot.

          • Kristin Tellekamp-Reph

            Love it!!

        • JF

          I agree with you.

        • Cari 13

          She most definitely needs to be in jail

        • disqusmademeregister

          Amen Tracey, her and a few other people…

          Like this guy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ruskie name but he’s a pole-American used to work with LBJ….turns out he’s a traitor too because you can hear him from an interview years ago talking about it in detail:

          And this lame stream media article, they are traitors too:

          And who likes Texas A&M? Those traitors have a whole course on it!!!!!

          Looks like we need to send her to jail with these other guys!

        • John Seitz

          Tracy Sparks, thank you for publicly proving yourself to be an idiot. Nothing Hillary Clinton said about nuclear response times is classified. It’s been public knowledge since at least 1970. Take your finger out of your nose and read a book every once in while. The rest of in this country are getting sick and tired of compensating for your stupidity.

          The response times are based on how long it would take a Russian nuclear weapon launced from a submarine, to reach it’s target. Anyone with a calculator can figure out that it would take about 12 minutes.

          That leaves four minutes for the defense department to notify the person who decides whether or not to notify the President. It leaves him four minutes to decide whether to notify the President, leaving the President four minutes to decide, before he is disintigrated in a first strike.

          None of what I have just told you, is classified either, unless you believe that my job managing Denny’s restaurants, entitles me to top secret briefings from the defense department.

          This is just one more example of why nobody should ever listen to anything said by a “deplorable.” You have no credibility and you are stupid.

          Thank you once again Liberty News, for showing the majority of people in this country, how Trump followers are uttertly imbecilic and sheeplike.

        • Beenhereawhile

          The irony of this entire subject is…if was ANYBODY but hellary (aka billery and/or hilliam) they would have been locked up by now. Generals have been unseated, demoted, retired, thrown out for less, and lower-ranks have been pilloried, discharged and worse.
          The clinton teflon is unbelievable – and most worrisome. NO ONE should be as ‘above-the-law’ as these two prove to be, NO ONE!

      • Brian Causey

        Do your research. The response time was already public knowledge.

        • richdellavalle

          That article said 8 minutes.

        • Barb


        • Rob_Drury

          Public knowledge, or classified info made public? The difference is important.

          • Guy Daley

            No it isn’t. Look at all the worthless dickering going on in this thread about something of NO VALUE.

            I challenge you, to figure out ANY circumstance where this information would be useful to someone/thing that can take advantage of it.

            The time between the order and the execution of the order PALES in significance to the fact that the order was made. Hitlery should already be excluded from consideration for president a LOOOONG time ago. And yet, here we are. Hitlery can not elect herself. The American people have to do it for her and that’s the basis of the problem.

          • Ricard

            The law and security statutes do not make the differentiation you cite. If a person with access to classified information reveals or confirms that information, it’s a violation, whether the information is considered common knowledge or not.

          • Guy Daley

            HA, not according to the FBI who changed the law for Hitlery. Right?

            You see, Hitlery is just waiting for her coronation. She has millions of adoring fans and hundreds of millions to bribe whoever she wants. Its a moot point. This is also why lobbying should be banned but never will.

          • Indytims

            She also has millions of voters who know Trump would be 100x worse than HRC would be in the White House. Reality is – those are our two choices.

          • Indytims

            Unfortunately, ‘common knowledge’ details can’t be made ‘classified’ just because you want them to be. Declaring the address of the White House is ‘classified’ doesn’t make it ‘classified’. It’s common knowledge and public domain.

          • Ricard

            “Unfortunately, ‘common knowledge’ details can’t be made ‘classified’ just because you want them to be.”

            You’ve placed the cart before the horse; such information as this is “classified’ long before it arbitrarily becomes what someone might deem ‘common knowledge.’ Remember that the ‘common knowledge’ can be correct or incorrect, but either way the ‘common knowledge’ does not remove the previous classification, or the responsibility to treat it as such.

          • Hard to kill Infidel

            You really are ignorant. If the enemy knows our response time, they could pick a means of using a nuke against us. For instance – It could be useful to determine whether an ICBM/Submarine/air-launched/device delivered by personnel/etc would be more practical. A device delivered upon our soil would give no warning VS an ICBM that we can see coming.

          • Jason Myung

            Sneaking one device onto US soil would be extremely difficult, but sneaking enough devices for both a decapitation strike and nullifying our ICBM response option is literally impossible. The enemy knowing our response time is a part of the deterrence system itself. They know there is absolutely no way to launch a large scale ICBM/SLBM attack against us and get results before detonation and therefore, mutually assured destruction.

          • Rob_Drury

            You don’t know that. I don’t know the entirety of the information compromised or potenially compromised, or its context; but I do understand the relevance and importance of safeguarding classified information regardless of one’s perception of the importance of that information.

            For years, I held a clearance higher than that required by a majority of the members of Congress. I saw many a career fizzle and criminal charges pressed over incidents that amounted to nothing more than simple and reasonable human error with little likelihood of danger to national security.

            The bottom line is that hillary didn’t have the authority to decide how or whether to safeguard classified information or follow protocol. She has ADMITTED to multiple felonies and is probably guilty of many more, up to and including murder. She belongs in prison at the very least.

          • Guy Daley

            “I DO KNOW THAT”. I certainly don’t give a rats ass that you held a clearance and somehow that makes you an expert on “classified” material. Reread my comment simpleton. You failed your speed reading class today. My bottom line was the same as yours but you just disregarded it as if I didn’t say it, at all.

            If you wanted to agree with me you should have SAID so, instead of repeating almost everything I said. HOW THE F&CK did you have any job responsibility? I would have fired your ass in a flat second for simple comprehension problems.

            This is what I said, ” Hitlery should already be excluded from consideration for president a LOOOONG time ago.” Which equates to your entire last paragraph. You need a refresher on English Comprehension.

      • Arsan Lupin

        It’s been common knowledge for about 40 years.


        • Barb


          • Brian Causey
          • Mark204

            Thanks for the bs link, made my computer nearly go into shutdown.

          • Ricard

            I’ll second ‘spents’ comment; classified information, even if considered ‘common knowledge’ is never confirmed or revealed by those who know the actual classified data, or classification of the data. The article is correct.

          • Brad M

            BUT…the supposed furious anonymous sources at the Pentagon also “reluctantly acknowledged that her estimates were accurate.” Care to explain?

          • Ricard

            …name of source…?

          • Brad M

            Snarky answer #1… anonymous sources are anonymous…Snarky answer #2 The quote is from the last line of THIS article. A paradox?

          • JohnQFugly

            They gave away secrets too? MY GAWD IS NO TOP SECRET THING SACRED? What next, the launch codes??

            It is quite funny that anonymous “intelligence officials” quite readily confirmed something that they’re supposedly furious at Hillary for revealing.

          • Fed Up in Missouri

            You have got to be kidding me! A page with the headline “Our Nuclear Procedures Are Crazier Than Trump” written by Jeffrey Lewis. director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program for the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey? This is as far from an official government site as you can get!

          • spent

            Actually it has not! As a veteran and have served in and during the Cold War, this information or any information about our weaponry such as I.C.B.M was Top Secret.
            The issue is why would she even discuss our military armament during an open forum?

          • Gennae Angelina

            Stupidity beyond belief?

          • baldwrench

            Or shrewd beyond belief.

          • Sam Morrison

            So she could tell the one’s that want to distort this country..and give them heads up..with out sending a text..

          • baldwrench

            I feel that I must agree.

          • Guy Daley

            Don’t be daft. WHO is going to benefit? SERIOUSLY, do you REALLY THINK THAT? Let me guess Tinfoil supreme. Now North Korea is armed with the missing piece of information they needed in order to successfully nuke us from the other side of the globe.

            You’re titan of intellect. You should be working for government to KEEP US SAFE!!!!

          • Randy Meador

            Then I would think that you would know that this information has been available for quite some time. So apparently its not top secret like you thought…

          • Kingcruiser

            Reference? Source? Or just guess work. Huge difference, but I doubt you’ve ever handled Top Secret documents. I have. You have NO idea.

          • Randy Meador

            Here you go….Straight on page 1 smart guy. Do some research before spouting your mouth off.


          • Ricard

            This is not an official U.S. source tasked with declassifying information so it can be publicly acknowledged by government officials. Those of us who have dealt with federally classified information know better than to confuse ‘common knowledge’ with ‘go ahead and disclose classified information at your leisure.’

          • Randy Meador

            This says exactly what I stated….

          • Ricard

            My apologies Randy, but what I read was “Then I would think that you would know that this information has been available for quite some time. So apparently its not top secret like you thought”

            I may be misinterpreting your intent, but data that is classified as ‘Top Secret’ must still be treated as such by those with access to it even though ‘common knowledge’ happens to match that same data. Which means Hillary should not have stated this in the debate.

          • Guy Daley

            Neither do you. I’ll bet you didn’t realize this, but God doesn’t make the clearance determination. Its some moron paper pusher. How a piece of information is CLASSIFIED, is done by some guy with bifocals in a room that never sees the light of day and it all depends on his mood. WOW, this sounds important, I think I’ll classify this one “TOP SECRET” just in case. I wouldn’t want to get fired or demoted for underclassifying this tidbit.

            99.99% of the people on this thread don’t understand classification of materials.

            I’ll give you, the absolute, PROFOUND MORON, that claims to know he’s lived his live with classified material an analogy that you can understand.

            There are “traffic engineers” that determine what a speed limit is supposed to be for our safety. Its these morons that determine whether or not we get speeding tickets for unsafe driving. Spend a little while pondering the analogy and you’ll see I’M SPOT ON.

            TO HELL WITH THE CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM. HOW MANY COUNTRIES DO YOU KNOW THAT CAN AFFORD “A F F O R D” to go to war with us? That’s RIGHT, almost NONE! And the rest are too bright to spend that much money on an effort that will gain them NOTHING.

          • Ben Rist

            Randy I to was in the Military, 21 years, and worked with comms and nuclear codes and the inner workings of same. Any discussion whether “Common knowledge, “On the internet” or whatever, is against the law, and we have service members in JAIL for discussing these same things.

          • Randy Meador

            Ok? And? This is still very accessible information in which the government obviously hasn’t taken off the internet. Must not be that top secret is it?

          • Ben Rist

            I know the speed of a tank, how many miles it can go. How much fuel it uses. What it can carry for armaments. I can find it on the internet. Guess what, its also classified. By having the actual spec sheet on it makes it classified, not because we can guess, surmise an assume something from the internet. Remember, just because you read it on the internet, does not make it so. Because you may have been briefed on it though, is another matter……its called careless and illegal.

          • Randy Meador

            But the information was correct by how outraged people are correct??? About 4 minutes to what she said compared to about 5 minutes as this source states is pretty close, right? Come on now you can’t call the source bullshit if you are outraged by what Hillary said last night, it would just be contradictory. Wake up.

          • spent

            Because you believe what you hear? Actually it is 8 min. and not 4 get educated.

          • Randy Meador

            Um…no…no its not

          • spent

            Um, yes, yes it is!

          • Randy Meador


            And if it is, then wtf is the big deal?

          • spent

            UM, yes, yes it is!

          • George Raymond

            i just googled it and there is the whole launch procedure laid out in great detail. Smarten up!

          • Ricard

            “i just googled it and there is the whole launch procedure laid out in great detail. Smarten up!”

            Is any of this data officially confirmed by the Pentagon or State Department officials responsible for launch procedures?

          • spent

            Smarten up? I lived in the world during the Cold War from the threat in Cuba with Top Security Clearance and this is and was classified information. George, get an education outside of Google!

          • George Raymond

            You missed the point spent – you claimed she gave away secrets – I said she didn’t , it’s all over Google. And who cares if you were in the military? Big deal you got to kill people. Military is for losers with no other aspirations who follow blindly their leaders in the pursuit of oil and serving their own self interests around the world. US isn’t defending anything they just kill innocents and screw up other countries. No glory there.

          • spent

            You missed the point! It is not about that it is about her lack of judgment once again! I served so you could make ignorant statements such as that, you biased fool who lives in a world of paradox. I spent but only three years and you were not even born, George! Who are you following blindly, why of course we know that is what your lack of free thinking is about and you think that because one follows they are a loser, well, George you just accused your self for which you have no shame. Mature, George, and realize that your self interest are but only a sham for your selfish concept of life and thinking that you are the center of the Universe (commonly known as the Heliocentric Concept} is but only a small burst in your framework of being fed a trough of propaganda and your small brain buys into it. Sad for you,George!

          • Kelly Woodford

            It’s been public knowledge for 40 years man. Google is your friend.

          • spent

            Actually it has not, and if you believe Google, then you have a serious problem!

        • Charlotte Bosarge Allen

          Must be for Hillary

          • Arsan Lupin

            Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true. If you looked, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

        • Grumpy Santa

          No kidding, even I knew it from way back. I was in the Navy, maybe I heard it there, but I didn’t play with the nuclear weapons.

          • Hard to kill Infidel

            I was in the Nuclear Weapons/PRP program throughout my Navy career, starting in 1961. It WAS NOT and NEVER HAS been “common knowledge”. There were a lot of guestimates out there, but nothing verifiable.

          • James

            This is not correct news. Hillary discussed information that is already public information. This story is a hoax.

          • JohnQFugly

            What if I reeeeallly want to believe it? Can it be true then?

          • Not only was it common knowledge, it was part of public school curriculum during the Reagan years. I was taught about US response times in civics class in the 80s.

        • sandhillguy

          You are the fool. There’s a difference between “common knowledge” and “confirmed fact.” Does Israel have nukes? Common knowledge maybe, but never confirmed. They are smart; Hillary is, among her many other charms, grossly stupid.

          • baldwrench

            Everything she does is Anti-American. She spews her Communist agenda. Her followers should move to a Socialist Country…

          • Kelly Woodford

            You should move to a fascist country then.

          • Arsan Lupin

            Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less real. If you were to look, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

          • Indytims

            You’re the moron if you -really- think that China/Russian didn’t already know what our response times are.

        • Skid

          Bull. It has NOT been COMMON KNOWLEDGE for 40 years. What the hell are you talking about?

          • Bishy

            Yes, it has been common knowledge, a quick google search will tell you that. Nuclear security expert Joe Cirincione has been all over social media trying to tell the morons screaming “CLASSIFIED INFORMATION” that they’re wrong, but why would arm chair warriors and conspiracy theorists actually listen to the experts who know what they’re talking about when it’s so much easier to make false claims and get attention on the internet?

          • Arsan Lupin

            Just because YOU don’t know it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It simply means you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • baldwrench

          Ignorance has no value. Have we had Nukes for Forty years? Was the response time always Four minutes? Or was it longer in the beginning and has since been sped up via technology? I believe that you are due for Surgery, an Optic-Rectomy, where the nerve between your eyes and you sphincter gets clipped for a clearer outlook.

          • Arsan Lupin

            You should know, Baldy. The answers to your questions are No, no, and yes. The formation of the “nuclear triad” that The Donald is so breathtakingly ignorant of affected it. And it never was classified information.

        • Skeptic

          Exactly. Crap posting.

        • Ben Rist

          “That guy, that guy sitting right there, He has the nuclear codes” Dems can not be trusted with classified material. Careless is the best word. That guy that WAS carrying the football, has been reassigned to another post or base by now. Along with his wife and kids most likely. So much for a great assignment.

      • Guy Daley

        Direct threat to our safety? How the hell do you figure? Don’t sprain your brain trying to figure it out, eh? Tell me how its a “threat to our safety”. I’m not even sure you know what the hell “safety” means in this context.

        Aside from that, its already been established that Hitlery is a criminal and anybody supporting her, is an accomplice. Its far important to understand WHY people still support her. This little revelation certainly isn’t going to change any of her supporters, minds.

        • 97E

          Her supporters are too ignorant and/or stupid and/or corrupt to change now.

          They’re suffering from terminal cranial rectumitis.

          • Guy Daley

            I call it the Penn State Syndrome

          • James

            This is a fake news site, folks. This story is a lie, a hoax.

          • Don White

            I don’t care if it is a fake website, Hilary just told the world top secret information.

          • Hagar

            If it’s “top secret”, how would you know? Oh right, the fake ‘news’ site told you it was.

          • Ben Rist

            Its common knowledge that not very many people really know the time frame really involved in such a horrible scenario……other than, oh 2 people on stage that received classified briefings recently. Loose lips sinks ships. She can not be trusted.

          • Kelly Woodford

            Google it. You’ll find many government information sites, including nuclear preparedness that are PUBLIC have this information on them. Jesus, a little use of critical thinking skills.

          • Ben Rist

            21 years worth of seeing Confidential….Secret….Top Secret documents Lots of things SEEM public knowledge as well, but its when they are paired with other docs and Bingo… about it, lose your job and clearance.

          • Ruth Crowell

            If it is “top secret” how would SHE know?

          • Douglas K

            Duh??? She is married to Bill, and was Sec. of State so don’t you think she has a pretty good idea about “times”. Perhaps it is shorter time, or a longer time, but either way it isn’t something that should be bantered about frivolously.

          • Kelly Woodford

            It’s not classified, it’s been public since the 60’s.

          • chris

            she said it on on national television last night during the debate. I watched and so did millions of other people. Is that fake?

          • Bishy

            The fact that you don’t even realize the irony of calling others ignorant and stupid while you’re blindly believing a satire news site is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time because people like you actually vote.

          • Wendy Nelson

            Said the person that supports someone that brags about committing sexual assault!

      • Earthling4

        Was it a “direct threat” when this article came out?

      • Morgan Vincent

        BULLSHIT! the information was already widely known and often cited.

      • Katherine Marie
      • George Raymond

        The entire procedure is laid out on Google! And published in articles 7 years ago. Its all online if you did any research before spewing garbage

      • RocRizzo

        My ass. Whoever launches a nuclear attack, is launching the extinction of all human life on Planet Earth. It does not matter who launches first, as whoever does it, we are ALL doomed!

      • Pat

        Exactly, but she is hand in hand with our enemies!

      • PaRo Lee

        too many damn drugs

      • King o Nowhere

        Put down the makeup & read a book.

      • Ken Krivenko

        She just wants to give the country away to whomever walks across the border or lands by boat. After sucking as much money as possible out of the taxpayers. Kinda like michelle.

