If You Can Get This 78mm Gold Bar Through a 85mm Hole They’ll Let You Keep It (VIDEO)

A full size gold bar is worth some serious change. And we all (should) know gold is the best money you can own. So wouldn’t we all love to own an actual full gold bar?

Of course we would.

And in Japan many people are getting the chance to own one for free. But there is a catch. You have to get the 78mm gold bar out of a transparent box through an 85mm hole. The bar certainly fits through the hole, but getting it through is an entirely different story.

Watch below as several individuals try to make it happen. Please note this is from a Japanese show and is subtitled. We also recommend starting the video at about the 4:30 mark to get right down to the good stuff.


So how would you deal with it? What would be your strategy and is it possible?