Ohio State Attacker 18-Year-Old ‘Somali Refugee’ That Bemoaned Lack of Space for ‘Prayer’ on OSU’s Campus

As the investigation into a horrific attack that left 9 injured at Ohio State University early Monday continues, new details regarding the deceased suspect are beginning to surface.

While the incident was initially reported by OSU’s Department of Public Safety as an ‘active shooter’ situation it has been revealed that the deceased suspect did not in fact use a firearm, but instead a vehicle and ‘butcher knife‘ during the attacks.

According to authorities, the deceased suspect identified as 18-year-old Somali refugee Abdul Artan intentionally drove his vehicle into a crowd of people before jumping out and attacking multiple individuals with a knife.

As OSU Police Chief Craig Stone explained, thanks to the rapid response of law enforcement the threat was ‘eliminated‘ within roughly 1 minute after authorities received reports of the attack. Chief Stone told media that the when the first officer arrived on scene “He engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat.”

Artan, a Somali refugee that was granted permanent resident in the United States reportedly moved with his family from Somalia to Pakistan in 2007 before eventually coming to the US in 2014.

While law enforcement has not yet released a definitive motive for the attack, Chief Stone told media “This was done on purpose,” adding that authorities are not currently ruling anything out.


The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.

“This car just swerved and ran into a whole group of people,” said Nicole Kreinbrink, who was walking down the street when she saw the car hit people who had evacuated an academic building during a fire alarm.

“All these people were running and screaming and yelling,” she added.

Jacob Bowers, an OSU sophomore, was sitting on a bench about 100 feet away when he noticed people running.

“Then I heard someone yell, ‘He’s got a knife.’ And I saw a guy with a big-ass knife just chasing people around. When I saw that, I grabbed all my stuff and started running,” Bowers said.

Bowers said he looked back to see a police officer on the scene. The officer yelled to the suspect, “Drop it and get down or I’ll shoot,” and then fired on the suspect, Bowers said.

“The man was going insane,” he said.

The media outlet Heavy.com paints a chilling picture of the now deceased suspect. According their report, witnesses have stated that during the attack Artan was “completely silent” as he stabbed his victims and remained eerily silent “even when he was shot.

Artan was a self-professed Muslim.

In the August 25 edition of the Ohio State Lantern, Artan was featured in the “Humans of Ohio State” feature. During his interview, Artan bemoaned the lack of pray facilities at OSU. He stresses in the piece that he needs to pray five times a day.

Artan adds, “I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be…”

View Artan’s interview with the Ohio State Lantern below:

Via TheLantern

We will continue to update on this story as new details surface.