NOW THAT’S FUNNY: “A Bad Lip Reading” Does the Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

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Not gonna lie… the Liberty News team are big fans of the Bad Lip Reading video series. No, they aren’t serious news. But they’re a great break from the daily news grind and always bring about a chuckle or two.

We’ve previously posted their videos of the second general POTUS debate, the DNC and RNC primary debates and the Redneck Avengers.

Below is their latest video with a bad lip reading of the Trump Inauguration. Below that we include their lip reading of Obama’s Inauguration.

  • Col C

    These guys are evil, they go to college and the only word they know is the F word. How can you reason with complete reprobates is beyond my comprehension, and I have no pity for these brats who caused great affliction to my child with their heinous hatred, and putrid vileness.

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