It didn’t take us long to think of a word to describe the 2016 election results. In fact, it took approximately 2 seconds.


Two weeks ago the media and their allies in the GOP establishment’s #NeverTrump movement had already made their decision. And they had their polls back up their proclamation.

Hillary Clinton was going to win and that was that.

According to the media and their ilk in Washington, there was nothing anyone could do to change the outcome. There was no amount of enthusiasm, no amount of energy, no amount of effort that could defeat their choice.

Hillary Clinton would be the next President. She would go on to pass TPP, tax the hell out of America, spend us into oblivion, get us into war around the world, further corrupt our government and remain unscathed by her abundant scandals.

So much for that.

Turns out America has had enough. America is making a stand and that stand doesn’t include corrupt elitists like Clinton, Pelosi and whoever they had planned to take over the Senate. It doesn’t include Loretta Lynch, Director Comey and a radical leftist Supreme Court. It doesn’t include George Soros, criminal aliens and potentially dangerous Muslim Refugees.

Nor does it include the old and tired bunch of self-proclaimed #NeverTrump conservatives who, for decades have told voters to support big government Republicans like Paul Ryan, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

They’re all out and a new game is in town.

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America.

It’s real. It happened. It’s a done deal.

It gets better, though, in that Trump will go into his Presidency with a strong majority in both the House and Senate. Yeah, the same House and Senate the media said would tilt towards Democrats in this election.

Our hats are off to the electorate for restoring faith in the system, the people and the sanity of our nation.

Congratulations to Donald Trump and his team. A hard fought battle won, a victory well deserved.

Now buckle up, folks. The media and their friends in Washington are going to lose their minds. It’s going to be a wild ride.

  • weatherman66

    America won.

    • kodster

      The people of the world won! All eyes were upon this election, and the people all around the world who are being suppressed by the globalist cabal were looking to the American people to lead the way against them. This gives them encouragement to rise up against that cabal, in their own nations.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        you got that right

      • Col C

        I certainly hope so, have you heard about the uprising against government in Hong Kong, check it out if you haven’t. The Brexit was a small step, let’s hope this is a big step, let’s hope this is once again, the beginning of freedom like it was after the first American Revolution. Hallelujah!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      We sure did

    • Revcon

      America won? Oh Really? Geesh – read my comment above.

    • Revcon

      I repost the comment that disappeared from
      above: I don’t underestand why people
      think “GOD” gave America this election or that America is saved
      because Trump is (or is not president). The country is owned and controlled by
      bankers – everything is a corporation (not a republic), the form of law is
      “admiralty” or “military-rule” so don’t think for one
      minute anything is going to change. The fact is according to Google there are
      247 million Christians in America and the majority of them while claiming
      Christ, do not obey Christ. If they DID, our country would be completely
      different. We wouldn’t even have “law makers” (that have taken us out
      of grace and back into the law – read Paul’s letter to the Galatians). Read
      Exodus 18:22, THAT explains the kind of Government God expects us to have, not
      legislatures with attorneys sitting in God’s seat, making laws and
      “forcing” them on all the people through a military police state. If
      you REALLY want to save America you will exhort the preachers of America’s
      churches to promote dissolution of ALL constitutions (CON-stitutions) and
      reformat America into 10/50/100/1000 townships etc. according to Exodus 18:22
      and do away with the military police state we have and the military industrial
      complex. Wake up please and get things straight in your mind. The bankers run
      the world. Go study! THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: I Timothy 6:10

      • John Pastirchak

        Revcon — The fact of our disobedience to Jesus is based on a template modeled after the frequent infidelity of the Israelites in Old Testament days. As happens today, God’s chosen people strayed early and often. When abandoned to the consequences of their godless behavior, the Jews would eventually see the light and repent, always. Ever faithful to His Word, The Lord responded by restoring them to the sanctity of the covenant, every time.

        You’ve quoted some provocative verses from Scripture. But as Paul also wrote, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God” (Romans 13:1-7). Consider too the wisdom of Peter: “13] Be subject to every human institution for the Lord’s sake, whether to a king as supreme 14] or to governors as those he commissions to punish wrongdoers and praise those who do good. 15] For God wants you to silence the ignorance of foolish people by doing good. 16] Live as free people, not using your freedom as a pretext for evil, but as God’s slaves” (1 Peter 2:13-16). Both of these passages appear at odds with your call to “promote dissolution of ALL constitutions…”

  • McNitPick the DEPLORABLE!

