Russia Calls on All Officials to Immediately Bring Children Studying Abroad Back to Motherland

Russian news hub Znak reports the Russian government has called on all government workers and state officials to immediately bring back their children studying abroad. The report suggests the call came with a sense of urgency and warned officials not to wait until the school year is out.

This is seen by many as a very strange move. With all the funding, testing and other logistics involved in enrollment in college, it’s not as easy at it sounds to just pull out of school and move back to Russia. Especially when being told it needs to happen immediately.

Why Russia is calling for such an urgent move isn’t clear. Zero Hedge reports multiple possible reasons. The first being:

The “recommendation” applies to all: from the administration staff, to regional administratiors, to lawmakers of all levels. Employees of public corporations are also subject to the ordinance. One of the sources said that anyone who fails to act, will find such non-compliance to be a “complicating factor in the furtherance of their public sector career.” He added that he was aware of several such cases in recent months.

It appears that the underlying reason behind the command is that the Russian government is concerned about the optics of having children of the Russian political elite being educated abroad, while their parents appear on television talking about patriotism and being “surrounded by enemies.”

But here’s where things get disconcerting.

“On the one hand, this is all part of a package of measures to prepare the elites for some ‘big war’ even if it is rather conditional, on the other hand – this is another blow to the unity of President Putin with his own elite” Belkovsky said. He adds that the Western sanctions launcedh in March 2014, had sought to drive a wedge between Putin and elites.

The call comes at a time of extreme concern with relations with Russia. For example, Dmitry Kiselyov, one of the most prominent media voices in Russia, gave a strong warning about where U.S. foreign policy as it relates to Russia’s interests in Syria might take the world. He said any “impudent behavior” aimed in the direction of Russia could have nuclear implications. Clearly a warning that his government was prepared to react in the most extreme way possible, using even nuclear weapons against the U.S. in an act of war nobody wants to see unfold.


The Independent has more.

Mr Kiselyov said there had been a “radical change” in the relationship between Russia and the US in recent weeks, the BBC reports.

“The loud talk in Washington of a ‘Plan B’ for Syria. Everyone understands what this means: direct military force in Syria,” he said.

During Monday’s programme a Russian defence ministry spokesman also warned US bombers not to target the Syrian army. “We’ll shoot them down,” commented Mr Kiselyov.

In any event, it’s now clear the Obama administration is getting our nation into very dangerous territory on foreign policy. To say it’s been a complete and total failure would be an understatement at this point.

  • Joseph Zabrosky

    40 million have been evacuated out of major Russian cities and the same has been done in China, which is a prerequisite for nuclear war. This video explains it all –

    • Ronald Nelson

      Do you have any proof… real, credible proof of such moves? If so, please post them and get them to Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity… America may very well be on the verge of a nuclear holocaust… and Obama could very well be at its fulcrum… seeing he is about to loose everything if Trump is elected he may want the US to be destroyed.

    • Joseph Zabrosky

      Go to the link for proof – Whenever the globalists are weeded out for their crimes they try to bring forth war. It’s just that now is perfect timing for the globalists as it will be a means of keeping the muslim terrorist in the office of president. Is it going to happen? I hope not, but this is the line of thinking.

  • Russ

    I am like all American men and believe we can win a war against anybody, but I have been thinking hard on that subject and fear it is not true now Obama cut the military a lot, the people have lost interest in how we measure up to be able to win a war, our nuclear stock pile has been reduced while Russia’s has increased. I do not believe we could win a war with Russia, alone perhaps but they will have China, Iran, and North Korea on their side, We need a good leader now, I hope the people are not stupid enough to think Clinton could handle anything like this, just remember how she handled Benghazi.

    • glnman

      Problem is Obama is to ignorant to wage war with anybody let alone Russia. Also, I believe Obama would just let other countries attack us without consequence as he believes he can simply talk his way out of any problem. Biggest fool ever to grace the WH.

      • Russ

        I have to agree with you.

    • Arizona Don

      We have not won a war since WWII.

  • USAnowMSAsadly


  • John Pastirchak

    Possibly they’re just yanking our chain, testing our resolve and preparedness. Still, be vigilant. Never doubt Putin’s long simmering agenda for world domination through an ambitiously renewed template of Soviet-style aggression.

    • Ronald Nelson

      Russia is doing nothing more than preparing too engage US Air power over Syria… we have no legal authority to be engaged in Syria’s civil war…none. Congress has not authorized the use of US military in Syria… and Obama is in violation of the Constitution and International Law by supporting and arming the insurgents in a civil war with the Assad regime in Syria.

      In fact, Congress told Obama not to engage the US Military in Syria… time to IMPEACH has long past… we must remove this President he is provoking WW-3… by illegally invading Syrian air space too attack the sovereign forces of Syria’s elected government… and quite possibly Russian Aircraft operating ‘legally’ as an ally of Syria.

