Last Day of January Means it’s Time for the Top Fails of the Month Compilation! (VIDEO)

Need a quick break from the political grind? Here’s your chance.

It’s January 31st and Fail Army has a new video up highlighting all the top fail videos of 2017 to date.

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  • TimR

    You want to start a war of any kind with America? You are a special kind of stupid.

  • highsider

    There are some corporations that I wouldn’t mind seeing leave my country. Most of them are run by flaming liberals. I will be doing my best to vote all of them out of existence in the US with a realignment in my expendable income expenditures . I would suggest he pick Syria to relocate his business to…… lots of refugees to hire and no tiresome patriots like me to contend with. Seriously Howard, think about it.

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