Dear America, Let’s Now Unite and Flood Our Nation With Optimism

Dear America,

Whether you voted for Trump or not, surely you can join me in admitting the past few years have been devoid of optimism. We’ve been pessimistic on the economy, on the social foundation of our country, our standing in the world, our concern over potential for war, our healthcare, our jobs and generally speaking… our future.

For some of you Barack Obama may be a likable character. While many of us believe he’s corrupt and wrong in his way of thinking, it’s understandable that many of his voters found him to be generally likable. For those who do, the truth is he betrayed you. He betrayed all of us.

His healthcare law was sold to you as a law that would make healthcare affordable and wouldn’t change the plan/doctor you have. Most of us are now finding that was a lie. We’re losing our plans and doctors, and costs are skyrocketing.

His economic policy enriched the mega rich while crushing jobs. His environmental policy has pumped billions of our dollars into the pockets of special interests, killed off jobs and did absolutely nothing for the environment. His tax policy is painful. If you pay taxes you know this to be the case.

He spends money like it grows on trees. For him it’s not an issue. He lives in the high castle and will never have to worry about money. But you and I? Yeah, it’s an issue.

He dragged us nearly into world war with Russia. He collapsed the Middle East in a way that has rippled across the globe.

We can disagree on issues, but surely we can agree this hasn’t been a good situation. Something has to change. Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to change anything. She was going to take Obama’s burning agenda and throw gasoline on it.

We now have an opportunity. Donald Trump has his flaws. We all have concerns about it. No secret there. But his plan is something we should all get excited about. That is, of course, provided he actually follows through with it.

Trump is likely to relax tensions with Russia. He’s likely to pull back our nonsensical involvement in the Middle East. He’s likely to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s likely to initiate a tax and economic policy that WILL invigorate business growth.

For businesses, Trump has a plan that will help create spenders. And for consumers his plan will help us earn and retain more financial stability.

This is a good thing. It’s good for liberals, conservatives and independents. It’s good for America.

Not long ago there was a time when Americans were optimistic, hungry for success and excited to work hard for it. We’ve exiting a period of time where that mentality has been non-existent. We’re entering a time where it can exist again.

We’ve got a mess on our hands. There is much work to do to clean it up. But it can be cleaned up, and we can flourish as a result of it.

That is, if we unify and optimistically strive for success as a nation.

It’s time, America. It’s long overdue.

Let’s make America great again.

-Eric Odom

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