How Obama Fooled Us… And How Paul Ryan Is About To Do The Exact Same Thing

Barack Obama fooled us.

And now we’re being asked to play the fool for House Speaker Paul Ryan and his RINO-led ObamaCare 2.0.

How did Obama fool us?

+ + How Obama Fooled Us…

Think back to the ObamaCare debates of 2009 and 2010. What dominated the talk shows? The employer mandate — how dare they? The individual mandate — is it a tax or a penalty and is it constitutional? The subsidies and should we expand Medicare.

We fought and fought and fought over these items. But in a real way, they were all distractions and misdirections. Because the taxes and mandates and penalties and subsidies were never the heart and soul of ObamaCare. They were all the effect of another cause.

+ + The Real Heart And Soul Of ObamaCare

So what was the heart and soul of ObamaCare? The fundamental changes to health insurance created by ObamaCare.

Obama’s primary goal wasn’t to impose an employer mandate or force everyone to have health insurance. The Left’s socialist goal was to reposition health care and health insurance in our minds as an entitlement — something we are owed that only the government can provide. In order to do that, they had to fundamentally transform the health insurance system and make aspects of health insurance feel like a basic right. Here’s an example of a basic premise of ObamaCare:

1. “Americans should never be denied coverage.”
I would argue that in 2017 the vast majority of freedom-loving conservatives would agree with this statement. But this essential pillar of ObamaCare rejects the basic concept of insurance as an actuarial assessment of risks and costs.

Here are a few more pillars of ObamaCare that now feel like basic rights to millions of Americans…

2. “No American should be charged more because of a pre-existing condition.”
3. “Dependents should be able to stay on their parents’ plan until age 27.”

4. “There should be no lifetime caps on medical coverage.”

Thanks to Obama, these ideas now feel more like rights to millions of Americans. Just one problem. Team Obama knew that these and other regulatory changes to the insurance industry imposed by ObamaCare would bankrupt the insurance industry. The only way to save the system was to force everyone to participate through mandates, taxes and penalties.

So while we were fighting against the symptoms of ObamaCare (mandates, taxes and penalties), Obama and the Left were shifting the regulatory and philosophical basis in health insurance. It was a masterful socialist shell game.

+ + Why Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0 Is So Bad…

So why am I fighting so aggressively to defeat Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0?

Because Ryan’s plan does little to nothing to address the shift in insurance regulations that are the heart and soul of ObamaCare.

How do I know?

Look back at those four statements above, which I noted are four pillars of ObamaCare.

They are also pillars of RyanCare!

How do I know? Because those four statements are basically quotes from Ryan’s own online Q&A explaining his amendment to ObamaCare. RyanCare is not a repeal; it is just ObamaCare under a different name. As we have pointed out, from its first paragraph, the bill sets out to “amend” ObamaCare. Ryan himself even admitted that RyanCare is not a repeal, saying his “binary choice” is the “closest we will ever get to repealing” ObamaCare. Why? Because Ryan and the RINOs either do not want to repeal ObamaCare or lack the courage to repeal ObamaCare. You choose.

Here’s where this leaves us:

Paul Ryan and the RINOs now agree with and endorse the essential doctrines and foundations of ObamaCare. And if Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0 passes, Republicans will have formally endorsed Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of health care in America.

And I’m just wary enough of the RINOs to be pretty sure that Ryan and gang understand this all too well.

So Barack Obama fooled us.

And now Paul Ryan is trying to play us for fools.

+ + Will We Be Played For Fools?

The only question is…

Will we play along? Will we go quietly into the night and let Ryan and the RINOs complete the destruction of our health care system and the socialist shift in our thinking? Will we let Ryan play us for fools?

So here’s my challenge:

Next week is the crucial week for ObamaCare 2.0. If the Freedom Caucus stands strong, Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0 cannot pass the House. But Freedom Caucus members are facing enormous pressure from the RINO establishment.

We just updated our #CleaRepeal FaxFire so you can fax immediately EVERY MEMBER OF THE FREEDOM CAUCUS at the same time! This is the best way to get your message to the entire Freedom Caucus and urge them to stand strong against Paul Ryan’s ObamaCare 2.0.  Go here now and prepare your faxes demanding a #CleanRepeal of ObamaCare for delivery to every member of the Freedom Caucus:

-Steve Elliott

  • Wayne Peterkin

    I disagree with Liberty News on this. Yes, Obamacare could theoretically be repealed cleanly. But it would throw large segments of the health insurance industry including many taxpayers into chaos, because there would be no health insurance readily available as a replacement for millions of people. That is a fact, and the GOP is reluctant to pull the rug out from so many voters. So while Obamacare needs repealed, it is also ingrained enough to be touchy to repeal. Therefore, the GOP is trying to tread carefully and have something to make the transition away from Obamacare easier for millions of people. I don’t understand why they should be vilified for that effort. Furthermore, the GOP cannot repeal it cleanly without having complete accord in the Senate, because their majority is so slim and the Democrats will be united against repeal. I don’t think the GOP has the votes in the Senate today for a “clean” repeal. I suggest we stop criticizing the effort to replace a horrid law, Obamacare, put the idealism aside, and work together for something that will work and is far better in the long run. Anything else could be political suicide.