      • John McRoy

        She already committed Treason by giving money and weapons to our enemies to use against us. She does not care about this country so yes Hillary Clinton needs to be chained to a wall in a deep, barely lit dungeon, and forgotten about. Leave her to the rats and creepy crawlies. That is what she deserves.If I committed treason, I would be put in prison or to death. Why should it be any different for Hilary.

      • joed


      • Steve Basile

        hee hee. you funny.

      • Dee
      • garry lafferty

        That common Knowledge idiot

      • Jeff

        No it’s not. Google it

      • Jim Aroyo

        Why do you lie? The info is in this pdf.

        But assholes like you and others spread the bullshit.

        You must be a Christian. Most of them are nothing but liars and liars.

    • Uchenna Udeze Agbahiwe

      Hahaha Moronic to say the least thanks Daren

    • jayjay lucas
      • The issue between that article and what was said is that it never came from a government official. That article is taken at face value and other countries can’t take an article like this seriously. This came from the source.

        • Bob Matulis

          Also, HRC’s time is 20% different than the Bloomberg estimate. Knowing something is better than estimating something. Big mistake.

      • 97E

        Doesn’t. F**KING. Matter.

        The information is still classified.

        This c*nt just can’t be trusted with classified information, which makes her unfit for office. ANY office.

    • She did not send and email marked “classified.” It had “secret” ‘top secret” and for some reason many were marked with a big red “C.”
      She is still trying to determine what that “C” meant.
      The State Dept. and FBI are still investigating what the “C” meant. So far they have determined it is the 3rd letter of the alphabet.

    • concerned citizen

      she will just come out and say she wasn’t briefed on any thing pertaining to the launch or the time from the time its given till its launching time.

    • Roojam


    • JohnBreland

      Actually, it was marked “(TS)” and she thought it meant “talk slowly.”

    • Pink

      It is common knowledge. To those who have knowledge.
      NOT classified at all.


      LOL…..exactly…..SHE IS SO STUPID!!!! She did not have her little HUmmmmm there to assist her… she blurts!!!!

    • Deborah G

      I won’t say what that “C” stands for

    • Charlie Benghazi Blake

      Great reply Daren

    • Mendota2

      No, it means “declared by Clinton”

    • Albert Butterfield

      someone needs to carve a big C on her forehead

    • hiway280z

      a lot higher than c for classified… She should be taken out of the run immediately and prosecuted. She can’t be trusted not to blurt out other top secrets

    • disqusmademeregister

      Gee wilikers Daren, this guy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ruskie name but he’s a pole-American used to work with LBJ….turns out he’s a traitor too because you can hear him from an interview years ago talking about it in detail:

      And this lame stream media article, they are traitors too:

      And who likes Texas A&M? Those traitors have a whole course on it!!!!!

      Looks like we need to send her to jail with these other guys!

    • King o Nowhere

      It IS very accessible knowledge, yes. Google it. Watch any of a handful of ’80s movies involving the Cold War. Watch some Discovery channel. Read a book or better yet, read some of our own Armed Forces publications.

    • Nicola B. Bernardelli

      (C) is for Cookie 😉

    • Flame

      Your post would be funny if it weren’t such a serious breach!

      She has probably already committed treason by telling other nations and just “forgot” that she was breaking protocol by announcing it at the debate.

    • Angie Donohue

      Daren, I’m stealing it…

    • DianeB5

      The information IS widely known. This is a false story. Read this.

    • RSCass

      Except . . . Nuclear warfare response times are a matter of public record.

    • toptenart

      I think she thought the c was for Clinton….lol

    • LC

      It is common knowledge it is not a secret and it is often cited.

    • Larry Elliott

      no no no! “C” stands for Clinton….

    • Sara Keysaw

      Bull s#!t. She knows the codes for classification she’s in the Senate. ..she was a First Lady! Sheep….scary

    • It may have had T.S. which she took as “To Share”

    • Kane


      She sure as fuck didn’t think it meant common sense

    • SJvet

      Actually, that’s way above confidential. It should be marked, “SAP,” which she thought meant for fools only. However, it wasn’t marked, “classified.”

    • Daren Wunderlich

      In all honesty, I agree that this is probably not classified information. It is readily accessible and, who knows…..might be vastly inaccurate by now. But it’s a little like bringing up your wife’s bra size in a conversation that involves perverts. It may not be secret information, but why do it?

    • Dee
      • Daren Wunderlich

        Lame, and yet you took the time out of your busy schedule to comment. Welcome to the new level below lame… 🙂

        • Dee

          Yea better than a lazy arse lamer who can’t even bother to do simple google. snorefest.

    • Roller Rider

      Actually, this is common knowledge if you knew anything about nuclear war.
      Or watched these three movies: Thirteen Days, Crimson Tide, and War Games.
      I knew what the response times were when I was 14 years old in 1969. Anyone really following the space program would have known this as well. The hard fact is an ICBM launched from Siberia or Kazakhstan will have a total flight time of 20-25 minutes. Now, start doing the timing.
      1-2 minutes for launch detection
      1-2 minutes after detection to notify the president
      No more than 4 minutes for the president to decide to launch or not and if so, what level of response
      1-2 minutes to alert the silo or sub.
      1-3 minutes to authenticate the order to launch
      2-3 minutes to update targeting on the missile
      1 minute to launch
      That’s between 7 and 13 minutes from detection to counterstrike.
      This isn’t anywhere close to classified and you’ve all been fished in by a false story from an “anonymous source” at the Pentagon.

    • Suzanne Graziano

      That’s funny, but horrifying to think she’s so callous and open to critical knowledge expelling confidential matters to the public and our enemies. Thirty years in government taught her absolutely nothing especially about protocol. Confidentiality and the highest respect for government rules and regulations are a must and honored. You take an oath to this matter and is expected to be followed indefinitely. Going against this oath of office is high treason, automatically. I know because I said these oaths to be deputized 3x with the Fed. Gov’t. It’s suppose to be an honor given to you by the government, but she probably mistook it to mean privileged and invincible to say and do what you please and no one can harm you. So wrong, so misleading, so unfit for America.

    • prepz


      18 U.S.C. sec 2071

    • ulahabubba .

      Any section marking would have been (TS) if the information is true..not (c).

    • Pamela Forristall

      Good one, Daren. The woman is a FOOL.

    • phroZac

      That’s because it is…

    • You really think Russia and China don’t know what U$ nuke capabilities are?

  • exeng

    “Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.” i.e., confirming the speculation. Sources were the people who factualized a line that could have been rendered neutral by a ‘we do not comment on speculation’.

    • DL Thomas

      I doubt it. I am sure that the times have changed since them and with better communications and better more advanced computers, it is certainly not from clinton’s time in the white house…

    • disqus_pnXxBPirjv

      So according to you anything this former whore of a Secretary of state says is speculation.

  • John

    Last sentence of the article says, “Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.”
    This was the only accurate thing she said in the whole debate!

    • Paulette McCoy

      John, I don’t think they read that far. Helps to read the whole thing.

    • L Kitchene

      Well if they hadn’t reluctantly acknowledged it, it would still be anyone’s guess. Anyone with half a brain knows once the command goes in, it doesn’t take long for the launch. Come on people!

      • disqus_pnXxBPirjv

        Yes, cause Hillary should have her finger on the button after she IGNITED THE ENTIRE MIDEAST AND INSTALLED THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt.

        You are a whore slut for jihad.

  • William Mertz

    I think she needs some water boarding to just find out who the hell she’s working for

    • Arsan Lupin

      This has been common knowledge since the mid-1970’s. Next time try doing a little research of your own, before proving to the world what an idiot you really are.

      • Kev Mccormick

        snopes really a satire page for your source id say take your own advice about ignorance but your still eating the hot pocket mommy made for ya

        • Arsan Lupin

          Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less factual. If you were to look, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

  • B. Nicholas Graham

    wish she’d let us know the truth about JFK and the conspiracies. That’s one top secret I’d like to know.

  • Fred Collins

    Cite a source or go away. As a fervent Trump supporter I’m tired of sending my liberal friends to joke web sites like this.

  • Lloyd Braffet

    Since the Secretary of Defense is in every service member’s chain of command, does that not mean they can be held accountable under the UCMJ?
    This is why she should never have access to any classified information again for the rest of her life.

    • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

      Four minutes is public knowledge and has been since at least the 1970s.

      • Rob L

        its never been verified by any government agency/employee until the former secretary of state/first lady announced it on the biggest stage in the fkn world !!!! get your head out of Clintons ass so you can see reality for what it is……………….

    • Arsan Lupin

      Do your research before proving to the world what a fool you are.

      • Rob L


        • Wayne Frederick

          I can only imagine the size of the veins showing on your forehead! Take a deep breath, sit back, and chill out.

      • Never Hillary

        Snopes is unreliable. Run by far left liberals. They will say something is false even though she said it on live TV. Step away from Snopes and the flavor-aide before you hurt yourself.

        • Arsan Lupin

          Yeah right – just because it proves it’s a lie, that must mean they’re far left liberals. In a way, you might be right – liberals always were biased in favor of facts and the truth. We’ll never hear about a “far-right conservative” fact-chacking organization because they’re allergic to facts.

  • highlanderjuan

    Hillary could very well have learned this four minute secret from the time Bill Clinton was in office. I don’t understand what the secrecy is all about. That the time is less than ten minutes is great – why shouldn’t the people know? There are simply far too many secrets inside government.

    BTW, this is not my approval of Hillary for president. In my opinion she does belong in jail, but that is for all of her previous crimes including the murders of her opponents. But, having noted that, I’m pretty sure that all of her murders were what made her so attractive to her zionist overlords.

    • VladTepesDracul

      You sound like an anti-Semite to me.

      • highlanderjuan

        Really? I’m an anti-Semite? Do you have any idea what a Semite is? Are you aware that the Khazar Jews zionists that are occupying Palestine are not Semites? Are you aware that the zionist state of israel is not even a Jewish state? Are you aware that zionist israel is not an internationally legal state?

        Maybe I should be asking you if you are a zionist, and if you are, I realize I’m wasting my time corresponding with you. Are you a zionist?

    • NotFooled

      This couldn’t possibly be classified to keep our adversaries from knowing our response time right? It’s not all about you and your need to know every little thing the Gov does. There are reasons things like this are classified.

      • Bill Cater
      • highlanderjuan

        Adversaries? Do you mean the hundreds of countries that we occupy with military bases, or maybe the military victims of our illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression in support of ‘greater israel?’ Those adversaries?

        You’re going to have to show me in good, solid, legal terms why this is a top secret number. If you’re not aware of the blatant evidence that there are simply far too many government secrets, you are a problem to most open and honest Americans.

  • DL Thomas

    I still don’t understand why she is not in jail…maybe now someone will indict her….???

  • Truthorlie

    If Trump would have said the same comment Hillary did about the nuclear power response time, it would have been front page news. Since Hillary said it, then it is no big deal and it will be no big deal. Hillary is above the law and above national security. Why is Hillary’s convenience and power above the security of the United States Citizens.

    • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

      It’s public knowledge. If you can’t do the research to figure that out, I feel sorry for you.

      • classieladiee

        Your stupid, Trump and Hillary were briefed on all this stuff and if it is public knowledge why is the pentagon so upset? BECAUSE IT’S NOT YOU FOOL. If it is, why won’t you share the website where you supposedly found it.

      • Sam Tyson

        Show me on a government website that gives out our nuclear response time…

        • mahajohn

          She wasn’t referencing our nuclear response time. She was referencing “ABOUT” how long it takes for missile silo operators to receive and execute a launch command. The whole response started at least 10 – 20 minutes before that point.

          • 97E

            Which is still classified information.

            Had I given out something as sensitive as this, myself, I’d have been locked up.

            I know. We received refreshers on the law regarding classified information every couple of months when I was still in the Army.

          • Indytims

            You’re delusional. She did not ‘give out’ any classified information. You’re just a HRC hater desperate to pile on. Grow up already.

          • JohnQFugly

            What’s funny is people scream about her being a serial liar, but suddenly they think she’s telling the truth on a live stage? Suddenly every word she typed in a hacked email is gospel? Come on…

          • Xacto111

            There are no “missile silo operators.” Launch control officers–better yet, missile combat crews–are not permitted to ever confirm or deny any such information. There are publications that estimate the yield of the reentry vehicles, yet crews may never confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons. She is a credible source–as such she violated the law. She is UNFIT for command.

          • mahajohn

            Semantics. How do you know she’s a credible source? That’s speculation. She might be wrong. If your idiotic standard of evidence – someone said something that everyone knows to be the case and is in the public record – is a prosecutable offense, then we should probably imprison…

            President George W. Bush, who stated that our nuclear weapons could be launched “within minutes after warning of an attack.” This implies it could be 2-3 minutes.

            President Barack Obama, who stated that “nuclear weapons ready to launch on a moment’s notice.”

            General James Cartwright (Marine Corps four-star general, former Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) who said that our “current postures of launch-ready nuclear forces that provide minutes and seconds of warning and decision time.”

            General William Odom, (Army three-star general, former Director of the NSA), who said that we could launch “1,000 or 500 or 2,000 nuclear warheads on a few minutes’ consideration.”

            There is no appreciable difference between “a few minutes” and “about four minutes.” Neither is specific, and both imply a very brief, decisive period of time. Further, if you feel that referencing a non-specific, speculative time-frame is a criminal offense, unless you are a hypocrite or intellectually dishonest or plainly partisan, you should be calling for the arrest and trial of Clinton, Bush, Obama and both Generals. Why are you singling out Clinton? It’s because you have clear bias, and don’t care about integrity or sensibility.

      • Barb

        again give source

      • OldMarine0311

        You stupid fool, there is a huge difference between speculation or even an educated guess, and haveing the exact time told.

        • Indytims

          She did not give out an ‘exact time’. Get your hearing checked. “About four minutes” is hardly ‘exact’.

      • Last Resort

        Don’t worry about Citizen Kane, here; it’s hard earning a CTR paycheck at a quarter a post.

      • 97E

        It doesn’t matter if it’s “public knowledge”. It’s still classified information. She just CONFIRMED it!

        As far as I am concerned, as a former Intelligence professional (97E, US Army), she’s a traitor to the United States. She’s committed TREASON.

    • Arsan Lupin
      • The Truth

        For those of you who believe is an accurate, un-biased site, read this:

        • Cheryl Short

          thank you The Truth! I get so tired of people throwing out the Snopes line when I know it’s just a couple of Liberals putting a spin on it!!

        • Never Hillary

          Oh Thank You!!! I have not trusted Snopes since 2008. When suddenly everything went from being confirmed to being mixed truth or fake.

      • Michael Cupp

        hahahaha snopes is the most inaccurate source of info out there try again

      • Realist

        The two documents that Joe Cirincione references in that snopes article as proof that this was common knowledge are UN funded papers for nuclear disarmament. Hardly a reliable source for US nuclear response times.
        Hillary spilled the beans. She is careless with classified info.

      • Tony Malone

        Read it and unless I missed it snopes does not say where they got information from. Just scenarios and what ifs. If you have a course I might believe it. Otherwise all I see is what could be speculation

      • Chad Dudenhefer


      • Mark204

        Snopes, really, another wing of the Democratic Party. Jeez come on people.

        • Arsan Lupin

          Just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true. If you were to look, you’d see that they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

          • Mark204

            It’s not that I don’t like it, they’re a proven Democratic Hack when it comes to politics, nice try though.

      • Never Hillary

        Oh Yeah, Snopes is reliable……….

        • Arsan Lupin

          Yes – very, because they not only make the determination, they provide ALL the reference material that helped them make the call. You might try reading those references; you might learn something.

    • Kyle Bradelle

      Excellent point, but irrelevant to Hillary’s true believers. She could publish actual launch codes, written in toddler blood, and they’d still vote for her.

    • James

      This is a fake news site, folks. This story is a lie, a hoax. Hillary said only things that are already widely publicized.

      • Truthorlie

        The only website the naive will ever believe is Clinton’s website. So why do you ever even look at other websites? Is this your job…. are you paid to write “Clinton didn’t do it” on comments?

  • What difference does it really make in terms of a full scale Nuclear Attack? Everyone is just as dead if we respond in two minutes as if we had taken ten. This entire thespian performance of real life decision making is evidence of the global problem at hand. The members of the world’s smallest poker game are tired of being seated together… And it’s our lives in the pot. Donald Trump is going to be more rational and less puerile when the US is threatened? Ok. See you on the other side of the flames.

    • disqus_pnXxBPirjv

      “Donald Trump is going to be more rational and less puerile when the US is threatened”

      Yes he is, cause he has NEVER SOLD OUT AMERICA like she has.

    • Marc

      Donal Trump is actually going to care about all of his people dying if he makes that decision. Hillary would kill every American in a second if it benefitted her self interests.

    • JohnQFugly

      Plus, are we to believe he has any clue what the nuclear protocol is? He’s never held a single position in any government office, at any level, ever.

  • Dink Waverly

    She must be Biden’s twin sister. That moron stood on stage and pointed at the guy carrying the nuclear codes with him. Now this skank says how long it would take to launch IBM’s…..where is stooge number three? Oh yeah………that is right….he’s at Pennsylvania avenue.

  • aVet

    shes a fucking traitor…..she’s sold out America to the Russians, the Saudi’s…to anyone willing to line her pockets…..

  • John Schultz

    The Liberal Democrats always announce
    their intentions before they act. Anyibe remember President Obama telling Russian Medvedev, that he WILL have more leeway, after the Election, and to tell Putin THAT!!?? Talk about a puppet! Obama and Clinton, and Kerry have been planning sonethi that I believe is ( Less than Desirable ) for the American Citizens!!!

  • mahajohn

    Written by an obvious ignoramus. This has been common knowledge for many, many years. In fact, here’s a 2013 article from the Nuclear Threat Initiative organization, who even reference a timeline of closer to two minutes. There really is no appreciable difference between two, four, and “a few,” especially when the entire nation would probably have about five minutes’ warning before a devastating first strike by the Russians.

    • Docs Man

      Listen, the idea that she put forth a specific number is completely
      against the security training you receive when you get a clearance.
      Doing that, regardless of the article you referenced, shows her attitude
      toward classified information and it’s damned piss poor.

