BOMBSHELL: What Julian Assange Just Claimed Blows Entire Fake News “Russia Hacking” Narrative Out of Water

Yesterday it was widely reported that Julian Assange claims Russia had absolutely nothing to do with accessing John Podesta’s email account. Access that revealed truths the DNC and U.S. government would have preferred be hidden from the public eye.

There is no proof what Assange claims is true. But there is also no evidence he’s lying.

The U.S. government, on the other hand, has lied to the American people time and again. Need we remind you how U.S. officials lied by blaming a YouTube video for what happened in Benghazi?

What Assange claimed next is the real bombshell here. Assange claims John Podesta’s password was “Password.” If this is true, and no individuals from the DNC or Clinton camp have tried to prove otherwise, pretty much anyone could have gained access to Podesta’s email account.

The professional fake news complex (MSM) has for months now used words like “sophisticated” and “cyberattack” when referencing the alleged hack in association with Russia. But from what Assange reports the account could have been accessed by anyone who tried the password “password” to get into the account.

So far we know the elections were not hacked. There were no voting machine breached. No polling locations hacked. No voter data hacking. There was a scenario where Podesta’s email account was accessed by, according to Assange, using the password “password.”

Yet the United States Government and its allies in the media have pitched this entire affair as a sophisticated cyber attack the borders being called an act of war by Russia.

Think about that for a moment.