Russia Calls on All Officials to Immediately Bring Children Studying Abroad Back to Motherland

Russian news hub Znak reports the Russian government has called on all government workers and state officials to immediately bring back their children studying abroad. The report suggests the call came with a sense of urgency and warned officials not to wait until the school year is out.

This is seen by many as a very strange move. With all the funding, testing and other logistics involved in enrollment in college, it’s not as easy at it sounds to just pull out of school and move back to Russia. Especially when being told it needs to happen immediately.

Why Russia is calling for such an urgent move isn’t clear. Zero Hedge reports multiple possible reasons. The first being:

The “recommendation” applies to all: from the administration staff, to regional administratiors, to lawmakers of all levels. Employees of public corporations are also subject to the ordinance. One of the sources said that anyone who fails to act, will find such non-compliance to be a “complicating factor in the furtherance of their public sector career.” He added that he was aware of several such cases in recent months.

It appears that the underlying reason behind the command is that the Russian government is concerned about the optics of having children of the Russian political elite being educated abroad, while their parents appear on television talking about patriotism and being “surrounded by enemies.”

But here’s where things get disconcerting.

“On the one hand, this is all part of a package of measures to prepare the elites for some ‘big war’ even if it is rather conditional, on the other hand – this is another blow to the unity of President Putin with his own elite” Belkovsky said. He adds that the Western sanctions launcedh in March 2014, had sought to drive a wedge between Putin and elites.

The call comes at a time of extreme concern with relations with Russia. For example, Dmitry Kiselyov, one of the most prominent media voices in Russia, gave a strong warning about where U.S. foreign policy as it relates to Russia’s interests in Syria might take the world. He said any “impudent behavior” aimed in the direction of Russia could have nuclear implications. Clearly a warning that his government was prepared to react in the most extreme way possible, using even nuclear weapons against the U.S. in an act of war nobody wants to see unfold.


The Independent has more.

Mr Kiselyov said there had been a “radical change” in the relationship between Russia and the US in recent weeks, the BBC reports.

“The loud talk in Washington of a ‘Plan B’ for Syria. Everyone understands what this means: direct military force in Syria,” he said.

During Monday’s programme a Russian defence ministry spokesman also warned US bombers not to target the Syrian army. “We’ll shoot them down,” commented Mr Kiselyov.

In any event, it’s now clear the Obama administration is getting our nation into very dangerous territory on foreign policy. To say it’s been a complete and total failure would be an understatement at this point.

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