    Our Constitution is safe – God Bless PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  • John Pastirchak

    It’s 11:16 PM MST. Tomorrow morning’s wake-up call: 5:30 AM. That’s OK. I’m glued to Liberty News on the PC, while FOX News blares away on the TV. Waiting for the call on Michigan. That may not happen until the coffee’s brewing at 5:40 AM. But, again, that’s OK.

    • John Pastirchak

      Juan Williams just went into a meltdown. Something about Republican obstructionism. And do you hear all that background noise? Don’t blame those somber-faced Hillary-bots. I’m guessing it’s Hillary in the kitchen, breaking saucers and tossing silverware. I’ll tell ya, I’m so happy I could kiss Paul Ryan.

      • John Pastirchak

        12:40 pm: ** FOX CALLS PENNSYLVANIA FOR TRUMP, PUTTING HIM 270 ** Fox also reporting that Hillary has called Donald to concede.

      • URKiddinMee

        Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, but I might pat him on the back.

      • sweetolbob

        John !
        Ugga-bunga Yukkie-Poo ! ! (Ptui !)

  • Wilma

    Love watching the Clinton supporters crying while waiting for results.
    I think we will be up all night waiting though for complete results.

  • Snowcat007

    One Nation under God!
    Let us be wise and never forget it again.
    Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our nations prayers. Amen

  • Dave Nettles

    Satan Thought he had us, well not so. Ha Ha Devil. Trump won! We’ve got the victory.

    Now the prophecy of Bill & Hillary is fact, right down to the ending. Trump & Pence are now the talk of the whole town, yeah, DC, and every other American Town.

  • 7818TD

    God answered the millions of Prayers, from every corner of America ,and the Free World! We had to hit bottom, I guess to rise, and we did ,like the Phoenix. Thank every single person who loved America enough to go vote for her!! She is returned to us!!! Hurrah! President Trump!!!

    • squishy

      YES!! He did, and now we need to get prayer, pledge of allegiance and flags back in schools and take out the Quran!!!! We proved THIS IS AMERICA~~~~~~~~!!!!

  • Raymond Pearo


  • Spiritof America

    I am so grateful to God for not letting America sink. God gave us a warrior, one who could handle the insults , mudslinging & lies, and NOT back down. President Trump………that sounds so good. Prayers were indeed answered. We owe God a huge debt he must be restored into our schools, courts and Government. We are Christian nation.

    • kodster

      And that is exactly where the praise belongs… ALL Glory goes to God!

      • used_to_be_a_liberal


    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      He sure did, and now it is up to all of us to do what is right.

  • Joy Pace

    I am elated! Many prayers were answered. God bless you President Trump!

  • drbhelthi

    That D. Trump won the vote, In spite of the fraudulent programming of voting machines, and Judaism´s propaganda supporting the Clinton criminal, reflects Americans´ support for Trump.

    What will the evil NAZI/Bush/CIA/MOSSAD machine attempt to carry out, to prevent D. Trump from entering U.S. Presidency?

    • Col C

      Why would the Mossad be against Trump?

  • Roy Johnson

    Is where I say “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”. We are dealing with criminals! Dry the Swamp!

    • sweetolbob

      Right you are ! Now it’s time for “THE PEOPLE” to stop what they have been doing forever and REMEMBER those who tried to sell our Nation down the river. The media and the “Never Trump” traitors need to pay for their self righteous, self serving lies.
      Don’t just forget their sins as we have in the past. And don’t let promises go unfulfilled !
      Stay alert and stay on top of what’s happening !

      • Roy Johnson

        I hope that justice will be done! The corruption and cover ups need to be addressed!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Praise the Lord! God hasn’t given up on us yet!! God bless Mr. Trump, & keep him safe, Signed a Deplorable!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Oh, I hope to see Samuel Jackson, Whoopi, & all the rest of the deadbeats, lined up at the airports, along side the Muslims!

    • Bandit

      That would be a sight to see, all of them leaving for other countries like they promised

      • Col C

        It’s so crazy, you can’t just move to New Zealand or Australia, they all have immigration laws, which is so ironic. I guess if you have their kind of money, you can buy your way in, and I say good riddance to them, hope they do leave!

  • con_c_kwense

    …I might go to church for the first time in…many years…!!
    To think of everything that Mr. Trump has endured from the most vile gang of thugs..’crats and rino’s alike…and he never gave up…I think President Trump might just save America and the world…!!
    God Bless Him!!

  • Steve

    This sucks Trump wll ruin our country as we know it. We are all in big trouble now.

    • Stanley

      Hey Steve which airline one way ticket are you going to “bye”!!??

    • libsrtheh8ters

      I would be happy to pay for your ticket out.

    • sweetolbob

      Our Country ” As We Know It” is why Trump won ! If the crooks and entitled liars like Hitlerly continued to steal and lie, most of us wouldn’t want to “know it”.

