“Racist” Trump Supporters Join With Bill O’Reilly to Raise $500,000 for Historically Black College Marching Band to Play Inauguration

If you listen to much of the mainstream media much you would begin to believe anyone who supports Donald Trump is racist. That is, after all, a key talking point of the left.

Donald Trump is racist, they claim, so anyone who supports him must also be racist. It’s all fake news of course but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Their narrative took a beating last week, however, when Donald Trump supporters heard Bill O’Reilly’s fundraising plea to help a historically black college marching band go play at the Inauguration. I mean, if they were all racist they wouldn’t dare donate to a black marching band, right?


Bill O’Reilly’s audience raised a whopping $500,000 to ensure the band can make it.

More via Fox News.

Bill O’Reilly reacted to the approximate $500,000 that has been raised for the Talladega College ‘Marching Tornadoes’ band’s trip to participate in the Inauguration Day ceremony for President-elect Donald Trump in Washington.

In his Talking Points Memo, he said that much of the money raised for the historically black college was bankrolled by people that mainstream entities often demonize as “racist”.

“Generalizing about any group is foolish and dishonest,” O’Reilly said, calling the impromptu fundraiser “a repudiation of race-baiters.”

Sounds to me like the world could use a lot more Donald Trump supporters.