In an Effort to Fight ‘Global Warming,’ California Schools to Reduce Amount of ‘Unsustainable’ Items Like Meat & Cheese on Lunch Menus

The Oakland Unified School District in California has made the controversial decision to partner with the Friends of the Earth (FOE) in an effort to combat that negative effects of ‘unsustainable’ lunch items on the environment.

Because naturally, french bread pizzas are the leading cause of climate change…

Explaining that the partnership comes as a result of the OUSD’s commitment to combating global warming, Jennifer LeBarre, the head of nutrition services for district stated that schools will now be serving ‘delicious food’ that the students love, like ‘vegetarian tostadas.’

“This is a landmark moment for school food… We were so excited to see how the data showed that we could reduce our carbon and water footprint by serving healthy, delicious food –– like the vegetarian tostadas with fresh made in-house salsa, that kids absolutely love –– all while saving money.” LeBarre stated.

As the DailyCaller reports, the FOE lunch menus are designed to eliminate foods the organization claims are “unsustainable for our planet,” such as meat and cheese that are not produced from “pastured, organic dairy cows.” Due to this, the FOE menus will replace the majority items such as meat and cheese with plant-based foods like tofu.

Here are some highlights from the FOE’s “pilot analysis of Oakland Unified School District’s Food Programs” report:

“The following case study shows how the district was able to significantly reduce its carbon and water footprint by replacing a share of its meat, poultry and cheese purchases with plant-based proteins.

Overconsumption of animal foods is unhealthy for us and unsustainable for our planet. Animal products are the most resource-intensive foods in our diet, requiring massive water and energy inputs. Studies show that we cannot avert the worst impacts of climate change or protect future water supplies unless we make food production more sustainable, waste less food, and reduce meat and dairy consumption in favor of plantforward[sic] meals.”

Image via FOE’s OUSD report

Via DailyCaller

FOE says it partnered with the school to provide a “roadmap for change” to encourage other schools to fight global warming via student lunches. The green group hopes Oakland’s example will encourage numerous other school districts to switch to a similar menu.

If every school district in the U.S. followed Oakland, the reduced CO2 emissions would be equal to removing 150,000 cars from the roads, according to FOE.

“While our study focused on school food, it’s clear that meat and cheese reduction is a powerful climate mitigation strategy for all restaurants and institutions that want to reduce their environmental impact,” Kari Hamerschlag, FOE’s deputy director of food and technology, said in a press statement. “We hope this report inspires more public institutions to serve less and better meat and more plant-based foods as a cost effective way to achieve both environmental and public health goals.”

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