      • Arsan Lupin

        It isn’t classified, and it never was. This has been common knowledge since the mid-1970’s. Next time try doing a little research of your own, before proving to the world what a moron you really are.

        • Docs Man

          Hey asshole. I didn’t say it was classified, I said using a specific number is bad security practice and shows her attitude toward classified information. You want to keep this going, I’ll happily trade insults with you but work on your reading comprehension.

    • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

      Seeing the parade of ignorant commenters here makes me weep for the United States.

      • Taven Shockley

        And yet you’re the worst of them.

  • Bill the Cat

    People need to internalize that there is *NOTHING* that the Clintons won’t do to get back in the WH… watch the western seaboard get nuked? Not a problem.

    Putin is right: that lunatic will drag us all into WWIII

    How bad is it when you’d trust the decisions of the Russians before Hillary Clinton?

  • Gary Bruce

    In the Bible Hezekiah showed the king of Babylon all his treasures and all his armory. Hezekiah didn’t see the harm. Isaiah told him that because of this, all he had was going to belong to the king of Babylon and his sons would be made eunuchs. We used to have an expression in the U.S. that “Loose lips sink ships.” It was posted in arms plants to keep the workers always conscious of the need for security. Does someone have one of those signs they can loan Hillary?

    • Arsan Lupin

      It’s been common knowledge since before you were born, fool.

  • Vigilant Satyr

    So what do you do when you report the breach? You repeat it. WTF?

  • Eric

    “It doesn’t matter” – Hillary probably

  • NotFooled

    I’m confused, if this is indeed TS info, it shouldn’t matter if she said it publically, news agencies should not be reporting it. The fact that she said it does not declassify the information.

    • Vigilant Satyr

      They should not be repeating what was said, but should be reporting that she blatantly released classified information. In the industry this is what is known as a spill.

      • NotFooled

        I agree with that completely. I for one had no idea that she said that until this was reported.

    • Bill Cater

      It’s not classified information. See this article from Foreign Policy magazine.

      • Vigilant Satyr

        That article is based on speculation by analysts and journalists. It was not substantiated until the former Secretary of State decided to confirm it as she spouted a talking point in a nationally televised debate.
        A spill to the public does not declassify the information.

  • gregory alan elliott

    Hydrogen Bomb Hillary #NastyWoman

  • Vigilant Satyr

    While the rough number on the response time may have been estimated by people that could add up the numbers, the official line given by anyone in the government that would know the actual number is always supposed to be “I can neither confirm nor deny that information” when asked and you sure as hell do not offer it up as talking point in a debate.

    This woman is incapable of protecting secrets and that’s a pretty important aspect of holding high government office. Her administration would likely be the most open of any before, but that would come through incompetence and indifference rather than a careful analysis of what should be available to the public and thus our adversaries.

    • Liberty Belle

      Thank you for that information!

    • Bill Cater

      Then how do you account for this article, which gives the same number?

      • jjandk

        For starters that is a pay to watch website (though you can watch a limited number of times before paying). It is not US foreign policy as the URL suggests. Secondly, the article discusses and hypothesizes (no facts) how long a president would have to respond to a launch from Russia that had already occurred. What Hillary disclosed was how long, from the time the President gives the order, until the nukes are launched. Big difference.

      • Mark Reiswig

        Bill, the first article is open source with no government confirmation listed. The information coming directly from a former Secretary of State has validity. Put the two together and you have a credible source… Good Job!

      • Kevin Morrison

        As I said above, there is a huge difference between non-substantiated comments by analysts and reporters, and confirmation by a former Secretary of State who had access to actual information.

      • Vigilant Satyr

        No official confirmation of the timeline by any government official. That’s the entire difference. The former Secretary of State saying those numbers is much more of a security issue than journalists with an understanding of military matters speculating on it and creating their own timeline.
        “Common knowledge” based on speculation, even informed speculation, is not confirmation by someone that was cleared to know and needed to know that information.

        • Earthling4

          So it’s a good thing that the Pentagon confirmed it this time, right?

          • Vigilant Satyr

            Notice they did so under the condition of anonymity. Whatever official that was should not have done that.

        • Burner

          ‘Common knowledge’ based on speculation is exactly how the libs roll. Facts just get in the way. Besides, Hillary probably got that time from Obama, who read it in the papers.
          Russia and China probably gave orders last night to reduce their times to near zero after this announcement.

          • Vigilant Satyr

            The fact that it was common knowledge lessens the impact of the spill, but the confirmation from such a high level official that likely had the need to know is the problem here. She clearly does not understand nor respect the need for operational security.

      • Mark204

        Really Bill is your koolaid really that strong?

    • Brian Causey

      This information was already common knowledge and based on an unsubstantiated estimate by another journalist.

      Do some research and verify facts before accepting every piece of garbage your read.

      • Vigilant Satyr

        This information was never openly confirmed by someone that had access to the information. One of the first things you are told when obtaining a clearance is that you do not confirm nor deny the validity of any classified information you are asked about. As long as no one that is in the know about that information confirms it, there is some doubt about its authenticity. Operational Security is not as simple as most people think it is. There are many layers to it and there are certain behaviors expected of people that are cleared to know and have a need to know secrets. Hillary does not respect that and as a result is a security threat. She has demonstrated time and again that she is willing to allow secrets to spill for her own benefit.

        • Chad Dudenhefer

          Well said!

      • Rob L

        hey dummy, re read your own stupid ass post…….. “based on an UNSUBSTANTIATED ESTIMATE BY ANOTHER JOURNALIST” stupid ass, this was uttered from the former secretary of state !!! put your head and blabbering mouth back up Clintons ass…….

        • Chad Dudenhefer

          So True!!

      • Mark204

        Really, people like you are what’s wrong with our Country today, if you cannot see what she did was a breach then there is NO hope for you.

    • Kevin Morrison

      I completely agree. There is a huge difference between non-substantiated comments by analysts and reporters, and confirmation by a former Secretary of State who had access to actual information.

  • Mo

    Her mouth proves to be leakier than her overactive bladder (OAB). Unfortunately Mybetrig doesn’t work on an overactive PIE HOLE!

  • walkman321

    oops I did not have sexual relations with Putin… what a dumb ass. bet the do nothing to her…..

    • SpencerMaze

      Absolutely nothing will come of this. Because our limp dick president will instruct his corrupt DOJ to do nothing.

  • SpencerMaze

    How can anyone vote for this witch? I mean seriously. She is reckless & dangerous and electing her will put us all in grave danger. This is NOT an overstatement.

  • Scampul Hunter

    She will do or say anything to achieve the position she seeks. The sheep will be waiting in line to vote for her.

  • Karen Oliva

    Maybe she thinks SAP refers to the voters!!!

  • Bill Cater

    Of course, Foreign Policy magazine published an article with the same information. Evidently, it’s not classified information.

    Do you enjoy being played by Libertynews, folks?

  • LA

    Go figure….she’s stupid and just doesn’t care……….bet she wont get indicted for this one either!

  • First time she told the truth and it was not a good thing.

  • Mimi Lee

    How much more is she going to have to do before she is charged for her misdeeds?

  • David Kroger

    The sad thing is that our Justice dept is too corrupt to arrest the bitch.

  • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

    Stop being stupid. This is common knowledge. Do a little research, then post, half-wit:

  • exboyracer

    But she lies so how do you know it is four minutes? Because highly placed anonymous sources confirm it. Vague world you guys live in.

  • drew36
  • classieladiee

    So, what will they do about it? If Trump had said that, they’d walked in at the Debate and hauled him out. ugh

  • william barr

    she knew what she was doing

  • Brian Causey

    Wow. Way to do your research?

    This information was already public knowledge. On 5 August 2016 Foreign Policy magazine published an article about the very subject with a subhead that openly proclaimed the response time of 4 minutes. The response time is an estimate based on an unsubstantiated claim made by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

    • Vigilant Satyr

      Which has now been substantiated by a former Secretary of State that does not understand operational security, unfortunately.

  • Arsan Lupin

    This entire article – and the comments decrying the contents – are all complete and total nonsense. The nuclear response time has been well known publicly for decades. All you whiny crybabies GET A LIFE!

  • This is literally unprecedented historic incompetence, caught live on international television. Will our media cover it? Guess.

  • EquineRhythms

    She released it to our enemies so they would know. She is truly evil and not fit to be President as she is working as a spy for other countries. Boot her out!

  • Dave Schindler

    Sorry! I believe this post to be a load of horse manure. It was probably on wikileaks last week. Her enemies jumped on this faster than 4 minutes, I can tell you.

  • 16 TONS

    Actual response time is much faster. However, the “high ranking intelligence officials” were added to provide more fodder, generally if a fact is ever actually revealed, nothing would be stated one way or the other.

  • Michael Soria

    You people are dumb if you believe this horse shit. She didn’t make anything public that wasn’t already public. This entire article is made up garbage.

  • Wayne_B

    Was she even cleared to know this or did Obama leak it to her?

  • (C)all Me Switters

    Fact Checkers have not been very kind to Donnie this morning

    Some are having a problem finding ANYTHING he said that was true…..

  • John Lanou

    This report is false. The info is already public: “U.S. presidents are currently given a four-minute window to decide whether or not to initiate an irreversible apocalypse.”

    • (C)all Me Switters

      The “truth” only makes them get madder…..

  • (C)all Me Switters

    All you “patriots” lining up with Donnie to defend Russia

    Fuk every one of you traitors…..

  • (C)all Me Switters

    Trexit is coming

    Trump exiting politics…

  • Tim Bucktoo

    In Revelations, America is not mentioned.
    All these global powers are, but we are not!
    You know why that is.. either we don’t exist at the time Jesus returns, or we are not significant enough to mention.
    This Administration’s actions makes me think we’re nonexistent in Revelations, due to their politicsl decisions.

  • jnsrck
  • Ellen Anderson

    I am not supporting Hillary for POTUS. However …. those who oppose her have plenty to snipe about without making crap up. Hillary didn’t give away any big secrets …. this 4 minute thing as been cited many many times prior to her *big security leak* during the debates.

  • Mike Schupbach

    LOL. There’s nothing classified about the 4 minute window. It’s been talked about openly for over 30 years and was referenced in this article from August,

  • myositis

    Well she couldn’t e-mail that information!!!!!!!!!!! what a traitor and on live tv.

  • rking111

    She is not fit to be president. She is a foul mouthed liar. What do you think the rest of the world thinks of this crazy woman.

  • Connie Craig

    Oh, this bothers them but all the leaks just get ignored? Who knows what she has leaked in private conversations while visiting Foreign Dignitaries! She needs to have all security credentials revoked and put I Prison for Treason and Espionage!

  • Carrie Cadwallader

    The average time to a US nuclear response is well-known to anyone who has done their research. And if she HAD given out an exact, classified number, the last thing a legitimate Pentagon source would do is VERIFY it by coming out with a statement saying “Hillary Clinton gave away classified information.”


    She is a Clinton and the darling of the left. Nothing will happen to her….again.

  • John Wright

    Hillery believes in give and take . she gives all our country secrets away and takes all our freedoms all the time becoming rich off play to play and selling us down the river

  • John Andrews

    This information is widely available everywhere. Nothing was compromised. Google it egg heads.

  • breed41

    she got info from Bill Clinton

  • Gordon Smith

    Pure BS! You can tour minuteman silos and learn this and a whole lot more. This isn’t classified and is a pure BS article.

    • Scott Hanson

      Gordon, just because you can tour a deactivated silo turned museum, does not mean that current classified intel is available.
      You don’t have a damned clue wtf you’re talking about.

  • CementCityBoy

    But snopes says….. oh yeah they lie.

  • Female Trump Voter

    Fry that bi t ch now. My son is a soldier and I can’t imagineher having control of our military or our country.

  • jayjay lucas

    Yes, I’m sure they are shocked… especially since things like this have been on the internet long before last night’s debate. Google it pentagon staffers who are going ‘ballistic”.

  • Earthling4

    So lemme get this straight. She lies every time she opens her mouth, you can’t believe a word she says — unless it’s this. Got it.

    If the Pentagon confirmed it as accurate, whoever did that should be out of a job.

    Buncha damn idiots.

    • Earthling4

      Probably came from this article:

      Which, oddly enough, had already been published by someone who was not HRC, long before the debate.

    • JohnQFugly

      Not to mention she gave an estimated time frame, not something like “4:22:51”.

      Now, for fun, try to find anything. ANYTHING that “anonymous” Pentagon officials have confirmed, ever. It’s always a designated, named spokesperson (e.g. Jeff Davis). If there really are people there willing to spill their guts, even anonymously, they must not be too fond of their job.

  • Rance Branford

    I am fairly certain that the rest of the armed world already has this information. That makes no difference. As a former SOS she should know better than to put such information out there for her own gain. When asked for anything that could possibly be detrimental to her causes she can’t ever recall anything. When she thinks she can advance her own agenda, anything is fair game. If nothing else this action shows the true nature of this despicable witch. She is unfit for any position in government, much less POTUS.

  • LOL, really…smh. This BS and NO I’m not even a supporter, just tired of all this BS about “secrets” that are actually of NO CONSEQUENCE. Why is it that no one has anything to say when the damn news media practically maps out EXACTLY how we plan to attack or wage war on an enemy. One thing Trump said in last night’s debate that I actually agreed with, was about how our military leaders broadcast the strategy of attack in Mosul, which has actually prompted ISIS LEADERS to either DIG IN or FLEE….but somehow her saying we have a 4 minute window to respond to a nuclear missile launched at us has just blown the whole cover off of our nuclear program.

    Her telling about this 4 minute window somehow renders us incapable of ALSO launching our own NUKES at the aggressor, resulting in MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION…GET IT??? EVERYONE DIES….so REALLY, how important or “detrimental” to national security that “4 minutes” is out there???

    • Last Resort

      I’ll tell you how. 145 seconds after launch, an SS-18 travels around 80km, or about 53 miles. A Russian submarine that is able to get to a launch point 100 miles from our shores and launch would be able to land its missiles before we can respond. Our enemies may have had an idea of our response time, but now they KNOW it. That’s why what she did is so dangerous, and illustrates another reason Hillary cannot be trusted in any capacity.

      • Jacques Beatty

        You can make up as many scenarios as you want, it doesn’t change the FACT there’s NOTHING the woman said which was not ALREADY known to those involved with nuclear weapons, deterrents, and response times. If you didn’t already know or have heard this information before, in no way means it wasn’t already out there. There’s an article in Bloomberg that articulately lays out the PRE-LAUNCH process and procedures….I think it’s dated August or September (15th) of this year.

      • Jacques Beatty

        Well, wuddayaknow…now, WHO told these three journalist??????


      • Yes, I’m months late in my reply because I don’t actually check for replies on Disqus, but I saw I had two replies so I clicked on them…and to my surprise I see your well written response with all the numbers, speed, and weaponry……but you and the IDIOT who calls himself “Just Straight Shooting” missed THE FACT the ENTIRE LAUNCH SEQUENCE WAS WRITTEN OUT IN GREAT DETAIL BEFORE HER AND TRUMP’S DEBATE AS INDICATED BY THE DATE OF THE ARTICLE ON BLOOMBERG.COM!!!

        And since you nor that other dick-stick have a problem of commenting BEFORE researching…you’re gonna see the article has been UPDATED with a date of JANUARY 20, 2017, but if you read all they way to the BOTTOM you WILL SEE THIS.

        “Note: First published on September 7, this graphic has been updated to reflect Trump presidency

        Source: Bruce G. Blair is a research scholar at the Program on Science and Global Security at Princeton University and a co-founder of Global Zero.”

        The debate in which she so-called divulged our greatest “secret” happened more than a MONTH LATER than the BLOOMBERG.COM article.

    • Just Straight Shooting

      Listen up dummy, you might learn something… That is if your bring isn’t so spongy from drinking the Kool-Aid of the demoncrats.

      It’s not the “4 minutes” intel that’s been the subject of speculation for many years that really matters. It’s the fact that she is so narcissistic, sociopathic, arrogant and aloof that she thinks it doesn’t matter how she handles top secret information, no matter how “trivial” she may think it is. It is the fact that she confirmed it, and thinks and acts like the rules do not apply to her and she can do whatever the heck she want’s to do, the rules and laws be damned.

      You are a raving foolish idiot for defending her. And your defense of her just proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are just as sorry and worthless as she is.

      • Hey dick-stick…here’s YOUR secret and tall glass of cold STFU!

      • “There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See”

        Sage words from an IDIOT, LOL

        C’mon, tell me again how spongy my “bring” is from drinking the Kool-Aid of the demoncrats….I’m waiting, you blithering FOOL. Answer your way out of this one DUMMY, since you know so goddamn much about the so-called NUCLEAR LAUNCH SECRETS SHE EXPOSED!!!

        Here’s your SIGN…

      • Yes, I’m months late in my reply because I don’t actually check for replies on Disqus, but I saw I had two replies so I clicked on them…and to my surprise I see your response with all the intellect of a window-licker……but you missed THE FACT the ENTIRE LAUNCH SEQUENCE WAS WRITTEN OUT IN GREAT DETAIL BEFORE HER AND TRUMP’S DEBATE AS INDICATED BY THE DATE OF THE ARTICLE ON BLOOMBERG.COM!!!

        And since you have a problem of commenting BEFORE researching…you’re gonna see the article has been UPDATED with a date of JANUARY 20, 2017, but if you read all they way to the BOTTOM you WILL SEE THIS.

        “Note: First published on September 7, this graphic has been updated to reflect Trump presidency

        Source: Bruce G. Blair is a research scholar at the Program on Science and Global Security at Princeton University and a co-founder of Global Zero.”

        The debate in which she so-called divulged our greatest “secret” happened more than a MONTH LATER than the BLOOMBERG.COM article.

  • Marlene Fannon

    Knowing the response time means nothing if you don’t know when the order is given. Duh! A much bigger risk is a man who cannot control his anger and thinks everyone, especially us, should be using nuclear weapons. Again, duh!

    • Realist

      Anger, such as Hillary going off the rails on Bill when he cancelled a paid wall street speech? Yeah, thats who we need on the trigger, someone who gets pissed when their wall street money doesnt come in.

