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So Much for That… Those Hoping the Clash Between Black Lives Matter and Sports Would Stop at NFL Are in for a Long NBA Season

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The NFL and its friends in sports media will tell you their players kneeling in an insulting manner during the national anthem has no relation to their tanking TV ratings. But reality tells us otherwise.

Even liberal can’t avoid it. The ratings are obviously in the hole because of the payer protests.

Indeed, according to Yahoo’s own poll, of the 27% who say they are watching less football this year a whopping 40% of those cited the protests as the reason for doing so. In other words, nearly half of the people who aren’t tuning in to watch NFL games say it’s because of the protests.

But the NFL and sports media says it doesn’t play a part at all. The absurdity of this is astonishing.

Sadly, it appears this ratings cancer may soon find its way to the NBA. Signs of this are already appearing and were on full display in Miami as the NBA preseason kicked off.

A woman by the name of Denasia Lawrence was tapped to perform the National Anthem at the Miami game. Instead of honoring our nation, those who lost their lives for our freedom and the liberty the song stands for, Lawrence decided to kneel and open her coat to reveal a black lives matter shirt.


The Guardian has more.

A woman performing the national anthem before an NBA preseason game in Miami on Friday protested against racial oppression and police brutality as she did so, kneeling at mid-court and wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

Denasia Lawrence opened her jacket just before she started to sing, revealing the shirt, then dropped to her left knee and performed the song. She said it was her way of protesting against racial oppression.

“We’re being unjustly killed and overly criminalized,” Lawrence wrote early on Saturday in a Facebook post. “I took the opportunity to sing and kneel to show that we belong in this country and that we have the right to respectfully protest injustices against us.”

Is it willful insult or blatant ignorance that drives this sort of mentality? There are a lot of ways to protest. Insulting those who fought and died to secure our freedom should never be one of them.

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  • C rizzo

    Hey Denasia, What is the leading killer among black males 13-50????????

    • Lonnie Hoskins

      You people.

      • C rizzo

        Did you just say “you people”. Omg, RACIST!!! RACIST!!!! RACIST!!!!. I’m hurt by your words and will be demanding reparations and I will retreat to my safe space. Seriously Lonnie check the facts released by a black attorney general, blacks kill blacks at a disproportionate amount. Black thug kills 9 year old black girl while she is doing her homework with indiscriminate gun fire and silence from blm and there supporters. Black thug pedophile, woman abuser, convicted felon, with illegal firearm gets justifiably shot by a black police officer, you go protest, loot and set your own city on fire. Fuckin retards

    • Jonathan Tolbert

      What does that have to do with anything?

      • C rizzo

        She said she was taking a knee because her people are being unjustly killed, her people are being disproportionately MURDERED BY HER OWN PEOPLE!!!! That’s what it has to do with everything regarding this subject. Don’t confuse OPPRESSION with FAILURE!! It’s two completely different things.

  • TheMeckMan

    Let me get this right, you ‘geniuses’ are equating a poll about what people are and are not watching with actual ratings data that don’t corelate with the supposed results of said poll. Classic conservative denial of reality. Elevate unscientific poll results to a level that denies hard cold facts.

  • Calm Down Dude

    Maybe someday everyone will realize it’s not about the military or white people. It’s about the fact that of all the countries that call themselves free, the U.S.A. is the least free.

    • John

      I think you need to do some more research including Taki g a trip to a few of these country’s and see for yourself.

      • Calm Down Dude

        The highest percentage of people encarcerated of any country on the planet.
        Are we really that bad, or is our justice system in need of changes?

        • John

          Our economy and education system has failed us.
          Young kids that have no hope try to things the easy way and end up in jail.
          Also, there is a lack of respect for the law and that contributes in a big and negative way!
          One last thing, I think people get put in jail for ridiculous reasons. If you don’t pay child support, jail! How’s that helping the kids? Ect….

          • my opinion matters, not.

            What does it matter if the bastard is in jail or out, he’s not helping his kids. Maybe if he does a short stint in the clank, he ‘ll come out and pretend to love his kids and help out financially.

          • John

            I just think there has to be a better way.
            If you pick him up and make him work like the slap program does only pay his kids for his services.
            Something to that effect

          • my opinion matters, not.

            Only thing with that though is that the jackasses quit their job. My daughters father quit, and then worked under a fake ss number. Good luck collecting social security in your old age. Men know that by not paying child support they can go to jail, have their drivers licenses restricted to back and forth to work only, and have their income taxes intercepted and given for the kids not the mothers. I’d like to know, out of curiosity, how many of these wrongfully shot, innocent, criminals actually had jobs to pay their baby mama. Thats what these bitches are mad about. That and being black.

          • John

            Maybe you’re right

  • Michael Richie

    I don’t know why I am wasting my time by posting anything to this article, however I feel I must. So what is good enough? If people riot in the streets then they are being violent, loud, ghetto and so on. If people simply kneel and peacefully protest then it’s still a huge problem! You won’t be happy until what, we go back to Africa? Smh

    She’s honoring our vets by doing exactly what the fought and died for–her 1st Amendment rights!

    • C rizzo

      I agree with her right to do it. I don’t agree with why she is doing it. Pretty simple actually.

      • Michael Richie

        As that is your right to disagree. I’m SURE you are not the only person on this thread that don’t mind seeing unarmed black men and women with their hands up get shot by the police. Oh yeah, you are probably ready to respond that black people kill black people. No duh! All Races commit crimes against their own. People commit crimes against those they live with. If I call the police I don’t want to have to worry about being shot by them as well-that’s real.

