So Much for That… Those Hoping the Clash Between Black Lives Matter and Sports Would Stop at NFL Are in for a Long NBA Season

The NFL and its friends in sports media will tell you their players kneeling in an insulting manner during the national anthem has no relation to their tanking TV ratings. But reality tells us otherwise.

Even liberal can’t avoid it. The ratings are obviously in the hole because of the payer protests.

Indeed, according to Yahoo’s own poll, of the 27% who say they are watching less football this year a whopping 40% of those cited the protests as the reason for doing so. In other words, nearly half of the people who aren’t tuning in to watch NFL games say it’s because of the protests.

But the NFL and sports media says it doesn’t play a part at all. The absurdity of this is astonishing.

Sadly, it appears this ratings cancer may soon find its way to the NBA. Signs of this are already appearing and were on full display in Miami as the NBA preseason kicked off.

A woman by the name of Denasia Lawrence was tapped to perform the National Anthem at the Miami game. Instead of honoring our nation, those who lost their lives for our freedom and the liberty the song stands for, Lawrence decided to kneel and open her coat to reveal a black lives matter shirt.


The Guardian has more.

A woman performing the national anthem before an NBA preseason game in Miami on Friday protested against racial oppression and police brutality as she did so, kneeling at mid-court and wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

Denasia Lawrence opened her jacket just before she started to sing, revealing the shirt, then dropped to her left knee and performed the song. She said it was her way of protesting against racial oppression.

“We’re being unjustly killed and overly criminalized,” Lawrence wrote early on Saturday in a Facebook post. “I took the opportunity to sing and kneel to show that we belong in this country and that we have the right to respectfully protest injustices against us.”

Is it willful insult or blatant ignorance that drives this sort of mentality? There are a lot of ways to protest. Insulting those who fought and died to secure our freedom should never be one of them.

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