    • Rob_Drury

      Irrelevant. Ms Clinton doesn’t have the authority to decide whether or not to disclose classified information.

    • Tony Malone

      There is always someone out there that can make use of this info to their advantage.

    • Last Resort

      So edgy, much feels. Do you have sufficient reasoning skills to perform 8th grade Algebra?

  • jimjenky

    Well, that is all said and done now. Polls supposedly show that Clinton is at the highest level of electoral college numbers in the whole campaign. I really, really don’t want to believe the polls however. If you don’t want this corrupto-crat for your President, make sure you get out and vote for Trump,…….and take someone else to the polling precinct to vote for Trump.

  • Rob_Drury

    Okay, we have literally millions of witnesses and video record that Ms Clinton passed Top Secret information. Why hasn’t an arrest been made?

  • Sophie DG

    This is NOT top secret info. For ex, here’s a clip from a public discussion @ Council on Foreign Relations where former NSA officials talk about needing to make quick decisions re: Russia in the 1970’s.

    HRC rightfully cited the 4 min time to highlight that Trump, who regularly backtracks and tries to explain away outrageous comments he’s made sometimes hours after he’s said them, will not have that luxury in the real world of governing. He can’t overreact out of ego or irrational fear, press the red button, then take it back.

  • Henry Robinson

    Yes but trump said pussy!

    • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio

      11 years ago!

  • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio

    And she has the b@lls to state Trump is unfit to serve as POTUS. Unbelievable.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Well she’ll claim “the Comey Defense”. She was just careless and stupid. Remember that?

    • DeplorablePresidentPinocchio

      Or that she “can’t recall”

  • jameshd

    Even if the information is “common knowledge,” it could still be classified Top Secret. The common knowledge “facts” are merely estimates by people who like to make this type of estimation. Some of these people are intelligent and knowledgeable people, others are squirrels. However, if it is classified information, she should already have been arrested.

  • Realist

    Its OK….Clinton can’t recall saying it and had no intent anyway. Nothing to see here.

  • Burner

    So, after 3 minutes and 30 seconds she’ll announce “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  • Just Straight Shooting

    Several idiots and fools here are claiming, “that’s been common knowledge for 40 years” and such drivel, thinking they will refute this article. This article states that it’s been SPECULATED for a long time, but nobody knew for sure because it was a closely guarded secret.

    The point of this article is that the traitorous, lying, crooked, criminal, NASTY WOMAN known as hillary “Benghazi” clinton, just CONFIRMED it.

    BIG BIG difference between speculation and CONFIRMED intelligence. And the idiotic NASTY WOMAN provided them with that.

    All you traitorous fools that are defending this P.O.S. need to be locked up with her in Fort Leavenworth.

  • Mark204

    Seriously why does Hillary Clinton get one pass after another for exposing National Secrets?

  • Mark204

    Will the Fed Gov’t also forgive Hillary Clinton for this or will they finally do their dam* job and charge her with a crime as they should have already?

  • Candi

    Well folks…she may get her hands slapped but forgiven..,.WITH THE COMMENT “SHE DIDN’T MEAN TO”…A DEFENSE THAT WILL BE TRIED IN ALL COURT ROOMS ACROSS AMERICA..
    But let’s let Trey Gowdy head it all up..and her ass would be in jail..what a slap in the face for all us..

  • C Alan McMillon Sr.

    So now we know, who carries the codes thanks to Biden, now we know exactly what the response time is. I bet if there was another debate we could all get the codes themselves !!
    Deplorables in Mississippi say NO to hil-LIAR-y!!!

  • JRJ21

    The witch was sec of state and knows things like this,, it shows how truly reckless she is and how SHE COULD NEVER BE TRUSTED WITH ANY TOP SECRETS EVER AND NEEDS TO BE PROSECUTED HEAVILY NOW. SHE IS THROUGH AND MUST DROP OUT AND BE PROSECUTED

  • Smitty

    Joshua: Greetings, Hil-liar-ry. Would you like to play a game?

  • Just Straight Shooting

    And this NASTY WOMAN has been going around stating, that Donald Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the nuclear codes. WOW what an idiot she is, and even more disturbing is the number of IDIOTS who defend and support this demonic woman.

  • SoggyBottomBoys

    Cankles response time would be even longer, as she would be drugged and doped out most of the time.

  • magebear
  • Debra Silviano

    THEN WHY IS SHE STILL ALLOWED TO BE IN THE RACE???? If she is so cavalier about such extremely classified info…..WHY is she not removed by the Dems??? Good gravy!! Does this one little old woman have all the military in the US scared to speak up!! Trey Gowdy…..where are you??????

  • Shine

    it’s not exactly a secret, as i originally thought:

  • Bigfrog

    This unnamed source lost me at “she should be detained”, plus as mentioned by another poster this four minute window was already written about in an August 5 (and probably numerous other places) article in Foreign Policy mag:
    So yeah, once again much ado about nothing from hyperpartisans.

  • David Earl


    VIDEO: Hillary Shares U.S. Nuclear Response Time With The Whole World

  • Ron Custer

    Another reason to prosecute her.

  • garza6

    You’re telling me other nuclear countries dont know how long it takes? You would think all countries that have nuclear know the timing.

  • well it’s not the first time she’s fumbled sensitive information and it won’t be the last…

  • Gennae Angelina

    I wonder what would happen if one of regular people did some of the shit this bimbo has done. We would not be president we would be sitting in prison someplace under bright lights with a uniform saying “ARE YOU A TRAITOR OR JUST ONE STUPID MOTHERFUCKER?”

  • Michael Hayes


  • Sam Morrison

    So the Pentagon should arrest Hillary and put her in jail are they scared of her

  • So, it’s super secret, and yet you just put it in an article? How ironic of you.

    The four minute timeline has been open knowledge for decades, folks. No law was violated. Relax.

  • Don Liv

    This proves she is not qualified to be Dog Catcher let alone Predident,

  • Randy Meador

    This information has been available for quite some time…smh

  • Stu Booger

    Does this threaten our immediate secuity, probably not. However, the term, ominous foreshadowing, comes to mind with what she did last night. There is a difference between common and confirmed knowledge. I’d much rather our enemies have a guesstimate than a solid confirmation. Also, which Hillary are we getting, the one who tells people what they want to hear, to get their vote or is this the closed door Hillary, that has no intentions of keeping her promises? This sounds like the game show from hell…or is she Joe Isuzu, in drag?

  • Simple Truth

    Russia has actually made strategic maneuvers now, its all over the foreign media

  • Ruben Stringer

    Now you decide to tell the truth? Good job Hillary. POS

  • Mike Reynolds
  • Ruben Stringer

    Yes detain her for questioning. While you’re at it lock her up and throw away the key.

  • ArmyMom81

    That response time has been public knowledge since the 80’s.

  • Hard to kill Infidel

    If she violated Security Regulations, IMMEDIATELY charge her with the crime, and disqualify her for it.

  • Viir Exeter

    Geez, Republicans are desperate spreading lies and misinformation, but that’s what you do when your dinosaur anti-women, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti- environmental Russian-President-Putin-owned Republican Party of Hate is dead and you know you don’t have a chance of winning another presidential election.:

    FALSE: Hillary Clinton Revealed A Classified Response Window Of Four Minutes For A U.S. President To Launch Nuclear Weapons.

    During a presidential debate Hillary Clinton mentioned a four-minute response window for launching missiles during a nuclear attack, but that information wasn’t secret.

  • Robert Wahl
  • Danielle Walker
  • Christine Price

    The woman lies about EVERYTHING over and over – then turns around and has Diarrhea of the Mouth when it comes to National Security details on a Presidential Debate being nationally and internationally televised -which can easily be a direct threat to the safety and well-being of ALL Americans!! Geez, does she ever stop being stupid and ignorant??

  • Robert Wahl

    clinton did reveal anything that was not already public knowledge….

  • Barbwin445

    When confronted, Hillary will respond with one of or both of her favorite expressions….”I don’t recall.” and/ or “What difference does it make?”.
    What is the fallout? Consequences? Has anyone seen or heard of this on any of Clinton’ media minions?

  • Geeky Grandma

    Well, she sure can’t blame Trump, wikileaks, Putin, Obama or her emails on this one. It came out of her mouth and she owns it. Pull her security clearance and take her off the ballot in all 50 states. She has disqualified herself with that stunt.

  • David P. Bresett

    She is too stupid to be anything more than a homeless waif.

  • Keith Williams

    We all know she is reckless with national security. The question is when is someone responsible for enforcement going to arrest this idiot and put her in jail???

  • B White Eagle

    Now that’s got to be divulging secret defensive strategies!!!

  • Concerned Citizen in JC

    As i have said for many years and every month since the general election cycle started; this LIAR, is TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!

    She DOES NOT care about this country and more importantly she continues to demonstrate a willingness to PRETEND that she knows what she is doing, when she clearly has NO IDEA!

  • Marie West


  • LynD
  • Morgan Vincent

    BULLSHIT! the information was already widely known and often cited.
    NICE TRY THOUGH! Keep up the lies, they’re working…

  • konc2

    What an ignorant barnyard animal these useful idiots will be voting for.

  • James

    This is a fake news site, folks. This story is a lie, a hoax.

  • JWitt


  • George Raymond

    Get a grip you morons. You can find it all on google – including the exact launch procedure and steps taken. You should be more worried that those four minutes in Trumps hands will end the world.

  • Doug Day

    If it’s so Top Secret – why is it readily available online? Here’s the entire process – takes 18 minutes from detection of an attack to launching the first missiles. Do a search of 4-minute launch window and you’ll find all kinds of links to publicly available information about it.

  • Mary Reilly

    She has no respect for America. She has now put us in grave danger and is unfit to lead this country in any capacity. She needs to be held accountable for her crimes and criminals should be in jail, not the white house.

  • This was never classified information. I was taught about US response times to a nuclear strike in civics class during the Reagan years. It used to be part of public school curriculum.

    • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

      The number you were taught was the 6 1/2 minute time it takes a sub-launched missile to hit the Eastern Seaboard.

  • fatscottridesagain
  • Terry Wynn

    Maybe that was a tip off to other country’s to let them know how to strike us.

  • actually, welcome to snopes. i expect this to be deleted, since it actually debunks this page. nevertheless, if you can help even one –

  • jeff poss

    not even an issue. please stop blowing up BS

  • lanedc

    Okay. I despise Hilary Clinton. She is a liar and has been basically inept at every job she has ever had. But if what she did was wrong in releasing the time frame to launch,who are the stupid sources who reluctantly verified the information. Aren’t they just as guilty?

  • fatscottridesagain
  • CPtelli

    Ah, the ole “unnamed” or “high-ranking” source routine. I never cease to be amused by these. Please, frightened web-masses, enlighten me – a scenario, perhaps, where this information is used to wield the final diabolical death-stroke, killing everyone I love and ending life as we know it. I cannot wait… and when you’re done, for my own sake, as I am obviously not steeped in such things, guide me through the thought process that ends with one not only trusting but then proudly regurgitating the journalistic bile from a “news” source that uses no sources of its own and that spews such transparent, blatantly biased and just plain poor writing. Go…

    • JohnQFugly

      I kind of enjoy the paradox that is “Lyin’, Crooked” Hillary who can’t be believed to even tell the truth about her own age, suddenly stands tall on a live stage and tells an absolute gem of (estimated) truth. Truth confirmed by a newly created position at the Pentagon known as an “Intelligence Official”. They confirm all sorts of things while staying perpetually anonymous.

  • Connie Christopher

    This isn’t a secret. The four minute scenario has been thrown around since the 70’s. In fact, an article from Aug on discusses the scenario. If you’d like, I can provide other, older articles and works that discuss the US president’s time to call off a strike once the go ahead is in motion. So, I highly doubt that anyone with any knowledge at the Pentagon, let alone a high-ranking official, actually said this info is secret and classified.

  • Lisa Ann Stalcup

    but everyone already knew about the 4 minute time ,, it has been known since the cold war times ,, it has even been in the news papers and internet so no she didn’t say anything people didn’t already know

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Even if it is a slip, it is still TREASON to divulge this sort of information. No telling what this woman has done ,besides the wide open server and slips like this, to put us all in danger-

  • NotTimHolt

    Willful ignorance won’t make your point valid. The response time Clinton stated is available from dozens of unclassified sources. If any of you lazy fucktards would bother to google it instead of immediately masturbating to your latest gotcha fantasy you would find it referenced in most informed discussions on nuclear policy.

  • islanchief

    Uh, you only need to know how fast a missile is traveling and the distance it is traveling to figure this out. It is known as math.

    • Jeffery Rightmire

      No intelligence to be found here-

  • blairfire

    The entire argument is foolish (moot) since both sides are aware all nuclear launch sites can’t possibly be taken out in only 4 minutes.

  • Jessy Fowler

    lol, this info isn’t classified, and it apparently isn’t even new. people have been quoting this window since the Cold War. Cool your combovers, Trumpets. (My quoted source is at least as credible as Liberty News)

  • JF

    OMG, Enough of the Clinton’s. UGH!!!!

  • wicked smaaht Dude
  • TaDead!

    Suprised the traitorous c**t didn’t disseminate command and control and silo locations while she was at it!


    Put the BITCH in jail, she is reckless and irresponsible unfit to have access to any sensative material. WHY IS SHE 50 POINT AHEAD ONE MIGHT ASK? BECAUSE SHE IS A DUMB ASS!

  • Kirk

    BS!!!! That information has been on the internet for years. Matter of fact you can get an exact breakdown of the timing and who all is involved in the process. Why don’t you get your heads out of your ***** and quit believing every sensationalist headline without verifying the information. Grow up!

  • ontopofit

    Hey, women can’t keep secrets. This woman doesn’t even know what is secret

  • Alaine Moore

    The only secrets she keeps are the ones involving her money under the table deals

  • Norman

    Calm down. She probably sold them that info years ago.

  • Skeptic

    Bullshit. This has been known for decades and isn’t a secret. Notice that no one is named. Stop posting this kind of crap

  • Serge Small
  • FDS
  • jgnewman

    Proof positive that she isn’t responsible, reliable, trustworthy or sensible. She was so busy trying to prove what a big shot she is, she spilled Top Secret information. And we’re supposed to: believe her? vote for her?? I don’t think so.

  • crazymind99

    Hillary Clinton has presidential adds on a single military person who was once in charge of launching nuclear weapon saying Trump is unstable and will cause a war. it takes two people to launch these weapons.

  • T. Bergenn

    I’ve known about the 4 minute gap since way back in my anti nuke days, late 80’s. And Reykjavik.

    It was pretty common knowledge then.
    But I do think Hillary Clinton’s worse than reckless. She’s calculating…. But for the WRONG interests.

    She promotes an “interesting” convergence of financial self-interest (including all the deals, illegalities, deceptions, and manipulations THAT entails) with the anti-system socio-political agenda (including all the anti-men, anti-free market, anti-baby, pro LGBTQ distortions THAT entails, particularly legally and culturally).

    She’s a smooth talker and her connections serve her, right up to the highest offices of the land. Payola= Danger

  • Kathy Cuyler Austin

    I couldn’t believe she did that! She should be immediately arrested. Not ever be allowed to hold any kind of office, EVER! Bad enough all these emails that she’s never denied, but now a top secret breach on public television! If nothing is done to her than we all will know this whole thing is rigged!

  • Deb Lemire

    It is not classified information and has been discussed publicly many times over the years

  • Andrew

    Bloomberg published it — that bastion of liberalism .. why aren’t the editors in handcuffs?

    Because it is not a secret.

    But make up whatever you like. Trump never really cared about facts.

  • Jan

    FALSE. Instead of “anonymous sources” here’s a real person: “Among the people weighing in after the debate were who were able to assess the rumor and rate it was nuclear security expert Joe Cirincione, who issued two tweets about the controversy — one explicitly stating that Clinton did not disclose classified information and another reiterating that the information was already widely known and often cited”

  • Colleen Hunt

    HRC has been allowed to speak publicly enough. America needs a change. Time for a Republican White House again.

  • Bill_S

    Too bad the lamestream media won’t report this…..

  • Captain Oblivious

    Why hasn’t she been arrested for this? If one of the missile operators had said the same exact thing, they’d be in prison already or shot on the spot for treason.

  • Larry Olson


  • Newfirelock

    Lol! Horse manure.

  • RationalThought

    Do a little research, this isn’t even REMOTELY classified information. Problem with most Trump supporters is you literally don’t take advantage of the huge amount of knowledge at your fingertips to look up ANYTHING.

  • Newfirelock
  • Len Egdish

    Totally not true….60 minutes did an episode on this very subject and they had spoken of the time sequence as well so apparently this is not a secret

  • Bryan Mills

    It depends on what your definition of launch is. She was talking about the amount of time for basement dwelling “failure to launch” millennials to order and receive a grande latte at Starbucks, which she accidentally called a missile.

  • kevingt

    Hey dumb ass, the whole timeline is already widely disseminated. Google much? Hell, it was even printed in Bloomberg News just last month.

  • cub68134

    Shit for brains, eh?

  • Bryan Mills

    Comey “damn, that’s careless, but go Hillary!”

  • blair houghton
  • Hiram Abiff

    You poor, stupid saps that think this is news. Clinton didn’t divulge anything secret or classified. I’d love to see who these “anonymous” sources are that this fake news website supposedly has. Hint: complete fabrication. Here’s how classified the “info” is, you pathetic morons:

  • Mark E. Bryan

    She knowingly did this on purpose,’cause she hates this country so much,and is determined to betray us!! I call her SHRILLARY ROTTEN COLON!!

  • Bill H
    • Julia D. Plorable

      In short: It depends on what the definition of IS is.

  • Bryan Mills

    I’m convinced the news networks real motivation for concealing the criminal extent of her “carelessness” is they want ratings from the impeachment proceedings.


    I suppose our enemies have a very reasonable estimate of our response time. While Hillary’s comment is bothersome, IMHO, it pales in comparison to many of the emails that have violated our national security and the men and women serving to protect us. What is ten times more troubling is she habitually does these sort of things and there are no consequences.

