Day: March 18, 2017

While Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media did everything possible to distract us from the actual content of the leaked emails we were all exposed to during the campaign, none of them ever actually attempted to dispute whether or not the emails were real. They didn’t like the illegal hacking, of course, and

The video you’re about to watch will have liberals all twisted up in knots, running for safe spaces all across America. Which is, shall we say, by design. The video is a play off of “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. It went super viral with well over half a million views in just

UPDATE: Meals on Wheels Got THIS Shocking News Going Into the Weekend (Click here for full update) For the mainstream media sending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to support terrorists organizations in the middle east isn’t worth covering. But God forbid Trump dare propose cutting $250K from Meals on Wheels. A budget move that,

Barack Obama fooled us. And now we’re being asked to play the fool for House Speaker Paul Ryan and his RINO-led ObamaCare 2.0. How did Obama fool us? + + How Obama Fooled Us… Think back to the ObamaCare debates of 2009 and 2010. What dominated the talk shows? The employer mandate — how dare

They’re not even trying to hide their bias any more. Despite efforts by the mainstream media to convince an ever disinterested public that they are still relevant and non-partisan, a last minute headline change by the Washington Post proves just how desperate they are to maintain their big government narrative. After running an immigration article