  • URKiddinMee

    Now let us pray that he will be inspired to surround himself with upstanding, wise, rational, Constitution loving Patriots in his cabinet, SCOTUS appointees, and other positions to help him pilot our Ship of State into safe, sane waters. Just as one cannot turn a battleship on a dime, it will take time to undo the damage the leftists have done to our once proud, free Republic. Pray too that he and our Nation will be protected from the anticipated backlash from radical extremists of every ilk.
    Let those of us who feel flush with victory remember to show more civility than we were ever afforded by the radical left.
    God bless America!

    • RD9

      Amen! In Defeat AND Victory, we have to remember humility

      Proverbs 24
      17Don’t rejoice when your enemies fall;
      don’t be happy when they stumble.
      18For the LORD will be displeased with you
      and will turn his anger away from them.

      • Revcon

        Thank you – excellent post!

    • Col C

      And pray that all the criminals and those who have committed treason be held accountable, will go to jail, including the Clintons, Abedin, Soros, Obama, Comey, Lynch, etc, etc, or be run out of the country. Let us also commend those who risked everything to take a stand against their evil, even those who lost their lives because of it. This isn’t just damage they did to our country, it was outright treasonous, the sell out of our national security, to what extent, we don’t even know. We need to demonstrate that there are consequences for such evil.

  • MarcJ

    A true miracle – the outsider Trump beat the Democrat-Communist machine supported by the far-left government employees union.

    • sweetolbob

      Don’t forget the “democRAT – Communist” biased, lying, selective reporting, Manure Stream Media. They all need to suffer for their traitorous support of one of the greatest thieves and liars in recent history !

      • Col C

        Yes, the ones in management who made the decision to support Hillary or were in cahoots with her, absolutely, fraud and possibly treason, should definitely be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Let’s not forget the brave journalists who lost their lives or their careers for pursuing the truth, who didn’t bow to their employers’ perpetration of lies to the American people.

    • Bandit

      Call them what they really are DEMONS, the hole in the hill gang are just a gaggle of DEMONS that want only for themselves. You can bet the un is going to be up in arms all too soon as well, they wanted this country and it was just snatched out of the cold dead fingers of that org..

      • Col C

        Hallelujah to that, and Obama can say goodbye to his hopes of being the next secretary general of the United Nations, like to see that organization fall apart too.

  • Robert E Bezanson

    Hillary & Bill for JAIL !!!

    • Bandit

      Under the jail, deep under the jail

      • Robert E Bezanson

        That’s the best option…

        • Bandit

          The best option would put them at the bottom of the ocean in an underwater prison, but the most affordable one is to put them as deep under ground as possible.

  • conservmrs

    PRESIDENT TRUMP! Most happy words! Thank you GOD; Thank you Patriots; Thank you AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!

  • alaskat

    Praise the Lord! And pray for Trump to meet his and our expectations.

  • bobangelo


  • libsrtheh8ters

    Had to turn on Fox News after learning, before they called it, that Trump had won. It was so fun watching Kelly, Baier, Wallace, Williams & Perrino have to swallow a Trump victory, they all hate him so much. If you closed your eyes you would have thought you were listening to CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC. The media despises Trump & will continue to lie, accuse & spread propaganda against him throughout his presidency. I hope he gives them the same middle finger they got tonight.
    USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!

  • Chip Murray

    “Live to fight another day.” That’s a perfect way to put it Eric. Our Constitution is never really safe. These people are vampires…it will take more than a wooden stake, it will take all of us accepting God’s amazing grace back into our lives again. Trump is only a start…nothing is possible without Him.

  • Ray1547 @ teapartyorganizers.n


  • Ray1547 @ teapartyorganizers.n

    Maybe now we will see the things that need to be addressed addressed! Things like mandatory, enforced E verify would do for starters. Who needs a massive wall when a properly enforced E verify program is in place? If they cannot work they will not come AND many will be forced to vacate if we begin E verifying the existing work force.

    Then too Trump has promised to STOP recognizing being born here as a qualifier for citizen status per the 14th amendment. Fact is he is correct to STOP this practice because the 14th was never meant to be used to create a citizen SIMPLY for being on here. the
    There are additional requirements that must be met in addition to simply being born here. The primary requirement being you MAY be a citizen IF born here IF your parent or parents were here LEGALLY. THE fact is allegiance is a requirement for citizenship. Illegals cannot pass it on to their child because they do not owe it to the USA. IT is really that profoundly simple and Trump knows it.

    There are sooooo many issues that need addressed. The 2 above would be are a good start.