    Most people who violate our national security are promptly arrested, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned. Hillary Rodham Clinton will most likely be promoted to commander in chief. She could not only become our first woman POTUS, Clinton could be the first commander in chief without security clearance. In all probability she and her staff are contemplating the ramifications of Hillary becoming the first president to issue herself an executive pardon.

    Most Americans, it seems, are AOK with this.

  • Barbie Miller


  • walterc

    And to think we have military personnel being sent to prison for far less violations of security protocol. Why isn’t this woman in jail?

  • Julia D. Plorable

    Two words:

  • bob

    Hang the liberal treasonous communist Muslim worthless degenerate homo

  • sonoitabear
  • alberto

    You can not have any intelligent discussion about this election because of the mostly really stupid comments by those who feel like spitting out poison with their keyboards. Hillary makes mistakes, too many. Her goal is to be get to be President rather than do the job of President.
    I wonder why the DoD can not arrest her for reveiling classified information to the public. Are their hands tied like the FBI?

    • Pink

      Because it isn’t classified information. What were you saying about intelligent discussion and stupid comments?
      I’ve known about nuclear response time since I was in 5th grade, and trust that I do NOT have security clearance. 🙂

  • jonsen

    Democrats are always cavalier with national security. Look at Hillary’s email server and how lax the Democrat controlled FBI and Justice Dept treated it.

  • jonsen

    Biden brags about the codes as well. Democrats treat national security like it’s a game of checkers.

  • Roy Jones

    The response time isn’t a secret. You can find it in books and papers on nuclear weapons in any library.

  • Steve Dodge

    Another breach of National Security on open T.V. Arrest her military now.

  • Phillip Woon

    I knew of it before she said it. It’s in the movies

  • sonoitabear

    The information is NOT classified:

    • jonsen

      snipes again? really? next they’ll say Hillary’s email server mishandling classified info is fine and dandy.

  • New_Apple_iHate

    This nasty hag is just plain too STUPID to be president

  • Skip Seglipse

    This isn’t a secret you morons. These launch times have been known since the 70’s.

  • Carole McCallister Williams

    Add that to the list. Her corrupt buddies have her back. No matter what. She is safe.

  • katerant
  • Everybody freaking about launch time, when I was in grade school we did regular nuclear attack drills just like fire drills. And yes we knew how long it took to launch a nuclear attack against Russians SMH!

  • Roman Kuchar

    If she just shut the hell up nobody would know just how stupid she is

  • Howard

    Knowing our troops WORLD WIDE were watching the debate , THIS DUMB BITCH just told everyone WORLD WIDE more information ! PROSECUTE / DON’T ELECT ! SHE CANNOT BE TRUSTED !

  • Indytims

    The author of this blog is ‘skeptical of anything the government says’ – and then ‘reports’ a silly hack-job by ‘anonymous sources’ – which is a clear sign of BS. The “4 minutes” has been discussed open in the past, and is in no way ‘classifed’. Any legitimate DOD official who has ‘problems’ with her comment is obvious a Trump supporter. The ‘response time’ is also pretty much common sense.

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    And what do you suppose the government is going to do? SURPRISE! NOTHING. Vote them out of office, now is your chance, put up or shut up.

  • Indytims

    To help the haters out even more, this had already been spoken about in the public domain.

  • DaveW

    What Secretary Clinton said was not news to me: I discovered it in writings on the arms race of the sixties and early seventies when I was writing a history essay in my first year of University circa 1971. From the time of launch from a Submarine off the coast of either Russia or the United States there is about seven minutes till the first blast with its corresponding electro-magnetic pulse and the unknown damage to communications that it will cause. The Leader of the attacked country must make the decision to launch the counter strike within that time to be sure of it being carried out. President Yeltsin sat with the ‘football’ on his lap for a few minutes when a Norweigian satelite launch was not properly announced beforehand. We are still here because he found it strange that that the US would attack when things were going sell in US Russia relations. A steady hand is always required in office.

  • Roar

    Still think she has Americas best interests in mind?

  • Kelly

    You wish you were as great as she is. You wish you were as philanthropic as her. If she had done nothing other than help children I would still vote for her. She has gone far and beyond that. Vote for the blood orange talking cantaloupe, it won’t do you any good. Madame president, I welcome you

    • Joe Palooka

      You wish wikileaks and podesta aka stonetear didn’t exist and especially the masterfile arkancide. Shame on you for supporting a vicious serial killer that has murdered over 3 dozen of her friends and associates to stay in power going back to the 1980s

  • Ellis Drewery

    Could be that she just let that slip to give the illusion that she was that stupid, ya think? What if she was just baiting the Ruskies and the little yeller fellers? What if our actual response time is 30 seconds and our adversaries decided to set their fuses for 3 minutes, believing they had all the time in the world?

  • Pam Rugtiv

    “No one regards national security more highly than I.It was just a happy coincidence–I had no idea, when I threw out that ‘four minutes’ line that it could be so close to the actual fact. It was simply an educated guess.”

  • Anthony Hamilton

    FAKE!!! You can google this information – – – She did not share security secrets

  • Renee Wesley

    the answer she gave concerning the nuclear weapon response time IS publicly known

  • william nolley

    It time for someone to put this bitch Hillary Clinton in jail before she tell someone else

  • ccivish

    A quick google of the words four minute nuclear, from sources prior to
    yesterday yields numerous results. This is the sad state to which
    “journalism” has come, in the US. Such an accusation doesn’t merit the
    most cursory investigation, before publishing slander.

  • Russ Stanley

    I doubt our enemies didn’t already know this but the fact that Hillary said it is a huge issue. She doesn’t know or seem to care much about keeping secrets. She is like a little kid who can’t keep her mouth shut. Trump is like a little kid also, a spoiled rotten bully of a kid. Neither one know how to act presidential. Both are a disaster waiting to happen.

  • weather01089

    Nobody at the pentagon is upset, and who says that’s the actual number/

  • lokiswife
  • Humayun Chowdhury

    Please Send block-by-block, door-to-door, walk the walk we support Hillary Clinton because she down to earth & she connect people beautifully,she do anything for her people, she loves her people, she loves her country more than money but trumps don’t love people his love is for money & sex…To 8th November. Vote for PRESIDENT Hillary Clinton.

  • Richard Stephenson

    Seriously? Not classified info. Wasn’t a confidential top secret matter. had an Aug 6th, 2016 article with “four minutes” in the headline. Carter’s NSA recalled an event from 1979 during an interview about the timeline of a nuclear strike. An incoming nuke strike from Russia was actually a training exercise that accidentally began. Walter Slocombe, a former undersecretary of defense, has an entire chapter in one of his books describing the timeline in detail. And this “news” site has sources in the DoD? Sure.

  • Curt Welch

    Typical conservative fake news crap. idiots. All of you. Notice how there are no facts given? Not a single name given to backup a single one of the claims of “PENTAGON OFFICIALS FURIOUS”? If the Pentagon officials were in fact furious, they would make PUBLIC STATEMENTS about it. But they are not actually furious. This is called CLICK BAIT for uneducated votes.

    The fact that our nuclear weapons can launch in minutes has been known by everyone in the industry for 40 years. This is not top secret information. It’s public knowledge for everyone except uneducated conservatives that seem to think it is secret.

    Check page one of this public document from 2012:

    “Of the ICBM force, nearly all (98%) of the 450 missiles are on high alert at any given time, capable of launching within five minutes of the president issuing the launch codes. ”

    Read the snopes article and check the reference where they show this information was published in books.

    Like this article published on the web Aug 5th this year:

    Our Nuclear Procedures Are Crazier Than Trump
    U.S. presidents are currently given a four-minute window to decide whether or not to initiate an irreversible apocalypse. Sad!”

    So, because Clinton isn’t an uneducated buffoon like Trump, she’s accused of cheating by Trump because she actually took time to learn important (public) information about what she will be responsible if she becomes president.

    It’s not surprising that the average person on the internet doesn’t know these details. But it is really sad, when you eat up these fake news clickbait stories as if they were real because you are too lazy to do some research.

  • Claudia Perry-St Andre

    Are they kidding? Is there an American citizen alive that didn’t know there would only be about a five minute delay? Do they think American citizens are stupid?

  • S_V

    In this video, you can hear former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski relate the notification timeline – in public – including (at 9:50) that the President “would have 4 minutes to decide how to respond.” I don’t know when this interview occurred, but this video of it was published on YouTube in 2012.

    Anyone claiming to know that this is classified information is NOT CREDIBLE, because to say so, even anonymously, would be breaching their own responsibilities under the law (which continue even after you no longer have a clearance.) Any credible source would remain silent on the matter, therefore anyone claiming to know that it is classified is making it up.

    Anyone with half a brain and a passing knowledge of how the nations’ nuclear capabilities are projected can pretty easily come up with this same timeline from first principles. This timeline is not any kind of mystery, especially to the experts on either side who are responsible for planning.

    If you have real complaints, by all means, complain about them, but fabricating issues like this just comes off as desperate, and makes you look like you don’t have anything substantial, so you have to make stuff up to fool the unintelligent.

  • coho39

    I remember when used to be 8 minutes, or so we were told.

  • Alice Chapel

    Trumpf plans to tell the whole world what he would do militarily, which is a much bigger threat to our safety, never mind the fact that he would probably be groping some woman and unaware of what is taking place in the world at a most perilous moment.

  • Andrew Interrupted

    The generals will need to step in after November 8th and throw the whole lot out.
    To quote a corrupt, incompetent Chicago Bolshevik: “Enough is enough”.

  • XxDebraKayxX .

    Well…I wonder how they are going to sweep this under the rug?!?

  • kb

    well there ya have it folks…

  • Samuel M. Smith

    What else can you expect from a long-time demonstrated TRAITOR? Reminds me of lots of women I know who shoot-off their mouths to show how “smart” or “knowlegable” they are before giving ANY THOUGHT to the consequences of that wagging tongue!

    Hillary SHOULD have left the stage in handcuffs and that SHOULD have TERMINATED her run for President!

    • Irma Herrera

      Women have more important jobs to do like raise good Godly men. Stop killing our future Miss America’s, and doctors and Lawyers and such. Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be liberals.

  • Had_Enough2010

    While she was SOS she had the need to know clearance. She is no longer SOS. The egotistical arrogance and stupidity is unequaled that she has no qualms about releasing information like this on national tv. Humma has access to her server 24/7 and NO ONE is saying a word about that either.

  • Jessica Sydnor Marcus

    The response time is common knowledge. It is not a big secret. Please stop trying to make shit up. Trump sucks. Stupid conspiracies aren’t going to change that.

    • Irma Herrera

      She is a very old grama

  • Kelly Woodford

    This has been common knowledge since the ’60’s.

  • Gary Wirsu

    She will give away our top secret intelligence and our country in order to make herself appear better/ more knowledgeable. But what this traitor continues to do every time she opens her mouth is undermine the security of our nation with total disregard for our safety. This person should never be given access to the Presidency. She/Bill bought off the DOJ and AG. Throw her in prison.

  • Al Johnson

    How in the world is this a ” direct threat ” to our safety ?
    EVERYBODY knows it HAS to be minutes …
    Desperate much ? ? ?

    • right

      Did you know that she arranged a deal that gave Russia rights to 20% of our urainium?

      • Al Johnson

        Do you think Bill Cosby is innocent also ?
        SEE … I know how to change the subject too …
        Stay on topic …
        We can go there later …

        • right

          The subject is nuclear weapons. Clinton gave 20% of the nations supply of the fuel for those weapons. That is not changing the subject. She is giving the enemy control of a large part of our nuclear weapon system. Wake up Al

          • Al Johnson

            LOL …

            We have PLENTY of nuclear weapons …

            BACK to the original question ..

            How in the world is this a ” direct threat ” to our safety ?

          • right

            The attitude that makes it okay to give away our nuclear fuel shows a disregard for our safety. Clintons so-called reset with Russia has got them moving into the mid east and makes it more likely we get into a situation where we are back to a cold war with Russia. The cold war that we won under Reagan. The fact is that under Clintons watch we agreed to get rid of hundreds of nuclear weapons, while Russia didn’t get rid of any. They have 1800, while we are down to 1000. At some point if we keep moving in that direction, Russia might think that they could win a war against us.

          • Al Johnson

            Do you fear monger much …
            That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard in a long time on here .
            DOWN to 1000 nukes … enough to destroy the entire world many times over , but NO, that’s not enough for you …
            BTW, a simple Google search shows we have 7300 …
            Russia has 8000…

          • right

            Try looking to the government figures.

  • Reid

    Why doesn’t the MSM make a big deal out of this and say she is not fit to be president just like they would if Donald Trump had said it? I think we all know the answer, which is ,that they are more interested in getting her elected than they are in the security of the USA. Vote Trump for the your security !!!

  • 3dmike

    As a Navy Veteran with Top Secret Clearance the disclosure on live TV of 4 second for US to respond now allows North Korean, China, and Russia to set a plan in motion knowing the US response time.

    This is a violation of our US Security Act, she is one dumb woman who has now put our country at RISK. If she doesn’t go to Prison after this security disclosure I will then know our government is totally corrupt at the TOP endangering all Americans.

    • As a Navy veteran you should be smart enough to learn the facts before you spew nonsense. This is not a violation because the information isn’t classified. It’s been out since the 60s. Carry on.

  • Alice Chapel

    The usual conservative spin. Actually what Hillary said was not the exact time, it can take up to 4 minutes, so she wasn’t giving the exact time. What Trump did, demean our democracy by claiming that he might not concede is a worse offense. But, I know most Trump supporters are now desperate.

    Clinton’s tweet suggests that a launch “can take” the four-minute time she quoted rather than directly stating that it does, potentially implying that she didn’t mean a hard and fast time frame for a nuclear launch. A Bloomberg piece published in September backs up this alternate interpretation, suggesting that the launch timeline is not universal for all launches and could be anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

    • right

      Wake up. You don’t give the enemy any kind of a time frame. As far as Trump not committing to a concede to losing an election that hasn’t taken place yet, why would he? We already know that Clinton and the DNC rigged the primary. Debbie Wassermen Schultz had to resign just before the convention once they were caught. Clinton could have distanced herself from Schultz, but instead she hired her to work on the campaign. I guess Clinton thought Schultz did such a good job of fixing the primaries that she could do the same during the general election. Then there is the news that Clinton hired people to go to Trump rallies to incite violence that could be blamed on Trump. She also hired people to riot in Chicago where several people including 2 officers were injured. Trump has every right to question the veracity of the election.

  • Xyleman
  • Chris Aldridge

    Mishandling classified material is a habit for her by now.

    • If only this were real classified material. It’s not.

  • Anna Marie Leopardi


  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
  • junviray

    Now the US must launch its missiles within a second to have a fighting chance!

  • ColoMom

    But then again ” What difference does it make?” After all she is Hillary and she is ‘above the law’. Sheesh! She is such an obvious mistake to be in charge of anything.

  • Jeff Seaman

    Seriously? You know that’s not actually top secret info. Spent some time googling and it’s been public info for years and even printed in magazines.

  • H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
  • Millerr

    Hello… This info was published as far back as 1979. Here’s a tip: Don’t believe anything that is completely dependent on anonymous sources.

    • right

      Don’t believe anything from snopes, they have been shown to be full of it.

  • Keep poking the Bear and tossing him little morsels of raw meat. Four minutes is an eternity when the bombs fall.

  • Hillary….’Launch codes? I don’t need any freaking launch codes.’

  • Oy, the idiocy. This isn’t classified information folks. It’s been known for a very long time. Just another Trump lie, another fake fact in their loose and dangerous justification to #LockHerUp. But hey, you’re #deplorables and I shouldn’t expect anything better.

    • right

      She put classified, and top secret material on an unsecured server. She used that server to hide the pay for play involving her foundation. She pushed to destabilize Lybia which opened the door for ISIS to walk right in. She is the biggest threat to our country out there.

  • J R Moses

    Well……..she’s done it again. She has put our national security in jeopardy AGAIN……..and no one is going to do a damned thing about it. Vote for Trump and help get this woman in JAIL where she belongs! She’s giving the whole world our information, she’s taking money from people who want “death to America,” and now she’s even giving information on freakin NATIONAL TV. She is a THREAT to our country!!!

  • gabbyRN

    Why does this surprise anyone? She’s shared many top secrets over the years. Anyone that would vote for her gets what they deserve. Destruction.

  • Michael Rocker

    WOW that is far from classified. I knew that back in the 70’s.

  • Kemp Honeycutt

    You people really need to get a life. This wasn’t even remotely classified info. Hell – it was published in Foreign Policy a few months ago!

  • Nancy Erickson

    The estimated time for a President to launch a nuclear missile is not classified, but has been in the public domain many times, considered to be anywhere from 4 to 12 minutes. Here are two examples: a Bloomberg article from September, 2016, and a United Nations report (one of several that specifically mention response times).

  • Mike Collver

    And yet, MORONS will vote for the Beatch!

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Wish I had a Facepalm icon to insert here!!

  • Scott Saroyan

    You people are funny. I am a bodysurfer from San Diego. About 6 months ago, when the sets were slow, I actually looked up this nook time question. Found the same answer on google (so can you). Trump was doing his best work last night. He was steady the first 30-45 minutes. Then in a series of jabs, hooks, he flubbed the Mosul question. Hillary calls him a puppet, (turning his face red), said he choked in Mexico, (really pissed him off) the women coming forward (he said he didn’t apologize to Melania) he did he said so on tape (he lied). This MORON let this CROOK get away with 3rd and inches time and time again. Mrs Clinton, why did your own daughter write an e-mail saying the Clinton foundation is in direct conflict with you and your husband in regards to your position at State? Your campaign made fun of the Catholic faith why? Bill gave his friends big contracts for the Haiti victims while the rest went to the Fed. Site. You want unlimited open borders.
    You see, the reality tv host is going to lose not because of rigged elections, and the biased media, but because he doesn’t know what the f…k he is doing!

  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    is she a Gerbal or what?

  • Klaus-Peter W. Kolbatz

    ►May I introduce!
    ►►►Michelle Obama, America has a new President! (Y) <3 <3 <3

    ►Darf ich vorstellen!
    ►►►Michelle Obama, Amerika hat eine neue Präsidentin! (Y) <3 <3 <3

    VIDEO -

    ►Hillary Clinton und Merkels Regierungsstil tut unser Land gut
    ►Hillary Clinton and Merkel's governing style does our country well


  • jzandensky

    Some how these military guys presumed hilary was on our side.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    We are so $crewed.

