BREAKING: Trump Signs Three Executive Orders – Kills TPP, Freezes Federal Hiring and Bans Federal Funds for Abortion

We were all promised an exciting day of Trump Executive Orders today and so far we haven’t been let down. News is now breaking that Trump has signed three executive orders, all three of which are certain to have liberals freaking out.

The following is a list of the three executive orders now in place.

  1. Withdrawal of U.S. Participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  2. Immediate Initiation of a Federal Hiring Freeze
  3. Restoration of the “Mexico City Policy,” Which Bans Federal Funding of Abortion (Spending Overseas)

The first move will bring joy to millions of Americans, American businesses and yes, even unions. It will terrify people like Paul Ryan, the House Speaker who was bankrolled by TPP recipients and acted as one of its greatest champions. TPP is now dead and in our view we’re all better off for it.

The second is guaranteed to send shockwaves across the industry of growing government by massively expanding its costs and employment scale. The executive order calls for an immediate freeze to all federal hiring.

The third should be a no-brainer but we all know the truth is federal dollars still make their way to abortion activities. Yes, many recipients like Planned Parenthood claim federal dollars are not used for abortion, but the truth is Planned Parenthood just shifts funds around thanks to massive influx of taxpayer dollars. How the executive order will change Planned Parenthood and similar entities is not yet known, but the order strengthens the removal of any federal funds from any association with abortion overseas.