    • That’s not entirely true. In fact, the CBO estimates more would be covered and far more money saved under a clean repeal. Also a clean repeal could happen with a two year window in place to ease the problems associated with such a drastic change.

      Additionally, a clean repeal is absolutely possible with 51 votes using budget reconciliation.

      But let’s say we avoid those two points for a moment. How is an amendment that makes much of Obamacare’s woes worse anything remotely in line with what was promised for the better part of a decade?

      • Wayne Peterkin

        Perhaps I don’t understand a couple of things so I will ask. First, you are amenable to a “clean” repeal meaning no legislation at all as a replacement for Obamacare and simply returning to the same health insurance scenario that existed 8 years ago? While I personally have no issue with that at all, I suspect there are a whole lot of other people out there who do have an issue with it and the GOP fears that possible backlash. Can’t say I blame them. Second, I don’t know the amendment you are referencing so cannot comment on that. I support efforts to reduce actual medical costs and prefer the government stay out of the health insurance business while addressing those costs instead. For example, I am a big supporter of major Tort Reform. I have no patience for making lawyers wealthy at the expense of our healthcare and the insane cost of liability insurance for the entire healthcare industry is nuts. Eliminating most of those costs alone should help reduce all medical expenses which also helps reduce health insurance premiums along with Medicare and Medicaid expenses. As far as the 51 votes needed, I’m well aware of the reconciliation possibility but I don’t think the GOP has the 51 votes they need in the Senate to pass the Ryan Plan and even less to pass the “clean” repeal.

        • Well, it’s simple economics. Health insurance costs skyrocketed making it a non-starter for millions of Americans. Plans with extreme deductibles before any coverage kicked in plus the removal of plans millions of people liked and had have, in fact, put many of those people out of the market all together. Yes, millions did get on Obamacare, but millions got off of health insurance as well. And now younger generations have no interest in getting on health insurance because it’s not economically viable. We hear a lot about those who have insurance because of Obamacare. We don’t hear much at all about the millions who can’t afford it, don’t want to afford it or just don’t have any options. And that’s all by design.

          • Wayne Peterkin

            You’ll get no argument from me on any point that you made. My concern is that the GOP simply does not have the votes in the Senate, that there are enough mavericks like Collins, Paul, McCain, Murkowsky, etc. to keep a clean repeal from happening and that even if successful, the whining by the media, all Democrats, and a few Republicans may cost the GOP congressional control at least of the Senate in 2018. A repeal vote that fails in the Senate would be about as bad. Losing control of Congress in 2018 means nothing else gets done during Trump’s entire term, and that would be a really bad thing. Should another SCOTUS vacancy occur, we could lose the chance of appointing another solid judge like Gorsuch. The negatives could well outweigh the positives. I have no personal issue with a clean repeal of Obamacare, but am reluctant to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Repealing Obamacare needs done but not at the expense of political suicide when we have so many issues at stake. Perhaps I’m wrong, you can be the judge. But at least at least set your ideology aside long enough to consider all the angles please.

  • Nensul

    KrisAnne Hall says the new health care act requires DNA testing to reduce your premiums. Has anyone heard any thing about this or got any details ?

    • USMCM14

      If they find you have any “WHITE DNA” you will not be eligible for health care because you will be considered racist !!!! LMFAO

  • USMCM14

    RYAN THE RHINO !!! Repeal and don’t replace let these fucker’s get a job and buy there own insurance !!!

  • KJinWTexas

    The key factor in this rests on the Freedom Caucus. They’ve caved before and could easily do it again.
    The best solution is a clean repeal and send it back to the free market. Make it competitive, the prices go down and it gets the government out of the health care business.

  • mudguy1

    “Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us”
    ” Fool us for a third time and you will loose our vote and our support”
    The GOP will lose the Senate in the 2018 election if the GOP passes this Rinocare bill.
    Repeal ALL Obamacare as promised.

  • billbg

    “Fool me once….” To understand, we gotta go back to Reagan in the 80’s when we were fooled by the promise that, after IMMIGRATION AMNESTY was completed, the border would be secured as required by the Act. Guess what never happened? If RINOCare reconciliation saves Obamacare with a majority vote, will parts 2 & 3 (requiring 60%) ever happen? WE CAN’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!