  • Peter Signorelli
  • felix72

    I think she should be a stoned at the base of the Washington Monument while she chants “I can not tell a lie”. After all that worrying and she hangs herself

  • Kenneth Blagburn

    What part of the triad takes 4 minutes to respond? She gave no National secrets away!!!!

  • Mileaway

    Traitor! Gitmo her ass!

  • Cheryl Benthall Lazenby

    Well, as Trump said a couple of weeks ago, “if they don’t name their sources, there are no sources”.

  • gloria

    if she can let something like this be known what else can she do > dont you think she has done enough wrongs? …

  • Jenny

    Oh please. After 70 Years, the Nuclear Powers know it each other’s Mutually Assured Destruction response times. In short: Everyone has just enough time to launch before they’re vaporized assuring that who ever shot first goes down with the one they shot at.

    This has not been some great secret since the 1980’s.

    • JohnQFugly

      Aree you shure she didint just give away a BIG TOP SEKRET? Furious, anonymous intelligence officials said so, and they are SO mad and angry about it!!

  • Anthony Joseph

    Umm… Explain this… Your articles are B.S.!

  • Roberto Rivas

    I am loosing total respect for this country. The rest of the world must also be seeing us as a joke. That in itself is a threat to our security.

  • Gregan Dunn

    The four minute launch window is common knowledge. Not classified. Unbelievable what people get spun up into a fury over.

  • Glenn Moore

    You really cannot say it takes each one 4 Minutes, That one in Iran, Might take another 18 Months.

  • Aaron Stoner

    How much do you want to bet Hillary’s followers completely ignore this?

  • Usunder

    I’ve said a thousand times over this woman can’t be trusted. She would sale her own mother’s heart for a price.

    • Joe Radf

      That information given out by a military person, intentionally or accidentally, would result in a General Court Marshall and probably resulting in long tour prison time at a minimum. When she quoted what she did, I cringed…Now lets see how she gets away with this one. Oh Yes, I forgot she will apologize and all will be forgiven.

  • Mausinn

    Then those Pentagon Officals are complete idiots. The response times are not a secret and you can find almost anything you want to learn about our capabilities on line. You folks need to get a grip on reality.

  • Wanda Miller

    Well there you go, it’s apparent this woman should not be running for pres. What an idiot giving the response time. Gee I hope no one heard that!

  • Yandy Navarro

    This is bad, I don’t like Trump but this lady should be the first president unsafe for this great nation.

  • laughingtree
    • JohnQFugly

      No, it goes far deeper than gullibility. It’s a foundational bedrock of belief. Hillary lies about everything, unless it’s something (supposedly) incriminating, and then suddenly it’s God’s honest truth.

  • summergirl27

    She is a danger to our country!!!….Just as Donald Trump said, she should not be standing there, in the first place!…..She is a criminal, and a stupid one at that!!!…..She is completely incompetent, and must not be elected as president!!!


  • Helen Jackman

    I thought I was hearing things, I put new batteries in my hearing aid, yikes she “DID” say that, yikes.

    • Glenn Moore

      It Only Burns for a Moment, If you are saved, Eternity, if your NOT.

  • lvnwrth

    Are you all gullible, naive, or do you just not know anything?

    If this were really classified, do you think it would be on Wikipedia?

    If it were really classified, would it have been mentioned in a Foreign Policy magazine article in August of this year?

    You can fool some of the people all the time…especially if you’re lying about Hillary Clinton.

    • Glenn Moore

      Where did you Get your Knowledge: The source is Important, There are Things in Jane’s fighting ships, that you can Order from Amazon, That are classified, if that Book is On the Bridge, and being used by the OOD, to Identify targets. There are things you can read in Times or Newsweek, that I cannot Confirm or deny.

  • Glenn Moore

    I Know I am Old, and it’s been a Long Time, But ever since Tom Clancy, didn’t We all sign a sheet that says the NSA, can Take all your book proceeds, if you Release Classified Information; Let’s make Hillary Fund the Next Submarine with the funds from, “Stronger Together,”

  • Joseph Friday

    And this slut says Trump shouldn’t have his hands on the nuke trigger. She definitely can’t be trusted or have the “football” anywhere near her.

  • Don Taylor


  • Vic

    INFORMATION IS!!!! SOUND FAMILAR?????? Again, why is they woman not in jail or at least removed from this race???

  • John L. Battey

    Out of negligent carelessness she has put herself in the same class as Edward Snowden! Why is she still walking free?

  • Earl Rice

    They fotgot to say that the 4 minutes is afrer a launch is detected. Within that 4 minutes a deluge of missles with MERVs would be already on the way. If they are sub launched off our coast, from detection, to release, the best we could achieve is mutual anilation. And, there’s Hillary, trying her damnest to start WW3 with the Russians. I see no up side if Clinton wins. She draws a line in the sand in Syria. If she backs down, she loses face. If she doesn’t, then WW3 over a desert of goat herders, camals, with no vital interests involved. What a mess.

    • Coral

      So well said Earl.

  • Missy51

    Every time she puts our security in jeopardy she gets away with it. When will ever be held accountable?

  • brian barton


  • Antodav

    Eh. It would have gotten out in an email probably anyway, if it didn’t already. We don’t need to be launching nuclear weapons regardless, unless we are facing an alien invasion.

  • Daniel Alexander Lugo R

    Yet another reason why she should never reach the presidency!

  • Hockeynut

    Notice how this “DOD official” wasn’t named? Also, watch any movie where nukes are involved, you’ll probably hear the same thing. Common knowledge.

  • jymcook

    False. 4 minutes has been disclosed publicly for decades.

  • Proud American

    There have been plenty of descriptions of the timeline to launch US nuclear weapons, most much more detailed than anything Secretary Clinton said, and none of the people publishing them have been prosecuted. Also the articles giving those details are still easily available, and have been for years, indicating that the US military does not see any problem with them being published.

    Here are some examples:

    NTI –

    Foreign Policy –

    Bloomberg –

    GlobalNews –

  • Rich Rochester

    So, is there any more doubt that she played very fast and loose with State Department intel???

  • Jubillee60

    The reason her smile is so haunting and a bit creepy is that it takes a good bit of coverage makeup to hide the derma-fillers and marionettes. Swiping at her face in long strokes gave her away. They’ll itch or adjust while speaking.

  • Mary

    Pentagon must detain, question, file charges,and prosecute Clinton. She is a traitor and has given away Top Secret information that our enemies now have. I doubt that will happen though. The FBI let her get away with pretty much the same thing. Considering her ties to Islamic terrorists, she could have intentionally done it. Either way, she is unfit to be President and in he interest of our Country and the Constitution, our safety and freedom, I expect the Pentagon to take that woman and detain her and have the courage and integrity to stand up to her threats and bribes. Honor the oath that you took.

    • Coral

      They keep showing us over and over again that the Clinton’s are above the law. We currently have a constitutional crisis when the elite in government can ignore our laws. The FBI (Comey) & DOJ (Lynch) are bought and paid for. This is the most disturbing time in history since our founding fathers. I have faith in God and if Clinton wins (or not) people need to turn back to The Lord or watch America perish.

  • PaRo Lee

    Has anybody ever heard or read anything of ISIS destroying the electrical grids over in the countries they have been fighting

  • Sue

    No they are not you stupid douche bags! Like every other country that has nukes doesn’t know how long it takes??? DUH

  • Scott Saroyan

    Donald Trump does a fair impersonation of Alec Baldwin.
    Donald Trump is a caricature of himself.
    Donald Trump pays no Federal income taxes. Illegal immigrants pay federal taxes.
    Donald Trump is the ONLY Repuplican nominee (in history) that will lose white college educated women.
    Donal Trump is losing States that Mitt Romney easily won.
    Donald Trump likes Dictators in other Countries more than he likes our own President (very patriotic).
    Donald Trump Stated ( I know more than the generals).
    Donald Trump was pro choice, then pro life, and wanted to jail the mother for abortion.
    Donald Trump agreed on the Howard Stern show that Ivanna was a real “hot piece of ass”.
    Donald Trump wanted to date Ivanna if he wasn’t married (which is a very disturbing statement).
    Donald Trump was sued in the 70s for racial discrimination but settled. He said “without admitting guilt”. That should get the black vote ha. Black vote about 4-6 %
    Latino vote 13-15%
    Donald Trump actually said with a straight face that John McCain was not a war hero
    “He got shot down, I don’t like guys who get shot down”. Where was this coward? Getting 4 doctors to back up a foot problem. Back to DT.
    Donald Trump gets small to medium business owners to do work for him. He pays them when the job is completed like any rational human being right? Wrong. He pays what he feels like paying and says if you don’t like it, sue me. Good guy!

    Donald Trump
    Newt Gingrich
    Rudy Giuliani 9 marriages between these 3 stooges. Guys we can look up to !!

  • localdog

    This US presidential nonsense is the best form of entertainment on tv these days. 330 million people and these two fucktards are the best you could come up with?

    • John

      Amazing, isn’t it?

  • SYG

    Awww, she’ll just say, “Ops” and then apologize for her mistake. Has anyone been keeping track of all these “slips and mistakes” that she’s making? There are way too many for a Commander-In-Chief. One night she’ll blow up the freakin world and simply say, “Ops. sorry bout that. I apologize, and what difference doesn’t it make now? Let’s move on.”

  • Questors

    As has been said over and over…she isn’t too bright, demonstrates poor judgement and makes poor decisions. Lock her nasty woman butt up!

    • Rick Deacon

      And the rest of her too. 🙂

  • 2ndchildhood

    Oh come on . It’s on google for Christ sake! You going to take Google to court?

  • mudguy1

    What do you expect when Hillary doesn’t remember being instructed how to handle classified information.

  • Hillary likes to hear herself talk, does not think before she speaks, but why should she , not likely she will be held accountable for her crimes…above the law Hillary…Pentagon is furious..oh well, don’t tell me show me…..

  • Ryan

    Can’t we just lock up this criminal????

  • Jane Ginter

    Only Donald’s Trump refusal to say he would not unconditionally accept the results of the election is the important news from the debate, according to the news media. 🙁

  • Sacorbi

    Why are all the nuclear ‘experts’, on this public website, confirming the ‘classified’ info Hillary supposedly leaked?

    It’s not classified, and if it was – STFU!

  • JoannOwens

    Sources? What sources? It’s been published in books for years. It’s not a secret.

    • Ryan

      what book??? Joann

      • Sacorbi

        Google is your friend. Try using it.

        • Ryan

          so you don’t know either??? @Sacorbi

          • Sacorbi

            It’s in multiple places. Some of them are already listed in the comments here. I can list them all for you if you are too mentally challenged to find them yourself.

  • Rebecca Creel Merriman

    Hillary is totally unfit to be our Commander In Chief,period.For her to disclose such top secret info on national tv, basically to the millions watching is incomprehensible. She does not have two brain cells to rub together. I think this misstep just reinforces her non-existent credibility regarding Benghazi and her ability to make rational decisions when put on the spot.

  • Tesla_X


    That is one DUMB B!TCH the dems are voting for.

    What difference does 4 minutes make anyway?

  • Rick Deacon

    With no malice toward her, I truly think she’s messed up in the head. Either from her accident or from all her years of deceit, lying, corruption, etc., etc. or both. She’s unstable no matter how you look at it.

  • Ann Keenan

    This story is nonsense. Read Bloomberg or Snopes on it.

  • bbyank

    How stupid is she to come out and say that?.!!! If Hilary is President I can see this country doomed with open borders, refugees pouring in and might even attack us on our soil, you never know. Europe is getting a taste of it. The voters who are supporting her are even more dumber.

  • Estoban

    Whose side is Hillary on? She is an enemy of the USA.

  • Mike

    The liberal clintonite media will give her a free pass on this. But whatever Trump said will get ripped apart.

  • conservativefactcheck_dot_com

    Sorry, you were fooled by some fake quotes (or you made them up yourself). “Four minutes” is commonly quoted. We don’t actually know if it’s correct.

  • Markie Z

    This information is completely fabricated. You can watch any CIS or Scorpion or Blacklist TV Show and get more information. People should not be fabricating stories and sparking scare tactics.


    Ah…the “unnamed source.’
    That guy really gets around.

  • Paul Totaro

    Published August 5, 2016: “U.S. presidents are currently given a four-minute window to decide whether or not to initiate an irreversible apocalypse.”

  • Kim Puckett

    She probably did that S%&@ on purpose! ARREST her Ass Now! Somebody just tell me who has the authority to do something? Looks like Nobody is in Charge and taking care of our Country!!!!!!!

    • Paul Totaro

      Take your meds, Kim.

  • Paul Totaro

    Hillary haters, put away you pitchforks and breathe. She revealed nothing. It was already out there. Are you dumb enough to think the Russians didn’t know it?

  • Ian Lesiuk

    See this would be a big deal… If this wasn’t already common knowledge.

    Come on people

  • Ken Brandt

    More BS! This isn’t even top secret information!

  • Tickedoff

    with North Korea threatening nuclear war and Russia talking about it as well as Pakistan and India – she should be in a deep dark sound proof dungeon…. her mouth just runs and runs, doesn’t care about the security of the American People or the country.

  • Questors

    Sure! We can trust her with the “football!” I mean it’s not like she will short circuit and launch nukes, right? Right?! It’s not like someone will bait her into giving up the codes or something as silly! Right?! Somebody?

  • Patti Hannah

    Only Hillary could stand on national debate stage and attack Russia and Putin with insults and then turn around and hand him our top secret nuclear response times that was classified. This stupid hag is going to get us killed. I bet the Pentagon is scrambling trying to figure out what to do now. She is dangerous. I bet Congress is in a meltdown. This comes on the heels of her email national security breaches

  • 2010K

    Oops, short circuit.

    • bbyank

      I think its an overload.!

  • bbyank

    What side is this woman on? First it was her email scandals, the lies and corruption now its the launch code time. Hilary is unfit to become President and what’s more pathetic that 40% support this corrupted liar. How stupid can some voters be?

  • PatriciaK

    She is a National Disaster!!! Does she even realize what she is saying and doing, or is this going to be another “I can’t recall”??!!! If she can’t “recall”, that’s another good reason she should never hold another political office and especially POTUS!!!!!

  • Mark Kendrick

    Actually a little research would reveal that it isn’t a secret and not necessarily an exact figure either. Just another b.s. article

  • notalib

    How can a woman this dumb be considered to be in charge of anything including except maybe a popcorn stand? She is so incapable on so many levels that the best way to make America safe is for her to be in a jail cell.

  • John

    “Loose lips sink ships”….
    Clinton has the loosest lips of them all. What an absolute moron. She just cant keep her mouth shut.

  • Derek Driscoll
  • Evangelical2

    Pentagon furious Clinton reveals common knowledge!

    This article is just ‘headline’ fodder for uninformed trump-phaggots.

  • Jonny Rebel

    Does this lady have to shoot Barnie in the head Live on PBS before they arrest her?

  • Albert Butterfield

    The FBI and the DOJ investigated and found no wrong doing, but Hillary did say what difference does it make.

  • Paul Totaro

    LibertyNews is a right-wing attack dog. Why believe anything they publish? Why believe a site that has no “About” page, no publishers’ names? Average IQ of the Hillary haters on this site must be on the level of a carrot. But that’s OK. Trump loves the poorly educated.

  • Cpt_Justice

    What a pack of morons. THIS IS NOT SECRET!!!

  • Macj300

    Uhm. I seem to remember being briefed for my Secret (not even top secret) clearance, that I could be tried for treason if I disclosed secret information… even accidentally. This never expires, and even though I have no need for the clearance anymore, if I talk about anything that I have knowledge of that is still classified, I will get a visit from spooky dudes in black suits. Does this not apply to top secret and higher clearances?

    • JohnQFugly

      There was no “furious, but anonymous” clause whereby you could spill your guts about internal policies without recourse?

  • AmericanFaith

    What a dumb shit…

  • Charlie3

    I give no credibility to any news site with the words patriot, American or liberty in its name

  • Rob

    Notice none of the “sources” in this article have names?
    Who reads this crap?

    • JohnQFugly

      As it’s been proved over and over on this thread, one needs no (anonymous) sources to truly believe something, if one really wants to believe it badly enough.

  • Rob

    I feel like I’m in a retard sanctuary. The stupidity is hypnotizing. I can’t turn away.

  • steve

    Far and away the biggest gaffe of the night and a dangerous one at that. A responsible media would have called this out immediately after the debate but alas, “nasty woman” was far more important.

  • Greg Ehrlich

    Complete nonsense. Just more right wing garbage. Unnamed sources, as in ‘the author made it up’.

  • Paul Totaro

    The writer of this article – Jenna Leigh Richardson – is a crazy survivalist. (Does the name Adam Lanza ring a bell?) Hope you don’t have any children, Jenna. And why should we trust you any more than you trust the government???

  • Seth Miller

    Gez ppl do some research – just a FYI on the nuke time –

    It also list .pdf documents that state this. It is not a national security problem.

  • Kessa Jo MialCara

    Oh please! I would have guessed that it would be within 5 minutes. Anybody would. I have no idea why they thought this was some big secret.

  • cruisedoc

    No Clinton fan at all, but really we all know this. It takes just under 5 min. if an order is given ‘cold turkey’. It takes much less time if they are on stand-by with the doors open & missiles ready to fire. Really just seconds.

  • PaparazziPH

    Another post from a possible pro-Trump advocate. Why wouldn’t this “high ranking intelligence official” reveal himself if he is really sincere on this issue?

    • Will M.

      Because the US response time has been public for years.

    • JohnQFugly

      Considering that there’s no such title as “intelligence official”…in the Pentagon, anyway.

  • Will M.

    Total madeup BS. Do ANY of them realise that info has been public knowledge sine at least 2001? Google a report called. Hair Trigger. The response time is published right there in black and white. Or better yet…

  • Medina-Merino

    Nurse Rachet…she’s the one in the white polyester Nehru jacket…but go easy with her…she’s having some really bad delusions…she even thinks she’s gonna be president…go easy.