        • C rizzo

          It wasn’t necessary to go there, by no means do I want to see any unarmed person of any color be gunned down. I’ve seen some clear cut cases of police brutality and police committing murder, I’ve also seen some not so clear and some without a doubt, blm supporters tend to lump them all together which I believe is dangerous and wrong. I’m sure people of color wouldn’t be happy to all be lumped into one category because of the actions of a few.

          • Michael Richie

            I understand and respect that opinion. My hope is that everyone looks at each situation through a critical lens.

          • C rizzo

            Understood, thanks for the feedback, I’ll be honest we may not always agree, but I will ALWAYS listen and then determine how I feel and what I possibly learned from someone else’s point of view. All the best to you.

          • Michael Richie

            I agree with you there. Be easy brother.

          • Raymon White

            Nice to see a rational conversation between two people who disagree. The biggest problem with this issue is that people can’t seem to talk about it without their emotions outpacing logic and civility. Nicely done Michael and C rizzo, gives me hope that there are still some rational people walking around this country.

        • my opinion matters, not.

          Shut up stupid

    • Gracie’s Girl

      I totally agree with the fact there are types of racism in America but it’s not what BLM are fighting for. There are more white people killed by police numbers wise (who really cares about population percentages of blacks vs whites because 100 is still 100 no matter if its 100 to 1,000 or 100 to 10,000… It’s still 100) but you don’t hear about it because we don’t really care. If they have a weapon and/or not obeying Law ENFORCEMENT Officers, then we as white people say we would have done the exact same thing. Someone pulls a gun (or any weapon for that matter) on you and you legally have a gun, what are you gonna do? Offer him lemonade and cake? Try to sent electric signals and hope they hit the target, are able to go through clothes, jackets, etc and not hot a wallet or cell phone as they are coming at you with their weapon, seriously what are you going to do? I, myself am gonna drop the gun (weapon). Yes there are bad cops and for me one bad cop is one too many, but the bad cops are killing white people too. The flag and the National Anthem are proud American symbols uniting us all as one. If BLM wants to do away with racial inequality then they have to fight where it truly exists. That is in the workplace. If me and my best friend were to go apply for a job and she had more experience and was more qualified, I would probably still get hired over her. She is black. I am white. We are BEST friends and I love her with all my heart. It kills me that this is the way society is. But when you have cashier’s refusing to wait on a customer because of their personal lives (backing the blue, married/dating an officer, etc) are you as a business owner going to take the chance you could be the next headline? All it takes is a little common sense to realize that BLM with all their rioting, looting and burning is hurting themselves because again put yourself in the place of a business owner/police officer. What would you do? Would you take the risk of being robbed, looted, burnt down or boycotted because of unprofessionalism, or shot and killed, stabbed or beaten to death? Violence isn’t the way to get your point across. It’s just proving theirs.

    • my opinion matters, not.

      Funny, blacks, the entitled, seem to be the only ones lately that can do that 1st ammendment deal. Hmmm, this won’t continue much longer if killary wins, so enjoy it while it lasts. Blacks are being played by her and soros to get their votes. So sad that they’re so angry and misguided they won’t look into the truth.

  • my opinion matters, not.

    You know how if you repeatedly have crap shoved in your face you just become immune to it? Hey blm pay attention, NO ONE is paying attention anymore. You’re like a broken record that was never good to start with.

  • SK

    Why is it that the same government that mistreats our veterans, elderly, & over tax, seem to be a different government that was built on the backs or blacks, natives, & Hispanics ?, Why do white people hate the government sometimes or whenever it’s in their favor ?,, Lhh.

  • Anthony Shepherd

    They are so fucking stupid!!! Always trying to fuck up something!!! Nothing can be ok unless there getting there asses kissed and having that free life.. Most wana be able to robb shoot and kill and get away with it. It’s kinda funny cause In the protesters minds the police are crap until they get robbed are best up are something then who do they call?? The POLICE!! I’ve never seen such stupid people… I guess when the world goes to Hell and you can walk out your house shoot and Robb someone take whatever you want whenever you want the protest will stop they will be happy then…We’ll no they want that will want the police back then it’s never good enough they just have to be center of the attention… How stupid can you get??? We’ll I guess pretty stupid I see!!

  • musicmanvin1

    What law does BLM want changed or implemented to help their community? Can anyone answer this?

    • my opinion matters, not.

      Can any blacks answer that? We are all so over the criminal element of blm, do you really think people give a crap anymore? I’d rather spend my time trying to find out what my privilege is, than look up what law blacks don’t want to follow.

      • musicmanvin1

        I saw they released a list of demands recently.. it included community power to fire any police officer, reparations for slavery and racism towards all blacks, along with increased funding for black colleges and free life time college education for all blacks. It’s on the website they created, go read it for yourself.

        • my opinion matters, not.

          Of course they want free this and free that, but are blacks even smart enough to realize that nothings free? Who’s going to pay the pofessors to teach? The upkeep of the school, etc? Blacks and whites will always despise eachother o thats off the table. And I’ve seen what hoops the black ‘decendents ‘ have to jump through to prove they’re actually slave decendents, not many will have the ability to prove it. Once again they’ve been played by the democrats to think you’re getting something you’re not. Good luck with your hopes, sport, they aint gonna happen