Longtime White House Correspondent Claims President Trump Is A Racist Over Something He Never Actually Said

According to longtime White House correspondent April Ryan, President Donald Trump is a racist. She directed her comments at White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In the exchange Ryan says Trump made racist claims while still a candidate when he used the word “we” to describe Americans:

Ryan: When he was candidate Trump, he said things like, you know, “We made this country,” meaning white America, not necessarily black.

Spicer: I don’t know why you would say that. What do you mean?

Ryan: No, no, no. He said that. I heard him say that.

Via: Mediaite

Ryan is so dead set on her assessment of Trump’s racism that she followed up her supposed “facts” on Twitter with the actual quote President Trump used:

We cannot let our First Amendment rights be taken away from us from us. We can’t let it. We have the right to speak, we’re law-abiding people, we’re people that work very hard. We’re people who’ve built this country and made this country great. And we’re all together and we want to get along with everybody, but when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we’ve got to fight back, we’ve got to fight back.

Here’s the video:

It’s so obviously racist we’re surprised the mainstream media didn’t catch it the first time around.

April Ryan defends here claims of racism:


So, basically, if you are a white person in April Ryan’s version of America, making any statement with the word “we” in it is now a racist micro-aggression.

Courtesy post via SHTFPlan and Mac Slavo

  • MadameMidlifeCrisis

    Granny’s wig is on too tight! It’s people like her who want to re-write history to suit their beliefs. Give her the heave-ho & let her report on what color jello they’re serving in the rest home.

  • Doncharles715

    April you want to see a real Racist….look in the mirror.

  • GarandFan

    Sounds like April is the ‘RACIST!’ with a big chip on her shoulder.