Governor Who Took on Historic Protests During Union Battle Now Calling for GOP to Support #RINOcare to Avoid… Protests

For nearly a month back in 2011 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker waged political warfare against unions and as many as 100,000 protesters. Protesters who literally took control of the state Capitol. Protests that saw multiple liberal Senators flee the state to hide in Illinois in an attempt to keep from voting on Walker’s collective bargaining legislation.

Walker was bold, courageous and refused to back down. His fearless leadership to stand up for what was right in the face of such physical opposition was historic.

Walker stood his ground and he won. And Wisconsin is better off for it.

By my oh my how times have changed. According to a report out by Fox 6, Walker is now pushing for passage of #RINOcare and calling on all Republicans to support the bill or face consequences.

What consequences, you might ask? Well, according to Walker they may see an increase in… wait for it… protesters.

Gov. Scott Walker is pressuring Republicans to go forward with a vote to replace the Affordable Care Act — warning that they’ll face even more protests at town halls if they do not.

I get that the establishment is circling the wagons around Paul Ryan. But to hear Walker argue Republicans should be afraid of protesters is a little bizarre.