Maybe This is Why Donald Trump is Pushing the Disastrous #RINOcare Amendment

As I painfully wrote yesterday, Donald Trump is all in for #RINOcare. I mean, he’s not just tinkering with support for the bad law, he’s one of the two top salesmen.

Indeed, Trump and Paul Ryan are using up a ton of political capital trying to sell the Obamacare amendment known as the American Healthcare Act. Paul Ryan is literally using ALL of his political capital. And Trump isn’t far behind.

But why? That’s the question I can’t find a peaceful answer for. Like many of you I just don’t get it.

For Paul Ryan the answer is easy. It’s likely payback for all the insurance industry money that has bankrolled his campaign and his leadership committees for years. For Ryan there really is no other logical explanation. His base doesn’t want it. His constituents don’t want it. His enemies and his allies are all opposed.

The only people who want the poison Ryan is selling are the people who will benefit financially.

But what about Trump? Why take a gamble this big? Why set up a scenario in which he will literally betray those who elevated him to power the second he signs this disaster in to law (if it gets to his desk, of course).

In looking at all the blowback on Facebook it seems many of Trump’s most dedicated supporters still believe Trump is up to some “art of the deal” magic and knows what he’s doing. I want to believe that’s the case. All of us should.

And I’m trying my best to look at this objectively to find a way to rationalize what he’s doing. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that he knows this won’t pass through both chambers and he’s building political capital with house leadership.

This is very important for Trump considering the next few items on his agenda. Such as border security, a budget, tax reform, trade, etc.

Yes, it’s a reality that after all of this is over, win or lose, Paul Ryan and his ilk in leadership will not in any way be able to argue Trump didn’t do everything he could to sell their poison. Trump is bending over backwards for the ACA amendment. Again, he’s all in.

If the bill fails, Trump will be able to say he did everything he could but the process Paul Ryan used didn’t work out. And if Paul Ryan then refuses to go along with the rest of the program then Paul Ryan will have serious problems with his leadership position.

Even if this is the case it doesn’t seem wise to me. This all feels very dirty, unnecessary and a complete reversal of everything we were promised. On the part of both Ryan and Trump.

But I honestly can’t think of any other reason Trump would throw all of his political weight behind it. Unless, of course, Trump actually believes this is good law and it’s what he really wants. That to me, however, seems unrealistic. Trump is no dummy. And it would take a dummy to believe this law will actually do anything to reasonably reverse all the damage done by Obamacare.

So he’s either fully, truly supporting a bill that will further destroy our economy and health system, or he’s working to gain support he’ll need for the rest of his agenda, quietly believing the bill will not get through at the end of the day.

Or maybe I’m just not seeing something here.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

  • kansas

    Excellent points.

  • KJinWTexas

    Your theory paints a more complicated picture, and knowing how government over-complicates things, you could be spot on.
    My question is has Trump actually seen the bill? Is it normal procedure for presidents to see bills before they’re voted on? Since Rand Paul had such a hard time getting a look at it, I have to wonder if Trump’s actually read it. If he hasn’t, then he’s trusting that Ryan put everything in it that he wanted and campaigned on. Trusting Ryan is a yuge mistake.
    If he has seen it, then he knows it’s just a revision of the earlier disaster and not what he asked for. He knows it won’t make it through the House and Ryan is to blame for that. He’s letting Ryan commit political suicide and that may be payback for not throwing his support behind Trump before the election.

    • Good points but I can’t possibly imagine a scenario in which Trump isn’t actually aware of what is in the bill. Just doesn’t seem like a realistic possibility to me at all.

    • KJinWTexas

      No it doesn’t seem realistic and that’s why I’m asking – I don’t know how that part of the process works and others I’ve asked don’t know either. My search results don’t cover that either. Still, it’s a possibility.