      • John Pastirchak

        Excellent point, Colonel, but I’m even more concerned about Russia’s hostility toward the U.S. Some would advise against provoking Russia over Syria. The same kind of mindset only served to harden Soviet domination of Western Europe.

        • Ronald Nelson

          Russia is simply expressing their ire for this administrations arrogance and the attack of a long time Russian Ally… Syria. In addition, you will recall that Turkey, a members state of NATO, recently shot down a Russian aircraft operating in Turkish airspace… This act was seen as an unnecessary provocation by a close US Ally and a very serious act of war.

          Russia is expanding its influence in the region and has engaged Georgia, the Ukraine and Crimea… It is unlikely they will back down from a feckless Administration, and Obama may foolishly think that he can shoot down a Russian Aircraft without consequences.

          Provoking Russia over Syria is simply not advisable… we can not win without interdicting with ground troops and the Citizen’s of the US are not going to support such a foolish move. The long term prognosis for Syria is not good for the US we need to back off and let the UN and regional powers take action to resolve the Syrian crisis… we should participate with humanitarian aid only.

      • Arizona Don

        Now who really believes obama could be impeached at this point? The main point is to keep hillary out!

        • Ronald Nelson

          If Ryan had any balls he would have Impeached Obama by now… I say, we should not let Obama leave office honorably… There is no Constitutional Bar on Impeaching Obama even after he leaves office… His commission as CIC can be revoked anytime.

    • Arizona Don

      Errors are much better made on the other side of that statement. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We as a nation need to take all threats seriously.

  • Ronald Nelson

    We are ILLEGALLY in Syria… our military are in violation of International laws of war and our own law regarding committing US Forces to combat. If Russia Shoots down one of our planes in Syrian Air Space they are within their legal right to do so… Russia is an ally of Syria and by International Law is in Syria by invitation of the Syrian Government… too, protect Syrian sovereignty… America is not.

    In fact, we have invaded Syria outside of the rules of International Law … to interject ourselves in a CIVIL WAR, one where Assad is the duly recognized sovereign leaders of Syria. The US Congress has not authorized military intervention as far as I understand … in fact, they told the President he was not to establish a line in the sand or to commit any US military to the conflict… he did not listen and our Joint Chief’s of Staff have not acted properly to inform the President that they can not commit US military power too engage Syria or Russian military.

    The idea that the President may commit US forces without Congressional approval is a false narrative… both the Constitution and Statutory Law provide Congress with the power too authorize Acts of War. Only under ‘clear and present danger’ directly to the US is the President permitted to authorize US military force without PRIOR Congressional Approval and only then under limited and specific requirements including getting Congress’s approval in 60 days or being required to with draw all committed US forces before 90 days passes.

    Syria and Russia have the legal authority to shoot down US Aircraft operating over Syrian territory… without Syria’s specific permission to be there. America has no legal authority to shoot down Syrian or Russian Aircraft operating in Syria… PERIOD. Congress needs to IMPEACH this President for violations of the War Powers Act and the US Constitution regarding Acts of War against Libya and Syria… NOW… before we end up in WW3 with Russia.

    • notearsinheaven

      RUSSIA is going to take over Syria and IRAN then IRAQ and then whatever other oil producing nations there are. Saudi Arabia knows this. WHY they have tried to be our ally. Except when it comes to state sponsored terrorism. HERE is hoping the Saudi’s wake up and smell the hummus. AND decide to be our ally on ISIS and other terrorist org’s also.

    • Arizona Don

      You are correct we are illegally in Syria. Many of your other points are correct also. However, the congress makes no moves to stop this twice elected president who see himself as a dictator. Everyone fears obama for some reason. It seems thay also fear the clintons.

  • Norma Davis

    Can he take me with them .. If clinton wins the election ,automatic open borders 600 million people will pour in from all evil walks of life and Putin will still take syria,if he even wants it ?i know the obama adm. has wronged Putin in many ways ,has wronged America in many ways trying to kill our constitution and turn us into a 3rd World Country

  • cdansreau

    We are very mixed up in this. We are trying to support al-queida based rebels (WHY) who are also getting funding from Saudi Arabia(supporters of ISIS) and are Sunni. At the same time we are giving money to Iran (can anybody give me a good reason or where this money is coming from) that is basically Shiite based. We are funding both sides of a sunni-shiite war. Syria has management problems but they do protect christians as part of their government. We have been bombing Syrian government positions and russia is their ally. i hope Trump can pull back on this before we lose some planes. i blame our two sided liberal government that has been helping to overthrow governments (libya, egypt, ukraine, syria).

  • kaperking

    How in the hell did we let ourselves get into an internal Syria’n war in the first place? We do not belong their! The last time we did this we can’t get ourselves out because the country got worse, not better (thank you Bush).

    • Arizona Don

      We elected obama! He promised to fundamentally transform us. He is, it seems, keeping that promise.