    • Revcon

      We have thousands and thousands of Latin kids in California schools many of whom are illegal themselves and more and more who may be born here but the parents are not and the California Dept of Education is forcing this on the people, requiring teachers to have a CLAD Certificate meaning they are sensitive to Latin culture, language and accept illegals – even Latins who are here LEGALLY don’t like it, that THEY did the proper work to come here only to have T HEIR jobs displaced by illegals – and the schools filled with people who did not come here lawfully. WHY is this? Because schools are BIG MONEY MAKER FOR THE BANKING ELITE – since all money is borrowed into circulation from the British Banking London elite, the HUGE public school mechanism must be forever expanded to cause more borrowing – hence we have this mess in CALIF – come see the schools in California and how the kids are a terror to try and educate through all the misbehavior

      • Ray1547 @ teapartyorganizers.n

        Revcon. I do not know anything about your accusations vs schools being big money makers but I do know a govt that can pick and choose which laws it will ignore or enforce is a govt that has transitioned into a dictatorship and that is where we are now. Trump has pledged to return the power to the people so let’s hope he understands that he is knowledgeable as to the fact that we are indeed a dictatorship at this point. I believe he is well aware as evidenced by several of his positions to include his stated intent to NOT RECOGNIZE simply being born here as sufficient constitutional cause to grant citizen status and his intent to deploy mandatory E verify which makes it far more difficult to obtain employment. Both of these stated intents are in recognition for the facts that our laws are currently being ignored vs these issues.

  • kodster

    Okay, folks… God has granted us a reprieve. However, let’s still stay united behind Donald. He still has a long, hard road ahead of him, to begin the work of restoration. It took us many years to get to this point… he’s not going to be able to do it overnight. Let’s be patient with him, just as God has been patient and long-suffering with us stiff-necked, stubborn people, as he begins that process. REMEMBER THIS when the Demonicrats start to scream that he’s inept and unable to keep his promises!

  • birmanmom

    God does answer prayers!!!!

  • ColoradoCommish

    AMEN for America.
    Show of hands…. Anyone really going to miss Cher, Whoopie, Miley, and the many others who vowed to leave America if Trump won?
    I also think that law enforcement might want to look into Bill Maher’s very serious threat to “kill Anthony Weiner if Hillary loses”…. just sayin.

    • Bandit

      All those knuckleheads can go ahead and leave now they will not be missed one bit, while they are at it they can take some mazlamz with them, but gee Miley might look funny in a borka or whatever those things are called.

      • Col C

        It would only be an improvement for her.

  • boats1567

    I have waited decades for the Hand of God to stem the flow of immorality and corruption by the socialist/communist traitors of our/my country since serving in Vietnam and returning to a country I did not recognize. Since winning huge during the TET offensive and having the media of the Government say we lost. I was there. The farmers in the delta planted crops for the first time in over a decade. I watched the decent into abyss of socialist corporatism [that’s what fascism is folks]. I wrote and stood against the corporate courts, pretending to be courts of law. And tonight my prayers were answered. We have an honest, no nonsense anti-corruption as usual hope for all of us who love our country. I only hope that all of those self-indulgent hedonists, who demonstrated a lack of moral character by voting for a proven criminal and predator will keep their promise to leave our country. Let them pack up and go. They can spread their hedonistic, decadence elsewhere. Perhaps then we who love America, with President Trump can restore the moral and ethical character of our great nation. Perhaps we may even get the UN to move out too.


      Boats I can agree with you first time I was there in Nam it was called Indo-China..
      As for the UN they can leave any time from the USA, also we could stop funding them, the Majority of the UN hate America’s GUTS and have for a long time..

  • joanne

    I went to bed n despair but still praying and he WON!! Now I pray he met enough of we the people and Christians that he will follow the right road and I pray the Republican Party will WAKE UP!!

    • Col C

      I pray that he will follow a righteous path as well. When I asked God about the election, He gave me the scripture where Josiah, the king of Israel, finds a book of the law, and he tears his robes in angst, because he realized his father, and the people were not following what the Lord had said. So he sought out a prophetess, and she said that because Josiah humbled himself, that the Lord would spare Him from the destruction that was coming. Josiah tore down all the high places of idolatry, and had the people turn back to the Lord, and as long as he lived, the people served the Lord. I hope that this will be true for Trump.

      • joanne


  • Sandra Wiatrowski

    Followed Eric since 2005… then TEA Party, and beyond. Takes a while for lone voices to reach the masses. The hard part is over, lots of work yet to do. Appreciate ya!

  • David

    Watch out!

