NOW THAT’S FUNNY: “A Bad Lip Reading” Does the Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

Not gonna lie… the Liberty News team are big fans of the Bad Lip Reading video series. No, they aren’t serious news. But they’re a great break from the daily news grind and always bring about a chuckle or two.

We’ve previously posted their videos of the second general POTUS debate, the DNC and RNC primary debates¬†and the Redneck Avengers.

Below is their latest video with a bad lip reading of the Trump Inauguration. Below that we include their lip reading of Obama’s Inauguration.

  • Col C

    These guys are evil, they go to college and the only word they know is the F word. How can you reason with complete reprobates is beyond my comprehension, and I have no pity for these brats who caused great affliction to my child with their heinous hatred, and putrid vileness.