Kick Off the Week by Watching a Lefty Totally Melt Down the Moment Trump Was Sworn In

There were many, MANY meltdowns on Inauguration Day. This because many leftist radicals thought crooked Socialist Hillary Clinton would continue their gravy train of handouts and unaccountability only to be completely let down by the election outcome.

One such meltdown stands out, however, because it clearly shows the mental derangement on display with many of these people. In the video we see a snowflake completely losing her mind the moment Donald Trump is announced as POTUS.

And it’s rather glorious to watch, we might add. In fact, you may wish to watch it a few times. Our team certainly did.

Happy Monday!

  • Kitty

    She is a brave young woman with so much common sense – good for her!

  • markypolo

    Of course, Democrats will still be FREE to pay the ObamaCare tax. Somehow, I don’t think they will.