    Hillary is (at this writing) still about 135,000 votes AHEAD in the Popular Vote (according to Fox News)!

    Look for continued gridlock as the Communists refuse to accept the Electoral College results and call for an end to the Electoral College.

    Also in a few years expect another HBO schlockumentary that says that Hillary actually won.

    Also, most of the people in the GOP were NOT in favor of a Trump Presidency and there is the very real possibility that the RINO’s in Congress will choose to caucus with the Communists and block his agenda.

    Then Trump actually has to make it to Inauguration Day, much less get past the Electoral College. There is a very real chance that he will be taken out before the Inaugural.

    Pray hard that the country can heal.

  • FMK

    Thank You Jesus,

  • America dogged a bullet last night by avoiding a leftist progressive socialistic movement that was ready to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Instead of a banana Republic under the Obama/Clinton program, with the United Nations dictators (including Obama/Clinton) we will have our country back.


    EPIC is just one word to describe this. Our country has just been saved from COMMUNISM and a DICTATOR for President. This is the BIGGEST VICTORY for FREEDOM this country has EVER seen because our FREEDOM was about to be TOTALLY taken away. We have been under a HUGE BLACE CLOUD for 8 freaking years and one election from the TOTAL TAKEOVER of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We can now go back to LAW AND ORDER. A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, A POSITIVE AMERICA LOVING ATTITUDE, A NON PC NATION WHO VALUES TRUTH OVER BULL SHIT. There are soooooo many things that are going to change for the better. DONALD TRUMP will be one of the GREATEST PRESIDENTS we have EVER had. I PROMISE YOU!!!!

  • Revcon

    I don’t underestand why people think “GOD” gave America this election or that America is saved because Trump is (or is not president). The country is owned and controlled by bankers – everything is a corporation (not a republic), the form of law is “admiralty” or “military-rule” so don’t think for one minute anything is going to change. The fact is according to Google there are 247 million Christian sin America and the majority of them while claiming Christ, do not obey Christ. If they DID, our country would be completely different. We wouldn’t even have “law makers” (that have taken us out of grace and back into the law – read Paul’s letter to the Galatians). Read Exodus 18:22, THAT explains the kind of Government God expects us to have, not legislatures with attorneys sitting in God’s seat, making laws and “forcing” them on all the people through a military police state. If you REALLY want to save America you will exhort the preachers of America’s churches to promote dissolution of ALL constitutions (CON-stitutions) and reformat America into 10/50/100/1000 townships etc. according to Exodus 18:22 and do away with the military police state we have and the military industrial complex. Wake up please and get things straight in your mind. The bankers run the world. Go study! THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: I Timothy 6:10

  • 1madgrannie

    Prayers answered.

  • Col C

    Talk about landslide victory, this was not a close race by any means, the media sure tried to fool everyone into believing that it was. Let’s hope that this is a new beginning for America, that she will throw down her idols of sex, greed, and all the other evil that is going on. Let’s hope that America will embrace God, the one and only true God, and turn from their sins, and embrace that which is pure, noble, and good. Amen

  • Revcon

    What happened to all those polls that ravaged us daily telling us Clinton was going to win. Did it/does it occur to anyone “we were being played” ??

  • Barbara

    We did it, American patriots! We turned the tide against the Saul Alinsky Marxists and told the global elitists to sit and rotate on our giant collective middle finger!

  • Revcon
    • Revcon

      Title to above link:

      QUIZ: Do You Know Everything About American History?

  • Logic1

    Donald Trump, will be great for our country. He will start by reversing ill advised executive orders,
    rebuilding our world class medical system (with the help of congress), enforcing the constitution of the USA. He will be the voice of the people. He will enforce the laws of our land! The globalist will have to go
    back to the drawing board. Our forefathers came here for Freedom and justice for all.
    Let’s face it Socialism doesn’t work when you run out of the other guys money.

  • Ginger Aldrich

    Never underestimate the power of the people – can’t fool us

  • ColBuck

    What a tremendous relief to know that Hellry won’t be running my country, and hopefully she will be going to prison where she belongs. My faith in America is restored; America has spoken, loud and clear! Now it remains to be seen whether President Trump delivers all he promised, as I believe he will.

  • boats1567

    Now we have to get behind Trump and let him know that we will support him as he tries to restore American values and our independence. It will not be easy. The socialist/commie/fascists have poisoned many minds and have control of our infrastructure. They have always used misinformation, deletion of truths, intimidation, violence and murder to push their agendas. There is little reason to believe they will not continue that methodology. All one has to do is look at the insanity in our institutions and legislative members to see the lack of common sense and rational intelligence. This will not be an easy task. So President Trump will need us more than ever.