  • Terry Newlin

    And they worried about Trump’s loose lips. Haha. What a dumba55.

    • Will M.

      The information has been public for years.

  • King o Nowhere

    Wow. Not really a big secret. Russia knows this already, they have their own nuclear program that’s similar enough to ours to have an equally short response time. I, a civilian, am able to get a ballpark estimate of our response time just from Googling it. Try it yourself. Just because it’s not common knowledge doesn’t mean that the information isn’t out there, easily accessed. Yeah, my “anonymous source” told me this website is full of BS click bait.

    • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      So you think she is competent???

  • Richard Michael✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    What a disgrace

  • Jeff

    Why should she care? Obviously 50% of Americans do not care if she breaks the law, protocol and is grossly negligent in handling classified information –

    It just doesn’t matter anymore –

  • Geoff Mallette

    This woman needs to be arrested for treason and imprisoned. She is clearly unfit for anything. She just doesn’t care about anything or anyone. I wonder who she will sell the codes to.

  • disqusmademeregister

    Gee wilikers y’all, this guy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ruskie name but he’s a pole-American used to work with LBJ….turns out he’s a traitor too because you can hear him from an interview years ago talking about it in detail:

    And this lame stream media article, they are traitors too:

    And who likes Texas A&M? Those traitors have a whole course on it!!!!!

    Looks like we need to send her to jail with these other guys!

    • Nicola B. Bernardelli

      Interesting shares, thank you. Scary matter, HRC and Trump both UNFIT in my opinion. Jill Stein is the only survivable option in my opinion (and she has by far the best platform, except for the Corporations and the billionaires and trillionaires who want HRC in charge).

  • Diana Smith

    It would take about 20 seconds to duct tape this bitch’s mouth. Any takers

  • Rachel Rice
  • Nicola B. Bernardelli

    DEFINITELY UNFIT. She is looking forward to be in charge, power thirsty (if not blood thirsty), look at her while saying “when the president gives the order, it must be followed”. As for the ones who minimize the leak as irrelevant at intelligence level, the article says:
    One high ranking intelligence official explained that any time frame calculated pertaining to a US nuclear launch “would have merely been an educated hypothesis, absent leaked documents and there have been no such breaches” prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday.

  • tykkimies

    If any of you morons would do any bit of research you would realize she did not disclose secret info. This has been widely known, and often cited.
    Here are 2 sources that have this info present one written in 2012 the other in 2015

    There was also a recent article written named ” Our nuclear procedures are crazier than trump”. The time frame for nuclear reaction is referenced in this article, and even references a book written in 1979 which has this information.
    All of this rhetoric is just purposefully placed misinformation trying to sway undecided voters.

  • rigpapooh

    Cons hate Snopes because it does a professional job fact checking and so often finds con/Rep “facts” are false. Each country knows the other’s launch time and sequence and process of approval in order to avoid a nuclear world war. Not all but more liberals than conservatives know how to fact check far left or far right National Enquirer type of claims. Some websites are completely satire yet I interact with so many arch conservatives that believe they only report truth – because what is posted fits their beliefs.

  • decaronna

    It is beyond measure the blatant information she freely gave to all the world on one of the most fragile subject matters a nation can have. Not only this, but I’m sure it is a first Presidential debate that featured a sensitive matter of complete national security being announced to every enemy we have. She should be immediately apprehended and charged with the highest degree of treason that can be thrown at her. If she gets away with this, your country is already gone and you had better brace yourself! This cannot be. It just C A N N O T BE!

  • Craig Wagner

    Why would they be furious? It’s not classified information, no matter how much you might want it to be or claim it is.

    Research, not for the weak of mind!

    • JohnQFugly

      They’re furious because they’re so low on the totem pole they had to claim anonymity. Their dream is to one day work in the big pentagon-shaped building.

  • snaganalf

    I would imagine the published “Not Classified” time and the actual times aren’t even close to one another. But even if they are, in a retaliation scenario, seconds count. However, if it really is 4 minutes. She flubbed. The commoner will never know for sure because that information is classified.

  • Dan Atatakai

    Come on, people! This has been proven to be a falsehood! Stop being so stupidly gullible!

  • Dan Atatakai
  • Raccoon1

    I am betting she did it on purpose. As a message to some country

    • Flame

      Wouldn’t surprise me if she did — except that how would she know the topic would come up?

  • HM Washington

    If you are to dumb to no if something is classified, you should NEVER become president, never.

  • DianeB5
  • Adam Brown

    Sorry gang, this is BS. The four minute window is common knowledge. So common in fact, that it was published in Foreign Policy in August.

    • DianeB5

      Nobody listens. They believe what they want to believe.

  • Sloan

    Good grief, this is so unbelievable!

  • DianeB5
  • keylover


  • Michael Phillipi

    This woman needs to be locked up.

  • Chris Sanyk

    Once she’s president she can declassify whatever she wants, can’t she?

    We have the biggest, best military. No other military is anywhere near in our league. Four minutes isn’t a lot of time. I don’t see what the harm is in this particular piece of information being known. What’s an adversary going to do with that information that they couldn’t have before?

  • Mick916

    They should pull her security clearance now she had the server pay to play Benghazi corruption as Secretary of State now this she can’t be trusted with security codes they need to pull her clearance instantly and “C” is for cookie ?

  • עדי גנני

    Vote for stupid why don’t you

  • JS

    This proves yet again, that Clinton cannot handle classified info.

  • Claire Robbins Thomas

    She’s cavalier about it, because she sold it to them already.

    This is like so last year. Try to keep up, will you?

  • Craig E Deaton

    What source? The one that wouldn’t be named apparently. Ridiculous to even imagine the Russians didn’t already know this. Great “reporting”.

  • tommygun722

    And now they violated their own protocols. You can’t verify – you don’t get to tell the secret just because someone else did. It doesn’t become unclassified all of the sudden.

  • mzjamiedawn

    LOL… the first thing I notice when I opened this site was, “Report truth”….yet Hillary did not leak classified information.

  • Duane

    The woman just can’t keep her mouth shut and you want her as President. I suppose the next time the military is going to attack a target she is going to give them a two week notice. Give me a break!

    • smdog

      I don’t want her as President. I will feel better about our government, when they cut the bs and throw her in prison.

  • Lynn Rowe

    TWO SECONDS of basic fact-checking and you would have known this was totally FALSE.

  • Michele Coatta

    This bitch has the whole administration and the media and all the demoRats half the republican rhinos I’ll be 60 in 4days and this beats all scandals by millions of miles wait till it comes out that bullyboy isn’t only a rapist he’s a peadophile

    • Michele Coatta


  • distachio

    What a load of horse hockey. This is NOT “top secret” information; in fact, it is common knowledge and often cited, such as here:

    And this was published just in September:

  • Sharon Blackstock

    She gave out national security info to our enemies. Is that not a treasonous act?

    • Dave Parker

      I’m glad she didn’t become our president. That would have been disastrous for national security.

  • LC

    This is a total fabrication, it is know information that has already been divulged plenty of times. The pentagon is not mad and this isnt classified. I dont endorse her but lets get facts together here,

  • Hal Herrin


  • Carol Humphreys

    She just casually gives top secret information like it’s ok because she is hillary!!! That is why I have a problem with her. She has a mental condition that stops her thought to speech buffer.

  • Kevin Stockman

    she a stupid bitch and should be in jail

  • Jordan Coleman

    This website is insanely biased. Like 90% of the articles on here are just anti-Hillary garbage. You know what? Hillary is not much different than any other politician. You guys need to realize that you are being ridiculous. How can you even have this much hate for her when she is running against a dumpster-fire of a human being?

  • deprivedfed

    If this is so damn important, why are they writing about it and why is she not in jail right now? Obummer will not let her be indited because then Trump has free reign to the Presidency. This is how our President is acting and he should also be removed ASAP before he does something we will regret. This is so stupid can anything else get so dumb for the American people?

  • John Seitz

    Nothing about the response times is classified. I have known this for about 40 years, as has anyone else with even the slightest amount of intelligence.

    No one at the Pentagon is furious about this either.

    Here is a question all you mentally challenged sheep should have asked yourself at the very beginning. If this were classified information, how would Liberty News, or anyone else who is reporting that it is classified information, know that it is classified?

    Liberty News appears to be purposely lying to the deblorable and ignorant base, who are too busy picking their noses, and screwing their 12 year old cousins, to bother doing any research to verify this, before commenting.

    Congratulations to the deplorables. You have once again proved yourself to be the most stupid, and easily manipulated people on the face of the earth.

    Pershaps you should all read a book every once in a while, instead of using them as kindling to set your crosses on fire.

  • Robb Aley Allan
  • Ernie Gonce

    Well seems like a few people do not know her voice !! it is her voice !!!!! I freaking watched her, as well as the whole debate, she did give all the information….. Treason is what I see !!!! end her as running for president

  • Mary Johnson

    Why is she not in jail again?

  • John W Wirtanen

    Everyone calm down. The four minute time window is not a secret and has often been cited before.

  • Michael C. McGregor

    That was not a secret I was taught that in Government class in high school back in 1970’s as had most American school children. The government made short films describing it in detail like “Power of Decision – Simulated Nuclear War Documentary” (1958); “Strategic Air Command -The Global Shield” – 1980 USAF Documentary; Strategic Air Command: “SAC Command Post” 1964 United States Air Force all describe it only takes just a few short minutes to launch from the time of the presidents order and a few minutes is 2-5 minutes officially so it is no state secret.

  • julianbook

    Why hasn’t she been arrested?

  • Greg Woolfrey
  • heX

    playing with our lives is what she does..using us all, not only in the US, but all over the world, she doesnt know what she is talking about, she cannot be president ever..Please vote for Jill stein..

  • Laurie Hotchkiss Cassar
  • What’s the big deal here!? I mean, I’ve totally comprehended this article. I even watched the debate myself live on national television. But, I’ve already known this as parliamentary protocol, and I’m sure many others have. The president carries around a bag AKA football, containing a specified laptop used for nuclear launch. I’m on neither side, but why make a big deal about this. I remember he debate, Trump said the system is fixed. Of course it is, and that is why they want you to think that she would be a poor choice for presidency. They want you to vote for Trump. Whatever the choice, you define our future!

  • Valo

    Oops, she did it again.

  • Steve Basile

    Hahahahhahahaha. Ha! Math is hard but it’s not classified. Do some. Read some. Learn some.

    Enemy missiles of current technology take about 5 minutes to reach us. I wonder what our response time might be? 11 minutes maybe? Less. This is shocking news. Shocking I tell you! I am shocked.

  • angriestdogintheworld

    This information had already been published in Foreign Policy magazine and makes absolutely no difference to national security:

  • John Lagore

    She has to be the most ignorant sectr’y. in the history of the US of Ameirica to let this info out of the bag—Is she really that F’kn stupid–this proves she does not have a clue about security proocols. She is just a politico hack that got one of the most secret, dangerous, jobs on earth because she was the Supreme Cheaters wife—-i can just hear it—“ah…..make her the S.O.S. , that will shut her up & make her feel important”…?—Stupid wench cannot keep her mouth shut or keep a state secret—–boy, are WE F’kd…….WE ARE F’kd…….SHEESH My God…..So F’kd. now…

  • River Mudd

    TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!! It’s bad enough that this greedy bitch killary is supplying the world with U.S top secret shit but don’t you all think that’s its just as bad when the media starts broadcasting it all over the airwaves also? well if you did not catch what killary said just turn on the radio or t.v and you get a 2nd chance, hmmmm.

  • sockrayblue

    That stupid and she thinks she’ll be CinC? Better to be seated on the electric chair.

  • Timothy Arnold

    Non issue.

  • fishskicanoe
  • Shelly Hegeman

    Almost any adult could guess this info. You are making a big deal about nothing.

  • Jaybird

    Here again you see this bitch breach security protocol, but this time at the very highest level. Another comment that would have gotten every other who did something like this, jail time, and clearance removal. It must be the drugs they are giving her to keep her alive that is frying this morons brain. If she ever had one to begin with. There was absolutely no reason in the question to give out that answer.

  • Irukandji

    Next thing she’ll do is tell the Russians how to build a spaceship.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Those Defense Department officials know that, even if it is in public view, acknowledging that it is SAP information is a VIOLATION!

  • john396

    Hillary voters won’t care….

  • SuLig

    Her common knowledge had to be read. Watch her.

  • ticong nava

    Its not a big deal, 4minutes, 5minutes, 6minutes, whats the problem. Although, I do not relish Hillary as President of USA, nor Trump. Hahaha, what a choice.

  • Shadow_58

    She needs to be immediately arrested and hauled off to a maximum security prison, then her court date should be a military court with a federal judge. In other words, she should be placed against a wall and shot for Treason and divulging Top Secret Information.

  • SuLig

    Thanks Hillary. Bad enough putting us in danger once again. I wish they would just forget it or better than that the whole world keep laughing at the US hysterically thinking it was something said as a joke. Think as it as a joke cause no one wanting so much power would leak something like that. Hillary Clinton is a joke.

  • Jane Elizabeth Nicolson

    This information is not news.

    • Jane Elizabeth Nicolson

      Another case of Liberty News grasping at straws.

  • Phil Nash

    While it was surprising that the said those remarks.. we have all heard of the 4 minute warning from 50 years ago.. the same applies and therefore it should be no surprise the hear this now… this whole story from anonymous sources is probably fabricated by a right wing blog to make a point… national security has not been affected by these remarks… whether she as a candidate should have said it and how this affects her ability to run as president is a different matter..

  • Barry Chase

    Not a fan of either leading candidate, but I do have to drop this on the table regretfully:

    Google or Bing for more information :

    Kristensen and McKinzie

    Our response time isn’t the secret you think it is.

  • Arnold P

    And they claim TRUMP is a loose cannon! LOL!!

    • Evangelical2

      By claiming that public knowledge is “classified” Trump proves he’s a loose cannon.

    • lee

      You missed a headline their arnie, that was debunked weeks ago by a security specialist with goverment saying it was no big deal, you guys and your rush limbaux comments, seriously ROFLMFAO

  • James Jackson

    Considering this specific information has been published several times before, and considering how many of those points of data have been published before, including the fact that until recently all launch sites had a ‘backup’ launch code of all zeros, Sec. Clinton didn’t say anything classified or dangerous.

  • El Deplorable Johnny Ringo

    She will say it slipped because of her brain injuries and concussions today,, then say she never had any brain injuries or concussions tomorrow as she continues campaigning ….and all the good liberal lemmings will nod and agree.

  • BenDereDunDat

    Trumpbots “grasping at straws” while DROWNING!!

    After Donald Trump LOSES YUGELY on Election Day, he and his BLIND-FAITH SHEEPLE should go ahead and MOVE TO RUSSIA (where their STRING-PULLING PUPPETEER already resides)!!

    My Goodness!! You Trumpbots certainly are an ENTERTAINING BUNCH of folks!!

  • David Lewis

    if you think that our adversaries don’t know what our protocols are you aren’t living the real world….

  • Dee Anderson

    This is a prime example how serious she takes and understands TOP SECRET INFORMATION. She has sold her sold to the devil and wants to do the same thing to this nation. Interesting how the media says nothing about these violations but they jumped on the fact that Donald Trump caller her a nasty woman….which is factual also but will not bring harm to this nation with one EXCEPTION if she is elected President we are in for destruction of America values without exception and human life has NO VALUE TO THE CLINTON’S PEROID.

  • Gasser Jo

    Why is Hillary Clinton after all on the run for US presidency ??? America where are you going ???

  • garry lafferty

    It common knowledge there a window stupid asses

  • William Carr

    It’s already public knowledge.

    It would probably help if you folks learned to fact-check before believing claims like this.

    At least you’d look less stupid.

    • Jim Dahlberg

      You maybe right this was told at some earlier date. The issue I have, why was it important to say it in the debate? Was it to show how smart she is and knows the launching time table on how to launch an atomic bomb?

      • Evangelical2

        To show that she knows what she’s talking about when debating an enormous ldiot.

        • Jim Dahlberg

          To you this tells you how smart you think she is. To me she didn’t know what to say so she comes up this smart answer how an A-bomb is launched. Wow she is smart. If she becomes president nobody will have to teach her how it is done.
          I assume by your answer you very happy how Obama has run our country and Hillary will do a better job when she becomes president? The things going on in the Middle East is right on plan and will get better after Hillary is president? You in favor of higher taxes more spending and let the debt fall where ever it may end up as long as democrats are in control? You do understand Hillary will never touch wall street, don’ you? Democrats want to tax the rich every 4 years, yet for some reason they never do. It’s a promise they say every 4 years.

  • Jimmy Carroll

    No worries’ she is above the law!

  • Sue Long

    I’m so glad they aren’t naming the sources in the dod or pentagon. If they did, I’m sure those people would be found soon, having died of mysterious causes or “suicide”. This woman couldn’t be any more dangerous to our country.

  • Belly_up

    Hillary has ignored security safeguards for decades. She doesn’t care about us or our safety. Classified information may be exploited whenever it suits her.

  • martinsnapp
  • lou59

    Considering the fact that the corrupt administration and corrupt DOJ and FBI aren’t going to do anything I believe it’s time for the Joint Chiefs to act.

  • dog


    • UCanBeVictorious

      Did you delete your comment to me because you realized you were wrong, or do you just like to make comments to people and then delete them and run and hide?

  • Todd S. Jenkins

    God, what hyperbolous bullshit. My American Government teacher talked about the four-minute delay in class in 1985, for Pete’s sake. There is nothing classified about this.

  • Jessica Jones

    But I already knew this. How can it be secret? Doesn’t everyone know this?

  • Jessica Jones

    I read it in ‘Foreign Policy’ magazine, among other places. You’ll find great long form journalism there, no pictures. I recommend it.

  • Jacki Gansch

    Well someone should talk to Joe Scarborough who already talked about the 4-minute talk time on live tv.

  • SMB1128

    Do these shmucks think that we don’t know there is a lag? It’s common sense. Maybe they think we think the president just thinks and stuff happens instantly. What morons.

  • Holt Kelly

    Just go to the Titan missile museum in Tuscon,
    Arizona…you get to visit the control room and go thru an entire launch sequence (it will raise the hair on the back of your neck). I now know and the thousands who have visited know the entire launch sequence – it’s four minutes. I call bullshit.

