‘Game u Play from Home’: 4CHAN Keyboard Commandos Allegedly Using Border Cams to Help Report Illegal Immigrants

Members of the message board website 4CHAN are now allegedly putting their keyboard commando skills to new use, assisting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in apprehending illegal immigrants attempting to cross our nation’s southern border.

[Editor’s note: 4CHAN is well known for orchestrating elaborate internet pranks with the intention of sparking passionate debate on social media. With that said, it is a very real possibility that this is another well executed 4CHAN user prank attempting to spark outrage among those sympathetic towards illegal immigrants.

Liberty News is does not confirm the authenticity of footage shown on blueservo.com]

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, members of a pro-Trump group on the message board site are now encouraging others to partake in the real world ‘video game‘ they boast can be played from the comforts of home, citing all the players have to do is watch live-streaming border cameras and report suspicious activity to ICE.

Via Gateway Pundit

… they just recently discovered that live streams of the US-Mexico border are available via http://blueservo.com/ . The website has become so popular that it has currently exceeded its bandwith[sic] at the time of writing this.

One 4Chan user suggested the Administration turn the live feeds into a “game” for users to help spot and report Illegals crossing, potentially earning points.


Naturally, this concept has sparked a lot of discussion on social media:

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