  • Kari Gold

    I have been warning people since November of 2010 about nuclear war. I have had dreams and visions from Jesus since 1995, when I first saw Barak Obama in an end time dream. I was given a dream from Jesus in 2002, revealing Obama’s first name, I saw he was muslim and would persecute believers, and that most people would be deceived and walking in darkness. I have been sharing dreams and visions since I began receiving them, and I just started a YouTube channel, under Kari B. Gold, a few months ago, that gives details about the nuclear war dream from 2010 and a few other dreams and visions that began in 1995. Dreams and visions are biblical if you read the book of Joel in the bible. Jesus truly is coming sooner than we expect.

    • Ronald Nelson

      Amen Kari…

  • MR

    Sad that some people are actually trying to blame Trump for this rather than our foreign policy over the past decade. I’m not even a Trump voter.

  • Patrick

    Above all it is the military who prays for peace. Without clearly defined goals and strategy we will all lose greatly. Obama and Hillary fermented the rebels killing and torturing Christians in the Mideast and especially Syria and Obama calls them ISIL not ISIS which means he does not even acknowledge Israel’s right as a nation. Hillary wants war and even considers using cyber attacks as excuse to go to war. It was reported that China attacks our military computer system 245,000 times an hour! The Russian structure is brittle but spread out with redundancy that we consider wasteful but in this instance survivable while the US structure is subject to strategic issues such as the frail power grid and other vulnerabilities. The greatest threat is just one nuke with an EMP burst to disable more than a bomb landing on a city. Political reasons are not compelling to go to war and using this excuse to forgo US elections to maintain his position in the White House and supporting Hillary is to usher in an era of devastation. When Trump is elected he prefers commerce and business which Putin expressed great interest. Here in Alaska the Northwest passage is opening for about 25 years till the natural cycle of cooling will seal it again. A Passenger ship made the journey in August of this year. The first time! And the economic needs grow from there! During this time over 200 million folks live above the Arctic Circle in Russia and what could we do to bolster international goodwill and commerce with this market! They just love US MADE IN AMERICA GOODS AND SERVICES! Not made in China. Let’s gear up Alaska as we already are the crossroads in air traffic and cargo. Building mutual long lasting relationships fostered on mutual benefit and blessings to all persons involved is better than warfare any time and especially this time!

  • MR

    Putin, just take out our corrupt leaders. OK. There’s no reason for all out war.

  • Pete

    Militarily, Russia is a weakling compared to the U.S. — that is, if the U.S. had any leadership worthy of the name.

    But with Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, Putin can do as he wills.

    • Arizona Don

      Not now it isn’t. obama has depleated our military to the point prior to WWII.

  • RicknRedmond

    At this time I see it as a chess move, but it could have dire consequences. Obama won’t do anything to disturb any of his Muslim allies and all the real military leaders we have have been retired. Clinton responds only to donors and Trump, while being very bright and a risk taker (how’s his chess game?), has no experience in military matters. Among all the choices, my money would be on Trump if some of the true military leaders aren’t recalled.

  • tsimitpo

    What makes this even more interesting is that I saw reports of us painting a bunch of our F-18’s to look just like Russian fighter planes. Just think of the possibilities…

    • Arizona Don

      Although I had not heard that it would not be the first time such a tactic was used. I believe it was hitler who used that tactic against Poland (I think) which began WWII.

  • Arizona Don

    The biggest mistake the American citizens have ever made in the USA is electing barack obama in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012. He has to a large degree destroyed our military. He has also destroyed our economy. Both to the cheers of millions of democrats. We are more vulnerable now then at any time in history since 1776. If some rogue nation can take over this nation they can rule the world. They know it. The United States of America is a gold mine to a rogue nation out to rule the world. But are the American people waking up? No, it appears, they are definitely not. But they are currently making another mistake namely not supporting Donald Trump for president. The only person who even has a chance of righting the wrongs perpetrated upon this once great nation. If hillary clinton is somehow elected America will be destroyed by these communistic progressive democrats. This will not pass peacefully. This problem will not right itself by ignoring it hoping it will go away because it will NOT. We now have other nations threatening us and we have the weakest president in our history.

    The United States of America is in more danger of collapse then at any time in the last 250 years. Because someone was elected president who was neither qualified nor capable of leading a nation as large and complicated as the USA. The fact that person hid his background so that his qualifications remained secret made no difference to those determined to install him into that office because of or in spite of his lack of qualifications. The nation is no longer itself the motivator it was instead the leaders who are not leading but attempting to better themselves on the tax payer dollars.

    The words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy no longer hold any meaning to many if not most liberal Americans. It is now what America can do for them!

    The current problems are just going to get continuously worse and worse. Hopefully we have, as Americans, one chance of surviving this fall. It is not hillary clinton. Can we even make it to the election? Have any lessons been learned? Doubtful!