Purely Coincidental or the Path to a Stolen Election? Voters Report ‘Irregularities’ with Voting Machines Across the US

As millions of Americans head to the polls to cast their ballots, reports of voting machine ‘irregularities’ and other various issues have already begun to surface across the country.

Please note we will continue to update as this story as new reports surface. 

According to FOX2 Michigan, voters in the cities of Detroit, Sterling Heights, Novi, Holly and Roseville have reported machines being unable to accept their ballots, forcing many to leave their them in the hands of polling location volunteers.

Via Fox2

FOX 2 has received dozens of calls and emails from voters saying the machine at their polling place isn’t working correctly.

An overwhelming number of voters from several cities report the machine isn’t able to accept the ballot… Many voters are concerned, though, that their vote may not be counted since they won’t be there to physically see it go through the machine.

FOX 2 has also spoken with some election volunteers who are frustrated because they’re not sure who to contact for help getting a new machine.

One voter in Pennsylvania took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, posting footage of a voting machine swapping a vote for GOP candidate Donald Trump to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

H/T GatewayPundit

CBS2 KDKA in reported other voters experiencing the same issue in Pennsylvania:

The Philadelphia Republican Party has posted video of voter fraud witness Brittany Foreman recounting her experience at a 52nd ward polling location.

A Twitter user in New Jersey alleges a possible case of identity theft in their state:

Twitter user Bonco states he received the following voter guide at a Greensboro, North Carolina polling location.


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