Meals on Wheels Got THIS Shocking News Going Into the Weekend

The media is tripping over itself trying to convince Americans that Trump’s budget will kill off Meals on Wheels. This isn’t true, of course, but you wouldn’t know that if all you do is watch the fake news networks.

Will some funding end up being cut? Sure. That’s because funding is being cut across the board in the federal government and that will eventually trickle down to entities like Meals on Wheels.

The truth is, however, that a small fraction of Meals on Wheels funding actually comes via federal expenditures affected by Trump’s budget. Meals on Wheels will be just fine.

And as it turns out, Trump’s budget proposal has actually helped Meals on Wheels in a massive way. According to the organization, for example, a typical day of fundraising will result in around $1,000. How much are they seeing now that Americans understand they can choose to be generous by giving directly to the organization instead of having tax dollars funneled through the federal government mafia?

They had a $50,000 day last Thursday.

And I think most Americans would agree this is the way it should work. Americans are the most generous donors in the world. If and when a disaster happens, we’re all right there with our wallets making sure people are taken care of.

Take Mercy Chefs, for example.

Mercy Chefs is a faith-based, non-profit disaster relief organization. We exist to serve professionally prepared meals for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters and are committed to using our resources to meet the needs of others.

Mercy Chefs is on location following a tornado, hurricane or any other event leaving people in a tough spot. And Mercy Chefs is able to do this because of the kindness of the American people. Not because the federal government is its bread and butter.

Meals on Wheels will be fine. Will they need to shift around some priorities? Perhaps. But the harsh truth is our nation is having to shift around some priorities.

And during those shifts, as last Thursday proved, Americans will step up to take action when action is needed.

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