  • Alex Johnson-Rodriguez

    I thought I had heard something like this earlier and thought common knowledge already. Hardly top secret. .. Just a right winged attempt to make something out of nothing. I’m not concerned. They shouldn’t either. We all know that if it was top secret then they likely already changed the time. And if an order is given its followed. I’d rather someone not trigger happy with tweets and can barely contain himself with rage with Cher or Rosie O’Donnell isn’t in charge of the button or football. Or is that top secret too?!

  • Ellen Varner-Fisher

    Get real people…the launch time has been public and common knowledge for about 35 years. Go play Wargames, or watch a war movie…the countdowns are always shown. Ughhh!!!!

  • CptSmashy

    This is common knowledge and was readily available via a google search.

    There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of documentaries made about our nuclear capabilities and how the process works in regards to procedures and timelines involved in a missile launch scenario.

    It is sad how gullible many of my fellow Americans have become and that they are choosing ignorance and lies over facts and common sense.

  • Jeff

    Response time is public knolage. Google it!

    • Jeff


  • Bill

    Well if she is resting it will take longer than four minutes.

  • nan

    Pretty dismayed at the whole lack of Justice scenario. I voted, I’ve shared this stuff immensely and I hope to wake every morning alive or in a world that has not gotten any more bizarre or insane. I have decided that our future is not important to many really stupid people. At least One is still in control and He, I will plead with. With HIM we have a voice and Hillary and the rest will be rewarded Justly. This is all too overwhelming and distressing and I will be overjoyed when it is done no matter what. The alternate Media headlines just are constantly,”this will put her in jail” and that is maddening crap and wishful thinking. It might entail a new load of concerns come the 9th of Nov. Considering the circumstances we are in then, maybe Americans will have decided if they are going to take anymore.

  • LJFS

    Wrong. That info is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, and was even published by Foreign Policy Magazine in August. You people are such ignorant, pathetic SHEEP.

  • Laura

    I watched an entire show on nuclear subs and response times. It aired on 60 minutes. Public knowledge.

  • Martin Arredondo

    I was SCREAMING at the TV. Did she just give out classified info during the debate?!? What a MORON!

    • Evangelical2

      No she didn’t, YOU’RE THE MORON.

  • Jeremy Craig Wittersheim

    Hey, I actually work at the Pentagon, probably unlike your “source”, who clearly violated the Hatch act with his statement, but it’ll be difficult to pin him to that considering he’s not real. I’d just like to point out that the nuclear response time she gave has been a matter of public record for 35 years, and she is hardly the first government official to speak on it. The information she quoted was neither Top Secret, nor Special Access, I know you guys love throwing that one around now that you all of a sudden know what it means, but you still seem to be confused about what it actually refers to. Not one of my two or three star bosses has even mentioned this comment, and anyone saying they’re furious is lying to you, or too stupid to remember that this exact process was described in the movie War Games.

  • Richard Conto

    So when will they finally throw her in jail and throw away the key this woman has done so much damage in just the past year that it would have equaled ww1 and ww2

    • Evangelical2

      Comparing a wikipedia article quoted by a Presidential candidate to 65 million deaths? WOW.

      Republicans are fuchking dumb.

      • Richard Conto

        No not when you consider that it could result in more than that in US lives because now our enemies have even more information against us that they can use to strike us so you are the one that does not see the whole picture of what her stupid mouth and actions can bring, after all look what happened with 9/11 without any top secret information

  • Jim Greaves

    Comey and Lynch let her skate by ADDING “intent” to a law that specifically did NOT include intent. “She didn’t intend to run down those pedestrians, therefore she is blameless, though we admit she is a bit careless”. What does “careless” mean? It means “does not care”. Hillary is a national threat to every child in every one of her nightmare villages. She needs to be arrested and prohibited access to public places – in earlier times, she’d have been shot on the spot as a traitor. Chee must have thought the “C” stood for “Chair” as in “jes, jew may chair it with udders”.

  • Janis Clark

    Who is protecting her from being treated like any other civilly disobedient citizen and being locked up?????

  • smokeybandit

    Hey, at least it wasn’t on her email server. She’s making progress!

  • ThomasThePaine

    What did you expect from someone who is too stupid to know that “C” stand for classified?

    • Evangelical2

      You’re too stupid to realize this is common knowledge.

      • ThomasThePaine

        Yep. . . Everyone knows it, except Hagllary!

        • Evangelical2

          That makes no sense. You are claiming the 4 minute response time is “classified” but yet, it’s not.

          Therefore you’re fuchking dumb.

          • ThomasThePaine

            “What did you expect from someone who is too stupid to know that “C” stand for classified?”

            You don’t read too well, do you? When did I ever mentioned “Response Time”?

            Again, for the Hagllary’s diapers suckers: I was talking about the meaning of (C) on a document!

            Therefore you’re fuchking dumb.

  • Chuck Bryant

    The information was published in a book nearly 30 years ago and that book is one of the sources for the Wikipedia article about this topic

  • Steve Volkey

    When she said it I googled the response time to see if she was correct, which she was. Does this mean google is in trouble too?

    • Evangelical2

      Hahhaah excellent critical thinking my man.

  • Chris Sustaire

    Stupidity at it’s finest. First of all, if that response time were true, why would they give any response one way or another. Secondly, reporting on it is propaganda. “Sources” say. Hmmm, more bs

  • The Professor

    Traitor!! Gallows!

    • Evangelical2

      Public knowledge, Wikipedia has it, it was stated 35 years ago…yawn.

  • Evangelical2

    Never have a seen a better example of 1-sided idiocy. Republicans believe Clinton gave-up classified information.

    Meanwhile the rest of the universe knows this was published knowledge 35 years ago, and you can search it on GOOGLE.

  • Evangelical2

    I sit in my own feces because I’m a republican.

    • Jim Dahlberg

      Boy are you stupid.

  • Jean Holzer

    Can we even imagine her finger anywhere “the button?” Lord help us and deliver us from Killary..STOP THE TRUMP TRAIN AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND PARK IT..LORD KNOWS WE NEED DONALD TRUMP TO MOVE IN, ASAP

  • BarbaraCharis

    “Loose lips sink ships….” WW11 motto. Hillary was not authorized to say what she did. I would question her fitness to be Commander in Chief. Before people vote they have to do more research than just listen to the regular TV newscasters and newspapers. They have to ask themselves what kind of a future they see for themselves and their families – if there are open borders with hordes of uneducated immigrants coming here – expecting to be supported like Obama is funding them today. He is giving immigrants our taxpayer funds…and eventually there will be no more for anyone.

  • BluesRocker1

    When I was in intel in the Navy, I would have gone to prison for saying that! Ramifications for Crooked Hillary? None!

  • Frank Yeo

    While Hilary boasted US can unleash nuclear weapon in 4 minutes, didn’t she realise Russia has more nuclear warheads, and its S400 can neutralise US weapon before reaching Russian soils. Not to mention Russia has rehearsed 40 millions of its population for underground covers. What US has are the 2 bunkers each for the elits and senates. So how about the majority US citizens of a nuclear retaliations? Aren’t you lots had been taken for a ride and to be left to withstand nuclear blasts? Honestly I think you, the US citizens, had been hijacked by your own government and leave you to fan for yourself in event of nuclear blast, even your FEMA camps wouldn’t help you, as they are all being built above ground, so bless you, unfortunately your own government wouldnt care less about you, after having collected your taxes! you had been scammed and abandoned by your own government up to your final hours.
    Unfortunately you too have a jilted psychopath as your secretary of state, not only she insisted: “we saw, we came, and you died”, but now she wanted to press the first button, and you all died! So if you survive this episor, please vote wisely. First never vote a muslim as president when you are at war with muslim, secondly don’t vote for a psychopath.
    And now hilary is stashing billions in middle east bank, preparing to skip the country, same a sobma is planning to migrate to Canada.

  • James R. Olson

    If it was top secret why have I known about it since 1989. Get a life people.

  • James R. Olson

    Mr, President, we must not allow a response time gap! Or a mine shaft gap, or a missile gap.

  • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

    I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, she does have poor judgment, spot on. Great, now we have to decrease our time to two minutes.

  • Jeannie McManus Shipman

    Who cares that she gave away more secrets and could care less that she yet again committed another crime blatently!!! Not one person in our government will ever make her accountable and she knows it?Be careful what you wish for…..

    From a deplorable in NY

  • Patricia Harrington

    Between her and that pedophile Biden, we will be lucky to be alive a year from now.All she is doing is verifying that she has mental problems and would be a danger to America if she gets elected. Wanna bet she won’t remember saying it?
    I wish that Trump had called her out there on the stage when she said it

  • rocketmahn

    Oh! Like this is some kind of BIG SECRET!

  • rocketmahn

    I absolutely LOVE all these “anonymous sources” Liberty News touts!

  • Teresa Whaley

    What a load of crap. Everyone knows that there is four minutes between giving the order and sending out the nukes.

  • Dennis Treu


  • Jim Aroyo

    You people are such goddamn liars. That information is contained in this pdf and other sources.

    But, of course, you keep the lies coming and coming.

  • Tony Venuta

    Trumps fault

  • Janis Spinks

    This is not the big deal they are making it out to be. During the 50’s
    and 60’s when everyone was really afraid of being nuked we all know the
    response time. Someone is always out there doing the OOGA BOOGA thing to
    make us mad or scare us…

  • jimmylisterjr

    She betrayed us all. She needs to be arrested for treason and espionage now. All nuclear capable countries now know that they have a four minute window to take out the nuclear weapons launch sites here in the USA. Because the entire world was watching the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • Ronda Ferrell Williams

    Then why in this world is she allowed to get on a plan and fly where ever ground her take her passports and put her out of the presidential candidate and lock her and bill and Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch and the whole bunch of them and anyone that doesn’t like being here because Trump is the president then feel free to drop off passports when you get where your going so to never to return again…..seriously why is she free.

  • Michael

    The United States’ ENTIRE policy of Nuclear Deterrence hinges on this kind of information being utterly transparent! Reciprocity, Coercive credibility and Signaling do not work if both sides don’t fully appreciate each other’s retaliatory capability.
    This article is bogous. Go sell stupid someplace else we’re all stocked up here.

  • Will Homelsy

    “Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.” LOLOLOL So the sources are confirming a “top secret” breach of information?! LOLOL Must not be that top secret. If it was so important they could have said, “can’t confirm, that’s top secret” or “no she’s wrong, that’s not the correct information.” LOL

  • James Cummings

    What can You say about the Pentagon`s own Intelligence by pubicly underscoring her Protocol breaches ?

  • desert28moon

    She was making the point that Trump’s blunderbuss attacks last longer than four minutes… and thus, our world would be blown up at least in one place or other… Perfect sense to me. If the Pentagon doesn’t like, change it — one way or the other. No one will ever know… but they’ll be wrong!

  • chip

    The information was already in the public domain as of September 7, 2016 courtesy of a Bloomberg article. No new news here.

  • Pat McArthur

    lock her up and throw away the key…..

  • Kalia Jeanette Rork

    Nope. Google it. You can find many other sources that say this dated way before the debate. Take a second to check things out, please.
    Even if you don’t trust Snopes, just take a minute to read up! If you don’t believe the Internet, go to your local library!

  • Paul Jarman

    LOL more garbage from right wing nutters more anonymous sources expressing confected outrage. Most schoolkids would guess about 5 minutes to launch a missile any longer and they would be negligent.

  • LynnCity


  • Jeff

    Can’t stand hillary but our response time is no secret. Google it

  • phroZac

    Ok, Trump sheep. That info she revealed was already online and frequently cited as being a 4-12 min window. Let’s move on to the next thing you sheep are going to claim as treasonous, blame dems for and get all agitated about. Booooooring.

  • The Swamp Angel

    Sorry guys. I’m as conservative as they come, but I’m getting really really tired of these made up BS stories. What is the purpose of lying about something to make Hillary look more stupid and self-centered than she already is?
    Exactly which Pentagon officials are upset about this? None. So you claim anonymous sources. The claims made in the article are bogus and cannot be backed up by any reliable source. “The Enquirer” is more reliable than this. The only thing this article has accomplished is to prove that those on the right are just as gullible and full of crap as those on the left. Thanks for helping destroy the credibility of those of us who oppose Hillary’s rein.

    • phroZac

      Hey, lookitchu! A reasonable and rational conservative. I’m a Bernie guy, but it’s nice to see a conservative not willing to drink all the swill the right serves. Good on you.

  • Valerie DiCristofaro James

    Well speaking as a vet, anyone including the Chiefs of Staff that thought that was Top Secret are idiots. Thousands of vets with access to that time of info retire daily and that info doesn’t change with each retiree like a safe or cypher lock combination change. So get a grip JCOS and welcome to this century.

  • YetAnotherJohn

    For the love of humanity, people! This is common knowledge that has been noted in articles before. She didn’t reveal anything new. Get a freaking grip. Liberty News is lying to you.

  • ifonly27


  • trog69

    Just remember, after this election, Trump supporters can no longer claim to uphold the Constitution, or can they claim to be for “family values”, without the rest of us pointing and laughing at you.

  • idesofmarch2012

    Any of you deplorable heard of the Internet??. it is all over the to make a bomb.. the location of our missiles..Please tell me you have heard of the INTERNET.. It is world wide.. A secrets,,WE can have our missiles on Putin’s door step in 30 minutes.. or like the Pizza delivery-if it takes more than 30 minutes they a
    are free..

  • Bea Dzagan

    Throw her out!

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    I’m so worried that she will be the one to next use nuclear weapons. Of course, if she does, she will laugh it off and say it was a mistake.

  • Nicholas Smith

    Things of this nature doesn’t obtain to her, she’s above the law…therefore doesn’t need to live by the same rules as everyone else. Do you really expect this to get any better if she’s President? Just one more reason why I can’t/won’t vote for her.

  • diane

    Time for the handcuffs to come out. LOCK HER UP!

    For God’s sake–and for the sake of our country–what more do they need????

  • sweetone100percent

    She’s trying to give away national secrets under the guise that she’s stupid. She needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Lisatee

    She is clearly too stupid for this job.

  • cherylstavrou

    Are any of you fucktards aware that this was NOT a secret??? It wasn’t classified. Google it and you’ll see. But hey, any lie you can throw at her, right??

  • John Gault

    The hits just keep on comin don’t they? and it still just all business as usual.

  • drbsea

    If this “was” true that the Pentagon was not pleased with time frames said out loud, they seriously wouldn’t have said squat. No one would have known one way or the other if those numbers were even close to being accurate. THIS IS A FALSE STORY.

  • Willard

    People, what MORE does it take?????? She’s CRIMINAL, WRECKLESS, DANGEROUS, and UN-AMERICAN. She should be PROHIBITED from even running for POTUS. Someone please arrest her!

  • Bob Upson

    Oh, puh-leez… She didn’t say anything that hasn’t been common knowledge for decades.

  • curt4

    All you had to do is research it. It is out there fr everyone to know. So why are they made? They the

    Pentagon knew it was in the public before Wednesday night and they didn’t care till than. Than there something wrong with that.

  • Lisa Hawks

    what a dumb stupid bitch she is….SHE IS NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

  • JnBoy8 .

    I guess when she saw “top secret” stamped on it she only thought that all secrets need to be stacked on top of that document. Why wasnt she called out by Chris Wallace on that? He gets real time fact checking during debate, besides that’s common sense that launch times are classified. Most importantly, why hasn’t she been placed in handcuffs yet?

  • CarlT
  • CarlT

    Anyone believing this has been duped again — this information has been available to the public (and presumably ) the Russians) for years. In fact an article came out in January (months before the debate) with the exact information of 4 minutes.

    • CarlT

      Moral don’t believe anything I mean ANYTHING on the I-net without corroboration.
      Trust but Verify

  • Total nonsense.

    How would any opponent in a supposed nuclear strike know exactly when the president gives the order?

    So 4 minutes, 40 seconds of 40 minutes is utterly irrelevant.

  • Abe Gold

    How may nuclear wars have we had? One, where the USA dropped 2 nukes on Japan. This is NOT likely to happen in your lifetime, but possibly at the very end.

  • Pete Sikes

    Who actually thinks the order is instantaneous?

  • Prochristianamerican

    Snopes says Liberty and you are lying. I understand why Trump lies; and I understand the Farwells lie

    THEY hate Christ, They hate Christ’s message to love everyone. They spit on Christianity for profit.

    THEY Damn the 10 Commandments; especially the “Thou shall not bear false witness” command.

    BUT why have so many “Christians” decided to dishonor Christ and replace Him with Trump?

    Trump has convinced women they are pigs if they are overweight and over 35 years old. AND Republican women agree with him.

    Trump has convinced Christians to denounce God, Christ and their commandments

  • Prochristianamerican

    BUT what do you expect from Republicans who are NOW in bed with their new hero Hanoi Jane Fonda who agrees with Trump they both have said they don’t like American military who get captured.

  • Gatnos

    Revealing top secret information is considered giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Article III, Section 3 of the U. S. Constitution defines Treason and by that definition, Hillary Clinton just committed Treason. She needs to be jailed immediately before any other State secrets are revealed.

  • eddieupchurch

    What difference at this point, does it really make???

  • pdullea

    Yet another Espionage Act Violation. Rule Of Law means nothing if she gets elected. It will be pure Banana Republic Politics.

  • daronlady620

    Baloney. The four-minute launch time Hillary mentioned is NOT classified information. It’s not even a secret- it’s actually common knowledge. I’ve heard discussions about it for years.

  • dorothy clark

    Because she is a total idiot and evidence that she should not be voted for. She cares NOTHING about Americans.
    Stupid idiot !
    Watch her deny saying it or she
    can’t recall saying it. But, mark my word, nothing will become of it because she gets by with everything criminal and corrupt that she does.

  • Jeffrey Mullins

    The response time has been known for quite a while now……That 4 minute shit is “ho hum” info for anyone of our enemies….they already knew that ……Hell, I knew it and certainly did not obtain the info by spying on anyone.

  • Ken Ernst

    Why aren’t they arresting her for treason? They chase Snowden around the world for it but allow one that is here now to get away with it.